Honest Q&A: Do I Miss Being Shredded? All In Haters? Cheat Days? Digestion Issues?

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    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    1. Do you miss your skinny body? Do you miss being shredded? 0:32
    2. Would you ever do another fun Cheat Day video? 2:47
    3. Do you ever feel like you need to binge? Like your body is still testing you? 4:19
    4. Do you feel psychological (mental) hunger? 6:58
    5. Why do you think men specifically had such a bad reaction to your “All In” journey? 9:08
    6. How do you deal with the fact the fitness industry/society preferred you thinner? 11:38
    7. Would you feel the same about your journey if your set weight landed higher? 13:41
    8. If you had to do “All In” again, would you change anything? 16:54
    9. Did you struggle with digestion issues? Or notice a change in digestion? 19:11
    10. How has your mindset change towards the gym/lifting from pre-All In Steph? 21:42
    11. Do you still have any “food rules” you have trouble letting go of? 26:09
    12. What is the favorite part of the journey so far? 27:59
    13. Given your family commitments, will Jeff move to Florida? Long term relationship plans? 29:12
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    FAQs ▹
    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
    3. What are you researching?
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    4. Is Jeff your boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you guys enjoyed the longer video! 🍿♥️ Timestamps for every question is in the description box. Please keep in mind a lot of these questions are very nuanced and might have required more clarification, but I did my best not to be too boring and trimmed it down so I didn’t ramble 😬 Let me know if you like Q&A videos and I can continue doing them every once in a while. Love you guys so much! 😘

      1. Get Fit

        Good for you finding yourself! I suffer the same way, I’m finally happy again and found what works for me! Balance with no restriction

      2. Louise T

        No cheat day videos please. I thought the whole point of going all in and getting to the place you're at now was so that things like 'cheat' days are no longer a part of your life. Even a light hearted fun cheat day feels like a big back slide. If you're eating intuitively then "cheating" at your diet is impossible.

      3. Maddie Hennerty

        Loved this video so much. Need more Q&A’s!!❤️

      4. Michelle Gallegos

        Your honesty is so refreshing.

      5. Rebecca WifeOf1MotherOf4

        You are absolutely beautiful at any physiques. You definitely look healthy and seem very happy where you are at right now. I am so glad Jeff stands by you and supported and supports you through everything (your body changes and your mom). You and your sister are a blessing to your mom. Keep your head up and keep pushing forward. You are amazing!

    2. Kate Bruno

      So happy you let go of the shred - I’m a dietitian specializing in eating disorders and you’re former body seemed very unhealthy (thinner than most of my anorexic patients). I’m glad you stepped out of it and saw the risks and negatives associated

    3. Lara Arnott

      I loved your video. I'm an RN currently working in acute adult mental health. My mother is also in an assisted living facility with some special needs. I was wondering if you would consider doing a video about what it was like to re-meet your mother and becoming involved in her care - and the rewards and challenges that you've experienced (maybe also with your sister?). I could understand if you chose not to talk about this very personal topic. I wish you and Jeff the best - it sounds and looks like you have a beautiful and healthy relationship.

    4. Z Chiles

      You look healthy and gorgeous!

    5. Emily Stewart

      I am so grateful to you for opening this discussion!!! I feel like you're speaking my own words, every single thing that you say. Thank you for touching on so many very complex social and physical processes. You're a true inspiration and a hero.

    6. Sarah Matson

      Hi Stephanie! I haven’t watched a video of yours in a while but I just thought of you today & wanted to leave a comment! I wanted to let you know I believe God has an anointing on your life & He is calling for you. Nothing you do apart from him, no worldly power you can possess will ever fully satisfy you the way having a relationship with God your creator will. ❤️ God has a way of chasing people down & I really believe He’s going to get a hold of you & Jeff, maybe in a surprising way, and you’ll find He’s trustworthy & you can yield to him. He’s a God of mercy who can turn around our pain and brokenness with just a touch of His power. Praying for you. Be blessed!!! ❤️

    7. Cee

      You look so fresh and happy, I like this version of you =).

    8. Paul Fischer

      self obsessed

    9. catehg415

      Thank you for sharing your journey, it has been eye opening and I felt relieved to be more leanean to myself in terms of dieting. I'm glad you've found your inner peace and I look forward to quit my yo-yo dieting lifestyle 😉

    10. Cynthia F

      You look so happy and healthy! Glad you found what really makes you happy it’s an inspiration 👏🏼

    11. FERN W.

      To be honest I think that she looks so so so much better now than before ! I think women we need to have some fat to look good and healthy. As a finest person as well, i prefer her body now

      1. FERN W.


    12. Bethany Flute

      Honestly your body kind of looked scary before, you look stunning and healthy now!

    13. Juansse

      Aguante coach gregg

    14. Yellow A S M R

      Stephanie has *such a vibrant personality.* She helps me with *my own body image....*

    15. Gia Arbisi

      would you make a video debunking/reviewing tiktok “health” accounts? I feel like it could bring a lot of awareness

    16. Marilyn Acosta

      Beautiful soul💓

    17. Afnan Sabbagh

      I honestly think you look so much healthier and GLOWING now! :)

    18. Liza Akimenko

      I love your videos, please do more!!!!

    19. Debra Goring

      Loved, loved, loved this! I'm at the start of my recovery (aged 60!) only recently realizing I've been restricting food my whole life! So really enjoying this kind of content. Like permission to eat!!! OMG, makes me cry! If you did a fun cheat day, I would be interested to see how much you would want to eat, what foods you would go for, realistically, rather than forcing anything for entertainment purpose (I imagine there must be some pressure to do this bec it is being videoed for us, which is partly for entertainment but I' more interested in it personally and scientifically - real life, the real deal - which I know you're totally into anyway. :O)

    20. karin pascal

      It will be really cool to see if the capacity for food you used to have, changed after going all in

    21. CarportCarl

      Glad to hear the shredded (called buff in my day) days are past. I really don't think that is long term healthy for anyone.

    22. Blake Jay

      Women know the most about nutrition tbh, I learned a lot from my mom 🔥🔥

    23. Blake Jay

      Fitness couples should be each other’s cheerleaders, a team, and pushing each other to become better.

    24. sangeetha roshan

      Omg you should visit India being a food lover ❤️

    25. Cristina Angheluta

      you look so beautiful ♥️

    26. Lourdes Castillo Silva

      You are such an inspiration!

    27. Vagabond

      You did well for yourself after the All In. Your improvement is a lot faster than mine. I took Syntha 6 (Sugar galore) around 7 years ago which I went from 128 to 170 in no time. And been struggling to bring it down to at least 140 ever since. Just seeing your improvement helps me think that I can get my fitness level and asthetics back again. Well at least the best of ME today. Since my age changed the speed of my improvement.

    28. Rahul B

      I love your commitment to taking care of your mom. We forget that we all will be old one day. I know it sometimes could feel like a burden but when you do good things, then good things happen to you. That is the universe. God bless you!

    29. Jalal Khan

      eat and nourish girl you look great!

    30. Eva Aller

      Blown away at how amazing you look. You are definitely body AND mental goals to all of us!

    31. Natania


    32. Ash Lakhi


    33. Mikaela Rufo

      5:00 omg same!!! Ever since I went All In, I have the opposite problem of forgetting to eat. I have to force myself to eat breakfast and sometimes lunch because I know I need the fiber and other nutrients. *Never would have gotten to this point while I was restricting*

    34. Sofia Crockett

      Today junk food tastes less good than before. I don't even miss it. Macdonald's fries don't taste the same.

    35. Sofia Crockett

      I used to "fear being hungry" for years .. which makes it even worse. I totally get your opinion..

    36. Al Coholic

      Does your manfriend prefer the lean you or the voluptuous you?

    37. Jonathan Quinteros

      Yoo Stephanie! I love you and think you're hot lol I have been in a similar place as you but your journey has inspired me. I think people who are critical of how you've changed your habits don't understand the truth that a lot of this journey was mental as much as physical. Journey like this can always look different for everyone. It's like spiritual growth. Men typically look at such things in a linear fashion. It's ignorant to think you can't choose your path towards spiritual growth.

    38. Onyx


    39. tomotube

      thank you for always being so honest with us! i've been battling an eating disorder for a very long time now, and i really hope that i'll one day be able to get to the healthy mindset you have. x

    40. RI Ko

      You looks great and healthy 👍👍👍

    41. Siow Wee Low

      I enjoyed this! I've been trying to look for a HUfast vid that explains the stuff in this HUfast video! 👩‍⚕️Your content reminds me of the vids of Doctor Ethan! Doctor Ethan's explanations are actually useful and I learned a lot for my school. He is an insightful medical student in Nottingham and he explains mental health and vitamins. Go watch his HUfast out and give the health enthusiast a like over here! 👉 #DrEthanOnline

    42. Rachel Young

      I can't help but smile during your videos because your happiness is so infectious.

    43. Galina Benevich

      I think that the real reason why some men were booling you during your all in journey is that by making your channel previously promoting skinny fitted way of life you gathered a banch of men who like typically this type of women body in subscribers. And it's understandable then why they reacted negatively. Because they didn't expect this and didn't want to see you in a new body. Another reason can be very sexist one. I don't want to think so, but it's possible that some of these men just don't want to see women to be happy with a full body, because they think that we fit ourselves into "standards" for men in general, we want to be desired and that's the main motivation of making any sort of body and doing anything with ourselves by actual torturing ourselves. So they see you were trying hard and then you just quite and why? Not because you think bigger you is can be sexier but because you wanna be happy! Not a good reason for such asholes... But that's just a guess. Hope, I'm not right.

    44. Elvire Mauger

      I don't know why people would feel offended, or even just give any kind of negative feedback, just because you decided that you wouldn't take being miserable anymore. You look a lot heathier than you did when you were shredded. I get that the physique you had being shredded is very remarquable and people liked it, but it doesn't mean people can force someone to ignore their body signals if they feel something's not right. If someone had an arrow through the knee would you tell him "Hey, that sure does look cool, you sure about going to the hospital ?". If you feel happier, and that it made life better, that's what matters the most.

    45. Courtney McMillian

      I would love to see both you attempting to recreate an old cheat day as well as a new fun eating day!!!

    46. D A

      Youre so inspiring ❤

    47. Nichole & Co.

      Have you read about Flo Living (book, wedsite, etc.)? I’d be curious what you think of it with your science background.

    48. Leslie

      I would like to do all in too cause im tired of being so hungry. Even when I was morbidly obese I was always hungry and nothing's changed. The only difference is now I'm in agony from the constant hunger when before I just allowed myself to eat. But I think all in only works for thin girls who were heavily restricting with super low body fat percentages. So I feel like I'm either destined to maintain a high healthy bmi via restricting, binging and exercising (my binging isn't caused by restricting. Restricting aka eating less calories is what I've done to combat the effects of binging hence why I was morbidly obese in the first place.) Because of this eventually one day I can see myself becoming morbidly obese again if I can't get rid of the extreme hunger.

    49. Elenohr Arn

      Hi Stephanie! I found Jeff's channel yesterday, and yours today. I just watched the "How 1 year of weight gain.." and now this, and I just have to comment on what a wonderful person you seem to be! :D As someone also interested in science, fitness and both overall health and mental health (works in psychiatry), its really refreshing and wonderful to see a levelheaded positive role model as your self for all the females out there! Your All In challenge was amazing (only seen the summary) and to counter all the negative critics and haters out there; I think you are awesome and beautiful both inside and out! Looking forward to check out more of you videos after I've pressed 'comment'!! much love

    50. Боряна Иванова

      The part where you talk about how committed you are to taking care of your mom just makes me cry of happiness, because I am going through something similar with my mom and I know how much strength it takes to do this! I really love you and you are literally my role model and a reminder that me, you and everyone going through things like weight problems or a sick relative or anything else are not alone ! Thank you!

    51. Rachel Brady

      I would love love love to see a remake of your first cheat day. I think it would be a really interesting way to show how going all in can affect your appetite (for the better I'm sure)

    52. Stephanie Anne

      You look so much healthier and more beautiful now

    53. JennsWay

      Does anyone know what brown leggings shes wearing in the video??

    54. B K

      Gosh please keep the science content and don’t ever stop. I love your channel for that. SCIENCE always 😍😍😍

    55. B K

      I’m upset that my tummy is a bottomless pit but I’m already overweight 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    56. B K

      You look so much healthier 😍😍😍😍

    57. Mayra Francis

      I am a huge fan of Jeffs and just stumbled upon this video, I didn't think I could like you more than I like Jeff 😂 and this is the first video ive ever watched of yours, I too am so close to my mom and watching you love and care for yours hit a very soft spot for me, youre beautiful! can't wait to binge some of your content🥰 best wishes to you, your sis and beautiful momma

    58. Katerina Ana

      pleeeeassseeee upload soon i need more steph in my life

    59. Lena Viallon

      I loved watching cheat days videos because I was starving!! Now I'm like "n'a thanks"

    60. Ana Espejo

      Your hair!💕😍

    61. David K

      Stephanie, I have a tremendous amount of respect that you take such loving care of your mother. Forget any negative comments. The love and patients that you show to your mother in her time of need says volumes about who you are. ; )

    62. Lilly Harrington

      You are an inspiration!

    63. priyanka thapa

      Wht is ur weight .

    64. Hillery Chan

      So proud to see how far you’ve come since the beginning of your journey! 💓💓💓🥳🤩

    65. Fatima Iqbal

      Did I miss something, you look amazing and so fit....

    66. Thao Nguyen


    67. melissa velasquez

      Yes do it!

    68. Kaash Kaash

      Was wondering if you could do a video on your fat percentages

    69. Dini DS

      You are so cute ❤️ Thanks for sharing, it’s helping me to escape about 30 years of constantly dieting.

    70. Girls Who Grub

      yessss please post a cheat day

    71. Ms.E

      It’s crazy how women think 1200-1500 is enough food. I still struggle with this. My trainer wants me to eat 1700 calories a day and I gained a pound this week so it’s a mental struggle

    72. talia tomhave

      3:37 that would be such an interesting video!!

    73. theresa g5u

      I think it is so cool you did this! I also went all in 3.5 monts ago. I currently really try to accept my body as it is and my constant mental hunger finally went away. It was exhaustingg

    74. Alicia cyriac

      God really did bless me with a soul named Stephanie, why is she so dang awesome

    75. Florina Bn

      You've never looked as great as you do now in my opinion. You're just radiating happiness and health now

    76. Paige Kirk

      Yessss, do an old cheat day plz!!

    77. remimartin

      Ive loved this content so much... id so love a clothing video faves now that you reached what is suspected as your "set weight" because your style girl is sooo goood

    78. Amanda Moves

      Girl, kudos to you! I love this share so everyone can understand what you deal with and with that, other people deal with on social media. Glad you are able to turn it around and not let it bring you down or at least not keep you down as I am sure you have your days like everyone else.

    79. Seema Charan

      Your amazing i hope your mother is okay

    80. Seema Charan


    81. Nat Loves

      honestly your body to me is goals and your story is inspirational af!

    82. Darena

      Yes, Stephanie, the way you were feeling before is how everyone trying to lose weight and is cutting calories feels.

    83. A C

      Please please please, I NEED a video on reducing cellulite. And if you don't have any please still do it for me!!!!!!

    84. Yourmum Likemybread


    85. Sarah Alexandre

      "and today it's gonna be cheat day..." Boom deliveroo ad 🤣

    86. TheShiuller

      Don't know about all in and all that, but props for how you take care of your mom. Hats off.

    87. DesignInNature

      Well, even her face now looks lean. She's looking like a healthy person now, but a year ago she was fat. Sorry. Let's call a spade a spade. She had an eating disorder and she was borderline anorexic. Then she continued with the eating disorder and got fat. The truth is that the "Fitness" industry no longer pushes women to look like stick figures like in the 80's. For at least the last 10 years, the fitness industry makes girls who are thick in all the right places rich beyond their dreams. Just look at the models that actually trend on instagram. It's not the Victoria's secret skeletons anymore. It's the shapely, muscular girls who squat heavy. Blaming the "fitness industry" for making her hyper- skinny" is ridiculous. Eating disorders are a serious problem, and I'm glad she now has a healthier outlook on things. But this can easily turn into extreme obesity, just as easily as it first turned to anorexia.

    88. Mariana Zhong

      Please do not do cheat day video - this isn't going to help you maintain your healthy relationship with food!

    89. Naomi Torres

      Can you post more often 😕

    90. suki yu

      You are amazing

    91. V Ward

      I cannot tell you how much I needed to see this video. Thank you for having the courage to take this journey publicly.

    92. ciaobellasoldato

      Men don't understand that women's bodies are different in SO many ways than men's bodies. Also, and I hate to say it, men like to "mansplain". And we live in a society where men feel more allowance to insert their opinions, even when it is not relevant, wanted, or needed. They are not able to read a room.

    93. Giaan Beard

      Girllll you look amazingggg!!!! My lorddd aabsolutely stunning 🤩😍

    94. Clara Cham ML

      We love you ! 💗 please stay strong I believe in you 😌

    95. Anne marie Hayden

      I went down this road, developed acne and lost a good bit of hair. It’s not worth it.

    96. Marlie stclair

      Hey regarding the video idea I think you could follow your first cheat video but stop eating when you are full, gather all the things you had to eat for breakfast for ex. in the first video and then try and eat as much of it but don’t force yourself and then just save all the extra food from breakfast/ lunch/ snacks/dinner/dessert and see how much you have left over!!

    97. kat

      PLEASEEE try to attempt an old cheat day!!!!

    98. I Can’t spell

      I think the reason people reacted badly is because they held you up to their standard of perfection, you had the discipline they were looking to achieve. When you decided to let go of that and be intuitive (something they are struggling/struggle with) they think their own work will fail or they are working hard to achieve something that is maybe not possible. It is more a reflection of their own stress, pressure than necessarily you as a person testing out your eating habits.

    99. Al Coholic

      Have you ever caught your manfriend watching lesbian porn?

    100. Simran Ramana

      U look stunning at this weight!!! Love your personality...u r beautiful