Honest Q&A: Do I Miss Being Shredded? All In Haters? Cheat Days? Digestion Issues?

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    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    1. Do you miss your skinny body? Do you miss being shredded? 0:32
    2. Would you ever do another fun Cheat Day video? 2:47
    3. Do you ever feel like you need to binge? Like your body is still testing you? 4:19
    4. Do you feel psychological (mental) hunger? 6:58
    5. Why do you think men specifically had such a bad reaction to your “All In” journey? 9:08
    6. How do you deal with the fact the fitness industry/society preferred you thinner? 11:38
    7. Would you feel the same about your journey if your set weight landed higher? 13:41
    8. If you had to do “All In” again, would you change anything? 16:54
    9. Did you struggle with digestion issues? Or notice a change in digestion? 19:11
    10. How has your mindset change towards the gym/lifting from pre-All In Steph? 21:42
    11. Do you still have any “food rules” you have trouble letting go of? 26:09
    12. What is the favorite part of the journey so far? 27:59
    13. Given your family commitments, will Jeff move to Florida? Long term relationship plans? 29:12
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    FAQs ▹
    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff your boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you guys enjoyed the longer video! 🍿♥️ Timestamps for every question is in the description box. Please keep in mind a lot of these questions are very nuanced and might have required more clarification, but I did my best not to be too boring and trimmed it down so I didn’t ramble 😬 Let me know if you like Q&A videos and I can continue doing them every once in a while. Love you guys so much! 😘

      1. fallinangels _

        Really do like the q&a's. I also have a question for the next one, what are your thoughts on birth control? Are you on it? What do you use? how does it affect your appetite, weight, mood, etc? Should someone not be on hormonal birth control while trying to go all in?

      2. Amy V

        Wow! I ran across your vlogs and am amazed by you!!! This is the most amazing real content I had the pleasure to see! Thank you for sharing your journey and paving the way for the ladies that suffer from similar issues! Keep on with your gorgeous self!

      3. Ji Yeon Kwon

        Love you 💖

      4. Adina Coomber

        Hello from this Orlando girl living down under! First - my partner walked in while I watching and without knowing the context, just seeing the before and after immediately blurted out ‘holy sh** she looks so good now!’. I think you could build your video out to a good hour explaining what happened with the swelling. Was there pain? There was inflammation, what did you do for it or did one day you just emerge feeling great? How could this protocol potentially translate to pregnant and postpartum women (the new shredded fitness trend)?

      5. Alex Are

        We are still interested in cheat day! Please film that!

    2. Shelby Cole

      Thank you for sharing your journey. As someone has been in recovery from eating disordered behavior, I have finally decided to just let go and see what happens and our journeys have been oddly similar. I wish more individuals knew it was ok to just let their bodies just do their thing

    3. matt mallecoccio

      A lot of shallow people out there. Forget them and focus on the accepting people like you said

    4. matt mallecoccio

      I got yo back just like Jeff. It's awesome you have him in your life

    5. Lara Mara24

      Very motivational 👍

    6. Donna Pavitt Health & Wellbeing PT

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey, you helped me so much on my own "all in* journey x

    7. Beraudmusic

      "I didn't like how my boobs eviscerated". Me... unable to grow boobs even at 33 percent body fat....

    8. Ludovica Di Gregorio

      I really think that the role Jeff had in that journey was SOOOO important and ammirable! Not everyone would have been so comprehensive! Good job girl!

    9. Neil Davis

      I know that this is from a while ago, but you and Jeff's videos have helped me build up an awareness of who to listen to when I'm trying to understand my body's needs and my fitness journey. I may have some different needs as a male, but that's the point; everyone has different needs and it's important to listen and work with people. Thank you both for sharing this!!

    10. Sakina Nadeem.

      I am trying to find the strength to go 'all in'

    11. linda jones

      Girl you look so much sexier like this. And I agree your face looks so beautiful like this

    12. Keturah Dryer

      She looks so good with the additional weight... literally glowing 😍😍

    13. Sandhya Sound Healing Alchemist

      Love Q and A’s

    14. Sandhya Sound Healing Alchemist

      Love the idea of All IN!!! Could you please suggest your videos that focus on this so I could do something like this for myself?

    15. Sharon Joan

      Body acceptance community is where I want to live

    16. Sharon Joan

      Such valuable info. Awesome experiment. Generous sharing. Beautiful result. We support you, ❤️

    17. starsintheysky

      y'all have really nice ways of saying "sexism" and "misogyny" and "internalized toxic masculinity."

    18. SuperJezzara

      I think men feel that women's reason for existing is to look "good" (their definition of good at least) so when you no longer meet their definition of "good" they react angrily. It's entitlement

    19. fallinangels _

      Would love to see a cheat day video again, in any form :)

    20. Darina Serik

      I think that people criticize/criticized your journey because they think that hunger doesn’t matter, you just always gotta be disciplined. When I was under eating, I had very good discipline and ignored my hunger, and I would judge everyone who let themselves go or gained weight. But after learning your journey, now, I understand that when I allowed my body to eat, my hormones woke up and now I also feel hungry all the damn time. But I feel like men can control themselves and don’t really feel extreme hunger biologically because they don’t need to give birth and don’t have to hold belly fat to protect their child in the future, that’s why they want to judge everyone who doesn’t want to starve themselves anymore.

    21. Avariel Avariel

      One day little Stephannie will thank you for the decision you made now ❤

    22. Perryyy Lovato

      I saw ur cheat day videos & all in experience and got inspired to eat more. because of my eating disorder, mental health and especially drug addiction, i lost alot of weight & i was rlly unhealthy & unhappy. Right now i'm 5days clean from drugs & im eating more. Im allowing myself to eat the food i love and enjoy! I missed the feeling of being "hungry" and being strong. Im gaining my weight back, kinda scared but i know my body needs the nutritions... I am also lifting weight again, it helps me to controll my addiction and mental health, i feel ALOT more energized. Im so happy that i finally can say "hey i'm gaining weight but i look healthier than before"! thank u so much!💜🙏🏽

    23. Rcyvg Rcyvg

      Yea I want to see the video

    24. Patricia Salem

      There are a lot of valid reasons mentioned here already, but I'll add that there is a great deal of societal conditioning about what women should look like to men. It's coming from fashion, media, and even porn, and it's completely unrealistic, to the point where men are telling women they shouldn't even look like females anymore. I know so many men who prefer a teeny tiny butt and no breasts, which makes me wonder if they really even like women and prefer men. I mean, is this some sort of evolutionary change? Even when I was super skinny (ex-dancer size 6), men would chastise me if I wanted to eat something "inappropriate." God forbid my weight got above 107 pounds. I'd get "Shouldn't you be going on a little diet?" all the time. It's insane. Online dating is a nightmare, with men only considering your profile if you include bikini shots. I think the US is the worst of all countries about this (I've also lived in Canada, the Netherlands, and Mexico). Other places have also picked up this obsession with thinness, but it's typically only at the uppermost income levels, which I think represents access to more influences coming from the US. Why are Americans so extreme about diet and exercise, unlike people elsewhere? I believe part of it is an emptiness that many Americans feel (especially men), as well as "fitness" becoming a substitute for religion, so it's practiced with the same level of zeal and critiquing of others.

    25. Princesstype

      You are really relatable, glad I found your channel I also wish you and Jeff the best, amazing couple ❤️☺️

    26. Sanna Huyssen

      You are such an inspiration, and give me faith in my journey as a young athlete. I am 18, and do a lot of endurance sports. At this time with my body changing, and being so zoned in on athletics and performance, and nutrition, it has been hard. But watching your videos and journey, it has been helping my mental battle so much. ❤️

    27. Elle Lane

      Can we still get the attempting her first cheat day video!!?? I'd love to see it

    28. lameeha sheikh

      that’s crazy that you get bodyshamed. you’re so pretty seriously. and u look 22-24 max .. coming from a 16 year old

    29. Charis du Plessis

      So this won’t work for binge eating? 😖

      1. Charis du Plessis

        When I allowed myself to binge I gained so much weight and still went on and on.

    30. lucimar veiga

      It was so touching to hear about your mom, and the commitment you and your sister have caring for her, it says a lot about you. Definitely you and Jeff deserve each other, from the very few videos I have watched you both are wonderful human being. Best of luck to you both!!

    31. Hannah Rae

      You do know you look super fit right? Almost as this as before. Only healthy now. You were on our level.. meaning the body type of us mere mortals... for only a split second 😂

    32. Melissa C

      “I don’t know why so many men reacted negatively” it’s called the patriarchy. You were doing this experiment on yourself that would result in you gaining an excess of weight and therefore becoming less attractive to men by society’s standards. That’s just not acceptable to men as a group - that’s when a woman becomes “disgusting, fat, lazy, let herself go”. Whereas woman don’t care if another woman is “attractive” by society’s standards. Especially when we’re also curious about the results of the experiment.

    33. My Precious

      Ur 30?? Wow u Look so good!

    34. Tanya Vanyova

      I think that you've got lots of 'mean' comments for your All in journey because some people thought that's an eating disorder........when you are allowing yourself to eat as much as you want. They just don't get it or don't believe that such "all in" thing exist. :) You are great :) Thanks for sharing!

    35. Anna Amos

      Let them hate. You did something about your situation at the time. And you helped everyone become forgiving of their food relationship.

    36. Michelle Saavedra

      Getting shredded really should be only for bodybuilding competitions. Not staying that way. It is extremely unhealthy. From the restrictive diet to the dehydration..it can cause problems with your organs. Not worth it. You look amazing now. Healthy and happy. Glad you figured out what you wanted and stuck with it. There will always be haters. No matter if you're shredded or not, there will always be people who are miserable with their own lives and want to bring others down...

    37. Lily J. Maldonado de Lanerolle

      How did you know? That's the mantra I always hear daily: "You're fat. You don't deserve to eat. You were born wrong. You don't have the same right to eat."

    38. Stephen Aguilar

      I feel Ya . I went from 174 super lean to 220. I quit Chewing Tobacco and said fuck it. I would rather eat than Die from throat cancer. Down to 205 and gained like 15 lbs of muscle too ,give or take.

    39. TheSuperBananaGod

      Absolutely mind blowing to me that anyone with eyes could see this woman as being anything other than mind blowingly attractive and in GREAT shape. She's got great, glowing skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, lots of energy, just glowing with health and vitality? She seema like she could take on anything.... It's insane.

    40. Apna Channel With Bilal

      Looking so pretty 😍

    41. Kelly Quinn

      Just wanted to mention I am Canadian (newfie) and live in Virginia with my American husband. 🙂

    42. lex p

      I just love listening to you speak, so wise and so inspiring!! much love and blessings ✨♥️

    43. Kylie Savage

      Oh my goodness, I love your videos. Ten years ago I was really taking my fitness to a level where I wanted to see everything it was capable of. I was lifting really heavy weight plus doing a lot of dynamic workout jumping squats, boxing cardio and I developed this hunger that I cannot explain. It was like a paper shredder was in my stomach I would eat an entire meal and would be left starving. My trainer had me on a really high protein diet which I think for me hugely exaserbated the hunger. I remember eating one day half a chocolate cake and it was like nothing and I was ready to eat again. At the time I was very lucky to find a nutritionist who totally worked for me and helped me understand body hunger and psychological hunger and I didn't go all in, but I stopped eating so "cleanly" and this turned me around. Watching your videos I can remember that hunger and being tormented by it for 6 months. I am in such awe of you, as your journey was so heartfelt and I've never met you but I'm SUPER HAPPY for you that you don't have that hunger anymore!!!

    44. A Viewer

      Duuude she looks so good. When she was super skinny she didn’t look this good. Kinda looked skeleton-like back then. But now she is so strong and is still very lean. Also happy people always look better! I am so happy for her and I relate because I am on a similar journey.

    45. A T

      You look soo much better and as you said, so much more feminine. You looked so small and petite when you were leaner. Your body is goals now and you have great shape naturally and body fat distribution. Plus I would bet that Jeff likes your curves now as well 🤷🏼‍♀️. Stay healthy and beautiful the way you are now!

    46. Carrol Goodenough

      I’m curious on the research that you did was limited to an age bracket. As a 51 year old what would be end results?

    47. Kally Ritter

      Your channel has literally changed my life here in the past few months. Thank you so much for your inspiration. You’re amazing and keep it up! Much love to you!

    48. Jessica Guedry

      Thank you for your videos!

    49. Emily Shockley

      I got to a point in my 30's where my size 2's were too big. I avoided living so much, just to stay super teeny -tiny. After my marriage was negatively affected by this lifestyle, I chose to lay off of it a little. I've let myself get up to a size 4, but still rigidly counted calories. I've just recently quit counting! I'm listening to my body and focusing on a better relationship with food. I deleted all the influencers that I felt weren't beneficial to my new goals. I've recently found you. And, I'm so glad I did. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    50. Kaydin

      I've forgotten what mental satiation feels like

    51. A A

      I love how you are toned 💕

    52. elizabeth fitzgibbons

      I think people are so vain sometimes especially social media it's like now days you to be a certain look and size that is just rediculious just love your body and take care of it that's all there is to it

    53. Grace H-G

      Entitled men make entitled comments. And I'm sure if you're an entitled man reading this ... that makes you mad. And why, girl?? let's think about that.

    54. L.A. Caswall

      It’s easier for woman to go through these issues of looking a certain way and having to watch what we eat. Men are just bigger and have more muscle so it’s a little easier for them and they don’t have to do a lot to attract women as opposed to what society says that we should do to attract men. Double standard. Not blaming just stating facts. It’s what we were taught and unless we want to dive into fixing it we remain there. I believe you are now more relaxed and more accepting of yourself.

    55. L.A. Caswall

      It would be interesting to see how much your appetite has changed. Wouldn’t want you to do anything that you feel uncomfortable with that would put you to the test. But I’m sure it would only help you be more clear with your own appetite.

    56. netflix mania

      She’s so much happier now, and a happy person will always be more beautiful. She was beautiful in both bodies, but I can feel she’s more radiant now. I’m so happy for her 💞

    57. Jennifer Matthews

      I think you look the best you ever have!

    58. Bertha Banuet

      Indeed, you are no part of the fitness society anymore but you are in the acceptance and healthy one (: Cheers

    59. R.M Haych

      Does anyone know her nationality? She doesn’t look just “American” she looks half Thai or Malaysian or filo

    60. Danica Fisher

      is it just me or does anyone else think she would look AMAZING with short hair, like just past armpit legnth

    61. Jeanne Therese Ty

      You look younger than ever! 💕 So pretty

    62. Casita Bonita

      Love this 💕💯you look soooo much better

    63. Mckenzie Rice

      God you look great.

    64. 12nites12

      I had no idea about your mom. What you and your sister do is heartwarming and the footage is beautiful, full of love. Best of luck to your family.

    65. Connie Carter

      The chubby font conversely paste because bait wessely transport save a sparkling view. gaping, deserted promotion

    66. Marley C.

      Answer to question #13 made me tear up. For me, I’d do the same exact thing for my mom. You are an angel disguised as a human 🥰. You are exactly the type of girl people write love songs about 🌹🥰.

    67. Aracely Medina

      I'm starting a fitness journey and your journey reminded me to honor my appettie. I feel great. I love eating and have a better relationship with food now. I look at it as both pleasure/fuel. Thank you Stephanie ❤

    68. Cynthia Berdeski

      Steffi you look great you also looked great when you were shredded yes you got a little thin to thin in your shredding days but today you look healthy and glowing vibrant and alive

    69. Arianne Dhonnhok

      You are so gorgeous!!

    70. Bowe Kurowski

      This is soooooooo helpful. I watched your "All In" video and 1. So happy for you. But more importantly... 2. I'm sending this to a few people I really care about who you could be sisters with and I know who go through the same struggles of being hungry ALL. THE. TIME, but starve and deny themselves so they end up HANGRY :) Than you for sharing your experience!

    71. AnythingUnderTheSun

      I'm glad you didn't miss your old physique! my gally, you look like a witch and a skeletal system combined together! This 2020 Stephanie is what we love the most! not just because you look so damn gorgeous! but because you have used your influence to spread hope for those with the same conditions as you! Stay Beautiful dear! and thank you for always giving us a perfect 10 content! Both substance and presentation! Love from PH.

    72. emanuela ilie

      Why are people so obsessed with food lol

    73. Aly pixar

      Great video

    74. Ms Cateye

      This really helped me

    75. tessa cl

      I've never heard anyone talk about how your coordination changes when your body undergoes significant changes. Thank you! I thought this was just me.

    76. sirius black

      in my eyes a curvy woman is perfect..muscles just dont look good,

    77. Lilja Klitø

      It might be because men (and people in general) don't like the idea of a woman giving up a body like yours (fit, thin ect.) to fix something they don't understand or feel themselves. We are taught that women should stribe for a certain body type, and when someone goes against that for the benefit of a better mentality and for the benefit of personal health, people feel uncomy because that's against the body norms that they know.

    78. Jinyoung Jung

      question six is depressing 😔

    79. Barbara Schild

      your actual shape is really goals!

    80. Lorraine Pagan

      Yes! Please do that video recreating your first cheat day!! That would be so much fun to watch :) I loved watching those videos lol they gave me inspiration for my own cheat days :) Enjoying your Women's Foundation Program btw lol Love you, Steph!

    81. Ballerina Ageless

      💙 💙 💙

    82. Laura Day

      This is so not the point of this amazing video but i'm obsessed with the bikini swimsuit (white & cheetah) at 2:29! Does anyone know where i can find it?! those bottoms are such a flattering shape ahh

    83. lilmisspeace

      I agree about being very slim creating a more aged look. I was a Personal Trainer and I was tiny. I loved my body but my face and neck/shoulders were so drawn that I look back and hate it!! I have chosen to stay bigger now to keep shape in my face. It's hard though because I miss how strong and firm my body was before...

    84. Lucid Dreamer

      I recently watched the video about your year long journey because I've had insatiable hunger most of my life. I wanted to see how you made yours go away.... I tried eating what I want for a year and I just got obese, so that didn't work for me. What surprises me the most is that so many people are being negative about the way you look now. You look AMAZEBALLS. You look HEALTHY, happy, and super fit! My husband even agrees, you didn't look healthy when you were "shredded". You looked emaciated, sallow, and way too thin. It was a little alarming to see you like that (I've obviously only just recently discovered your channel). Thank you for sharing your journey, we really enjoyed your video. Please ignore the haters, you are beautiful and your size is perfect.

    85. Abby Utley

      u r literally so hot and have an incredible shape always

    86. ejushkaaa

      Hi Stephanie , just my opinion- I think it is about control, whether it be conscious or unconscious. I think there is a very clear,, specific form that is required for a man to be seen and recognised as a ''bodybuilder'' or a fitness pro, (and attractive if we follow the current ''beauty'' criteria for men). That means muscle mass and overall size, low body fat %, proportion, shredded, etc.. To achieve and maintain such physique, it requires a lot of discipline and control - in terms of both exercise and diet. With women, I think the criteria are a little bit looser (apart from competition), pIus women can use their overall beauty to their advantage as a bonus. I think there might be a certain amount of un/conscious jealousy because by going all in, you no longer need to control yourself, whilst men have to continue with their strict regime and diet to maintain that ''attractiveness'' and ''status''. Perhaps that's why so many men did not like it, as if you no longer ''deserved''' to be in the same ''fitness''' group with them. Just forgot to say that you are absolutely gorgeous at any weight and you are very likeable as a person. Best of luck in everything you do :)

    87. Karen Romano

      I think you're a genius

    88. Alex Are

      Yes stephanie we are still interested in cheat day!

    89. Lindsey Perez

      just found my fav HUfastr 😭😭

    90. Lesley Pastor

      Yes to more Q&A’s ☺️ I really enjoy your videos and how clear/structured they are!

    91. JIAYI SONG

      can you do videos about your current workout just for health purpose

    92. Eliza Rende

      You are stunningly beautiful.

    93. Lily D

      You look beautiful 😍

    94. K H

      You're a strong, confident, successful woman, and most men can't handle it. They want a damsel in distress. They want to feel superior. Take it as a compliment, if you can. It just means you are a boss. As crappy and offensive as it is, it isn't your job to make men feel comfortable.

    95. Amira N

      You look fabulous Stephanie ♥️♥️

    96. Hollie Johnson

      You look beautiful now, you looked beautiful in between, you looked beautiful before,, because you know yourself and you have confidence. You are an inspiration x

    97. Kolby Williams

      I think that men are use to a certain level of strictness that we respond from an highly emotional place. You are proving everything we were taught wrong in alot of ways. And with some of us we unfortunately jump to explosive statements like , "this is wrong, your are bad for doing this, blah, blah".. If you notice body positivity may be for everyone but the only people that are allowed to celebrate it is women. Dont get me wrong women face unreasonable standards everyday, and body positivity is a great movement that celebrates the HAS philosophy... On behalf of all men, i am so sorry for all the BS you went through... Its great that you went into this with such discipline, and curiousity.. The way a true scientist should... The way a true human being should... Thank you soo much for your contribution!!

    98. FanFun-Kitchen

      Misschien het hele all-in en alles over eten, veel eten niet veel eten, en met hetvolgende hoofdstuk in je leven verder gaan. Je blijft er maar in hangen. Iedereen weet het nu wel en alles word maar herhaald. Gewoon verder gaan, nieuwe fitness oefeningen doen, dagelijks leven, etc etc. Maar stop met dit hele verhaal.

    99. HalehhMagan

      I wish I got curvy when I gain weight..I just get fat😐So I feel like its thin or nothing for me

    100. M V

      eating every hour!? this is not good for glucose/insulin. your pancreas is only designed to deal with food twice/day max.

      1. Aphi Hrsi

        it was treatment