Full Day of Eating While Traveling | Meal Ideas & What I Order at Restaurants

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    What I eat in a travel day, grocery haul and what I order at restaurants! So happy I've been able to stick to a Saturday upload schedule which has only been possible because of Rashaun!! Go to his channel and show him some LOVE!
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Yoooooo! Another Saturday Upload! 🙌Proud I’ve been able to stick to this so far! I hope you enjoy this full day of eating while traveling…even though I don’t track, I ended up tallying the total macros while I was editing so watch til the end! You guys know I eat intuitively, so I just eat what I want while being mindful of my choices and I find it makes my life so much easier (especially while traveling)! Next video will be a leg day with John Meadows and then….another Cheat Day! So hype! Stay tuned :) Luvs you! 😘

      1. FRI O

        I understand your love of mustard completely. I love it too 😁

      2. Kawaii Potato

        Hey Steph! I was wondering if you could do a core workout? That would be great as I'm trying to find new core workouts or trying to find new ideas for core workouts. Thanks :)

      3. Guildarts1

        Hey stephanie weird question what brand is your travel backpack? Definitely looked like it had a lot of space:D

      4. Caress Ungria

        Stephanie Buttermore u need to film some healthy meals that you eat daily.

      5. Frank Myers

        Welcome to Ohio!

    2. collarmole

      I love ice cream.

    3. emvardz

      your face when you taste something yummy is SO freakin' cute lol

    4. Vic Springsteen

      What kind of doctor are you🏥

    5. Ronnie A

      I lived in Pickerington!!!! How cool :)

    6. Hayley Beck

      It's such a relief to know that there is another fit female out there besides myself that can REALLY EAT- like seeing her finish all that sushi- it made me feel so good, because I could easily eat 3 sushi rolls and I go to sushi sometimes with male friends who want to order 3 between the 2 of us....and I just can't relate at all lol.

    7. Elyse Irwin

      I’m obsessed with mustard too. I use to take all the packets from the lunch room as a kid and eat them plain lol

    8. Ra Vincent

      The vegan protein! YES, thank you, I love your videos!

    9. Christabel Heng

      How can she look beautiful no matter what, that’s unfair

    10. Minhal Nazeer

      ayyy brockhampton louisville represent

    11. Anna Caroline

      Hype 0:54

    12. Jordan Buoni

      I live in Columbus!!! O-H.....

    13. Tejaswi Kathiroo

      Pls use cloth bags 🙏🙏

    14. Marianne L

      Looove how you love all food :)

    15. Dana

      Ah! You have the same suitcase as me!

    16. ruby memes yang

      I’m here after 9 months if all in .. so proud of you !!! Xoxo

    17. Rike M

      So many plastic bags for such a little shop 😰

    18. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

      salads are always the best options :)

    19. Becca Ferguson

      I just bought halo top at the store because I have been looking for a low cal ice cream FOREVERRR!!!! THE STRAWBERRY IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!🤯😍💖😁

    20. C Zhang

      Damn I live in Columbus so...this is more like my dine out guide! Super useful! I love your videos and you as a person! thank you so much!!

    21. RubiiRae

      Do you IF at all while you travel?

    22. Maria Queiro

      the dude that let your guys stay at his home looks like luke skywalker's actor

    23. Philip

      You look like my teacher. Therefore, your secret tactic to draw attention doesn't work at all. Also, these are small.

    24. SaffronOak

      Are you bulking or cutting because if you where bulking at the time you look lean

    25. Deborah Ramirez

      Hi Stephanie just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your videos and I just love them especially your cheat days, also I've seen the videos on your PhD wow mom should be really proud they were great, send a hello to Jeff, hope I get an answer I know you may be very busy, take care Debbie btw I also live in Florida Kissimmee to be exact bye!

    26. [vanilla almond milk]

      0:55 lmao Jeff

    27. Christine Roush

      Does your boyfriend follow the same eating regime as you?

    28. Matthew Rugel

      Okay but WHY is her diet the same as mine. I eat arctic zero, arugula salad with dijon mustard, strawberries, flat-out chicken wraps, and chobani fat free yogurt like every day

    29. Airi

      Steph, why do you take digestive enzymes?

    30. verun12

      What camera you use?

    31. K Liu

      Very appreciate the info! Dealing with HA right now but also trying to persuade myself to eat more without caring about PBF going up. It's been hard.

    32. Adeline Proverbs31

      She looks like Selena Quintanilla

    33. Shilpa Ratwani

      I understand you dont eat like this every day but doesnt your stomach bother you when you mishmash the food like that? Half a wrap then the yogurt then the remaining wrap. Yogurt and mustard and meat. I'm impressed!!!!

    34. Kristy Birchfield

      so how do you stay so fit with all you eat? I'm trying to learn. Thanks

    35. Kelsea Myers

      Next time you go to Columbus you need to take time to travel to Logan Ohio about an hour from Columbus and go to Penny’s Pastries and try them out they’re donuts are AMAZING!!!! The best donuts you will ever have. But I’m only talking about one certain kind of donut. The powdered cream filled. You have to get there early in the morning. And they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays though 😔

    36. Dimitra man

      12:53 holy shit man those kids are fast

    37. Vanessa Lopez

      I wish I knew how to grocery shop like you! Always finding new things to try and getting exactly what you need! I walk into a grocery store lost AF! Lol


      The enlightened hot cocoa is #1!!! ♥️☺️

    39. Crusty Dusty

      I loved when Jeff ran through the camera 😂

    40. Mits

      Utterly fascinated with the amount of food the lady eats and the cheat days are unbelievable, I would be morbidly obese without a doubt and yes I work out

    41. Jaeda Paschelke

      Travel to Oregon, California and Arizona. Love the food the most in California and Arizona tbh

    42. trtl

      ive been binge watching your videos cheat days, workouts, normal eating days all that just because some times that happens when you're on youtube but you guys listen to BROCKHAMPTON so SUBSCRIBED

    43. Sarah Berlowicz Fitness

      Where is your Backpack from? 🙂 🙈

    44. Branham Tablet

      A bjg mouth u have gjrl,,hahaha

    45. Chiara Davis

      Здpавcтвуйте! Бывало ли у Вaс тaк: Вы cняли xopошеe видeо, пoтрaтили кучу вpемени нa мoнтаж, влoжили душу, нo прoсмoтрoв оно нe нaбираeт? Вcе дeло в том, что для нaбopa пpоcмoтpов сразу пocлe публикaции рoликa eму необxодимо дaть стартовый "тoлчoк" в видe нecкoлькиx тыcяч пpоcмoтpов. Для этoго oтличнo пoдхoдит сеpвиc "Вибум", в кoтopом за пapу кликов можнo размecтить ваше видeо на сoтняx плoщaдoк. С Сервиcом Вы получаете: - Живыe пpосмoтры на Вaши видеоpoлики - Пpиpocт пoдписчиков на кaнaл - Стартовый "толчок" для вашегo видеo, пoсле котоpого oно активнее подxватывaeтся aлгоритмами HUfast и нaчинaeт приносить прocмотры уже нa aвтoмaтe - Никакиx ботoв и накруток, толькo peaльные пoльзователи, кoтoрым интереcен Вaш кoнтeнт - Ceрвис нe нaрушает прaвилa HUfast *Oценить рабoту сеpвиca мoжно тут:* *vibuum.ru/1/eofiOdJDML*

    46. Emily B

      Anyone know the song playing at 12:51 (when they finished football/post-football snack)??

    47. sam L

      I would be aware of how bad diet sodas are . Look at the ingredients. The long term effects are terrible for you.

    48. Bess Barnes

      Can u please do a video on slimming your waist ? I was looking at ur current videos and you look great! Your stomach has flattened and your waist has gotten smaller! Please, please, please I need. Scientific approach to this I've been struggling ! Lol

    49. JAREDGRAF8181

      how has Alphalete not begged to sponsor you? You make their stuff look better than anyone they have on their team.

    50. Tine Dulom

      Your hair is so amazing!!!! Could you post a hair routine??? Lots of love from germany❤️❤️❤️❤️

    51. Nicole B

      You always make me feel hungry! Love your videos!

    52. Thea Lutman

      why is john red?

    53. Renata Ae Gn

      Lol! Loved your video and how you get so excited with food.

    54. Anni Bekova

      I use those wraps for low carb thin crust pizza all the time! So good

    55. Terry Bastow

      You're makeup is on point! Can you please let us know what foundation, bronzer and lip color you are using

    56. Sheila Maltos

      Hi Stephanie, can you tell us more about that back pack you use for traveling? I need to buy a new one :)

    57. Scum Bagg

      Staying at johns house must have been great. That man is full of knowledge

    58. Tara L

      Faygo is FIREEEEE... I usually come in at around 2500 cals per day as well, under 20 carbs total though... you literally have to workout daily to eat like this people, 5 to 7 days a week or plan on gaining.

    59. Shaylynn victoria

      You look like Selena 😍 not Gomez but the first Selena 😍

    60. kailyn b

      Is it just me or do big body builders like him scare any one else

    61. Culinary Grade

      Why is it that everytime you eat something you always have the look like you've never tasted food before?


      what kind of camera are you filming with?

    63. Letiiciia Alvarado

      Love ur videos!!!!!

    64. Laisha Mary

      Jeff 0:55 LMAOOO

    65. Emily

      i literally eat yellow mustard with everything by like the spoonful. i finished a costco sized bottle in two days...

    66. Cassandra Beack

      So I just watched your video today and if you love strawberry low cal ice cream you should try the So Delicious Strawberry Swirl Dairy Free Mousse! It is to die for! 😍😋🍓

    67. Rachel Wamwere

      The way Jeff gasses you up! 🙌

    68. honey bunches

      Girl you’re my inspiration 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    69. Samantha Clements


    70. Petra Mršnik

      Hi Stephanie I really like all your videos! But I'm really wondering what lipstick do you use? :)

    71. atoz ztoa

      can you do a review day for all the low cal ice creams? like try all the different brands and different flavors and give your opinion and pros and cons on the best ones?

    72. Megan White

      Your hair so gorgeous!!! Hair goals! Any tips

    73. Andjjj

      Hey Steph!! Absolutely love following you and all your videos!! 😍😍 Could you please please check my youtube out?? Xx

    74. Jonathan Wang

      OMG!!!! YOU WERE IN MY HOMETOWN PICKERINGTON, OHIO !!! and I used to serve at Fugu Sushi too! So weird, but I hope you had a great time in Pickerington!

    75. Hello There

      Watching your channel makes me feel good about myself for some reason lol. You're not all pushy and annoying. You're just sweet, beautiful and charismatic!

    76. Makena_ M

      oh and mustard is my jam

    77. Makena_ M

      I somehow missed this video! I live in Cbus lol. Wish I would have known, that just means you have to come back :)

    78. Cameryn Celestina

      I go to Ohio State in Columbus and I am only now just seeing this :(((

    79. 陸煒瑩

      hello Stephanie, can you share what type of camera you use in all your videos? just want to say your skin looks amazing in every single video. :)

    80. SLDavis-Nutrition/Health/ All Media

      I love her videos she be getting her eat on, and stays so slim👌

    81. Jillian Kayleigh

      I love how you are not afraid for artificial stuff. I myself try to eat as wholefood as possible, but it's pretty cool to follow someone that thinks/follows the total opposite.

    82. Anna Paik

      Eating intuitively...that's so relatable! I just wish I felt motivated to work out more^^ Help~~

    83. Mello Dreamer

      So how exactly do I pack protein powders and vitamins for a flight? Would it need to be in a container? I’ve never packed protein powder, only protein bars and that was no problem as they were in their wrappers. But what about vitamins and protein powders? Thank you :)

    84. Ana DM

      What’s the name of all the songs you put on your videos? Those are some good songs! Also, I love your cheat day videos! 🙂👋🏻👏🏻

    85. Ashwini Madiwale

      what's playing in background.. I'm searching it but not found.. can someone plz tell..

    86. Kailee Naito

      I know you did a video on artificial sweetners, but are you aware Splenda kills good bacteria? I just wanted to let you know. Love you !

    87. Sherie Alexander

      Love your food vids! I would love to see how you eat after a cheat day too to recover! Also I’m curious about the backpack you mentioned at the beginning for travel. My husband needs a new one. Do you mind sharing where you got yours?

    88. Stiles Kuchiki


    89. Meag L

      i Love mustard 😍😍😍

    90. Shana De villiers

      Try eat with jeff on camera more often

    91. Brigit D

      Does anyone have any advice on how to eat carby foods without gaining weight (both water and fat)? I turned to the keto diet, because I had some weight I couldn't lose (and yay I lost it), but as soon as I eat any carbs, I just gain weight like literally the same day I eat it. 😂I really love watching Stephanie having her cheat days, and I wonder how she can still look so great post cheat day. I'm going on vacation in the southern states really soon, and I would love to dive into some donuts and pancakes and fries without worries. 😂Even when I was eating carbs half a year ago and worked out almost daily, I didn't get any near my goals... 😖I tried changing my calorie intake, both tried like a 2000 daily cal and for a while also like 1200.... Nothing really works for me 😭Please come with any advice!

      1. Jill Sheahan

        Find out your maintenance calories and eat maybe a hundred under that and you will lose weight and for the water weight try eating low sodium foods ? Enjoy hols and maybe eat high protein low calories foods for the day so you can enjoy treats when you are going pit to eat

    92. citizensocks

      Most people would not be able to handle eating all the stuff you eat and maintain their health. You're an outlier, and very lucky.

    93. Katie Truitt

      Love your videos but curious why you still eat artificial sweeteners

    94. Haena Rana

      You should try aioli garlic mustard from traders joe, its so good!!!

    95. Sara Mokwena

      hey, which protein shake do you like?

    96. mahrukh malik

      Watching you makes me feel skinny !

    97. luiscuevas15

      Hahaha saw your OOTD and instantly reminded me of my fiance (who is also Thai). You guys love those comfy pants lol

    98. Nathan Mitchell

      Stephanie is it okay if I ask what ur ethnicity is

      1. Lola McKenzie

        She is Thai and Caucasian

    99. Lauren jackson

      thes content like this is fun

    100. Gina Smith

      Thought halo top was life. Tasted enlightened.... enlightened is now LIFE