Full Day of Eating “All In” (What I Ate In Bali)

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    ‣ Duh
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I have little to say other than just THANK YOU. Thank you for understanding, your kindness, your compassion and most importantly for your support. You guys have been making this process so easy on me and I feel like I have such a strong community of people supporting me no matter what. And gotta throw some love to my amazing boyfriend for taking me on this beautiful trip to Bali (this was ALL Jeff) and of course, for loving me unconditionally. He deserves way more credit 🙏💞 I'll see you guys soon! Love you!

      1. mrlnkz

        Stephanie Buttermore loo moo

      2. She Gameplays

        Jesus loves you!

      3. Nora K

        Girl! Jeff is an amazing partner and reminds me of my fiancé but remember girl this is all you ! Many times a womans success is easily a credit given to another . My fiance always says that people find it so miraculous that a loving partner will love and accept you as if it shouldnt be the norm. Lmao Remember u have come to a self awareness with your body , a peace with your body , you are working for what’s best for your mind , you are healing yourself and your caring for your self as hard as that may be and you are carrying your body and your mind with you through the roller coaster of it ..... be proud girl. You are one hell of a strong girl and he is damn lucky. Not to mention you are breathtakingly knock out gorgeous. You are both awesome💕

      4. Rahmana Basit

        What’s the hotel name

      5. Hurya Bella

        I am from Indonesia could u please tell me what name of place u stay at bali..i wanna bookmark it 😍

    2. Robin Verhagen

      You should go to the netherlands ;) have some cheese and stroopwafels

    3. Mary Jordan

      Girl looks so good in the intro!!!

    4. a shyz

      The sun actually sets at 6 pm and its dark in where i live. through out the year..

    5. mexi yogi

      Without tasting it, I also agree the food was a definite 10!!! 🤤 ❤️

    6. Naira Babayan

      The ladies that serve you food seem so kind. 😌

    7. jberenden

      Can you share the details of the B&B in Bali that you stayed at?

    8. Carla Watton

      Babe, I'm rewatching all of your all-in journey while recovering from Covid and this inspired me to book a holiday because I am so sick of looking at the four walls of my bedroom in self-isolation and I got major travel envy. Love from England X

    9. cindy liu

      Can I know where you ate breakfast? I want to go!

    10. tragic!!!!

      I feel so happy watching your videos!!!

    11. Алина Довлатова

      I loooove to watch how you eat! thank you for the video!!!

    12. shabrina meidita

      ada orang indonesia gak disini?

    13. Hollie Pong

      does anyone know which hotel/villa is that? I really wanna stay here when I come to Bali!

    14. alyssa .incog.

      me: is sick and dies in bed without my precious food for 2 days steph: is even sicker than i am also steph: still has an amazing appetite.

    15. Ash Ash

      After 'all in' how much poop come out ? 'all out'?

    16. Jennifer Juneau

      5:48 yes that is my goal. Three meals a day satisfied and nothing in between..

    17. Jaime French

      Pleeeeaaaasee share the link to where you stayed!

    18. New Left

      Did she just say that was bat soup 7:46? #coronavirus

    19. Greedy fox gaming

      Salted honey in so good on pancakes.

    20. unicorn diva

      She's so sweet

    21. Syamsaa Dputri

      When you come again to Indonesia you must realy try to eat bubur ayam, and satay padang, that's realy good

    22. Mars_lene

      I’m watching this in September 2020 and it’s so weird to see people out and about without masks ! How I miss these times !!!

    23. Kaban tofik

      Where in bali did she stay? I'd love to visit there too

    24. Patry Kitty

      This is like free therapy.....I love love your vids.... YOUR voice!!! omg super relaxing. I could watch you talk and eat for days girl! xoxoxox

    25. Angel Liu

      Does anyone know what hotel this is?!

    26. sky

      i love Stephanie Buttermore. She is amazing .

    27. Melannie Cohen

      That food and that place in Bali look amazing!!! I love you and your positive approach to body image. You rock my world XOXOX Can you tell me where you stayed???

    28. ivi122

      It’s not a artist....It’s an artist

    29. Sam

      Found the website she might have booked through: www.balivillas.com

    30. Simran Deep

      where are you staying?!!! looks amazing but expensive hahah

    31. collarmole

      Damn I gotta go to Bali!

    32. Sofia Morales

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰ !

    33. jiji102

      What is the name of this resort?

    34. jiji102

      What is the name of this resort?

    35. Victoria John

      Sick? What kind of sick?

    36. Celine A

      Where is your star necklace from?

    37. Ashley Snell

      Hi Stephanie! I don’t think you’ll see this comment, BUT it’s worth asking, where did you stay in Bali!? My husband is half way through with Physician Assistant studies here in Boston and I want to plan an amazing trip to Bali as a reward to his CRAZY hard work. All inspired by your experience. Where did you stay during your trip here!?

    38. Anna Anna

      You look soo cute and soo beautiful ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍

    39. madison hecht

      Where did you stay In Bali?

    40. SarahSJN S

      sitting and eating food is better for digestion.

    41. alexandra melo

      omg i just discovered u today...im all in since the quarantine began,i feel i ve benn dieting all my life and i really needed a break...ive gained weight but iknow its just a process,u are now my inspiration!!!by the way can u tell me where is the villa u rnted in bali with that Amazing cook!!

    42. mariam Hilal

      Which bali hotel is this I'm planning to go!!!!

    43. Irdina Ahmad Suffian

      10:03 😂 so cute

    44. Jill

      I’m a public health nurse in Canada. Have you ever wondered if COVID-19 was circulating way back last summer and you had it here?

    45. Fahmida SYDNEY

      I really love Stephanie & Jeff... the most beautiful thing about them is they truly understand each other and like support and encourage each other! Stephanie looks sooooooooo beautiful and cute after gaining some weight... and Jeff helping her and being with her in ups and downs is the best thing... Hope you guys stay like this always... can’t wait to see you guys getting married tho...

    46. Sarah Stumpf

      who else greatly prefers her all in what i eat videos then the ones from before? They felt stressful to watch with all the low calorie breads and fat free cheeses and not eating until 2 pm etc. This is just freedom and enjoying life!!!!!!!

    47. Angela Anasta

      Makes me want to move to Bali

    48. Julia Carat

      Whenever I watch Stephanie's "all in" videos I just feel so envious I want to have this amazing relationship with food I want to be able to enjoy every meal I eat without caring about the calories and how much I have to workout to "burn it off" I want to enjoy snacks and sweets without labelizing them as "bad" or more like "never eat those" I want my life back My eating disorder is drowning my happiness and I don't want to keep on watching how my body is fallin apart I want to change and her videos are really a big help I am taking baby steps but I am starting to eat a bit more slowly It is hard and it makes me feel guilty af afterwards but I know that recovery isn't supposed to be easy afterall

      1. b

        @Julia Carat isabella__elise__ reach out anytime :)

      2. Julia Carat

        @b That is so sweet I would totally love to talk to you and I am sure I need a lot of support

      3. b

        I'm in ED recovery too I can give you my Instagram if you ever need some virtual support or just someone to talk to❤️

      4. Angela Anasta

        Same girl 😪

      5. boring muffin

        I believe in you!!! You are beautiful the way you are, and as Natalie says: the way you look, is the least interesting thing about you. I've been dealing with the same thing, and I tried all in; since then I've felt amazing!! Love your body for what it can do, it allows you to breath and blink, flinch and contract etc. 💜Let's be brave together :)

    49. Sukhraj Rahal


    50. 야수 Beast

      Seriously you look more feminine than before all-in

    51. Cyanne Sharon

      can you please tell me where you stayed in bali, it looks so pretty!

    52. Bacall McElroy

      HUfast is clearly paying well, that suite and personal chef service is goals

      1. Vale queen

        Bacall McElroy she’s a scientist 👩‍🔬 not only a youtuber

    53. SuHasini Madhurya Chennubhotla

      Don't know hoow but this video lightened up my mood.

    54. pistachio_lover

      Come to other parts of Indonesia! Really want to see more of your travelling food adventure!❤

    55. Jordan Morrow

      Anyone wondering where this place is I think it is chili hilly residence

      1. Jordan Morrow

        It is on Airbnb called Architect's Villa in Ubud

    56. Leslieislame

      I don't understand how boys eat like this all the time and just get more muscle gains??

    57. She Gameplays

      Jesus loves you

    58. lin da

      Finally a full day of eating which is realistic for me^^ your really lovely, so happy that I discovered your channel!

    59. Karen Andrea Ramos

      The way Jeff laughs every time you take a delicious bite 😂😂😂

    60. Rihanna

      You can literally see the energy and happiness in her now compared to her older videos

    61. rachel

      I can’t believe it’s been 7 months

    62. Divya Naik

      watching this months later and still wondering if anyone knows which resort/villa in Bali this was at?! it looks amazing

    63. Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

      Haha the lazy eye,i have one too,my left eye,more so when i'm tired.

    64. Emil Kiv

      Love how she is like dying sick in bed and like hmm what to eat🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Emil Kiv

        @Unimpressed true

      2. Unimpressed

        honestly a mood tho

    65. Queren M

      I've never been happy as her to eat, that's crazy for me

    66. Queren M

      How she eat so much like this ??? Omg

    67. Rose Gould

      New subscriber here!

    68. uglybunz

      You can just tell from her boyfriend’s voice that he just loves seeing her eat

    69. Phượng Đỗ

      Can you also make a video about your makeup?

      1. MEH MEH

        Phượng Đỗ she has a tutorial

    70. Ailee

      Stephanie's food trip videos will always be my favorites 💕

    71. Caroline Monte

      It seems as though her obsession just turned the opposite direction. No one I know who has a healthy relationship with food looks up all these studies. Just eat normally. Why do we need 5 different plates of food to show we are eating. I don't understand honestly

    72. Hidden Files

      Jeff's like: can i have a bite?

    73. joy garcia

      It is so entertaining to watch you eat....

    74. Jonna Cookies

      yea, all amazing, but does anyone know where that top is from, cause that looks BOMB

      1. sailorsoap

        @Jonna Cookies tell me big momma honey sugar bear. Let's talk JoJo

      2. Jonna Cookies

        honey, id love to have a discussion with you & explain the definition of obese, but since you clearly dont have the brain capacity to handle that, i wont. :) hope you get your personal issues fixed and stop spreading unnecessary hate online, love you

      3. sailorsoap

        It's called shirts for obese, to hide the fat under it. #jojoeatscookiestogetfatterthanstephanie

    75. Laury Dibbes

      Omg Steph! Love your merch ❤️ also love your videos. Your an inspiration for all 😍

    76. ruthie f

      i love when jeff started talking to us about the sunset...idk it just makes me feel like mom and dad are facetiming me while they are on vacation:)))

    77. Cassidee Howard

      Stephanie is absolutely stunning 🥺💜 beautifulll gorgeous girl inside and out

    78. Sara Hirtreiter

      eat in Germany, Bavaria! then you know what the food heaven is😅😇🌈🌤🦋

    79. Angie Kong

      you should make MUKBANGS

    80. Pichirolas

      I’d run some glucose tests if I were you. I bet you have developed some serious insulin resistance.

      1. Thriftyhs

        Pichirolas what insulin resistance?

    81. Leonor López lacañina

      Girl you look fucking great and so fucking happy!!! Keep going!!! A healthy mind it's a healthy body. It's lovely to see you being healthy, working out and actually eating whatever you want!! It's okay to restrict yourself from unhealthy meals, but restricting yourself from healthy food it's just stupid! Girls out there learn from this amazing girl! You don't need to be a size zero (or a 32 in Eu) to be pretty. This is really powerful 💪.

    82. Ana Abraham

      You look so fucking healthy and happy in this video. Yes!

    83. whtevrdonna

      Stephanie! I've seen a vid of you a year or two ago and it's crazy to see this part of your journey! IT's actually very inspiring coming from a petite girl that's always hungry herself lol. All in is everything! this vid was awesome

    84. Valkyrie

      Mark Wiens woz ere.

    85. Kat Sparkles

      I love pancakes that are thinner with almond butter and a drizzle of honey. I'm a chronic snacker so I do need to learn how to sit down and have a meal. I look at this and this is what I want to do

    86. Elizabeth

      You look so healthy and vibrant. You look like a beautiful woman.

    87. Jitendra Pastaria

      high maintenance girl, poor boyfriend. why dont eat him only.

      1. Cameron Lyle

        Jitendra Pastaria huh

    88. Rahmana Basit

      What’s the hotel name

    89. aj

      You're just so delightful to watch! Wishing you all the best for great health 😃

    90. Ashlyn Elizabeth

      Watching this while I’m eating a Klondike bar because I deserved it! I did so well today with eating and I felt like I really wanted ice cream. It was delicious and a perfect way to end my night!

    91. Hhh

      All that weight gain and no cellulite ugh even when u arent lean ur still good

    92. Kelli Davis

      ❤️❤️❤️ your all in content. So happy to see you happy and your booty is every girls envy now. Loving your new body and outlook on health.

    93. mrs_ moose

      Does anyone know what hotel she is at because I want to stay there!

      1. V1sual3y3z


    94. CT L

      You are gorgeous with the weight!!! You look healthier and still beautiful and happier!!

    95. Sissy Poohh

      I thought she was pregnant she looks beautiful

    96. Rg

      You look so much more beautiful with the weight gain! You glow and look so happy. Keeping doing what makes you happy it looks good on you!

    97. Jasmina Kurtovic

      You look so happy and pretty 😍

    98. claire K

      I have no idea how you can eat that much food 😳😳😳 after the omelet and toast I’d be done.... I wish I could eat all of that and look like you, Jesus Christ gurl... I’m impressed 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    99. Miss Stephie

      Why are you SO CUTE!!! I'm a new subscriber! But you have come into my life at the perfect time. THANK YOU ❤🙏

    100. Holley Johnson

      I am starving now!