Full Day of Eating on a Cut | Showing You My New Research (Published!)

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    Let me know 👇 if you like full day of eating videos! And get ready for another video coming your way TOMORROW on what my plans are now that I have my PhD!! Also...going to do a review on "What the Health" from a perspective of a cancer research scientist!! Lots of content coming so stay tuned! Much love! xoxox
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    1.Walking lunges: 3 sets of 20 steps
    2. Laying Hamstring Curl: 4 sets of 12-15 reps
    3. 45 Degree Glute/Lower Back Extension 3 set 12-15 reps
    4. Baysian Bicep Curl: 3 sets of 10 reps for each arm
    5. Cable Tricep Pressdown: 3 sets of 10 reps
    6. Egyptian Cable Lateral Raise: 3 sets of 10 reps for each arm

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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 27
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Let me know 👇 if you like full day of eating videos! And get ready for another video coming your way TOMORROW on what my plans are now that I have my PhD!! Also...going to do a review on "What the Health" from a perspective of a cancer research scientist!! Lots of content coming so stay tuned! Much love! xoxox

      1. Reggie Pyrtle

        Anything U do I’ll watch

      2. shivang chheda

        so basically your kind of doing intermittent fasting

      3. The Sexxyguru

        Stephanie Buttermore can u please list your recipes !

      4. Addison Leo Love

        Stephanie Buttermore Thank you for your research ♥️ you’re making/ have made a difference ♥️

      5. Kari Kristine Haugberg

        Love your videos! Though I miss a overview of your caloric intake aand macros on cut days vs other days, really. Love you, though!

    2. Hailee Massie

      Did anyone else notice Jeff in the background lol doing a headstand

    3. Isabelle Bowling

      not me casually going on google scholar and reading her dissertation because im a nerd

    4. Michelle Polly

      Steph's dessert looks like more plus I'm not a huge fan of carrot cake as much as snickernoodle so I'd actually go w stephs haha

    5. Yasameen M

      12:00 wow I'm proud of the impact your research can have :)

    6. Lalo C

      wow, no wonder she had to go all in

    7. Melody Bales

      I love listening to smarty science brain stuff

    8. Emily Worden

      Super interesting learning about the expression on RHAMM ontop of learning about your diet.

    9. Hayley Beck

      I'd actually genuinely like have her dessert versus his lol

    10. Lola Yen

      It’s sort of painful to watch this now knowing your journey. SO GLAD you’ve gone the route you have, so inspiring to watch and really your content NOW is something more people aspire for. Not this, which just makes me hungry. 😜

    11. Kathy Silva

      So happy to see where you are TODAY .... I’ve been on a similar journey regarding my fitness food n health - Thank You Stephanie Very relatable 💖

    12. Eviee Carter

      dude joesphs pita is awesome! Ive made homemade pita chips with it. SO GOOD

    13. Altisha Lewis


    14. Christina Manoli

      I am doing my masters right now and thinking of a PhD for the following years. You are so inspiring and your research looks really interesting! Hopefully many people will be helped from this! Also, I really enjoy your videos! Thank you for the motivation! Please keep up uploading more

    15. J. Beat

      Actually when i had my ED i ate these low calorie noodle as well and i can say these are gross😂🤨 so after Stephs All in experience i would assume that she probably had a bit of an orthorexia🧐

      1. Elisa van der Molen

        I ate those noodles and to be honest, I really like them 😅🤷🏼‍♀️

      2. S K

        Yep, definitely.

    16. Alysha lee

      loved the academic talk, so refreshing esp when you're eating as well. XD

    17. Elena Pak

      If I ate like you on cut I would be giant! God bless your metabolism!

      1. Amy Puri

        @Elena Pak commenting on how much someone eats n their metabolism isn't a compliment

      2. Elena Pak

        @Amy Puri what was nasty about my comment? I actually complimented her.

      3. Amy Puri

        @Elena Pak u wrote a nasty comment

      4. Elena Pak

        Amy Puri I never understood why would someone write a nasty comment for no reason! I hope it made you feel better at least! Have a nice day too!

      5. Amy Puri


    18. Amy Reynolds

      This science is my favorite - good luck on your research!

    19. Megan Catherine Atteridge

      it is crazy watching this today-when i was suffering with anorexia i tried to hold off eating until i would feel like i would pass out and eat my prescriptive calories (I was an athlete so ate more than a typical anorexic would) around when i was training so i could sustain my performance. I am very happy Steph got help because although these two food rules almost caused me to die-i wish that this was more discussed as a common anorexic related food rule and not "good to fit your macros".

    20. just me

      Do you have problems with your gut eating so many artificial sweeteners?

    21. Earth Bruja

      Crazy but she looks so much younger now with more weight on then here.

    22. Pm

      watching this agin after the all in journey. I can see your struggle even better..

    23. Bell Reve Mendez

      Damn you drink soda while cutting!! That’s nuts lol. Thank you for this video

    24. Erin Veronica

      This comment is way late, but very cool research 💛👩🏾‍🎓👩🏾‍💻👩🏿‍🔬👩🏾‍🏫

    25. The Sexxyguru

      🥕 carrot 🥕 cake 🍰

    26. Joanne D'or

      Does somebody knows where I can get the same watch as Stephanie? It's beautiful. 😍

    27. Beyoukid

      Always loved your energy ❤️❤️❤️

    28. Meli O'vanilli

      Watching this right after watching your full day of eating 2020-01-12, I am so proud of you Stephanie!!! you are an inspiration for us all with your determination, and I am so happy to see you happy and healthy now! P.S Watching your videos always makes me happy (regardless from which "era"), honestly!

    29. Andr33a MIA

      I loveeee cinaaamooonnnn😂❤❤❤ I love you Stephanie, with love from Romania❤❤❤

    30. Jessica Cunningham

      I’m new to your channel and just going back in the archives. Your life looked so different .

    31. hope mahr

      Watched this video so many times and never saw the Jeff headstand till today.day made 😂God bless you guys

    32. Torunamukaji

      Damn! You eat all that on a cut??

    33. Sofija Sofy Grebnarovic

      I would love to read your work because it sounds like something that really can benefit cancer research.

    34. a ayah

      She’s so smart

    35. karottensalatschmecktscheiße richtig scheiße

      your diet is so unhealthy girl..thought your intelligent?!

    36. Kirsten Johnson

      So I really want to try the mustard, siracha and splenda sauce. Sounds interesting.

    37. Alexia Thompson

      Jesus Christ she is so smart and inspiring. I love her Channel!

    38. SEM MES

      Hey Doc shoes on in the house? Nasty

    39. salioelsol

      i dont even know you but im so proud of you!!!

    40. RubiiRae

      as someone who's in the science field, i'm surprised to see how dependent you are with sweetener - splenda specifically.

    41. Chengfu Saechao

      I'm sure you can also Make the BEST......... ..#HotPapayaSalad.. Damn, 2 hot, Smart,sexy, healthy Couple. I enjoy watching your Health videos And Jeff's videos too. OMG..Hahaha..I also Enjoy watching #MattStonie..he is a BEAST when it comes to Food Challenges

    42. Annie Kkk

      1:40 Jeff is having fun :))))

    43. Kiara Hallett

      Can someone explain what a cut is to me?

    44. Denise Lycett

      I would love her microwave CAKE! But that carrot cake looks amazing. I'm going to try it... I'm on Weight Watchers and I have enjoyed learning new ways to eat my faves only healthier. Stephanie thank you for sharing your tips, tricks and ideas. I struggle with heel spurs and so exercise can be difficult, especially walking, which I do LOVE. I have started some baby weight training to get started as I know muscle is a good fat burner. Anyway... Love watching all of your videos! Girl … you have 2 Hollow Legs, LOL.

    45. hana ploe


    46. Eme

      Omg your so incredible 😍 you’re one of my favorite youtubers and I admire you so much for the discoveries you’ve made!

    47. kristinishere

      no offense but three meals of kelp noodles and salad...this can't be much more than 1000 calories. this isn't healthy.

    48. Karena F

      I really enjoyed learning about your topic for your dissertation 😊 it was really interesting! good luck and I hope it works out great 😁❤️

    49. chris auge

      I really enjoy you & Jeff's videos. Best of luck with your research...my grandmother died from ovarian cancer. Kick it's ass!

    50. Vincent Illiano

      lots of vocal fry, buttmore. yuck.

    51. crunchy almondbutter

      What did she get her Ph.D in again? I would love a Ph.D in fitness! When I walked the stage, after completing my Ph.D, they gave our diplomas and called us "Dr. XXX". Which was really when it hit that I succeeded in such a high degree. Really awesome! Love watching your videos, Stephanie! xx

    52. Logga Sree

      Where are you living now

    53. RosieFightingLifesArrows

      Fat free cheese is of the devil... steer clear

    54. Giselle Vidalez

      Hey your videos are great. Thank you for helping me find what pathway works for me and for proving that being fit and educated is possible especially for a college student. You really have inspired me to want to get into nutrition and the physiodynamics of the human body. Thank you:)

    55. Casey The Sparky

      I love your relationship with food. It's inspiring as a former bulimic.

    56. Hadisha Shoudoueva

      Although I would definitely enjoy both desserts, I would rather have Stephanie's because I love me some clean foods

    57. Jade RV

      Could you tell us what are your macros on a cut and out of cut ?

    58. T M

      what is your bf doing in the back lol, i got so distracted ! 1:27 lol

    59. Sandee

      I have about 5 pounds to lose to get to my ideal weight so I'm considering doing a mini-cut - maybe about 4 weeks. I am okay with cutting out sugar and cheat meals but I still want to have a couple of glasses of wine on a weekend night. Would that be ok, in your opinion, during a cut or should alcohol be avoided completely? Thank you!

    60. Bubblez

      Your hair is gorgeous

    61. Anjuli Mack

      I love your good challenges 😍

    62. Hristo Raychinov

      thats my bulking meals wtf

    63. Maxx Zaccheroni

      Thanks for your videos and advices...very useful! Is it weekly a kind of FullDayofEatingonaCut? Or monthly? or what? Thanks again, God bless...

    64. T. McMullen

      wow. listening to this now. I am so proud of you about your patent. Good luck. I am finishing up (phd) as well and this entire channel is inspiring.

    65. Tonia Adams

      I am so impressed what you're doing is amazing keep going!

    66. Spencer Davis

      Congrats Dr Stef :-)

    67. Lizzie Rose

      Your research is so cool! I'm a nursing student, I love learning about that kind of stuff :p

    68. Tooth Explore

      I love a good signaling cascade... lol great reminder of my grad school days. LOOK AT ALL THAT STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE!!! I would do a little dance every time P

    69. Alivia Gladem

      You should post your music Playlist (:

    70. Gabriela Valdez

      Hey Stef where do you find those ptotein wraps or pita bread?

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      Oh my god I thought Jeff was a muslim and he was praying (a muslim prayers ) he got me for a second😂

    72. Debra Cee

      what's the song at the beginning?!

    73. Sarah Phillips

      Thank you for your very important work in the fight against Cancer!

    74. Travels Novels

      OMG this meals are ssooo wrong! Sorry but couldn t even watch the whole video.. I ve never seen a Phd (?!) Eating so many processed and unhealthy things.. there s nothing diet in there.. what about whole nutritional food? Staying there with a diet dr pepper like whoot? I can' t 😂😓 mixing sweetner with mustard to make a dressing?? Omg.. artificial sweeteners are artificial.. ok?? Antibiotics fed grown chicken is the safest thing out there

    75. Michelle idontwantto

      Seriously how are you this beautiful!? Also congrats! :)

    76. Eric Zhang

      have you considered all the fat free and sugar free ingredients, will change your micro intake? I know they look good in a macro way (no sugar, no fat). but those stuff make them taste the same, have you counted them in terms of health impact?

    77. ari.itxel

      oh my gosh!! thank you for your research !! I found you for this cut but im grateful for your finding on cancer research.

    78. Shawna Staggenborg

      Has a Ph.D... uses chemical laden shitstorms as food. LOL!

    79. Catherine Snyder

      Ahh as a BS Exercise Science grad I am loving this video!! I want to do more research in grad school, but still trying to figure things out. Getting to hear about how you've kept up your fitness levels and managed to go through grad school is so inspiring!

    80. Heidi Hankins

      Love your videos Stephanie! I practice IF also but workout in the morning. Do you think BCAA will break my fast?

    81. idk k

      ur the only youtuber that i can watch without skipping thru all the boring parts

    82. MALI Fitness

      That BBQ flavored California Kitchen pizza is the realest!

    83. Jasmine Giles

      I love you!!! Your so cute!!! :-)

    84. Kynzi Eichler

      Your hair is soooo long!! How long has it been since you cut it? And do you ever plan to cut it? (Its gorgeous so dont but I just wanna know lol)

    85. Gilberto Ruiz

      Hi Ms. Buttermore, great channel. Since you are in the studies of cancer l wanted to ask you about a trend I notice this couple of weeks. I seen lots of video stating that an alkaline diet can kill cancer cells and the papilloma virus. That sound like naturopath bullsh!t to me, but I want to reach to know if there any studies supporting or dismissing this theory.

    86. Noura A

      i have just say that this was disappointing

    87. Mairead

      What brand + model of bluetooth earphones are you two using in the gym? Anyone know?

    88. Togzhan Niyazova

      You 're the ideal woman))smart, gorgeous and strong))wonder woman in real life🤗🤗inspiring)

    89. abcdefghijklmnop0385

      are you chinese, filipino, malaysian, indonesian?????🤔🤔🤔

    90. Tiffany Bernier

      I love your channel! Any thoughts on being able to cut on a vegan diet? Can you drop fat on a high-starch diet?

    91. Lainie Royal

      I just found this channel last night, but it’s so inspirational for me. I absolutely love that you show you can still be fit and healthy while enjoying the foods you love. Never in a million years would I have thought to see someone on HUfast that is 1) highly educated and 2) talking about eating foods that actually taste delicious while trying to build muscle and lose weight. Plus the diet soda in there too just proves that you can still have the things you love, but to be mindful about them. Love this channel ❤️

    92. Tiffany Lopez

      I love your drive to learn

    93. KMEvansRN

      @stephaniebuttermore Have you ever read the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks? Fascinating book. She is the source of HeLa cells.

    94. HeyHannah

      I’d rather eat yours - but make mine Vegan :)

    95. Krista Benson

      You are such a kick ass boss 🙌🏻 Damn. Thank you for you important work 💗

    96. Mai Pham

      You are just amazing Stephanie

    97. Ababy

      How did you learn how much and when to eat and how to train and when do you compete?

    98. hope mahr

      Love you guys and all your vids

    99. Lime Powder

      It is really interesting to see what you eat on a cut...almost what Id eat on a cheat..wOw, perspective. Plus the volume is really nice to see. Often, I see other woman eating 1500-2000 cals/day & I must eat about 2800-3800/day Im a slim active woman. It is really really nice to see even just that, Volume.

    100. Dana Lebovits

      Supplements and foods That are good and bad for a serous borderline ovarian tumor?