Food Struggles In Quarantine: All In? Cravings? Binging? Intuitive Eating?

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    Please don't feel alone if you are struggling with food right now, no one is being perfect and being home all day surrounded by food can be a challenge. Let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to hear from you! Love you so much!
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hi everyone! I hope you are all healthy and safe 🙏 I really hope this video helps you deal with our new reality, it's a very stressful and uncertain time. Let me know what you think in the comments, I love you guys so much 💋

      1. Starry Mari

        Random but...... can you show us your hair routine? It’s gorgeous. Do you dye your hair?

      2. 6fiddy

        @Naomi Nguyen Thank you for your comment.. You couldn't be more right on point.. Makes this all seem and look pretty silly doesn't it..🤠👍

      3. Red Monkey

        I actually lost a lot of weight since quarentine. So if you eat just cuz you are BORED. You need to face your eating disorder first unfortunately.

      4. Nurse Cherry

        What brand of leggings do you buy?

    2. Eva voegeli

      OMG! when she bit the apple and was watching her phone and laughed- girl- MOOOOD

    3. Merlin Aldan

      Great Job

    4. Miss Madeline's adventures

      I love watching her eat. If Im hungry ill eat till im full on healthy foods. I wish I could eat tons of carbs and sugar. It makes me feel drunk and very uncomfortable for days after, even though it tastes yummy. Let me watch though lol:)

    5. Professor Smoothiess

      Yeah dude I was super duper care free happy girl with happy relationship with food until my mom asked my twin and I "hey twins, u guys want to do this program for 3 months to fix ur metabolism? " Gosh I wish I had rejected that. I ended up having such a high expectation. I over exercise on the third month trying to get the result I want in such a short period. Yes my mindset was exercise to look good not for health which is wrong, but I didn't know that. I miss my old self. :')

    6. Drake von Trapp

      You hamfisting popcorn into your mouth is ✨relatable✨ it is meeeee

    7. Cristina Angheluță


    8. Indigo

      Ive been on an off being healthy an today I realise ive lose most if my muscle gain from tge summer an now its just blegh an unappealing any mention if a diet usually lasts 3-4 days

    9. Grace Wolfgramm

      I've been 7 months in my "All in" journey. I had just seen photos of my best friends engagement party which I attended over the weekend and I hate every single photo.. I'm feeling so sad and tearful because of the way I look (weight gain). I had to come back to this clip to remind me to keep going ❤. I love you Steph thank you for helping me

    10. Celine Rieger

      Well I guess I am intuitive eating but in vegan... It's not a restriction to me... So I just love it😇

    11. Christina Garcia

      Omg I really needed to hear this...i feel like i have no idea when im truly hungry...i think im half way half the time lol

    12. Eugenio Contreras

      This video is wrong on some many levels

    13. Briana delgado

      This is awesome!!! Thanks for shining a light through the whole quarantine mood!! I feel this 100% and I hardly see anyone talk about it in this view and I love it, much appreciated for being this relatable!! 👏🏻😍

    14. belhisoka

      can't believe the same situation is still continuing after all these months...

    15. Cece Farmah

      Please do a makeup tutorial.

    16. cami's toast

      I restored my weight from anorexia about a year ago but had a little bit of a relapse the last few months (was restricting and tracking my meals insanely) which wasn’t that bad until I got tested positive with covid-19 three weeks ago. I literally lost 3,5 kgs in less than a week (got so nauseous and constantly felt sick) . Right now I’m trying my hardest to eat a normal amount of food (around 2000 even though I’m an athlete and need at least 2500) but because I only ate about 1000 cals a day my body got in a state of confusion and I couldn’t feel hungry anymore. I find it sooooo hard to ‘just’ eat and constantly have to tell myself it’s okay to feel satisfied after eating and that I have to in order to gain weight. So yeah there’s a lot of struggles but I know I can deal with them since I already went through something similar. Your mind is such a big factor to how you are physically feeling. I try to think more positive now

    17. The Amino Company

      A great help!

    18. Michelle Mae Simplicio

      Please take the time to deal with this offline for your mental health.

    19. יובל להט

      You are so beautiful and inspiring💋

    20. em

      i rly am gay 👁👄👁

      1. Anjali


    21. Samantha Mendoza

      I just want to say thank you so much for making these videos about your journey. Im recovering from an eating disorder and I was/am so scared about my weight gain, but listening to what you've been saying and watching you go through everything is helping me feel good about myself again. thank you thank you thank you

    22. Svnshine

      Pop corners!!! I can’t stop eating them

    23. Anabolic Gains

      What a pig.

    24. Sa Kunz

      Stephanie, you have an obsession with food. You are a bad influence and misleading people who look to you for guidance on fitness and healthy lifestyle. Healthy people don’t have a “relationship” with food. Food is for nourishment, enjoyment and’s not a relationship. I urge you to take a closer look into yourself and acknowledge the long term eating disorder that you have been suffering from.

    25. Haiyu Yang

      Def my favourite HUfastr 😍

    26. benjamin ilo

      the fact that everyone is talking about eating massive amounts of food and then there's me who developed one hell of an eating disorder in quarantine lol

    27. Jennifer Trevino

      I remember about 2 years ago I could eat anything and workout and still wouldn't gain the weight I was the opposite. People thought I was on a diet and told me to put on lbs. I told them I eat a lot but I held still at 112 then I went through some emotional trauma and dropped down to 102 lbs. I looked very thin and wore a size 0. I started drinking muscle milk to gain weight I even drank beer and alcohol. Nothing worked. 2 years later I found my happy place and I started eating pizzas, junk food, sodas, anything I can get my hands on. The weight climbed and held steady at 120. Now I found my balance. I workout a lot, mostly glutes like Stephanie has. So I noticed before my eating right and healthy journey I weighed 123. Now that I'm healthy eating right and have a cheat day because everyone deserves a cheat day I don't care who you are. I'm now at 126 lbs and I'm 5"1, but I'm muscle and lean and have a booty now. I feel good and I have never felt more confident about myself. :) Remember, its not how much you weigh but how you feel about yourself overall and if your happy that's great. I don't weigh myself I go by the way by clothes fit me. The only time I weigh is when I go to the dr. lol

    28. collarmole

      I think you're amazing.

    29. Jorezza Antonio

      I wish I am as brave as you when it comes to food.

    30. remsvic

      you are such an inspiration

    31. Hayley Beck

      Dude I just discovered you a couple days ago and I freaking love you and your content. It's so compassionate, thoughtful, scientifically based, realistic, and authentic. Thank you

    32. Jennifer Lopez

      You should upload a makeup routine! Your makeup is cute 😁

    33. Trần Ngọc

      can I consider tracking my food consumption as a way of journaling???

    34. caitlyn Smith

      I've been bulimic for 5 years and doing therapy. I've decided to go all in even though I'm over weight so I can stop binging when I break the "rules." Instead of my weight I'm going to work on self acceptance, self esteem, and adding foods that are nutritious when I am comfortable.

      1. Kailey Herron

        How ya doing, Caitlyn? I’m recovering from bulimia also - about 8 weeks in. The body changes aren’t easy, but I do believe we are on the right track! You deserve food freedom and I know what a prison bulimia is. Sending love and strength. 💕

    35. Kathy MacGregor

      WOW....I just found you through your adorable boyfriend! Love your complete honestly & transperancy. You are my new favorite HUfastr! I have been dieting off & on for a few years & think that what you did going 'all in' is a such a great way of resetting your metabolism etc & something I way consider too. You look awesome btw!

    36. Sarah Gaylard

      I wish I found your page / youtube sooner during lockdown! Having just discovered your content, it has been so helpful at putting my mind at ease and learning about the way we tend to eat and binge - I have felt so low with my body since lockdown began but I am starting to / trying to mend that relationship with food and my body and this has felt like a great step, thank you!

    37. Devynne Daines

      Thank you for being so body positive and health positive!

    38. Lindsey Zionts

      Stephanie, you're awesome and such an inspiration. So glad I discovered your channel - thank you for the positivity and for proving that you make your own happiness.

    39. Jess Leigh Munro

      Really needed to hear this. Thank you ❤️

    40. Jess Leigh Munro

      You’re goals 🥺💕

    41. Cristine Peña

      lately with the quarantine, and recovering from depression, and general freaking out about well... EVERYTHING... I have been sleeping so so much more, and catching up on sleep I have felt significantly less irritable from how much more rested I have been forced to be. I am looking forward to a new healthier me, and happier me.

    42. dklamara

      everyone is eating too much but when i’m stuck at home i end up eating too little bc i don’t want to go to the supermarket to get food 😭😭

      1. dklamara

        also i live with my parents

      2. dklamara

        i don’t do well on highly sugary foods / fast carbs bc it will make my adhd brain just have more racing thoughts n give me a sugar dip and all

      3. dklamara

        and also idk WHAT to eat bc i’m bad at cooking... and i’m vegan...

    43. Honii B

      I just feel like you are binge eating at this point.

    44. nixnoxnix

      Me: *mindlessly body checking in the mirror while playing this video in the background* Stephanie: You have to stop body checking Welp.

    45. Vicky Gatzima

      Thank you so much Stephanie for this amazing video. I thought I didn’t have any problems with eating until quarantine started. I started binge eating. I just realized that I was restricting so much in my life that I started eating huge portions without the ability to stop. Please if anyone sees this comment answer to me. Do you think that watching cheat days on HUfast might be triggering for me? I actually felt so much shame for eating all this food and of course I gained weight. I feel alone and I’m kinda punishing myself by not going to my country now that I can, just because I feel so fat. And let’s be honest I’m 55 kilos. I was 50 before quarantine. Hope you all guys are doing better than I do.

    46. scathecier

      Some people have so little confident in themself that not dieting or not sticking to a workout routine really stressed them out. Dont put your fears on other people, specially people that is recovering from food adiction, EDs and dieting.

    47. julia gordan

      wow, watching this video has already helped me tremendously, and i'm only 4 minutes in! in the beginning of my self-quarantine, i felt very confident about my eating but slowly seemed to build an unhealthy relationship with food because i lost a lot of weight and then messed up my diet (at least that's what i think happened!) and i've been struggling to find a healthy balance despite eating balanced, but seeing stephanie's confidence and guidance is already helping so much!! thanks steph, love your youtube channel!!

    48. Ababy

      I didn't know you were a qualified trainer?

    49. Rachel Scott

      4:46 I feel Stephanie is subtly hinting that I should utilize this time to recover from my ED, rather than being self-destructive all day....

      1. Kailey Herron

        Yes! You can do it!

    50. dm primates

      Some of the comments on here. Wow - why are you here? I'm 112 lbs at 5'2 and I'm 37 years old with two kids. Her videos are inspiring and if you think some of us are watching this so we can feel good about our 'fat' sevles; you've missed the point entirely - keep doing your thing girl! Some people just can't handle the happiness and self love.

    51. SecondCityBeauty

      Alexa at your duty

    52. McDonald’s

      Bru your body is just like wow 😍.

    53. Sara Cuervo

      she is in no way saying to binge she is saying to surrender which is a powerful thing to do in order to accept the circumstances which are affecting us really hard she is saying to be kind, loving to your self and to not pay so much attention on what you eat because the more you do the more you stress out and therefore the more you eat surprise!! so of course you're not gonna eat a big Mack all the time but you are gonna eat intuitively which means follow hunger and fullness with a diverse diet

    54. Amber Billis

      Good vid!!

    55. Kathleen Downer

      Yes no make up needed she's so pretty without it xx

    56. Kathleen Downer

      I don't care what anyone says about you I think you are brave beautiful and what a scary thing you have done to be the person you should be you are 100% on it and should be proud of your influence on people struggling with these issues you have faced bad comments and stayed strong focused and so proud of you and Jeff is a rock what a lovely guy and you guys are so sweet all the best lots of love and best wishes xx

    57. Kathleen McCandless

      You are the cutest thing ever!! 😍

    58. Claire Thomas

      Your videos are sooo refreshing!! Can I ask do you do exercise everyday and how do you maintain your current weight? You look fab!

    59. syazwani ramle

      kinda frustrating how people are totally missing the point of her video. if you’re even listening, she’s TOTALLY not asking people to just eat the junk. she’s stating that it’s okay to add that into your daily intake, WITH your proper meals. she’s just saying that you don’t have to restrict your meals to only the clean and greens, but you can actually add bits of fun food here and there. and she also said that in harder times, don’t beat yourself up if you’re eating comfort food, to comfort yourself. IT’S OKAY. it’s as simple as that? stop trying to be such a hater for absolutely no reason, especially if you’re not gonna listen to the whole thing. geez. you’re such an inspiration stephanie, truly! ✨

    60. Vasin At-Bangkok

      Fantastic Job. Hope you don't mind me Watching. Let's be friends O_O

    61. Andrea Carolina

      I just found your page and I’m obsessssssed

    62. Anastasia Cristescu

      Jesus saves

    63. Janet Sylvestre

      Love this video.

    64. Tina Vrdoljak

      Hey, I just wanted to say that you look amazing, now you look so much healthier, love you! ❤️🖤😊

    65. amy colucci

      Healthcare worker on new orleans working in covid units and also ate a lot at this time due to donated food and free meals at hospital and of course stress eating. So essential workers eating up a storm.too lol Im a registered dietitian. Bless you for mentioning going to a RD

    66. sofiffay

      thank you for this wonderful video :)

    67. Chams Adbir

      Stephanie thanks u SM that really make me. Fell better .And for people who really wants to continue doing workout I propose to you “Chloe ting “ she is ur solution 💯

    68. **Godcanhelp** 7

      I go outside and take long walks. And do get fresh air and sun. It’s good for the immune system!!😇👍🏼🙏🏻🌈. I have lost weight not gained lol. But I do have a ED which got even more triggered by the lack of control. I feel trapped and sorry if this triggers anyone? But I’m NOT allowing this deplorable government to keep me shut inside! No way!. I take my daughter out for walks away from a lot of people for now👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    69. Qiaochu Zhou

      This video helped me feel a little better, cause I feel like I've been snacking a lot and I was alone but this help me realize that it's normal ❤️ Thanks for that, also I'm a new subscriber cause ur really relatable

    70. akacece.

      I love this intro😂😍

    71. Caitlin Swanson

      I just wanted to say thank you, this video was exactly what I needed. I’m currently going through a rough patch in my family and choosing to move out of a a bad home situation (I’m only 16). I’ve been obsessing over how out of shape I am because I’m stress eating, I feel so self conscious going on walks because I’m always out of Breath or feel really fatigued. I was in tears watching this video, you said exactly what I wanted to hear but couldn’t say it to myself. I continually eat bad pre made things when I should have the motivation to eat healthy, I like healthy things but always get distracted or put off because it’s so much effort to cook. I’ve always had a bad relationship with food, Body fat and the way my body looked, I’ve had numerous comments about my genes and how I’m “descend to be fat”, I was and still check my body when I wake up till when I go to sleep, some days are better then others but I usually wear baggy clothing to hide the weight gain and the stretch marks that came with gaining weight. I went vegetarian 5ish years ago to stop what I called “bad fats” and to lower my guilt in eating. Sorry that was a little rant but thank you for doing this video! Xx

    72. Madalena Barrinha

      Do people realize the comments they make really sound like "why are people depressed? Just leave the house and be happy" type of comments . EDs are a real problem, yet they make them sound like they're some conspiracy theory made up by some villain "fatasses". Freedom of speech is not a douchebag free pass. e d u c a t e yoself

    73. Marijana Miloshevska

      I really appreciate you making this video ❤. I went through a government issued quarantine where I had to spend 2 weeks in a hotel and later 2 more weeks at home and I kind of struggled a bit with my diet/exercise regime, since I was literally unable to do much physical exercise. I basically went through my own unintentional mini ""all in" experience where I basically just ate for the majority of the day, sometimes due to actual hunger, sometimes just because of boredom or stress. I ended up gaining around 7-9 lbs, which affected me more than I would like to admit. Of course, it might seem like something minor (and practically unimportant compared to the greater things happening around us), but not being able to fit into any of my old clothes was a bit of a struggle (especially since I've been living in leggings for the past 2 months lol)

    74. Brianna Hatcher

      I'm so f*cking impressed by you.

    75. Maria Pamela Azurin

      Can't believe I'm juuuust tapping into this! Thank you so much. This has changed my mindset with food and I cannot WAIT for the results

    76. Maru Parra

      Eat when you’re not hungry?? I don’t get that, what for?

    77. Jennifer Jiang

      Sooo accurate hahhaha

    78. Tamia Moya-Mantilla

      Just started following you and watched your all in journey! Amazing! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been focusing on not being too hard on myself during quarantine and practicing eating intuitively. I tend to be really harsh on myself so I actually started journaling when I would feel down or I’d be in a “funk”. Thanks again girl!

    79. I Don’t Care What You Think

      You have a gluttony issue

    80. Delaney Hampton

      I had no idea "body checking" was as common of a habit until you said something. That honestly was such a validating additive to this video, I loved that! Thank you!!! Stay safe and continue being the absolute angel you are! :) we love you!

    81. Anum Qayyum

      Looking like Kim Kardashian

    82. Anian

      For anyone coming from long term restriction, the only way to recover is to face our fears. With any addiction, to recover you have to do the opposite of what the addiction wants you to. For example, someone addicted to alcohol can't have "just a bit" of alcohol, just like someone with an eating disorder can't restrict "just a bit." Therefore, we go "all in." For someone who has restricted for so long, food is medicine and you need more of it than someone who hasn't been restricting long term. This advice probably doesn't apply to people coming from a "normal" relationship with food. Her target viewers have changed. I just saw her older videos, and for someone with an eating disorder, that's the type of channel I would have avoided. A lot. This video helps me feel free, not guilty or label myself with my choice of "junk" food. Yes, for anyone with a healthy background, eat clean, treat foods are fine here and there. Once her weight and relationship with food stabilises, the will to restrict will die down and she will have food freedom and will most likely only want whole, nutritious food (compared to what people eat at the start of going all in). I don't know how long this will take so please don't judge her or her body for taking how long she needs to.

    83. megan shannon

      I don't understand the comments here. If you are doing good with your journey then why did you even watch the video? Also if you don't understand all in or why she chooses to talking about certain topics then check out her other videos. she has a number of videos explaining everything. Even one on the science behind it. If you subscribed to her because of how she use to look and do not like the types of videos she does now then don't comment just unsubscribe. This is her channel she can choose to create whatever type of video she wants. It's not up to you. ALSO go watch her latest video if you feel confused or you may have misinterpreted this video.

    84. sam t

      I went all in when quarantine began .... Today marks 2 months and 1week since I started giving myself unconditional permission to eat and along side that ,I stopped working out and instead , practiced 30 mins of yoga everyday ... Its hard seeing my body change , but being home and not leaving the house has really made it a whole lot better to cope .. AND... I'm happier AND less temperamental AND less tired AND I sleep better AND longer AND I'm no longer cold all the time AND I get to eat what I genuinely enjoy & crave .. I think this may have been the best decision I've made for myself and holistic health this year ..... Watching your all in videos have really been helpful ,thank you 🙂

    85. ellajane

      You're so beautiful! you kinda look like and give me the vibe of Kim Kardashian💜 I love the old stephanie but I love this new stephanie way better♥

    86. Justin Faraj

      Oh my God... YOU LOOK PHENOMENAL!!!

    87. Jasmine _

      i really love the intro lol

    88. Elsa Hunter

      you are an incredible role model, thank you

    89. Ana Pau

      I don’t know why people are mean like you have truly helped me be more loving to myself. Your whole personality is just so amazing and I feel weirdly calm when I watch your videos. This quarantine I started seeing a dietitian because my lifelong dream is to be skinny, but right now I’m just feeling anxious about my journey and I’ve been focusing too much on food, tracking it down to the last piece of gum and body checking constantly. This helped me remind myself that this is a whole other world we’re going through and that, even though food is important, it’s not the end of the world if I decide to eat something that’s not on my plan. You have helped me see that I’m not alone and seeing you decide to go all in makes me feel like there’s hope that food is not going to control my whole life

    90. Wanqi Jiang

      must be hard to pretend to be happy, as what she commented on her IG "I look like a whale" aka not feeling great, and thanks for encouraging others to become whales too

      1. Wanqi Jiang

        @Elle Charlton I mean I think Stephenie looks great, she commented herself looking like a whale at her heaviest. See all the junk food in her pantry full of chemicals and addictive artificial food, if she tells young morons that they can eat them all and feel no guilt then that is a problem

      2. Wanqi Jiang

        @Elle Charlton guess I am a bully and you are a whale then

      3. Elle Charlton

        @wanqiJiang ask yourself why you even care . You are being a bully .

      4. Wanqi Jiang

        @Elle Charlton as far as my personal experience morons like to call others moron, smart people express opinions

      5. Elle Charlton

        You are a literal moron 😂

    91. Wanqi Jiang

      From my point, she shouldn't have made this video to encourage her followers to eat junk like her and gain weight so dramatically.

    92. Marevie Reflecta

      She’s so right here!

    93. Bethany J

      Eating a tub of ice cream in the bathtub is literally ME 🤦🏻‍♀️

    94. b x

      honestly im not super into fitness but huge props to her. i cant imagine how hard it must be to go through what essentially is recovery while fighting not only with your own mind but also a huge audience of people PLUS the yt fitness community constantly berating you for what you are eating and how your body looks. not many would be able to stay sane during it

    95. anonymous08 MNS

      Omg i love ur videos, i wish i new ur videos earlier. I feel like i have a better relationship with myself.❤️💜

    96. X._Fenix_.X

      I think you look a little like Cher! 😅😙

    97. Paola Choqueneira

      Thank you so much for this video, It really helps me right now 💕🥺

    98. Hetti Jayne

      Can I just say why are people so judgemental when it comes to food and fitness?😅 And also recognise that fitness/food and eating habits aren’t just a physical thing but it’s actually very much mental and emotional too ... so can all the keyboard warriors try and find some empathy for those that might be struggling instead of judgemental 🙂

    99. devina fernandez

      A whole baddie 😍😍😍😍

    100. Chris Ozmen

      Everything Wrong with Stephanie Buttermore's ALL IN Diet (5 things) WATCH HERE: