Fitness Favorite Must Haves 2019 (Food, Leggings, Gym Gear, Supplements)

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    Hello my loves!! I wanted to put together all of my fitness favorites into one video so you can always come back to it if you are ever on the hunt for any leggings, lifting gear or supplements! Make sure to check out the description box for ALL THE DEETS, I list everything I mention! I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you'd like to see a beauty or lifestyle favorites video! 💕xoxo
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    ▹Top I'm Wearing▪️
    ↓ Products Mentioned ↓ (Size Reference: Height 5'4", 115 lbs)
    ▹Lululemon Align Leggings, 25 inch (size 2) ▪️
    ▹Alphalete Revival Leggings (size XS) ▪️
    ▹Avine Apparel Hyper Mesh Bra & Leggings (size S) ▪️
    ▹Saski Collection Comfort Hoodie (XS) ▪️
    ▹Saski Collection Netted Crop Top (XS) ▪️
    ▹APL TechLoom Bloom (size 8) ▪️
    ▹Reebok Legacy Lifter (size 8) ▪️
    ▹Barbell Pad ▪️
    ▹Cable Machine Ankle Attachment ▪️
    ▹Grippy Resistance Band▪️
    ▹Powerbeats 3 by Dre▪️
    ▹Lululemon Belt Bag▪️
    ▹The Women's Book ▪️
    ▹Native Deodorant (Target) ▪️
    ▹SoSu Dripping Gold Luxury Tan (Ultra Dark)▪️
    PEScience Code ▹ STEPH 💸
    15% Discount off Everything on
    Favorite Flavor: Kiwi Lime
    ▹High Volume (Caffeine-Free) ▪️
    ▹Select Protein▪️
    Favorite Flavor:Gourmet Vanilla
    ▹Variety Pack (Select) ▪️
    ▹Vegan Protein▪️
    Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Bliss
    ▹Vegan Variety Pack ▪️
    ▹Drizzilicious Cinnamon Swirl & S'mores Rice Cake Snacks▪️
    ▹Fudge Covered Nutter Butters (Target)
    ▹Fudge Covered Oreos (Target)
    *BODY SCALE I USE (forgot to mention)
    ▹ Body Analyzer 60% off code [sbuttermore] link:
    -Tracks weight, body fat, muscle mass bone density and water weight.
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart! I just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
    Full Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored but I am sponsored by PEScience. However I was not paid to make this video or contacted to promote any products. I do make a small commission if you use my code, which is always much appreciated. All other items mentioned in this video are from companies that I do NOT work for, nor do they have a clue who I am. I purchased those items with my own money and all of my opinions are 100% honest.

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hello my loves!! I wanted to put together all of my fitness favorites into one video so you can always come back to it if you are ever on the hunt for any leggings, lifting gear or supplements! Make sure to check out the description box for ALL THE DEETS, I list everything I mention! I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you'd like to see a beauty or lifestyle favorites video! 💕xoxo

      1. Elizabeth

        Hey Stephanie! Can you please redo this video now that you've gone "all in"? I would love to see the variations in your style now.

      2. katesowen

        Yes to all the favorites vids!

      3. Melanie

        Hi steph. Any suggestions on a pre workout thats diabetic friendly?

      4. Tamirra Glover

        Hey, do you have a coupon code for the resistance band you use?

      5. Amanda Christi

        LOVE this!! Definitely ordering that book! Also, the Kopari coconut deodorant is my FAV!!! it has a more gel type texture, smells amazing, and i got mine at Sephora!

    2. Anna Tsartsidou

      Hi Stepfanie! I was wondering if you can make a video with the leggings you get from amazon! like a 2020 version for the situation at home, and all thats going on now, i'd like to save some penny

    3. Kim Nguyen

      9:35 cool! I use kyäni nitro extreme for my training as a pre-workout supp. It works really good. Especially if you are training in the morning after wake up

    4. Jacqueline Reyna

      I know this is an older video, but I am new to the channel. I love this video, been looking for some weightlifting shoes. Greatly appreciate this recommendation!

    5. kiwi



      Good tips

    7. Kara Fightmaster

      Woah, life before cake pop protein powder. I was shook when she pulled out gourmet vanilla.

    8. Karla Marie

      I really want some apl shoes... but the way my bank account is set up that’s not gonna work.

    9. Jasss H

      Can you do a beauty video please?:D

    10. Maureen Baker

      Can you do monthly favorites?


      Ugly smile

    12. Gloria Ng

      Would you say your APLs fit true to size? Are they similar sizing to Nikes?

    13. Cara Stone

      Fanny packs were a thing in the 90s lol

    14. Cat Xuan

      Where is your hair care video :(( I only watched 3 minutes of it

    15. Agnes M

      Stephanie, it would be nice to see you test out cute booty leggings for research purposes :D

    16. Jemeli Ennis

      Where about do we find that book? I'd like to get a physical copy!

    17. Matt 6736

      I just got everything I need from

    18. KK Hamilton

      You should do your makeup routine, I love it. Natural, clean, and chic! Just discovered your channel and LOOOVE LOOVE thanks!

    19. KT

      "Women are not..little men." lolol my fav line of this video so far.

    20. Abelhinha De Mel

      I love green beaver’s natural deodorant :) plus it’s Canadian ;)

    21. Em Fo

      I literally went and bought about 90% of what she recommended lol, thank you!

    22. Gabrielle Sivley

      I recently bought the coconut and vanilla native deodorant and I love it! Reminds me of banana boat spf lol Great video! Gotta buy a few of these things 💖

    23. Msantaelena

      Where are your crop tops/sports bra from that you featured in this video?!

    24. Ashley St Vil

      Do you use lifting belts? Any recommendations?

    25. Julia Lopez

      One of my favorite videos!!!!❤️😍

    26. Mikayla Anderson

      Not sure if you'll read this! but for workout leggings from lulu, try the fast and free leggings! they come in the 25 inch as well and they are pretty much like the align leggings but in luxtreme, so better for working out, won't pill (unlike the aligns) and have zoned compression! I work there and swear by them, so if you get a chance.. please please invest in a pair of those and let me know what you think!

    27. Jayde Novakovic

      Would love to see a specific Athleisure wear video, with Canadian companies would be a bonus!!

    28. Jade Elise

      thanks for the book recommendation im going 2 check it out!

    29. Bearded Jagger

      "You guys know I am sponsored by PEScience, but that does not mean that my opinion about these products are swayed in any way." That may be one of the most disingenuous comments I've ever heard on the internets, especially considering PEScience isn't a great protein powder. Lol

    30. Rita Brito

      With two children, I'm not spending 100,00 for leggings. But they are pretty!

    31. NikkieH14

      Please help me free shipping on bliss body leggings

    32. Jupiter Solar

      Yes! Beauty favorites! I love your make up! Kudos!

    33. Tomislav Koledić

      BIOBAZA natural deodorant

    34. Maria Ν.

      i was wondrring does taking whey protein haveanything to do with anwanted facial hair? when i started laser treatment for my chin they told me that i shoukd never again have protein shakes cause some ingredient enhance this unwanted feauture..what do you think?

    35. Susan Mancha

      How much cardio do you do Stephanie?

    36. Gem Gutierrez

      Love love love your outfits ♥️maybe when I get in shape I’ll dare to wear those tops😊

    37. Hell o

      59$ for one leggin :-)

    38. Jing He

      Steph~I love your spirit so much, you inspired me!!

    39. Just My Two Cents By Cherise Rahn

      Girl Lush has hands down THE best natural deodorant! It’s called Teo

    40. Jacqueline Argueta

      Have you tried the white fudge covered oreos?!

    41. asif ahmed

      High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants under $8 87%Polyester/13%Spandex,87%Nylon/22%Spandex Made in USA Get it on

    42. tiny_weeb_rin

      I really like that Steph is natural up top. I think it fits her body beautifully.

    43. Charlotte Louise Ludwig Baldassari

      My absolute favorite natural deodorant by far. I’ve tried a handful of popular ones, but this one has the nicest smell and feeling going on. Very smooth.

    44. Kalafri

      This was a fun video, you should do more of these ❤️

    45. 余珂昕

      Hey Stephanie, I have seen you taking those PE science GI-support pills in one of your videos before you ate. I am also taking it because I seem to have a slow metabolism and gain weight very easily. But I am not using it for diet nor try to lose weight, I just want to keep my weight stable while eating healthy and exercise regularly. You didn’t recommend it in this video, so I am wondering whether you still recommend it and whether I should keep taking it. Thank you!❤️

    46. Jess Velarde

      The lavanilla sport deodorant is fantastic as well!

    47. LoveTroll

      💕💕your videos especially the cheat days. Did you always have a booty or did you gain it from workouts? I need some hope😂

    48. shelbyjk

      I'd love to see a grocery haul from you. What you buy, what you stock in your cupboards, give us tips when grocery shopping etc

    49. Jolene Yao

      Can you suggest more fitness books to read? I am having trouble finding good ones. I really want to see what a researcher would choose to read since they are so knowledgeable.

    50. Hello Kitty Princess

      I’m so happy I found your page! Your very inspiring! Just curious what is your view on getting your boobs done? I know this is the only thing you can’t build in the gym so I’m wondering what your view is?

    51. Lauren O'Shea

      Ive tried the natural deodorant at lush and I like that. I have the package free one but I think I am going to switch to it in the bottle because its kind of messy and takes more time to use.

    52. Danielle Haury

      lululemon only goes to size 14 :-( womp womp us plus-sized girls have to look elsewhere

    53. Michelle Lee

      I bought avineapparel legging and bra, I bought the white color ones. But the legging is horrible, it is see through!! I asked for refund from the company and they replied only once, then I don’t hear from them anymore. If you guys want to buy avineapparel leggings please think twice, the price is ridiculous compare to the quality. The Bra insert is hard and not comfortable.

    54. Miley Cai

      Can I know the legging you’re wearing while you do the hip trust (the pink one)! Love that so muchhhh

    55. NGBFOSandS

      Would you consider doing a celery juice cleanse and give us the details. I’d love to hear how you do.

    56. Amy Pierce

      Love this video. I have a question into PE Science already but thought maybe you could answer. Is there yeast in the gormet vanilla protein powder?

    57. Brittney George

      Loved this video! I’d love to see a separate video for your lifestyle and another for your beauty favorites😍

    58. Riza Styles

      Your videos are the best. Your voice is soothing, keeps me motivated during workout. Very informative!! Subscriber for forever!!

    59. Southern Belle Michelle

      I’ve tried so many natural deodorant’s and even crystals ones, I need to give this one a go from target! Loved the video 💕

    60. Mei Wong

      Love this!!! Would love it if you could do more of these favorites videos! (Esp on your fitness gear/ workout clothes faves)

    61. Katie Chum

      If you’re an Oreo cookie lover, I highly recommend Back to Nature peanut butter chocolate cookies found at Whole Foods (heard they won best Oreo cookie on Bon Appetit)!!!!

    62. Coolbabymama

      I’d love to see a general favourites video. 😊

    63. TheFaafia

      In your next fitness favorites, can you also mention your favorite workout songs?

    64. D j

      So Jeff how’s it knowing you’re girls wayyy smarter,and taller than you.

    65. Virginia Hernandez

      G&H deodorant is my favorite! Definitely helps!!♡

    66. Sofia Pena

      do more of these!!!

    67. Nazia Akter

      I really do love your informative videos! I actually got the high volume, protein, prolific along with vitamins to help me out in my workouts. Thank you always for sharing and caring about us ladies out there ;)

    68. Nazia Akter

      You should do a jewelry video of your favorite all the time, grabs jewelry! Love those on you too especially the simplicity of it

    69. Renee

      Hi Stephanie, I'am a fan of yours and Jeff, but I have realized that you are not helping people to improve their over all health. You are a very attractive person and obviously you have the capacity to persuade people. Seeing you binge eating sugary and fatty food is really encouraging, combination of cream, sugar and oil is extremely addictive, you're a scientist and for sure you know that. It is like a form advertisement, persuading people that they can have body like yours by indulging once a week and I guess it's not for everyone, unless they have a job like yours. I hope that you will focus on educating people on how they can improve their overall health and the things that you do to have that sizzling hot body, suggesting effective workout videos without equipment and I love watching your videos but you made me fat again. I'm still a fan and I will continue watching your videos and Jeff's videos.

    70. It's Rosemary

      Stef you kinda look like the actress Cher

    71. Kevin

      Your hair is dope! What are you planning on doing with all that beautiful, beautiful hair?

    72. Boxy Boii

      What's wrong with being pale..?

    73. Shelley Picott

      A great way to spend a snow day. Catching up on your channel.

    74. Hannah Velante

      Beauty favourites please!

    75. Vane Bd

      You need to try the Lume deodorant because you won’t have to apply everyday. That sounds weird but wow my life was changed! No more stick after 4 hours!!

    76. SandydreamASMR

      Those fudge nutter butters 😩😩😩😩😩♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    77. Anna Axsom

      What hair beauty/ products do you use?

    78. Therese Mylett

      i would love it if you did a beauty category video!!!

    79. Geli Kawaii

      hi stephanie.. i have a question about squat shoes eg. that legacy lifters. This pair is VERY expensive in my local currency, and it is also not available locally so I need to buy online, so I need to be very sure of my decision... you mentioned that these shoes are great for squats and hipthrusts. Is it okay to use them for my whole workout or only during squats/hip thrusts? can I use them as my regular gym shoes for all days? or it would not be good doing lunges, deadlifts, RDL, overhead press, standing upper body workouts etc? can they be used as regular shoes walking around? since i can't test a pair before buying, I really gotta make sure first thank you

    80. Nghi Perry-Tran

      Piperwai, best natural deodorant!

    81. Pretty Pure Ally

      Primally Pure deodorant is INCREDIBLE. Works amazing and completely natural and non-toxic.

    82. Anzu love

      I'm wondering what you could say about Follicular Phase intense training and how Cortisol delays Ovulation? I practice the Sympto-thermal contraception method, and when I do HIIT and other intense workouts, my Ovulation gets pushed by 2 weeks further. Any tips, research, experience that you could share?

    83. Elizabeth Romariz

      Stephanie! I love, love your channel. I am crazy for American Provance deodorant. ( It is 100% natural AND works. I have tried at least 20 companies from different countries. But this one tops them all and smells amazing.

    84. Britni W

      I just saw this deodorant in Target today. Didn’t know it existed. I use Primal Pit Paste in the lavender scent and the stick not the paste. It’s in Target and Walmart and online on their website.

    85. Selfcarewithkarissa

      your makeup looks flawless omg

    86. misshellokittynerd

      Hi! Can you share your lip color :)

    87. Monica Vittali

      I know this is weird, but I use sanitizer spray instead of deodorant. Odor is caused by bacteria, sanitizer spray is an antibacterial. I use the Honest brand from target and I found it in the baby section. (Its a small spray) $2. Haven’t used deodorant for months and I have no issue with odor 😃

    88. vidluver88

      So glad you made this video is perfect to keep as reference 🙏

    89. strangeAngel305

      Love that this includes a book! Thank you so much ❤

    90. Keirra Mudhray

      Would love to see beauty favourites!!! ( Make up and face/body products and whatnot) :)))

    91. Gio p

      Brand less deodorant!! Is good!

    92. Julia Ruth

      STEPHANIE 🖤 i love this kind of videos!!!

    93. Maryam Sadek

      How often do you have a cheat day?

    94. Suzy Ng

      I love how you recommended a book too, I will definitely check it out. It seems very informative :)

    95. Ashlyn

      I recommend Kiss My Face deoderant! I'm a serious (and sweaty) pre-professional ballet dancer, so this works great!

    96. Meredith McNaughton


    97. Dani K

      I loved this SO much! Best "favourites" video on youtube by far!! And the quality of your videos lately is just INSANE.

    98. Kobayashi Eri

      Beauty favorites please!❤️