Fitgirl Dream Cheat Day | Eating Whatever I Want for 1 Day

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    WHAT IS UP MY LOVES! 💕 This was one of the funnest cheat days I've ever had and I think you're going to really enjoy it! Jeff and I always have a good time, especially when there's food involved 😜
    **MAKE SURE TO WATCH til the end to spot all of the hidden cheeseball tub scenes! 👀🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️ FIRST person to comment the right amount of times the infamous cheeseball tub makes an appearance, gets a shoutout in my next video! #cheeseballgang 🧀
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
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    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 29
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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      **MAKE SURE TO WATCH TIL THE END to spot all of the hidden cheeseball tub appearances! 👀🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️FIRST person to comment the right amount of scenes the infamous cheeseball tub makes an appearance, gets a shoutout in my next cheat day video! #cheeseballgang 🧀👇I love making my videos a lot of fun and I think this will be a fun game to add to the festivities 😊 This was honestly one of the best cheat days I've ever had, I think you guys will love it! Enjoy! 💕

      1. Kate Ladrillono

        Stephanie Buttermore I hope you see this but can you do a makeup tutorial on your next video?

      2. Tiff Wu

        I swear that you just post cheat days only 😮

      3. shazelle barrameda


      4. Syeda Fatima Rafique

        I spotted it 11 times.

    2. Reneilwe Menyuku

      She wasn't kidding when she said she takes big bites

    3. Klaudia Radziemska

      there is a tradition in Poland called "Fat Thursday" when everybody eats pączki [põṇčki]

    4. Hayati Azis

      quick snacc 15:03

    5. Helz

      Gosh her being this skinny reminded me of that one episode of family guy where Brian was training to join a marathon, he gets supper lean muscles and bones and one step into the race he snaps he’s leg. I know she’s strong but there was always a fear in me that she’d hurt yourself. But you know what she looks amazing now, healthier, happier, stronger physically and mentally! You are my inspiration!! 🥰

    6. AppleTechLikes

      Dayummm, I’d really like for you to be my personal trainer. Find it hard to get motivation and right information on getting fit . You seem like a great person. 🥺

    7. Christine Bassila


    8. New Left

      How many times do you go to the toilet to do a number 2 on your cheat day?

    9. María Paula

      This girl is living the DREAM

    10. Julia Długosz

      Omg polish pączki ❤️❤️❤️

    11. Jaime Accardi

      J.alexanders. resteraunt.the best carrot cake ever !!!go try if you never have!! Your welcome😄

    12. unicorn diva

      Question: how are your teeth so white

    13. fea vd knaap

      For apple pie you really gotta go to the Netherlands, we got the best!

    14. Adrian Ochoa

      At 12:43, that is a marshmallow filled, chocolate covered, mamut cookie. At 12:49, that is a mexican themed, coconut bar.

    15. Florence Augusta

      Every time I see your video it's made me feel hungry, and want some dessert

    16. AL

      I can literally see the anger in her face when Jeff eats a bite😂

    17. Abril Hernández

      18:26 -"Strawberry cheesc- Oooh. Wow." Lol

    18. Nanuli Tsetskhladze

      Hello. How many times do you have cheat day in a week?

    19. Ehtesham Rahman

      I am happy for her all in journey but but also sad that their will no cheat days 😅😭😭

    20. Nicole Plasichuk

      Jeff always looks at the food but never takes a bite cause he wants her to enjoy it an I’m sitting here like poor baby Jeff 🥺

    21. ScreamQueen


    22. Rayan Skaff

      Did anyone else notice the bag of cheeseballs next to her when she had breakfast?

    23. Ray neverland

      Ca donne faim tout cas 🤤🤤

    24. Tery Bacalso


    25. QuinnSanity

      Props to u for getting ina good physique and being comfortable to share your weight

    26. Anjali Singh

      One day I wanna do this not feeling guilty and knowing I worked hard to earn this cheat meal

    27. Maggie F

      I'm on a diet so watching this.

    28. Aaron James

      I love the way they both love food.especially her ..She just lights up when she eats lol

    29. Cherish And love

      This is me.. every night though😅

    30. Autumn Fichera

      Anyone else get horrified from the amount of calories in that first meal.... Thats more then I eat in two days...... I mean you do you but I cant even imagine the guilt I would've felt. This really shows I need to change my mindset.

    31. Angelina Mangless

      She’s addicted to donuts and I’m addicted to ice cream and pasta

    32. Aneta Palica

      Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱😁

    33. Соня Лол

      why i’m watching this cheatday video when i don’t have cheat day and i wanna eat

    34. Blue Seon

      Stephanie: 1 cheat day every month Me: have been on a cheat day since forever

    35. Bangtan Trash

      Is it just me or does Jeff look scared to take Stephanie’s food

    36. HealthyChoice

      "I must put a gum in my mouth , otherwise I will eat everything with her" Jeff Nippard

    37. Nely Bobrischew

      Why are these videos so satisfying!!!

    38. Neko Chan

      Wo that shred was on day-of-competition level, and she was normally going around looking like that. No wonder she needed an all-in journey to finally feel better.

    39. ちんじゅあおい

      Do you like sushi?

    40. Food entertainment life

    41. wjfaust

      She mentioned she does this once a month right?

      1. Nancy Gonzalez

        she doesn't do this anymore though.

    42. Zane Aqo

      Seriously I subscribed and made sure that I watched all of your vlogs that includes eating. Stephanie, I need you to make mukvlogs, (mukbang vlogs) because I have this throbbing positive feeling that you are going to gain more followers with that. Please. ❤️❤️❤️🤔☺️

    43. fjeb hhd

      What‘s her height?

    44. Liv

      Obviously I don’t know you two but I can tell by the way he looks at you that he really loves you in a respectful and adorable way! You’re one of my favourite people on HUfast, all the best to you!

    45. Mustafa Ali

      I am 2 pounds heavier by just watching it

    46. sofia.

      y’all are beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    47. Sarah Comment

      can we just appreciate how perfect her teeth are in jealous

    48. Misho Mishèv

      How frequently do you have cheat days?

    49. Anshu Kumari

      This is absolute food porn 😂...the way she says mmmm mmmm reminds me of that 😅

    50. N

      Looking at her body here it is disturbingly thin. She looks so happy and healthy now. Good for her.

    51. lazylambb ee

      why jeff looks like edward from twilight😂😂

    52. slyhead66

      Girl how much to you poop

      1. Tanvi Raavi


      2. Tanvi Raavi


    53. Beyond The Seokjin

      omg even im half thai whatttt

    54. han chu

      Try Voodoo Donuts, best donuts hands down

    55. Nik cream

      Greetings from Poland! I love polish donuts - PĄCZKI!

    56. Jess Leigh Munro

      I’ve noticed you often eat pizza on your cheat days. I think a video where you get pizza from a bunch of different places and compare them would be really cool! 😍

    57. Tanea Davis

      Isn’t really fair to compare those to cookies together🤣😭

    58. Cameron Anderson

      just a day in a life for me lmao

    59. Courtney Sunnight

      Stephanie: its been two months since I had a donut Me: oh yeah? Well, it’s been MORE THAN 2 MONTHS SINCE I HAD A DONUT!!!!

      1. Treasure army xxx

        Treat yo self ;)

    60. LuLu All Sorts

      Hi I always watch your videos cause they're very entertaining and I kinda live vicariously through you cause I can't really afford such. If you can lend a helping hand I'd really appreciate it.

    61. Antara M

      Their relationship is just satisfying to look at they are like 2 best friends in a relationship

      1. Vivi Anne

        That’s how it should be in a normal relationship anyway ?

    62. Mikayla Beasley

      I've gotten to a point where I think I've watched all of your at least 3 times

    63. Sara Matos

      In Ontario, we can Tim Hortons; Timmy's, Timmy ho-ho's or Tims- Jeff knows whats up!

    64. WEEB OWL

      Is no one gonna talk about jeff eating chicken with a fork

    65. Lou Nightshade

      she is so pretty without makeup ohmyghad!!!!

    66. Agata Drewnowska

      If she is hungry eating 7000 cal+ meals, imagine how hungry must she be eating healthy, as she does most of the time.

    67. Joanna W

      The polish donuts should be fresh from a good bakery, the store bought are not even close to how they should taste! They should be crispy on the outside, doughie inside with great filling

    68. Changy

      🧇 over 🥞. Check out subway's raspberry cream cheese cookie. Some McDonald's deep fry their apple pie versus baked for added crunch.

    69. Taylor Murray

      can we just talk about how good Steph looks eating tho?? Like even the big bites are intentional and cute. I guess would make an effort if I were on YT too but omg no way i'd look this nice mowing down on my favourite foods 🤣

    70. CraftyGirl!!!

      Love your videos!!!! You should do more Cheat Days!! 😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰

    71. Gabrielle Barbir

      If you’re going to offer Steph a bite of your food you better be prepared to only get half of it back 😂

    72. Matthew Hendrickson

      If you're ever in Pittsburgh during lent make it a point to visit Oakmont Bakery. They make the best paczki. Everything else they make is amazing as well if you're ever here and it's not lent. It's like a cheat day paradise!

    73. Shado Shahad

      He is like a farmer feeding his favorite pig 😂😭. He looks happier than her.

    74. nagisa v

      i love when you eat donuts🍩❤️ I want to see a whole video of u eating donuts with ur huge mouth!!😂❤️supporting u from JAPAN🇯🇵

    75. gabi5312

      Omg.....I felt sick watching this video....all that sweet stuff....oh my....evrytime I crave something sweet I'll watch this'll cure my craving right out

    76. EurocremSvaki Dan

      11:22 .... If you know, you know ! XD

    77. varonka zf

      " i feel like not too full " what !!hunny the amount of food that u consumed in a day a consume in a week

    78. 8IreneFrostie

      how tall is she?

    79. moon vibes

      Is it just me thinks that she builts her life on eating foods? It is kinda weird. I mean one day you wake up just to eat food and you doing nothing but eating during the day

    80. David Bianconi

      Hi I'm Italian and he pizza it's not a pizza!😢😭

    81. Lulu Rose

      Yesss Paczki!!! polish :)

    82. jelena stojkovic

      this is insane!

    83. Suvarna Gayathri

      After this I wouldn't have to eat doughnuts for the rest of my life coz seeing this is making me satisfied forever

    84. mona abualnail

      This girl can eat so many donuts at once it’s crazy

      1. Taylor hill Fan

        mona abualnail see her last video u will know why!

    85. Janet C

      Omg.. .I've never seen this video before. Definitely anorexia. It were not muscles on her arms in the gym, it's a child arms. poor Steph. How could Jeff didnt see that? She was SOOO in anorexia!!!!

      1. Janet C

        So, for all the viewers I want to flag - this worked for her because she was in a deeply destructive mode, and 10k, 5k, 3k daily were all going for a repairing on her body, not storing in fat. this is what happens when anorexic starts to eat. sometimes it takes weeks or months eating this amounts every day for an anorexic girl to gain a little bit of weight.

    86. Emily Latcham

      The Mexican ‘chocolate covered Oreo’ looks like a Canadian wagon wheel 😂😂

      1. Lily Hayes

        I thought that right away haha

    87. Extra Gum

      This makes me feel better after my cheat day

    88. Leia Cariappa

      You should do a mukbang

      1. Leia Cariappa

        I found my comment from 3 months ago

    89. Brooke Hunter

      Btw I used to work at coras lol, English cream is custard and table cream (18% cream) mixed together! It’s a less sweet, creamier custard :)

    90. Kanela

      Don't want to eat too much ice cream before all my food gets here.. Proceeds to eat 10 donuts lol! i wish i could eat like this 😂

    91. Hannah

      no one: me (polish) eating pączki like everyday: 😙✌

    92. Dani Ann

      This makes me really want donuts

    93. Jelena Bozinovska

      I love how you ACTUALLY EAT in your cheat days! Most of other youtubers just have amount of food most people have on a normal day😅

      1. Joelle Borillo

        I think it depends on your hunger. Some people are already full on small meals. In my cheat days, i actually get full faster so I kinda eat lesser those days.

    94. Jasmine K

      Paczki is pronounced sorta like “punch key” , more “poonch key”

    95. labiba rahman

      does anyone ever tell you you look like kourtney kardashian?

    96. mari _

      how does she never get acne by eating all of that stuff mbn😩

    97. Anne Maxwell

      The weird thing is I feel satisfied after watching these. Like if I have a sugar craving I watch these video and it just sorts it out. What’s wrong with me

      1. Clarissa Nunez

        Same! It’s so satisfying!

      2. Rebecca Chen

        Ugh i wish! I crave it when I watch her do cheat days

      3. Sara Kylhed

        That is why so many people love to watch mukbangs, especially when they are on diets!

      4. Grecia Moncada


      5. Anne Maxwell

        Ophelia haha same I’m happy I’m not alone

    98. lostandafraid

      I miss these videos so much :(

    99. Abbyisthecoolist

      Stephanie is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen from her looks to her personality. Wowowow

    100. Liv Cordes

      ceo of “mmm that’s so good” 😂