FANTASY CHEAT DAY | Unlimited Donuts, Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Tacos & More

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    Such a blast with Jeff, Livia and Nate eating all of my favorite foods! A day filled with donuts, cheesecake, tacos, chickfila, cereal, ice cream and more cereal! Stay tuned for the follow up weigh ins and physique checks at the end of the video!
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      WE HIT 300K!! 🎉🙏Honestly speechless and couldn't be more grateful to have the most supportive HUfast family anyone could ask for! And I really hope you enjoy this video, I had such a blast with Jeff, Livia and Nate eating all of my favorite foods! Stay tuned to the end for the follow up weigh-ins and physique checks! Love you all more than you know ❤

      1. Austin Sommers

        GT Garcia screen rant

      2. Anticipate

        we hit 1 million 🎉😅

      3. lol

        No you hit 1 mill🤩😍🥳🥳🥳

      4. A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers

        Hello Stephanie Buttermore. I wanna ask you a question. Could you do a full cheat day colleb whit Jeff,Nathan and Livia? Thanks i love you,re video,s

      5. A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers

        I,ll always be you,re fan Stephanie Buttermore

    2. _mango-orange_

      As entertaining as these videos are, this appetite was caused by extreme hunger and restriction. This is an insane amount of food

    3. Emily Sohn

      "mA hIp, mA bAcK" -steph's impression of an old lady

    4. Flo nemandi

      Have you been to Iceland 🇮🇸 ore why do you have a bottle of Icelandic water?

    5. Briana delgado

      Me: looks @ a donut (gains 10lbs)🥲

    6. Swedyn Ortiz

      It’s my birthday 🎂

    7. Natalie Wilkinson

      I also eat a lot. I'm certain it's got to do with a diet mentality... You remember times of food restriction. I love Steffanie's facial expressions when something tastes good.

    8. Uyen Chang

      You are gorgeous. By the way I love your all ins video :)

    9. Eva Baluran

      Why does a doughnut always in her vidss??😂 is it her favorite?

    10. Rodi Perez

      Whoah only 7lbs heavier me on a daily basis am 7lbs heavier at the end of the day but its just water and food

    11. Karm3Lov3

      Oh girl your body is soooo beautiful You too obviously ❤

    12. Lahna Saeteurn

      Me eating all this stuff everyday😳

    13. esme love

      She’s so beautiful love her way of being so and beautiful I love her reactions when she Taste something new💙❤️

    14. •Imperfect•

      I had a dog named Roco Taco- that's crazy they named a place after him 😂🤣

    15. bangtan labelz

      I discovered this once, and now I can't stop watching them.

    16. Follow Keith

      She seems happier here than she does now, post All-In? I dunno, maybe she was just being fake.

    17. JJ Games

      She ate more donuts then my whole days calories

    18. Najimaben Ahmadbhai

      Warning: Don't watch this on empty stomach 😂

    19. Daddy Mady

      I want a relationship like yours 🥺

    20. Maddy Harvey

      "They gave me a wet wipe!" 2020: 👀👀👀

    21. lgamble

      This so definitely pre covid. It makes me sad 😔

    22. Velislava Staneva

      Love watching those videos!

    23. Chaitra Pai

      Are they even swallowing it? 😒

    24. Nursyuhada Akma

      On a keto diet and watching stephanie chugged down all the goodness. God help me for the hundredth times

    25. Nursyuhada Akma

      On a keto diet and watching stephanie chugged down all the goodness. God help me

    26. Hannah Yoder

      JELLY ON THE CHICKEN MINNIE!!! -a Texas gal

    27. Lupita Alcaraz

      I just found ur channel and I’m living !!!! For it ❤️🥰😭

    28. im_artzey

      Who’s here after All-In?♥️

    29. Babo Njuguini

      Is it just me or did she always look pissed with Jeff took a bite of her food

    30. Minal Ugale

      I can watch Steph eat all day 🤷‍♀️🙈

    31. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    32. Soyon Kang

      How often do u cheat day? Once a week/once in two weeks/ month? ^^ I wanna do it but every time afraid about weight....

    33. Kiersten Chan

      Her: a LITTLE full after eating 5 giant donuts Me: can’t even finish my banana before a run

    34. xxushouldnot

      Let’s be honest, this isn’t the first time that you watched this

    35. Julia Dreamm

      I don't know why but i love watching your cheat day videos when i'm on a diet

    36. lazylambb ee

      am i the only person that realize how beautiful steph and livia aree😍

    37. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰ !

    38. Cap Armstrong

      I don’t understand this concept. Going back to first videos....

    39. Marrisa C

      Me to

    40. Maanya Dhama

      ok whos watching this in quarantine!!!

    41. Mis Kay

      i always tell myself im gonna do an epic cheat day like this when i get to my goal but it never happens hehh...

    42. Sambiro Kitawi

      The way she finished that box of cereal like it was nothing😭

    43. Nelson Himiob


    44. Nelson Himiob


    45. ネコとの暮らし_Life with Cats

      Two of my fav HUfastr couples who actually “eat” and “enjoy” food 😊❤️ Japanese people are too scared to eat high calorie foods because they want to stay skinny.

    46. ihateu_xx

      "fruit loops cut the top of ur mouth" PERIOD OMG no one ever talks about that

    47. Bee Bee

      The cereal lol, I had to laugh when she said one more bowl after all those bowls and ice cream. Surprisingly, these videos don’t make me hungry, the treats look yummy but I’m not the biggest sweet tooth, I’m just amazed that you can eat it all and fit it in your stomach, I cannotttt. And I weigh more. Haha. The cheesecakes made me salivate btw

    48. oceaniqt

      watching cheat days compared to all in days- the all in days just seem so much more happy because stephanie is actually decreasing her appetite day by day. it's honestly so cool to see, but i've loved stephanie ever since these cheat days. ❣️❣️ i'm a younger fan but this channel has really influenced me to have healthier choices and a healthier life.

    49. Earth Bruja

      Ugh her 8000 calories food baby is my food baby after drinking water... Fml.

    50. 밤양초

      Who's here in 2020

      1. Ophelia


    51. kermitcyeh

      How does she afford to eat so much?!

    52. Rachael Chapman

      So happy you guys finally linked up as both couples

    53. Veronica Saenz

      the fact that she ate my entire's day worth of calories in just 3 donuts. 😔

      1. Ophelia

        Omg I know right!? 🙄

    54. Legendly_Cookies COOKIELOVER

      Wow I could only eat one donut at a time

    55. teresamesa

      this is a flex. i'm obese and i'd eat 1/4 of this and be full. my dream would be to be able to eat like this and train as much as you, if not to burn the calories, to at least have the strength to justify all of that!

    56. Sarah Alhamidi

      Who else is watching this while dieting? I’m pretending to eat through her

      1. Asia Denis

        omg sameeeeee, i just think of all the things i could eat in recovery 😭

    57. K H

      I have lived my whole life this way basically. : I

    58. Hillary Elyse

      Id love to know how many times you have to poop whilst consuming enough food for a family of 30 for a whole day. Honest question! Not an attack.

    59. Emme _

      Yo ide be DEAD BY THE 5th donut and done for the day

    60. Kristina

      How does someone whose stomach is normally used to small portions/dieting casually go into cheat day eating an entire box of donuts and like 10k calories? Like how is she not full after just two donuts 🤔😨😨😨 whaaaatt

      1. gorey devon

        When you are on a diet once you take a bite you wouldn't stop i experienced this when i was restricting

    61. stainthegemini

      I can’t watch these videos the same way as I used to😭. She’s grown so much

    62. Isabella Cassara

      watching this after following your whole all in journey and I’m so proud of you!!!

    63. Thuy Pham

      She’s the reason why I’m into donuts ahhaah

    64. simum 7

      My cheat day is eating proper three meals and 100 calorie burn exarsice

    65. Safa Jumah

      I want to do this with you because this is literally how much I eat everyday

    66. Stuff

      I'm glad Stephanie is feeling better these days (after all in) and that she's accepted that this binge eating is unhealthy psychologically and physically.

    67. Layla

      It blows my mind that a cheesecake piece has 1000 something calories. Thats more than i try to eat a day 🤯

    68. Shar Roon

      It's kind of wierd watching this knowing I will probably never eat like this even for one meal. I feel like I am watching a different species being that I'm gluten dairy and sugar intolerant.

    69. Tania Hernandez

      I wish my body allowed me to eat at least 2 of these meals on a cheat day and not feel full until the next day as I always do.

    70. Einin

      me watching this after bingeing and purging 👁👄👁

    71. Adrian Vreeland

      Now I see why she was having extreme hunger! She was able to eat so many donuts in one sitting and then eat a whole other meal right after!

    72. Anastasia

      My two fav girls have a collab...

    73. lali baloch

      Watching this while fasting😭

    74. Valeriia Okhmak

    75. xvall002

      how can she be 5'5 5'6 and 122 lbs. I literally starve myself at this height to weight 130 lbs

      1. English Cloud

        Lots of muscle

    76. Charlie Chezwick

      Dont share your fork and your donut with that animal

    77. Shay Williams

      I love how y'all are eating all this and not acting all like a little whimp like "Oh I'm so full" like all these other people who constantly lie about their appetites! I remember being shamed by someone at the gym bc I ate 3 ice cream sandwiches! I don't usually eat like that, and the judgement was sooo unreal, like, "Am I the only one who can binge eat??!" #They'reLame #AmIrightLadies😂🙄 I'm so glad you're human! ❤️👏🏾 And P.S. I know that you're all in now, and I just want to let you know that you are a runna-mucking Queen!❤️❤️❤️

    78. Emma Heidinger


    79. Emma Heidinger


    80. E Mosweu

      I totally get why Steph went all in. Her appetite was unbelievable and now she is in a good place. I'm truly happy for her and her gains are mad good!

      1. Sydney C

        Yes! She was starving herself. Her body was begging for her to eat!

    81. Nishuti Parulekar

      R.I.P. her toilet 🚽😂

    82. Stan Bts

      Why I’m watching this videos during Ramadan

    83. Mimi Wey

      This is how I would eat everyday if I could 😭😭

    84. Lyrette

      it's a cheat day video, what did y'all expect? the comment section saddens me.

    85. Hanna Parker

      Apple fritters that are frozen then heated in the microwave is to DIE 4!!!!

    86. Tamar S

      Who’s here after she went all in? Or in quarantine ?

      1. 밤양초


      2. Lauryn Juhl


      3. Liliana B

        She looks better now❤

    87. camila. beatles

      My total daily approx intake is 60% the calories of her first meal!! 😳

    88. Jonathan Malagon

      Omg 😳

    89. Hannah Gildenhuys

      i love how she says “a little bite” whenever someone takes a bite of her food just so that the person knows that they can’t have a big bite 😂

    90. Lillia T

      Steph is literally body goals and in the time of this video she is struggling with extreme hunger. That says so much about today’s beauty standards

    91. Asa Gilbert

      How often do you have cheat days?

      1. yon yokai

        She doesn’t anymore, she went in an “all in” journey to fix her insatiable hunger, basically she’s been intuitive eating for about ten months, yes she gained weight but her appetite has lowered considerably, i recommend you to follow her journey in social media, it’s really interesting.

    92. Ebony Duval

      Binge eating at it's best.

    93. L7 Weenie

      *8,884 calories later* "...I'm starting to feel a little full." 😂 Love it 😁

    94. High_ Princess_

      Uh I think, the applefritter isn’t only 600 kcals 😂

    95. abby nicole

      how does she eat all of thissss i literally drink water and i’m bloated for like 4 hours 😂

    96. Diana Lucia Enciso

      La verdad me da asco esa mujer! Los abdominales marcados exageradamente te hace creer que eso es perfecto y que tambien puedr comer lo que quiere aunque sea poco saludable... es muy superficial!

    97. abby nicole

      their chicken minis are so good i love them

    98. Don Benvenuti

      You do this every week?

    99. Grace Oram

      I love your shirt!

    100. Taylor Bucciarelli

      Honey this is not ok :( and should not promote.