Everything I Ate in Miami ☀️(Food Reviews & Recommendations)

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I had such an amazing time in Miami!! I will definitely be back! Next video will have a lot of updates as to what has been going on with me lately and if you watch my stories (IG: stephanie_buttermore) then you guys know what I'm talking about 🙏 Love you so much! See you soon! 💋

      1. Pitbull

        I am in love with your videos, and i would love if you could travel to Australia! Obviously after the corona virus calms down tho 😂

      2. Rahmana Basit

        You should try going to Le Coucou

      3. Kad D

        Stephanie your the best love yeah.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      4. TheRedChai

        Continue on this road and you will have everything disappear for you... you will not be able to go back to research, your sm career and the money will eventually fizzle out, and you will be left with a binge-fueled "physique" of mostly fat and no miscle that you wont be able to repair yourself because you obviously dont know how to feed yourself for health, let along performance or physique goals. Stop listening to enablers that want to see you languish. Stop listening to yourself. Get pro help.

      5. Mark Zuckerberg

        Stephanie Buttermore you obese now like 34 percent bf ....u suck now

    2. Henry Lopez

      Starts video excited to see what’s to offer. Sees veggie burger and leaves ...

    3. Payton Wagmeister

      If you go to Coconut Grove again, PLEASE go to The Last Carrot and get a tuna pita. Just do it, you will not regret it!

    4. BB M123

      Life before covid

    5. Eugene Levi

      U look beautiful without ur makeup

    6. S Osborne

      It bugged me that your donuts were already bitten. They should have let you bite them first for your channel.

    7. Edmarie Marcelo

      I soo love you Stephanie ..God I watched almost of ur videos..you're so perfect ❤❤

    8. Isabelle Ruiz

      Stephanie, you are my queen !

    9. Chanel Revoy

      I thought of Megan when I saw that sticky bun

    10. Nakisaka Rymbai

      She's so beautiful i can't😩

    11. hien tam

      Loved this video!! The food looked so good 😀😀

    12. Jennifer Juneau

      These videos are life. I've gone all in as a vegan and it changed my life. I'm starting to lose the weight now

    13. jod enderson


    14. Christine Bassila


    15. Eunice Bernardo

      You look more beautiful and fresh from your previous cheat days videos. And I love watching you, how satisfied and happy you are on what you eat. Really more satisfying to watch than mukbang. Take care from PH. 😊

    16. Ashby Young

      Bruh whatever camera she uses it’s insane cause it looks like 1080p even in 480p. Love it.

    17. Siti Fatimah Azzahra Hamairuddin

      Stephanieeee ur so prettyyyyy

    18. Muskan Bhatnagar

      I love watching her eating donuts😍♥️

    19. unicorn diva

      Is that much sugar good for you? But how do you burn it off

    20. Jessica Trotter

      Come to Georgia and eat some country soul food! Must eats: Grits (with butter, salt, and cheese) Sausage gravy biscuits Peach cobbler Boiled peanuts (preferably sold by an old man in overalls on the side of the road) Corn flake chewy Fried catfish Collard greens (not that canned bulls***) Fried green tomatoes Brunswick stew (with loaf bread) Pecan pie 👌

    21. Jack Sal

      She was in Miami and didn’t try empanadas ? Or a Cuban sandwich ehhhhh

    22. Sofia Morales

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    23. Camila Pistori

      Oh my god, I just love that the intro song is Brazilian!! :D Greetings from Brazil btw. I love your videos and the person you are!

    24. 6fiddy

      What kind of messed up channel is this? All you ever do is shove food down your throat.. And not healthy food at that... You must be promoting diabetes...🤔🤔

    25. Animeloversteam

      Stephanie makes me feel more confident and committed to my recovery, she’s just an inspiration ✨

    26. NavyxBlue

      love Stephanie but as a Miami native she did not capture what Miami is famous for/the amazing food culture we have to offer the way she should’ve; where’s the cubano, pastelitos, amazing seafood, latin dishes, and so much more idk where her friend lives but it was not it🥴

    27. Ajay Suresh

      Why don't you come to India 😭😭

    28. MaRtIXx

      I live in Miami, I've never tried it but if you approved the salty donut is because they're really good Jajaja.

    29. AliMakingMyWay

      Can't wait until I get back to normal, who knows when that is but my restricting and binging has gotten so bad. I knew I needed to change. I had lost 65lbs and everyone was so happy for me but I had hit rock bottom and never felt right. I just finished the Fu#& it diet book and I've been following Stephanie's journey and just knew I needed to try it. Yes I've gained some weight back but I'm also pregnant lol so I figured what better time than now to allow myself to eat everything good for me and a few treats here and there. :) no more cutting out food groups for this girl or tracking macros. Just making sure I get all the nutrients for my baby and myself. So glad you're getting better in your own journey Stephanie, thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

    30. Fit With Holly

      Is it sad that I just REALLY love watching these videos prior to the COVID craziness?! Wishing for the days where you can go out without a mask and not get looked at like you are a freak! Just sayin!! and I TOTALLY want Salty Donut right now!!

    31. Tina Vrdoljak

      I am so happy for you, so happy that you're not afraid of food, sending love! ❤️

    32. Lynn van Keulen

      she has become so pure and genuine about food and eating and i honestly aspire that sm

    33. joyce pangilinan

      i love listening to your voice stephanie😻☺️

    34. Bee Bee

      You really look beautiful with some more weight in your face, you were always pretty but you’re sooo pretty here! Fun video, great music!

    35. Maria carolina Chinchilla hernandez

      This is MIAMI BEACH?

    36. Janet C

      "I want to be like them, like normal" - is a super unhealthy behavior. You dont follow your hunger, you look at other people appetite and try to follow. Steph, I hope you have made a progress since then.

      1. Lauren Bennett

        Uhm did you listen to anything else she said

    37. radin thelusmaaa

      she looks so pretty when she eats yo

    38. Tallulah Guard

      Her face when she takes a bite of something good is so so sweet I cannot!!! It makes me so happy to see someone loving food without guilt!

    39. Zan Li

      didn't have 6 donuts. Next min bit all 6 donuts. Still my goddess

    40. Roman Reigns

      I live in Miami and I never heard of these places I’m gonna go try everything soon

    41. Asq Kovacheva

      I am crying, because I am so happy that you are better, healthy and you love your body! 🥺😭❣️💋(Sorry if my English is bad, because I am Bulgarian)

    42. Teju Sriram

      I think society pressures us to look a certain way and the fact that you went through that and came out so strong really inspires me❤️ wishing you the best and I hope I learn to be the same as you

    43. Mollie Goodman

      The music, videography (& of course food) are🔥🔥🔥

    44. Lea Adele Gries

      So lovely how you are enjoying every food you want to❤️❤️❤️

    45. Leala Campbell

      I go to school like to feet from 1 800 lucky and salty doughnut that’s crazy I could have seen her

    46. A O

      Omg can you please just turn into a food tour guide!

    47. choosejoy

      I absolutely love your "its so good!" face!!! I definitely make one similar. Is it weird to say that you feel like my food spirit animal? 🤣

    48. Fatima Sobalvarro

      YAAAAAY I feel so happy she is feeling normal and she look BEAUTIFUL her face looks so happy all the time!

    49. Rusl Saad

      You look amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    50. Shirley Mathew

      So happy for you

    51. Nicole Sparks

      It is an art to eat the way you do! 😆🤣 you make food look so good!!! Lol now I’m hungry 😋

    52. Caitlin _

      gahhh makes me so proud and fuzzy feeling when she talked about feeling normal with her friends/family. your smile is contagious

    53. Gabrielle Cunningham

      This was the most wholesome Miami vlog I’ve ever seen😭❤️😭

    54. Brieanna Ward

      Your voice is so soothing ❤️😊

    55. Milagros Velasquez

      Come back to inicial weight its looked much better i thing so much better try the keto diet 100 % garanty

    56. C J

      Craving donuts sooo badd!! Love you Stephhh😍

    57. Sherryn G

      You always have the best food. When I come over to the States I'll have to re-watch all your content so I can plan my trip lol. Although the bites out of donuts while sharing with others makes me very anxious - I'm a cut-into-equal-portions type of gal!

    58. Be Happy

      I would love for you to come to Mexico please, everything is delicious here ♥️ P.D. You're such an inspiration to me!

    59. Georgina Kelly

      "it tastes a little healthy" ... dyinggg, this is why i love you

    60. kiwi

      these food tours give me such good happy vibes

    61. Kenneth Diaz

      Here I'm doing keto, eating two meals a day and fasting everyday, I know those foods are super delicious but If I started eating like her my blood glucose would be through the roof and I would have to start injecting insulin and I would be gaining 10 lbs a month.

      1. Sunny Draws

        Kenneth Diaz Yes everyone is different, she exercises also😊. Everybody is different, for some food makes them very happy so it’s about finding the balance and what works for you.

    62. annabelle king

      do you track your calories??

    63. julie what

      she has this glow in her eyes and face that she didn't before and she looks absolutely beautiful

      1. a shyz

        She looks HAPPY

      2. Sunny Draws

        collarmole Well, if you’re to excessive then no. But living your life excessively restrictive has a bad effect as would if you were excessively non restrictive, finding the balance is very important 😊

      3. collarmole

        Not restricting your food intake does that.

      4. 7ala Salem

        Totally agree

    64. Hien Nguyen

      When you said you had no make up on I was so surprised. I thought you'd already done it without a doubt. What a beauty

    65. Raina Maraetetoa

      I love how excited you are when you show us the food...i feel all giggiling !😅

    66. 妈mom‘s audio library

      Can we just appreciate how much Stephanie’s skin glowed in this video?

    67. Donna Ho

      shes literally so gorgeous wth

    68. Tal Adiv

      I have been practicing natural body-building since the age of 14.5 . When my first significant fat-fold across my abdominals appeared, at age 32, I realized that I cannot eat everything that I desire as much as I desire anymore. I am currently going on 41 years of age and still on a calorie-conscious health-focused diet since then. I even turned vegan at age 35 . Going to bed wishing to eat to satiety is nothing new. It has been documented since the days of the great Rambam (Maimonides) for its longevity benefits. I can't say that I enjoy my conscious eating, do to the same unpleasures that you well describe. With all that being said, I truly hope that you will be through with this indulgent period, consisting on humanity's most deleterious foods, real soon, for I fear you will reach the ironic stage that cell pathology investigations will have to be conducted on you! I eagerly wait to see you reclaim a healthy, strong (not scrawny) muscular-curved physique!

    69. olivia brown

      do you think you could still complete the 10,000 calorie challenge now your appetite has changed?! would LOVE to see that!!!

    70. Virginia Nucete

      I lived in Miami for 3 years and now I have been living in the Fort Lauderdale area for 2 years, but I guess I needed Nadine to show me around good spots. This video was great!

    71. amy liao

      You look amazing. So happy for you!!🧡

    72. Noelle So

      Stephanie! Please please please do cinnabon in your next “what I ate”/cheat day video😋

    73. Abigail Escobar

      I can't afford one thing you had there!

    74. Afton Joy

      Where are your necklaces from???

    75. pandie

      Her happiness when she eats makes me happy for some reason lol

    76. hazem elawady

      I have a new cold snacks FDA approved as a new entity I wish you try it . How can I contact you ? We located in Orlando

    77. hazem elawady

      I have a new cold snacks FDA approved as a new entity I wish you try it . How can I contact you ?

    78. glily1417

      Your so beautiful. I miss your cheat days. I still love seeing your old video on cheat days. Please make a new video.

    79. Lara Liebrand

      Hi Stephanie, I am actually in a pretty crappy place right now. Opening my laptop and watching you reviewing donuts is the cutest thing ever and it made my day a lot better. Love you and your beautiful spirit.

    80. Grace Land

      I don’t if it’s just me but....everytime I see donuts it remembers me Stephanie😊

    81. Lucy Jenkins

      you're a real inspiration for me. trying to get out the habit of counting calories and restricting my diet. your videos make it a little bit easier for me :) could you make a video on how to accept yourself more in terms of this?

    82. Grace Oram

      I'm happy you're feeling great! Those donuts looked amazing!!!!

    83. Succulent Roots

      What camera equipment are u using? Thank u

    84. John Hackler

      An absolutely gorgeous woman who can out eat any man I know. Sexy!!

    85. Remy Elysee

      Wow! Red is your color!

    86. MW

      if I had a month to live id eat this exact menu every day

    87. lady ema

      Hahahahaha, all these haters hating. Meanwhile Stephanie still looking hot as hell. Y'all keep hating but keep watching the videos and dying with jealousy. Give her more views trolls. Deuce.

    88. Sonica Kalirai

      she is gLOWING

    89. Tram Nguyen

      KYU IS THE SHITTTT😂 Skip Coyo and Honey Bee next time, Taquerias de Los Chinlagos and Salty Donut are where it’s at :)

    90. john Barry

      She's starting to look like the guy from Gangnam Style 😂

    91. Go-go Akins

      Fun segment ! Looks like you and your two buddies had a grand time🙌🤟🌴😎👏

    92. Kirsty Reilly

      Hungry after watching this and it's 3.21am lol.

    93. Becca Leanne

      What kind of camera do you use? Great quality

    94. Andeigh Alfalfa

      i hope this doesn't sound weird, but i love the face you make when you enjoy something...like you can tell outta 10 the level of enjoyment just from your facial expressions. always diggin you and your vids, as per usual. much love xo

    95. Alisha Maddy

      umm unfortunately, eating cake and donuts is bad for you whether or not you are going "all in"

      1. Yuzu

        Ehm unfortunately, eating cake and donuts is bad if that's all you eating, otherwise, it's perfectly fine. Don't mess with other people's eating habits just because you decided for yourself you won't eat something, because what works for you doesn't have to work for everyone.

    96. Gaya Zucker

      You’re so pretty

    97. Clarissa Barrientos

      Can we please go eat somewhere together next time you are in Miami?

    98. Shelley Picott

      So loved watching you enjoy time in Miami....and those donuts had me salivating....but I have some work to do before the weather officially breaks here...keep the great content coming.

    99. None Other

      I’m so happy for you and your all in journey, honestly I’m not even into fitness I just watch you cause you’re super nice and by far my fav person to watch eat! (Only person I watch eat anymore, mukbangs were a weird time in my life.. don’t ask)

    100. Temz

      Dear Stephanie. I don't normally comment on HUfast videos but I went from being unhealty and not working out to skinny in the course of a year, in which I lost over 40kilos in 2016. I was super obsessed with every single calorie I put in that I even avoided eating out with friends with the fear of being "fat again". This obsession continued till 2017, maintaining that weight for me was unsustainable. Since April 2018 I gained weight when I moved, and was so scared to post full body pictures on social media cause of fear of people's comments, but I trained throughout my weight gain process. Its 2020 and I am 15kilos heavier than i was in 2017, but I am less critical of my body because of you. I train with just a sports bra on at my heaviest in 3 years, and love me even more, I eat what I love and dont restrict. Thank you you have inspired me❤ love you steph from South Africa