Everything I Ate In Newfoundland (“All In” In Canada & Newfie Food Reviews)

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      This trip was such a blast and I'm so happy I could share it with you. Thank you so much Jeff and John for being the best Newfie tour guides I could possibly ask for ❤️🙏 These are a few food highlights from my 8 day trip, and I know I probably missed a ton of Newfie dishes, but I will definitely be back! If you’re unfamiliar with Newfoundland, it's a beautiful place and I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance. Enjoy the video and I will see you soon! Love you guys! 💋

      1. Alicia Park

        My whole family is from the West Coast of Newfoundland; but my dad was in the military; so we only spent 7 years of childhood there. But we go home to visit family. It is home 💛 Newfoundland cuisine has a lot of British and Irish influences; but a lot that makes it unique is pure Nfld. The salt beef and pork schrunchions are ways they preserved food in poorer times to make it last longer. I love that you got to experience the beautifulness that is Nfld. Not just the food and the scenery; but the people. Newfies are the nicest people in the world. P.S Loved this video and you guys! Just the next time you go back to the Rock, give garlic fingers and donair sauce another shot. They are delicious. A great combo of melty cheese; garlic and tangy sweet. But; don't let anyone hear you say "it's basically cheesy bread" you'll get kicked off the island 😂 It is not bread; it is dough and garlic fingers are their own thing 😉 Also; ya gotta go to Greco and ya gotta find Cod-au-Gratin somewhere 😁

      2. Caeli Knight

        Hi, just little background for you, white pudding is a very old dish and it is bread crumbs mixed with a fat and encased in a sausage skin. It is a British dish and I love it lol . The black version is the same but with blood as well. The blood pudding was a source of Iron for the poor in the early days of NFLD

      3. trevor james bradley

        Great video. Glad you enjoyed your stay. Come back anytime. I can recommend a few places for your next visit if you wish.

      4. Baylee

        You need to go to my hometown Bonavista whenever you’re on the island again! 😊

      5. Katelyn Mitchinson

        Kaitlyn Morgan that’s my favourite drink along with birch beer

    2. John Yousaf

      Fuk neoufoundland

    3. Shelly Dennis

      I agree booster so gd

    4. Eloïse Lepage

      you should comet Quebec to try and tant real poutine!

    5. Gabi Lauben

      They make breadsticks like that a lot where my family is from in Wisconsin. They cut all the pizzas in squares and the garlic bread like that and stuff usually has cheese bc yk Wisconsin

    6. Michael Chambers

      This single handedly makes me sure that people don’t sleep on Newfoundland as much as we think y’all do. We’re certainly better then those filthy inlanders (that was a joke)

    7. The Fidget Spinner

      You said weather is beautiful in Newfoundland? That’s a good joke, Newfoundland is a fog hole, you see a big weather difference when u live here

    8. S Osborne

      Oddly enough you look more Asian with a chubby face

    9. Saidatana Fairuz

      Amazing! I love trying new foods too! :)

    10. Lily Smallwood

      im sorry people grew up without GARLIC FINGERS

      1. Ryan Lewis

        ya but they got no bacon bits, so it hardly counts.

    11. catherine power

      Yes by! Had nooo idea your boyfriend was from here! Amazing hope you enjoyed!

    12. Victoria B

      Thank you for showing everyone Newfoundland ♥️♥️♥️

    13. Kayla Larsen

      You cant really get garlic fingers and donair sauce really in Canada except for the maritimes. I love donairs and donair sauce 😋 and fried bologna aka newfie steak 😂😂

    14. emily banfield

      God you forgot the Cod au Gratin 😫

    15. emily banfield

      God I was suprised she didn’t like the Donair sauce it sooo good even with pizza,

    16. emily banfield

      The lemon creams and cream crackers are amazing with tea their by Purity my go to since I’ve lived here

    17. josh barrett

      As a resident of St. John’s, Newfoundland, I think the video is awesome! But I would suggest hitting bagel cafe downtown for breakfast, and getting a thicker donair sauce from donatis or topsail road pizza, so much better and different in a good way!

    18. Gamer Tia

      Next time with the big Mary try the gravy ❤️

    19. Madeline Adams

      Oh my god Maritimers love their Donair sauce and garlic fingers hahaha

    20. Mary Mthx

      Jeff's friend looks like a brunette version of Jake Rosatti in Awkward if that makes sense ahaha

    21. Lena

      This is so wholesome ❤️

    22. saeideh rad

      I came to your channel for ab video but I really like your cheerful personality

    23. Christine Bassila


    24. markulees

      I grew up in Newfoundland. Lived in St . John's for a couple years and friggin loved Chesses fish and chips. Nothing better than chips dressing and gravy.

    25. natalie colbourne

      did you try the wood fired oven inspired food at Bumblebee Bight Inn and Brewery??? craft beer and pizza... yuuummmmmm plus, isn't it great to be in rural nfld in Pilley's Island in Green Bay, Central

    26. Samarah Martin


    27. Janie Martin 86 (STUDENT)

      It’s the best place

    28. Janie Martin 86 (STUDENT)

      I love Newfoundland

    29. Malena Duckworth

      garlic cheese fingers are the best

    30. Jado Potato

      She’s a mane lander by she says newfinlind

    31. Katt19941

      I'm from Nova Scotia, but I live in Alberta now. Seeing that ocean makes me soooo home sick!

    32. Emma Risby

      The man serving you in the big R has the cutest accent. 💛💛💛

    33. anna nguyen

      My all time favourite video of yours. I always come to this video when I'm in need of comfort. Your aura just disconnects me from the vain and superficial thoughts my mind processes all day everyday. I feel so connected to you in this video because I feel like I am going through the same thing as you but one year later. I am trying my best to enjoy life while going through the journey of loving my body properly. I feel discomfort and insecurity when it comes to my weight but you show me how to love yourself the right way. You're gliding through this All In journey with so much grace and vulnerability. Trust me your hard work and your attention to details doesn't go unnoticed. I come back to this video when I struggle through body image issues to remember myself that it is moments like these ones that you're sharing that are worth living for! We are defined by so much more than our looks. Watching you grow has done nothing but made my admiration for you grow more and more everyday. It's not easy to display so much vulnerability under the public eye and you do it with integrity and intentionally. Thank you, I love you and your videos. I love Jeff too haha, you guys are a bomb dynamic duo! Much love from Montréal

    34. Monique UU

      Garlic fingers.....sounds delish!

    35. Ray Charles

      People hear talk bad about Indians and Pakistanis why?

    36. Lotus Games & Crafts

      I hope that you tried Pineapple Crush and Birch Beer when you were there! Those are so good and I've never seen them commonly sold anywhere but Newfoundland. :-)

    37. SPENCER

      1st HUfast to travel to where I live !!

    38. Lee Morgan

      I tried conair sauce in New Brunswick once..I thought it was disgusting.

      1. Lee Morgan

        Not co air..donair

    39. TayBae

      So sad you didn't eat the toutons with syrup. Thats like my favorite thing in the world.

    40. Lina Algeria


    41. Lou Who

      Newfoundland and its people are just beautiful. xoxo from Ontario.

    42. Kim Rogers

      Jiggs dinner is actually different based on where you go. In every area they do it different. I am from NL and from our bay it's salt meat, potatoes, turnip carrott peas pudding... that's it. OH you need to do a part two adventure. So much for you to try that was missed .. fisherman's brewis, cold plates, molasses cookies.

    43. Sharon Constable

      Donair sauce: Nova Scotia's gift to Newfoundland. You're welcome 😁

    44. Newfie 660

      I wasn't expecting to turn on this video and see John. Him and I went to high school together. Too funny! Glad you enjoyed the trip. Cheers bi :) haha

    45. Isabelle Jubinville

      Garlic fingers and donair sauce!! An Atlantic Canadian staple!

    46. Apple Gal

      Too bad all you ate was take out. I'd like you to try homemade Newfoundland food sometime! So good...

    47. Proud Canadian

      Great video but a couple of corrections. The Dark pudding btw is also known as blood pudding and you're right about both of them being heavily seasoned. BUT, Poutine...REAL Poutine is NOT Fries, Cheese and gravy, it's Fries, Cheese Curds and gravy. Also, unless the bologna you had was Maple Leaf, it wasn't the real deal for your breakfast.

    48. 1991tommygun

      Newfoundland is forever changed, not the place i grew up in, i remember kitchen partys and thick irish accents, not its fading away

    49. elisa doyle

      This girl is no FOODIE.

    50. Emmie Penney

      Didn't go to chafes landing, mallard cottage or Zachary's . What a shame!

    51. Mona Borghar

      Too bad you didn't get to try Ziggy peelgoods fries, best damn fries and gravy you'll ever eat!

    52. 35k subs no Videos?

      You don’t have garlic fingers? OR DONAIR SAUSE!?

    53. 35k subs no Videos?

      I live in Newfoundland and I’m a proud Newfie! If your looking for an amazing trip go to Bonavista it is the BEST place for a vacation I went there not to long ago and it’s really nice down there. You can rent a 126 year old house.

    54. Duggy 57

      I love donair sauce

    55. Duggy 57

      I was born and I live in newfound

    56. David Pynn

      It kills me that one place she went to try fries, dressing, and gravy had the dressing and gravy under the fries. 99% of places in Newfoundland will put that stuff on top of the fries.

    57. Kelly Bennett

      It's pronounced land not lind

    58. Maxwell McIsaac

      5:17 THAT IS NOT A TOUTAN HYFFHG KYGFD wtf issss thatttt

    59. LicoricesMomHere

      Great video! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself in Canada in the province of Newfoundland . One thing though when you eat poutine you have cheese curds with poutine NOT shredded cheese. ☺️☺️

    60. Sharron lynn White

      Maritime donairs are characterized by their distinctive sauce, a sweeter version of a traditional garlic sauce, made from condensed milk, sugar, garlic or garlic powder, and white vinegar.

    61. Evan Rice

      There’s a Mary Browns in Florida, FYI!

    62. Dwayne Forrest

      Wow thats not ham thats str8 up Bologna? Im from Ontario ive always wanted to experience Newfy food

    63. k t

      Garlic fingers are my favorite food.

    64. C,C’s Roblox

      Yay I’m glad you enjoyed Newfoundland!! It’s so beautiful here and I love living here :)

    65. Meredith MacKenzie - Parallel Wellness

      Stephanie, I’ve been watching your All-In videos the last few weeks and was happily surprised to find this one! I’ve been living in St. John’s for the last year for my psychology residency and am preparing to leave in two weeks. Totally checking out all my favourite restaurants before I leave!

    66. J H

      Poutine has to be eaten with cheese curds. Not shredded cheese. What kind of poutine station was that

      1. yashvi ramsarran

        pretty sure if they had it at the wedding it was yummy af

      2. Evan Rice

        Legit Newfie poutine.

    67. Holly Kay

      I also think molasses taste teriyaki sauce. Glad you had a blast in our city! ❤

    68. Donald Saunders

      Great video the next time you comes to nfld you got to go to the squid jigger in calvert the fish n chips is out of this world and the people are so friendly. 👍

    69. GD

      Oh please. MB taters with gravy! Not ketchup. Like really.

    70. BaggedMilk

      Loves it when people who haven't been to NFL drops down😄😄

    71. Dave Warren

      True poutine is originally from Quebec and it consists of cheese curds and gravy. Not graded cheese.

    72. Andrew Gould


    73. Nick

      I likes her lower half like I likes me big red

    74. Gina Cardarelli

      Lot of the food reminded me of my Irish back ground. But one thing that cracked me up was how much food she could put in her mouth at one time lmao

    75. gremiceglp

      Sadly u went to the wrong place for fish n chips, Keiths Diner out in Goulds is the best.

      1. Mona Borghar

        Yeah Keith's is amazing! Although I rarely get to have it cause it's a longer drive...

    76. Daryl B

      Just came across this video, I’m from Newfoundland. Come back again✌️

      1. Courtney Abbott


    77. Jessica Mercer

      Jam jams are molasses cookies! Not sure if you picked out the flavour from the molasses in the cookie :) Fun little history fact - molasses become popular here because we traded fish with passing ships for it, as it was a cheap version of sugar. It was also the same kind of cheap sugar used to make rum, and eventually screech!

    78. Jade Loveman

      Ahhh!! So wish I ran into you:-(

    79. Jan Barriault

      omg! loved your reactions!! next visit should be outside of 'Town'. aka St. John's, and go west to Gros Morne Park. best wishes, from Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

    80. a niu

      Poutine is fact from Quebec , the french part of Canada

    81. jeana hall

      please dont say Newfie unless you are one we are newfoundlanders

    82. Matthew Evans

      Fried eggs, fried bologna, baked beans, pizza, garlic fingers, ketchup, fried chicken. ‘Oh em gee I love “Newfoundland” food!!!’ Smh.

    83. Shauna Marina

      Mary Brian's and KFC got the best chicken sandwich 🥪

    84. Ann R.

      Molasses on homemade bread is amazing!

    85. Mr Frosty

      I've never had white pudding in my life and am born and raised and still live in newfoundland.

    86. L Danger B

      Mary Browns is THE SHIT. My husband had it when I visited home and he has it so many times during our visit haha

    87. L Danger B

      How awesome this popped up in my feed. I am from Newfoundland 😍

    88. Morgan Leonard

      I’m from Newfoundland glad seeing videos like this on here

    89. Lawn Lord

      I thought I was all alone in not liking donair sauce but I guess not🤷‍♂️

    90. Erin Fulford

      So happy to see my home on the large platform , means so much! Where are my fellow Newfies?

    91. Dave White

      My home ❤️

    92. Chirpzie

      Yes by! Look at missus go luh. Good on ya maid. Got er’ scald.

    93. Jaylei Durdle


    94. Noodles

      literalty down the from me 2:40

    95. Laura Delahunty Burke

      You came to Newfoundland??!!! My mind is blown!! I Just discovered your channel about a month ago! I'm a Newfoundlander :) so impressed you did this video!!

    96. Jenna Targett

      I thought Mary browns was everywhere, not just mainly in Newfoundland

      1. Craig Mcneil

        Mary Browns will be found in places that has a population of newfs living there.

      2. Julie Watts

        I know Mary Brown's is in Stoney Creek and St Catharines Ontario.

      3. Moira Nash

        It's pretty common here in NS

    97. shreyash rishipathak

      I live in st John's moved here 5 years ago and fell in love with this place..... Love the people food it's just beautiful province....

    98. Christian Brown

      That place has the worst health food

    99. Joey Bowie

      This video just came up in my recommendations. Very cool that you visited our province and got to try some of our food. Cheers!

    100. Samantha King

      where my newfie’s at?

      1. Samantha King

        Lori Boivin i was born and raised on the rock❤️ but that’s wonderful that you visit, newfoundland is absolutely gorgeous

      2. Lori Boivin

        Currently living in Nova Scotia but still a proud Newfoundlander. Go back at least once a year. Ches's is always on my list. I think that's the real reason my French Canadian husband is willing to visit his in-laws! 😋