Everything I Ate In Toronto | Food Reviews and Travel Meal Ideas

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Back with another food video!! BUTTT this one has a good mix of healthy and fun food! Thank you to everyone who sent me recommendations for places to check out while I was in Toronto! 🙏I hope it gives you some food ideas for when you travel and want to stay on track but still enjoy yourself! Love you!! 😘💋

      1. Mehrunes'Razor

        watch your figure go easy on the food....

      2. Ellie Johnston

        Stephanie Buttermore pleaseeeee more good videos and cheat days ASAP 💖🍩

      3. Sweet Crimson

        Thank you so much!! Love the balance, so realistic. ♥️ you Dr. Buttermore!!!

      4. Firstname Lastname

        Fresh on Front looked delicious and I'm definitely going to go there. Next time you're here in Toronto, you should do a cheat day! :D

      5. em elle

        yoooo you gotta go to Glory Hole Donuts if you’re ever in Toronto again it’s THE BEST

    2. Taurus Girl

      Omg those timmies sugar cookies are so delicious 😋

    3. Taurus Girl

      I love when you try Canadian food !

    4. Abigail Richter

      why does jeff have boobs lmao

    5. The Babumoshai


    6. HealthyChoice

      Zelda Fairy , is that you ! 04:14

    7. julie what

      i'm sorry but that breakfast just looked so sad

    8. jessica zajac

      I’m from Toronto!! So cool seeing you (on Yt) in my city 😁

    9. Jordan N

      You trained at the Good Life at Scotia plaza near King & Yonge - sadly it's not there anymore :(

    10. Rayane Badra

      I’m really curious to know how steph feel when she came back here in her old videos after she had gone all in 🌸if i was her i will be proud really proud of myself ❤️❤️❤️

    11. Via Felicita

      its very cute how her boyfriend always seems entertained on her first bite reaction

    12. Janet C

      ahaha jeff has a decent breast on this one. like real boobies :D

    13. judy san gabriel

      You guys are both good looking..

    14. Our Family Journey

      Love watching you !!! 😍😍😍😍😍 greetings from California

    15. Elisa van der Molen

      I really get why you went all in, but sometimes I miss the old type of video's :( but hey its about you! You are awesome either way and I have so much respect for you hard but also amazing all in journey

      1. Amy McMullen

        Elisa van der Molen you should watch Megan mccullem, she does loads of cheat day videos like Stephanie

    16. Éva Nemes

      OMG I have same necklace as youre's. :) (my english is poor, so... sorry about this).

    17. Cake is awesome

      Tim’s has the best sugar cookie it’s filled with cream it’s like a winter cookie it’s so good

    18. Jasmine McAlister

      I didn't even know they carried Bloomer's donuts at Fresh!! If you liked that one, next time you're in Toronto, you MUST go to the source - Bloomer's has two locations in the city and they are the best donuts I have ever had (vegan or otherwise). You have to try their Boston cream, the maple version, and the rose pistachio. They will blow your mind!!!

    19. Liquid Space

      This is going to sound weird but are your nails real??? If so how do you get them so long😭! Currently growing my nails out

    20. Rere Isme

      love u soooo much and love ur videos

    21. Lynn Maynard

      I love the way you look at food when you really like it....too cute!😁❤

    22. MJ DeCoteau

      I live in Toronto and eat at Impact Kitchen at least twice a week. Love it!!!

    23. Makayla Day

      How did you two meet? Sweet couple.

    24. Naima 01

      Where's this Teddy coat from?

    25. Leta Lestrange

      I got an ad for intermittent fasting before this

    26. Milk Mango

      *yo but how is her hair so perfect.* 👁👄👁💖✨ goals.

    27. Marie

      The Linzer bar is actually an Austrian Thing :)

    28. Nerdnessable

      Tha brown jacket! Where can I get it? What brand is it? The one that looks like poodle fur!

    29. Get.Grounded

      Still don't know why you haven't been to the Calgary Stampede. :p I wanted to try the dill pickle rub cotton candy, the cream cheese lobster dumplings, but they were $28 because they add gold, boo, and I also had deep fried artichoke hearts with a tangy aioli which was bomb.

    30. f5371p

      Just realized you have like perfect teeth haha... do you have veneers?

    31. Etoreasi Oqua

      I love cheat days

    32. Falynn S.

      Recently found your channel. Totally binge watching!! So proud that you’re going all in. It’s inspiring me to eat more calories. Also your faces when you eat are just adorable. 😚💗🥰 Love, a fellow fit foodie 🏃🏻‍♂️😇💪🏻

    33. Krishna Pal

      I mean heaven in Delhi India gate , planet is not heaven kuch samj nahi a&e raha

    34. Krishna Pal


    35. Pizza719

      Just started to watch the vid when writing this did you eat ube waffles and ice cream?

    36. Jane S

      3:17 Steph's bite vs. Jeff's

    37. Hannah Walmer

      How the hell does one just stop eating a cookie midway like that. Will power I do not possess

    38. VEROLILA

      i'm always impressed by how big her bites are! lol

    39. crunchy almondbutter

      Love living in the US but right at the border of Erie, ON! Toronto is only 1 hour away. Awesome city! I really enjoyed this video. We have Tim's on every corner here as well. TBH, I am quite sick of all of their stuff. I need to visit a new city! lol.

    40. Shelley Picott

      That filled cookie is life....

    41. Cher M

      i love how jeff takes the smallest bite

    42. Anne -Sophie

      Your smile is so contagious, i was smiling throughout the whole video

    43. Don Vaillancourt

      Was thinking that Stephanie should partner with QuestBar to make the Buttermore Bar. And they could all be donut flavoured.

    44. Alexandra Annosier

      You & Jeff 😫🥰 so freaking cute. 💍🤔? 🤷🏾‍♀️🙄

    45. ٍstupid dont watch me

      You are so beautiful and have amazing teeth love youuuuu ❤️

    46. Sarah Murphy

      I love that she calls it "dry" whole wheat toast 😂 who eats wet whole wheat toast??? Who eats wet toast, heck WET BREAD 😂😂😂

    47. Koyel Chowdhury

      U r just amazing love u

    48. Sule Ozer

      i really love your channel Stephanieeee!! thank youuuuu and is your hair wig or your original ? because it is suchaamazinng hair

    49. HSUCHI WU

      I like to see you eat donuts. Very satisfied. ☺️

    50. Kailani Liv

      For being so smart and beautiful you appear very down to earth. Your videos are a pleasure to watch.😄

    51. Valentina M.

      I did not know that you have austrian cake in America (Linzer bar)...

    52. fajoka

      you look soooooo good in this video

    53. Beth Garsea

      U look thinner Stephanie. Thanks for this video.

    54. Jordan Grace

      You should go to naples Florida

    55. Luisa R

      The last clip lmaooo you’re such a nice soul 🙏💗💗💗 watching your video while having dinner 😋

    56. Woulf Woom

      The Linzer pie is from my Home Town 😍 from Linz in Austria. I would recommend you to come to Austria for a Cheatday cause we are so good in making pies and cakes😁

    57. yasmin norazharuddin

      Oh im terribly late but im here! 😂 Love your videos and content Steph! Never bores me including this! Always looking forward to watch your videos. From a Registered Associate Nutritionist, i do love how you balance your appetite and explaining about fitness which is not yet my forte though 😅 Come to Malaysia 🇲🇾 You will die in food coma here im sure! Would love to meet up with you in person.

    58. Brendan Micallef

      for someone so fit you eat alot of sweets

    59. Brendan Micallef

      hey stephanie i been trying to get in touch with you please get back to me love the channel

    60. Fan Xie

      Ahh I wish I came cross you!

    61. Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup]

      I love fresh! Their green poutine is to die for

    62. Louisa Barry

      Out of curiosity, how do you keep your make-up so good after a workout? Do you reapply a lot?

    63. selena shaikh

      You're the best

    64. kayayvee

      did you wear leather leggings at the gym? werent you sweaty😣

    65. April Abigail

      Toronto appreciates this we never get love 😭💜 ilysmmmm

    66. Celina Whaling-Rae

      Hey Stephanie! Just wanted to pop on and send you a big thanks for your videos! I really appreciate how genuine you are and just overall love your content ☺️ thanks girl!

    67. Annisa

      im watching this while eating my cheat meal

    68. 鯖サバ

      Looooove your channel!!!!!!

    69. Philippe Gélinas

      I cant believe I live in Canada and I never tried a nanaimo bar. On my to Eat list😝

    70. Val Lambert

      Next time you're in Toronto you HAVE to check out Maché Mövenpick. Not sure if you can film in there but your mind will be blown.

    71. Kimara DelRosario

      How come I eat pretty healthy and I do track and will sometimes go to the gym but I’m still a bit chubby?

    72. Angelina

      ahhh my hometown

    73. Tam


    74. Shenelle Dias

      I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! They make me so so happy. Much Love. :')

    75. Germ Da 5'8

      So weird, like in thumbnail she's wearing sexy cool clothes, but like in the video she has my sixty year old mom's outfits on and she ate like 20 meals in sort of a cheesey monologue kind of way, and worse outfit each time idk hope the douchebag directing this chokes on CBD oil

    76. Odin & Green

      I'm from nanaimo, we have the same piercing, and i never miss a technique tuesday...im pretty sure if we ever met wed be best friends.

    77. Emily Suzanne Harris

      Hey this is my city! Wish I knew you were here, I would've messaged you a bunch of delicious places!!

    78. call me cunt

      You are an amazing inspiration, I really hope you know that!! ❤️❤️🙏

    79. Let Us Review

      Steph what’s up with the audio 😆

    80. Roney Kaith Palmaria

      Omg over easy has the best hash browns everrrrrrr

    81. Ice Bear

      I'm from Toronto! My brother went to the same basketball game! I was so jealous. I hope you enjoyed it!

    82. Aaliyah Mercado

      anyone else notice that when steph finds something delcious her eyes widen LOL😂

    83. Megan Marie

      Just 15 seconds into the video and I'm already hungry! Everything looks so good! P.S. I also make travel videos :)

    84. papsikipapap

      3:16 look at the difference between steph's and jeff's bite size 😂

    85. Cassa Love

      Steph, great video its always fun watching you both eat. Question, where did you get your brown, fluffy jacket from?? It’s so cute with the hood, I need a warm jacket like that!

    86. Spencer Davis

      I love the Candadian's "eh" :-) hey Steph next time you should go find this vegan bakery called Bunner's Bake Shop. It is in Kensington Market. You should go there over the summer as it is really fun to just walk around and there are lots of great eating places. If it isn't there then it should be in The Junction in Toronto on Dundas. Lot's of cool coffee shops out there like The Good Neighbor. Another great eating place is off of Bloor in Toronto called Lalibela which is an Ethiopian Restaurant.

    87. Let's Welcome the New Me

      That face you made when you tried the first Naniamo Bar is the same face I make every time I eat one. It's good to be Canadian lol

    88. Pooplydoo

      How do you not bloat!?

    89. Ariana J

      looks like a tv show , editing on point !!

    90. Lara Breanne


    91. Trisha Miyashiro

      I love LOVE love watching your videos! Thank you for posting such awesome content!

    92. Janice Eadie

      Yay you went to Fresh my fave!

    93. Michelle Cox Photography

      I love the way that Birthday cake donut looked! So yummy

    94. Amber Palombaro

      Omg jeff's brother has like the exact same voice as jeff. Thats crazy lol

    95. Hanna Long

      How are you managing to stay in shape eating that ?. I smell it and my weight the next day will be up

    96. Helloitskz

      I've only started tracking calories recently (well 3 days ago) to go on a calorie deficit diet (trying to lose a bit of pudge) but my birthday is coming up and i'll be going out to have dinner with family & friends, i don't want to binge completely (obviously won't be able to do only 1000 cal but i also don't wanna go like 2000+cal), does anyone have any rec about how to gauge the calories i eat? especially in hk, there's no such thing as calories written on the menu

    97. anc

      what do you think of the documentary “what the health”?

    98. Beauty In J

      How much do you weigh

    99. Daniela Gomez

      love fresh and impact kitchen! so cool to be able to relate!

    100. yingying

      i thought you said that you wouldn't eat the whole thing..