Everything I Ate in HONG KONG | Food Reviews & Recommendations

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      AYYYY!! I Hope you enjoy this video! Apologies for the delay, but the travel home was a bit brutal and I wanted to make sure I did a good job editing this! Let me know if you like travel food videos! I will keep doing them when I travel if you guys comment "I'm here for it!" 👇And let me know where should I go next?! 🙏❤️

      1. Daniaa K

        You should visit an Arab country like Jordan or Lebanon, Arab food is amaaaazzzzinnggg

      2. Glo Chat

        Please come to Taiwan 🙏❤️

      3. Hiền Thanh

        I definitely love your vids all of these are amazing. Hope that you'll visit my county vietnam. Surely you won't be regretted 😊

      4. KEC RN

        I’m here for it!! You gotta try India!! You can do yoga retreats and eat the most incredible food ever!!!

      5. Anupama Saykhedkar

        Try going to India too the food is amazing

    2. Chloe Vincelli

      I also really like sticky rice I suggest you try it

    3. Chloe Vincelli

      my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong is din tai fung

    4. Jovanny C

      I don’t know what’s the thing that makes this video awesome but the comments, music, quality is flawless!!

    5. Chu Beigong

      This is good video. I'm pleased to see your reactions with try everything in HK. I'm proud of that. Welcome to come HK again in the future.

    6. jessica baker

      me trying to imagine taking a trip surrounded by so many people since covid 👁👄👁

    7. Pocah

      Gosh im so late but im from Hong Kong and im sososooo happy you loved the food! Thank you for your kind words and please come again if possible in the future 💕 still lots of deliciousness to be discovered( like the hk style french toast or even a hk style crusty bread in a Cha Chaan Teng AND lots of other really tasty dim sums!!!) will definitely recommend lots of good stuff 🥰

    8. Antara M

      her eyes lit up when she eats

    9. Valentina Jerenec

      I lovee seing your happy face after the first bite hehe! you guys are soo cute!!

    10. حاتم -

      How did you eat what about your diat

    11. Syarifah Panzuri

      I highly recommend you to try Indonesian traditional cuisine.. trust me all is amazing 🔥 but thanks for these awesome videos it makes me want to go to Hong Kong soon

    12. kiwi


    13. PG Plays Video Games

      I had no choice but to order dim sum to be delivered thanks to this video. Just chilling after a long weekend and this video showed up in my recommendations :D

    14. Asma Salah

      Stephanie: MmmMMMMmmmmMm 👀😋

    15. emvardz

      you didnt like the red bean buns?! i love them SO MUCH!! ...my bf thinks theyre gross too

    16. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    17. xiaowei wong

      I'm Chinese and from Singapore. I love the way you described Chinese food, i kept lol throughout this video. And you did not butcher Tai Cheong Bakery btw. :D

    18. Hermione Granger

      6:54 OMG😵😵😵 Banh Mi. I’m From VietNam!

    19. Linette Velasco

      watching in 2020 because I miss HK from when I went 2 years ago :'( great video!

    20. collarmole

      I love the way Stephanie widens her eyes when she REALLY loves something 🤩

    21. H2OBUSKING HeartsOfHope

      I live in HK and I never knew about these places where we could get such yummy foods! Your videos are so informative and I‘ll definitely try out Little Mermaid and Soho Banh mi。Also, extremely proud of your All In! Loving yourself is PRICELESS! Add oil!

    22. juhstine wang

      the only cheat days i watch r stephanies cheat days. i love her facial expressions everytime she eats smth she likes

    23. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    24. Jasmine Dance

      When I saw what you ordered at the Thai restaurant I was like Wow impressive because not many non Thai people will order that mostly they will order like pad Thai and curry satay skewers pretty much the basics but then you said you were half Thai!!!! I was like whaaaaat! So it explains everything 😃 I’m so excited I’m also half Thai aswell and been watching ur videos for quite some time and ur all in videos has helped me a lot as well so thank you for such fun and useful content 😍

    25. Donna Beach

      I don't know how she shovels all that food in; it makes me nauseous to watch her.

    26. Khánh Vy Trần

      dù ai nói ngả nói nghiêng, đồ ăn Việt Nam vẫn ngon như thường!!!!!!!!!

    27. jfjerassik

      Late response as I’m new to Stephanie’s channel, but you can literally get all those Asian treats at your local chinatown... no need to travel to Asia for these treats.

    28. donna26x

      Rewatching all your videos esp cheat days. Please make more 🥳🥳🥳

    29. Tehya Lim

      I was smiling the wholeeeee time during the video, as someone who has a background in Hong Kong. So glad you tried things even when they might’ve seemed a little far out 💗💗🎉

    30. blueskythinking83

      I say it with so much sadness but most of the food in the US tastes like crap to me now that I have lived in other parts of the world. I dont even like candy bars in the US. The chocolate tastes so inferior

    31. Emily Latcham

      Lmaooo this is probably the only video where she didn’t like allll of the food 😂😂

    32. Beatris Beatris

      Army... She didnt like Mochi

    33. grace fong

      It’s kind of funny watching white ppl describe your cultures food 😂 really entertaining! (Ik ur mixed steph)

    34. Faduma Y.

      Watching it 😩 you have gluten sensitivity 💔

    35. Bob Miggins

      The egg tart is filled with set egg custard

    36. Sreeja Chakrabarti

      You look so good !!! Honestly.. u r such a positive confident person.. u r just amazing... I love your videos as much as your personality. May God bless u. Love from India 😘😘

    37. Giovanni Wong

      What nationality are you Stephanie Buttermore?

    38. Vicky小鹿

      I'm sooo hungry just by watching the video

    39. Rachel Mumford

      Your face when you bite into something delicious is amazing

    40. 美珠

      What!? 😱 I absolutely love red bean paste 😍 6:35

    41. fluffysannie

      the guy beside steph 16:18 looks like jinyoung from got7😂

    42. larry chin

      Another great vid 😁 China isn't on my bucket list but I do live in "the land of smiles" the food there is amazing. Keep up the great work you and boyfriend are in harmony, peace

    43. Maria Jessica

      you are such a mood lovee it

    44. Ayrixelle

      love steph but she is so white washed smh, I thought she would be a little more cultured :(

    45. Nada Alzahrani

      I feel so weird , that i only watch her videos to see her new choice of nail polish 😻😻😻♥️

    46. jessica ramírez

      i hope i could enjoy as much food as she does :( my stomach shrank and if i eat too much i feel sick and eventually my stomach gets sick

    47. BossType13

      Try to visit one of the Balkan countries. You will not be disappointed with the food!! (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania).

    48. Jenny Xie

      No joke -- I watched this at 10pm post workout. I thought I could make it to dreamland without another meal but I started shaking and getting light headed cause I got so hungry watching Stephanie chow down all that deliciousness! I had to crawl out of bed for a second dinner. You just make everything look so tasty!!!

    49. Kelsey Sun

      Your friends were saying the foul language in front of the camera in Cantonese 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Chiney Rodriguez

      She knows how to describe food, it's like I'm with her having a food adventure too.

    51. Britney Friesen

      Not sure if it’s exactly the same but if you’re wanting something like the corn pie at McDonald’s try corn nuggets!

    52. Perihan Yıldız

      i‘m sry but how are you asian? how can you not love that food it‘s amazing

    53. Happy Be

      Hihi~ I'm your fan from Taiwan, and we do have lots of delicious food here! Hope you could take a try in the future 💖

    54. Rembrandt

      I found it pretty cool how Stephanie used make up and dressing style to actually "look" Asian. Very cool indeed. Of course the dark hair helped....impressive.

    55. Iriz!

      As a HongKonger, the dishes you ordered are fairly delicious but also very pricey lol

    56. Enning Chang

      omg i miss paper stone so much😭😭😭

    57. Rainbow ROSE

      who is here in 2020 :)

    58. Hungry Minnesotan

      those mc dons fries.... WHAAAAT?!

    59. Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

      Dang you can eat!! Wish my partner could eat like that,she has to go for a run after one donut,love watching you eat Stephanie,nice work.

    60. Adelaide

      “Its like Danish cheese, like when you get a Danish with creme cheese” ouch. That made me cringe so bad as an actual dane, who speaks Danish, and lives in Denmark. Idk what America has done to our lovely cakes but in an actual Danish we do not put creme cheese in.

    61. faith white

      ooo, those pastries looked excellent!

    62. Gabriela Benavides

      can you guys get married already Lik you guys r so cute and fr Goals lik wHat !!

    63. zoeyc203

      I studied abroad in hk for a semester and watching this video reaally took me back. Tai cheong bakery for the win!

    64. Jasmine Dany


    65. Ebru Serin

      you should definitely come to Turkey and taste Turkish cuisine , its soooooo delicious

    66. Ngân Kim Nguyễn

      Yeahh “banh mi” is the best

    67. Leolivia

      Does anyone else notice that she doesn't pronounce her t's? "Thas so good."

      1. Leolivia

        @lol lol Yep! I've never even left the country.

      2. lol lol

        Leolivia nd so ur from new zealand ?

      3. lol lol

        Leolivia i feel like most people in the us don’t talk properly unless it’s like wit a adult or sum

      4. Leolivia

        @lol lol Huh, that's interesting. I guess it's just strange to me because I'm a kiwi but my family is British so I'm used to clear enunciation.

      5. lol lol

        Leolivia i talk like tha too a lot of people down south like florida do nd she’s from florida 🤷🏻‍♀️

    68. Lydia Paradis

      We have egg tart in certain areas and families of Quebec, actually!

    69. Sweet Love

      I really Hong Kong fries are definitely better than Europe fries.. well Europe is most of the time not so crispy =(

    70. Chelsey Helleksen

      Your reactions are my favorite thing ever 😂😂😂

    71. Ms Sydney NoelKimCho

      #StephaineButtermore I am watching your videos for super duper long time. When did you started making HUfast Videos? Why did you want to start a channel? You are one of the biggest fan on HUfast :-) When I am having a not very great day with my parents I really love just walking upstaris to my room and sit in a super quiet place and watch your old and new videos until I calm down and ready to come down and be happy all over of again. I really love your everyday sweet and happy attitude and energy. Do you have a upload schedule they you know when to upload your videos. Here are some Q&A Questions 1.Where are you from? 2.How old are you? 3.Do you have a sisters or brothers? 4. Are you youngest or oldest in your family tree? 5.Do you know your DNA? 6. What high school did you go to and graduate from? 7. What college did you go to and graduate from? 8. Did you get bullied in school a little bit or very much or out of control? 9. Did you stay on campus or off campus housing in college? 10. Do you want boyfriend they become your husband? 11.Do you want to get pregnancy and have kids and become a mom someday? 12.What kind of food are you allergic to? you should do a collab 100 calories challenge Megan McCullom and Katina Eats Kilos and Erik The Electirc and Nathan Figueora and Ashley Nocera and Mackenzie Marie and Nickocado Avocado and Jessica Estrada and Rebecca Jane and Emily Canham and Taila Maizels and hello its Amie

    72. Emily Libra

      I thought it was illegal to video tape anybody without permission in japan?

    73. JJ

      i love how the most authentic thing she ate was dim sum, which is almost exactly the same in the states. basically everything else was tourist food

    74. MyNameIsErr

      That looks a like a genuine Mark Weins face at 3:03!

    75. Joanne D'or

      Love you guys 😍

    76. Valkyrie

      Are you related to Mark Wiens?! I almost believed this to be true for me until you liked the BBQ pork bun (waaaay too fake sweet!) and McDonald’s (just awful quality particularly in HK). Still, entertaining considering we live here.

    77. Issi Labella

      Stefanie seems like a binger. No wonder she now gained 40 lbs. When you have such an abnormal hunger. Im excited to watch how much more weight she will gain in the future.

      1. honey1harmony

        Issi Labella same I wanna see how big she gets lol

    78. Venice Chang

      The menu is in Chinese, not Cantonese!😂

    79. World Hello

      come to japan please 💖💖💖

    80. khadija dija

      Stephanie please come to moroccan 🙏🙏🙏

    81. Kim me T

      I’m spoooo surprise that they had so many Delis , women are so think and petite . I was a little impressed with all the great food . So I went and had a cupcake 🧁

    82. 哦嚯

      I'm from Hong Kong but I haven't eaten most of what you've eaten,but i love this video.Welcome to come again!haha😂😂

    83. Callista Weiss

      Pork buns are hands down one of my favourite foods to eat 🙌🏻

    84. Luissa Ponce

      Go to Mexico next! Try ALL the street foods and yummy homemade foods 😭😭😭

    85. dldianlestari

      Why so pretty???????

    86. Charlotte

      Screams when u bit the egg waffle. SKISJISMIMEIMDIMX I TEAR THE BALLS OFF

    87. libbyyy

      i read the title and thought it said “i ate everything in hong kong” lmaoo

    88. harshini patel

      You should come to India to eat! 😜😜

    89. Susanne Nielsen

      But when are you gonna make a makeup video 😏😏😏😏

    90. Linette Velasco

      YES!!!!! THE FRESH FRUIT IN HK DUDE!!!!!! I grew up eating Chinese fruit here in California and of course it was tasty, but holy shit it's on steroids in HK. I love Hong Kong!!! I'm so lucky to have friends from there that I have an excuse to visit haha.

    91. jamie donnelly

      you should go to vietnam the food is so good

    92. cutecheerfreak1

      Banh mi are so good

    93. sprout s

      I'm so confused, she went to HK and ate sushi, and mochi (Japan), bahn mi(Vietnam) and called the dim sum place Chinese? Edit: and Thai food??

    94. Ainur Begalieva

      You're sooo cute couple😭😘 I love you soo much💞💞😻😻✨✨😘😘

    95. stgermaing

      SUPER impressed you gave beyond meat a chance and enjoyed it! ❤️

    96. I'm not antisocial I'm socially selective

      I can't eat bbq pork bun bcz I'm Muslim

    97. مجلة كوني انيقة

      Do they eat pork

    98. Irdina Ahmad Suffian

      I don’t know why but I like to stare at your face every time you speak cause your face is seriously beautiful😍

    99. Alexis

      American: “if you’re ever in Hong Kong make sure you come to McDonalds” Lol

      1. Viktoria Rośe

        Every country has different options

    100. trần cheryl

      Hi I come from Vietnam