Eating Whatever I Want For 1 Day... | CHEAT DAY (Donuts, Candy Testing, Pizza, Ice Cream...)

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    Apologies for the delay on this video, I hope it was worth the wait! These videos do take me a long time to edit because I want them to be fun but more importantly easy to watch which is all in the small details :) As usual, I had a blast eating all of the yummy foods and I hope you enjoy it! Much love! xoxo
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Apologies for the delay on this video, I hope it was worth the wait! 🙏💕These videos do take me a long time to edit because I want them to be fun, but more importantly easy to watch (which is all in the small details 🙃) As usual, I had a blast eating all of the yummy foods and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know down below what you guys like eating on your cheat days! I want to know!👇 Much love! xoxo ❤

      1. Galaxy Nerd

        On my cheat days, I usually enjoy a PB&J 🥰

      2. Amina A

        omg i love your necklace where did you get it from????????????

      3. Suad Magal

        Everything that are carbs and fat

      4. Rebecca

        What scales do you use? I've been looking for some good ones that measure body fat percentage everywhere :(

      5. samantha tee

        🤤🤤🤤 those donuts looked amazing!!!

    2. tasha rowe

      Apple pies from maccies in the UK 😍😍

    3. Fabiana Zabala

      Jeff looks like he's faking when he says "this is so good"

    4. パウリナPaulina

      "Stop when you're full".... She doesn't stop 😂😂😂😂

    5. Prettyjojoa

      This is the first time I’ve come across your videos and I actually amazed that you were able to eat 6 donuts plus that pizza thing in one sitting without being stuffed after the 3rd one. Your the real MVP. I’m a huge foodie on a weight loss journey currently and I’m living thru your cheat days

    6. Kalpanaambresh Kalpanaambresh

      when we are in diat and workout ' how many days 1 ce we can make plan like a cheat day wat we want to eat like that??

    7. Luisa Anie

      Watching this is a real throwback in my recovery journey :/...

    8. Drinny

      Am I the only one who gets really uncomfortable when she stares at the camera as she takes a bite?

    9. Paul D

      Today was my cheat day. Dunkin for breakfast. Apple Fritter, Maple Donut, Jelly Donut, and Apple Cider donut holes. Then for dinner I went with Louisiana Rub hot wings with sweet potato fries.

    10. catur anggraheni

      I want to treat myself too, but i do not have money

    11. Peechy

      On my cheat days, I order bbq ribs and ice cream ;)

    12. Lana Salameh

      how much did you spend money on this day?

    13. Elizabeth

      I can always tell when my ed is getting bad when I come back to cheat days and Amberlynn lmao

    14. Velislava Staneva

      New york cheesecake kitkat!we need to step up our game here in the US!

    15. Velislava Staneva

      I love watching u eat! 😍 I recognize myself in your reactions while eating something awesome!

    16. Taurus Girl

      Safeway has fantastic donuts 🍩💜💜😂

    17. Janelle Jajeh

      the Canadian apple pie from McDonalds looks so much better than the one we have in the states

    18. Raciii Alleje

      Noooo. Green tea kitkats are my favorite lmao

    19. Ronnie A

      Too much sugar!!! Try a challenge where you DONT end EVERY meal with sweets....overkill on sweets !! Try it just to see if you can :) Still love you and your videos though xoxo

    20. Oumaima Mahdoufi

      Why I'm I watching this when I am on diet 😭😭😭😭

    21. Miao Long

      that little pizza bread thing at the beginning is 570 calories? unbelievable...

    22. Jeffery Fite

      She's not eating the food she must think we are idiots. That's a joke.

    23. i'm somebody

      I wanna eat that sandwich sooo bad

    24. Tee Lad

      Is this not binge eating disorder?

    25. Rebecca Couch

      Literally living through you

    26. Duru Uzman


    27. its Balkis

      a matter of fact is that i have never had a donut in whole my life im 24 btw hhh unfortunately the place i live in don't make donuts or hamburgers or pizzas as in NY and aboroad in general! it's sad but we do have fast food like regular sandwiches and pizzas that aren't quiet cheesy and some places like big known restaurents make burgers but its so small and nothing in comparison to what you have in America and Europe! PS:my parents are the kind of economics persons so i diden't really taste or enjoyed fast food till i went to college lol so be grateful guys for what you have because im here watching your videos and crying inside lol

    28. Viwieng

      OMG that Thai language tattoo ❤️❤️❤️ send to love. I love that you went All In, you'er beautiful for me all the time no matter size you r. I keep watching your videos even though they are old because I am falling with your personalities☺️. สู้ๆนะคะ เป็นกำลังใจให้ รักค่ะ

    29. No Reply

      I can only watch this, I would be in a sugar coma if I ate a fraction of this stuff.

    30. shadow me

      When Stephanie saw that strawberry roll and smiled like a child jeff was laughing like a father. 💜

    31. longmayshereign •

      Mcdonalds fries are absolutely disgusting, Hesburgers fries though 👀👀👀

    32. Ni Made Sri Ayuni

      I think u must have mukbang HUfast Chanel

    33. Debbie

      Do it while you are young...turn 50 and realize those days are over. However, as a person with binge issues, this video actually helped me not to want to ever do this again.

      1. Debbie

        @country boy i love uuu for me i am gaining a ton and just turned 50 -there is no stopping it is seems and i used to be this fit little thing (with hard work and discipline) agh! wish me well...ha ha -cheat days like this won't end well -plus would have to do it in the parking lot of an urgent care to survive all of that HA HA (from a comedian my fav line)

    34. Suheib Osman

      The fact that she has an appetite as huge as mine makes me happy

    35. dreenie 101

      girl you can eat!!

    36. dreenie 101

      you make me want donut

    37. Rosie Films

      I like how with most you tubers you can tell they’re trying for the camera and being fake, but she’s just so genuine and relatable and it’s so refreshing!!!

    38. Caroline Kelly

      Anyone watching this after she went all in?

    39. Melanie Esparza

      You and Jeff are my favorite HUfast couple! Love you guys

    40. Fatima Nehal

      Are these guys married or what ?

    41. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰ !

    42. Blakely Larsen

      My favorite food from dairy queen is Chicken strips and fries and diet Pepsi My favorite fruit is mangos pineapple oranges strawberries and watermelon and grapes bananas and apples

    43. julie mucini

      Hello during my cheat days I just go to my grandmother's house and eat whatever she cooked. Usealy it's like gnicchi with tomato sauce or a peice of meat with vegetables. it's not as fun as you but i realy like to have those cheat days !

    44. Tinna

      Can someone explain what is the point of cheat day?

    45. Gaia Ilongirb

      You guys know what kind of smart watch is that?

    46. i do not stan anyone

      the amount of flour she ate was A S T R O N O M I C A L

    47. Anant Khushalani

      You were looking very much hot

    48. Sharif Paulino

      This is the first time that I watch one of her videos and, she's so lovely! ♥

    49. Jayden100

      What’s the point of having a cheat day why can’t you just eat watever u want ????

      1. country boy i love uuu

        Imagine eating like this every single day?

    50. Monique Menchin

      On a cheat day in Australia Nsw I have yoghurtland (it’s amazing if you come to Australia it’s a must try. !!!) and A double mcchicken meal from McDonalds and a Nachos from MadMex

    51. lgamble

      I really like her latest all in videos, but these I believe are way too triggering for people with eating disorders. 🤮🤮🤮

      1. lgamble

        @country boy i love uuu I just said I like them, but for SOME they can be triggering.

      2. country boy i love uuu

        Then don’t watch them

    52. 6fiddy

      She needs to take all these stupid videos down... Nothing but a bad example for the fitness crowd... These videos should not be admired in any way.. Just a record of carb addiction and bad behavior..🤨🤨

      1. 6fiddy

        @Milk Mango Of course I have no idea as to why you do not value yourself.. You make my point perfectly.. Many dieters are only concerned with appearances and not over all health.. I guess that's my thing.. reaching weight goals in a healthy way.. Learning about the human metabolism and body is amazing.. Perhaps you should give life another chance and re evaluate things.. You create your own experience.. Bless you..🤠👍

      2. Milk Mango

        6fiddy no, I meant that calories in calories out is all that matters to me, personally. I struggle with an eating disorder, which I’ve been in hospitals for 3 times, lasting over a month during each time. I don’t care for my health, as shown by the fact that I had organ failure and osteoporosis which I really couldn’t care less about.

      3. 6fiddy

        @Milk Mango What I meant by calories in calories out is the fact that many people in here are very simplistic in reaching dietary goals with health taking a backseat.. It is true that 50 calories from broccoli is the same as 50 calories is from a donut.. However the glycemic load is what makes one healthy and the other a poor choice.. Most dieters struggle terribly with sugar and carbohydrates.. No need to tell you what diabetes and heart disease is doing to this country.. Miss B. Is making the worst possible food choices and really should know better..🙄..

      4. Milk Mango

        6fiddy calories in calories out is real tho, no cap.

      5. 6fiddy

        @country boy i love uuu You must be a calories in calories out booty gawker.. Gaining 40 pounds on eating crap is not a cheat day.. Don't be fooled by her spin.. This is nothing more than a relapse.. This is a public forum.. the whole range of perception should be fairly represented.. With her platform..this is like bringing a 12 pack to an AA meeting.. She could have accomplished all her goals responsibly setting a much better example.. I'm not attacking her character but am disappointed in her methodology.. It shows poor judgment..😐

    53. Jina Abdel Massih

      Steph : Jeff is exited, I'm gonna make him have a bite no just kidding Geez Steph I know you have a beast appetite but you don't have to make snarly remarks, even if you are kidding you don't need to be such a hoarder over your food, you should offer him a bite without him asking even if it is your cheat day, Jeff is always nice and sitting by you as you inhale your food, he shouldn't have to beg for a bite but you why are you kidding about giving him a bite? I love steph but I hate sometimes how she acts like she never saw food in her life and won't let anyone near her food

      1. country boy i love uuu

        Jeff is a grown man if he wants food he can go but it, it’s his choice. It’s not that deep omg

    54. Berta Rodriguez

      you are sooo beautiful lady!!

    55. Dina Dina

      WHAT i eat on my cheat days is always desserts and sushi

    56. Bronte Park

      How many times do you have a cheat day?

    57. Esmeralda Matos

      "I'll just have a bite" She eats half the apple pie

    58. Blanca Alvarado

      Just imagining all the carbs she ate in this video

    59. Таисия Сабадах

      gluttony bee like 💞🌱🦋💫👍🏻

    60. haga1982

      I get heartburn just by watching this


      But that was my calories for 3weeks

    62. כיתה ו ורד

      feelings of guilt left the chat

    63. Catherine

      If you put a Joe Louis in the freezer its even better! You should give it a go ❤️ love ya Steph! xo

    64. Hannah Pak

      “It tastes like green algae” Me: when have you had green algae

    65. Saphanna Ashry

      30:34 Stephanie: *dips fries in ice-cream* Also Stephanie: 'It tastes like fries dipped In ice cream'

    66. Julia

      ewe i dont like safeway donuts :D

    67. Jessica Lychees

      Watching these videos while on my period was not a good idea 😂

    68. Jennifer Johnson

      I have food allergies and this is my food porn. I can't eat any of this stuff but I'm living vicariously through Stephanie.

    69. Syd E

      I literally got so full watching her eat all those donuts 😂😂😂

    70. mtrmoon

      I'm on the third day of a diet don't tell me to go get donuts 😭

    71. Betzy

      When she says to many more cheat days little did she know sis was gonna have a full blown year

    72. Nadhira Ulaya

      Orang indonesia sini kumpul

    73. Heidwell

      She ate my entire day's calories in 3 1/2 donuts.....

    74. Evelyn zarate

      What does she use to track her calories?????????

      1. Ophelia

        I think My Fitness Pal

    75. April S

      This is such disordered eating :( I'm glad that you have found a new, successful way.

      1. G G

        country boy i love uuu Because she didn’t allow herself to have whatever she craved whenever she wanted (aka intuitive eating, which is shown to reduce binge eating and balance out overall food intake). People are more likely to binge if they restrict. Stephanie was in a constant binge/restrict cycle and was suppressing her natural weight and that was why she had such a massive appetite. I had severe anorexia in the past and since being a healthy weight and eating more “junk” food in my diet I can attest to the fact your appetite and binge urges go way down.

      2. country boy i love uuu

        How is a cheat day disorder eating

    76. Eve

      This is just glorified binge eating

      1. country boy i love uuu


    77. Isabella Michalias Kalogiannis

      Okay but how could she not be full after 6 donuts and a pizza roll?

    78. Molly Roach

      I think it's hilarious how you ate 6 donuts before 8 am lolll

    79. ChlorineHeart

      honestly watching you eat all those donuts made me nauseous but more power to you

    80. Samantha Smith

      I feel siiiick, I hate watching people eat but love her videos,Gotta do what you Gotta do🤷‍♀️

    81. Jana Abdulatif jassim

      I have like one ice cream sandwich or 1 slice of pizza for my cheat meal haha I wish I could eat and not gain weight lol but I enjoy ur vids

    82. Karina Solano

      But how!? How!?

    83. Varsha Hari

      How often does she have a cheat day ?

    84. Terri Wood

      I want donuts wtf

    85. s georgia

      The croissant donuts at Safeway are insanely delicious

    86. Hana ElHassany

      She reminds me so much of cristina from greys anatomy

    87. Blackened Rose

      How often do you have your cheat days?

    88. Mari Posa

      I need to get where to buy such nice sandwiches in Hamburg Germany because they look delicious.🤤🤤🤤🤤 More than the donuts.🙈🤷🏽‍♀️

    89. withWithout

      Please stop buying nestlé products!! Especially their water. Its just a horrifying company..

    90. Ioana Hincu

      Quarantine be like 🍔🍟🌮🍕

    91. Alejandra Sarabia

      How could she eat all of those calories and not gaining weight?:o

    92. Sofia Karakatsanis

      The big bites blow my mind every time. How are you capable of taking such huge bites in an elegant way?!?!?! Hahahahaa

      1. Ophelia

        Right? She eats so nicely... Haha.

    93. Matthew Hendrickson

      Fruit is the key at Chinese buffets. After two plates of savory I go for a plate of fruit and then I'm good for a third plate of savory.

    94. AKaye

      That's it, I want my teeth whitened😭😭 Start of the video, POW purely whites 😁 Love the videos!

    95. samantha


    96. munchiemunchie2010

      Dare makes great cookies too

    97. ihateu_xx

      the most beautiful couple wow

    98. Broken Portrait

      I just don't get full on cheat days so I minimized the time to 8 hours

    99. Adriana Luciani



      I don't even like donuts but somehow now I crave one