DONUT REVIEW: Who Has The Best Donuts?

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hello my loves! I hope you enjoy this mini Food Review video! I have a full Dallas Food Tour coming up next! 🤠Also, It would mean the world to me if you watched til the end because there’s a small, but important message I’d love for you guys to hear! And make sure to check out the description box for all the Black Friday Deals!! There are links for 50% off my Women’s Specialization Program and 35% off ALL Pescience products!! I love you guys so much! And to my fellow Americans, I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! ❤️🦃

      1. Sandra Figalová

        You have to try @norbertsdonuts in Prague! )))

      2. Matt J WWEFAN


      3. mada nervo

        Came to Argentina !!! 🙏🙏🙏

      4. Iplay Roblox

        You got fatter

      5. Brittani Timm

        I’m sure everybody can relate to going a little overboard for the holidays. I mean, yolo. 😂 Also, you should totally head to Buffalo, NY! I may be bias but we have the best pizza around, and if you’re into chicken wings, ours can’t be beat. We also have Paula’s donuts which are huge and AMAZING. Mayer Bros is a pretty great ma and pop shop for donuts and cider also. Love your videos ❤️ thank you for being my spirit animal always.

    2. Gita Oetary

      now i want donuts :D

    3. Qamz 8235


    4. Daniela Lozovska

      Sh*t, now I'm craving donuts... You're lovely 😊 💕

    5. Ashley

      If that pizza place used “hot honey” on the pizza it’s not vegan. Honey is An animal bi product.

    6. Ramauld Ramharack

      Thats how she eats my donut.

    7. Marian Ofamin

      I really love the way you talk 💖💖

    8. Gelai -

      That ending message hits me hard. So glad I found you and your channel.

    9. surya sandesh

      Stephanie, when will you come to Jesus Christ?

    10. Pleurie X

      It is soooo hard to find good donuts here in the Netherlands. You only have Dunkin' donuts and that's it! No other bakery or store :(

    11. RDA RDA

      One wet whip through her face and she goes from a 9 to a 3

    12. john ayacko

      you may need to try jack frost donuts in cleveland, oh. the best donuts shop in the country.

    13. geikosarah

      Come to LA! We have a strong donut game here!

    14. Rebecca Thomas

      There is a place in Atlanta, Georgia that has the best doughnuts that I have ever had. It is called Revolution Doughnuts. They even do vegan doughnuts and giant doughnut birthday cakes.

    15. Jorezza Antonio

      last message hits me so hard. Thank you for that. ❤️

    16. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    17. collarmole

      Your mommy is sooooooooo cute

    18. collarmole

      I love doughnuts. My favorite junk food.

    19. violinplayer101

      I would rather eat a really good donut from a local bakery than one from a larger chain anyway...They taste so much better!!

    20. Jessica Milne

      It's everyone's own choice to eat what they want .... but just to point out that - regardless of calories - food like this is highly processed and full of harmful/ unnatural ingredients. Eating large volumes of food like this (eg processed donuts) is really not good for health and is not a positive thing to do for ourselves and our bodies....xx

    21. Nihira 20

      I wish someone loved me the way Stephanie loves her donuts. Lol

    22. Kidist Woldehawariat

      I can’t understand your love for donuts 😭😭

      1. MEH MEH

        lmao donuts are over rated one or two is enough 😂

    23. Dianelys Camps

      The Salty Donut in Miami has the best donuts

    24. Matthew Hendrickson

      It's nice to find a woman who isn't bothered by the word "moist"

    25. yuhhhlee

      2020 and this is still the only review on yt that actually matters

    26. fifi

      Vegan food is delicious💗

    27. Danielle Ricker


    28. Ghost


    29. Cambelss

      Caramelo NO es dulce de leche. Bastaaaaa

    30. Nayely Caballero

      “I don’t discriminate, I just love good food” bro imma use that from now on

    31. Angel Luis Mohedano


    32. Matías González Montero

      Dulce de leche is like caramel? Lol

    33. Savannah Bishop

      I love that all your favorites were all vegan! That’s amazing! I would love to see a vegan cheat day😍

    34. Isabella Gaspero

      She needs to eat more she keeps rolling her eyes back when eating them like she hasn’t eaten in so long eat more donuts girl!

    35. Elanna Mak

      Please come back to Hong Kong!

    36. Lala Loo

      come to spain!

    37. anonymous person

      i want someone who looks at my this way Stephanie looks at this donuts....

    38. Laily Mita

      Stephanie 99,999% made of donuts (strawberry donuts)

    39. Laily Mita

      Stephanie 99,999% made of donuts (strawberry donuts)

    40. Gi Casotti

      Please, come to Brazil!!!

    41. Delusional Fan

      nice to see her eat so well

    42. Romy Huls

      Please come visit Maastricht or Amsterdam

    43. Yara El Hachem

      Do an everyday hair care

    44. Yara El Hachem

      Do an everyday makeup tutorial please

    45. Akanksha

      Watching this while I'm on a diet

    46. bella swalen

      More such vids please❤️❤️❤️

    47. nikole greiner

      8:24 so cute!!!!

    48. Magus

      We only have krispy kreme here :( there are more options but comparing to KK they don't

    49. Lise pillsburg

      Why dont you marry donuts❤️😂

    50. Carlpumba

      Please fine to Denmark

    51. Nick Tombs

      Best bit of this crap is Clyde McPhatter singing does she love me from its a lover's question

    52. Canadian

      Cartems Earl Grey cake donut is the best donut EVER!!! Not the version you tried.

    53. A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers

      OMG😱😱 you have all the good filled donuts Stephanie Buttermore 😭😭😭😭😭😭☹☹☹. Here in the Netherlands they only have classic donuts. Not the filled one,s. So happy for you and Jeff. And the things that you eat. Lots of love from the Netherlands 😘😀😁😀 👋🏼

    54. Shanna

      I like how stephanie look at the donuts with the face that say "Daam tell me how you are so goood"

    55. Sophie vd Kamp

      You should visit Holland! Amsterdam maybe

    56. Apocalipsis 13

      wonderful and very Sexy ❤😛🔥

    57. Koyuki Yoshida

      Omg I've been to Cartems!! Their Earl Grey was excellent❤️❤️❤️

    58. The Reloaded

      Stephanie? I just want to say that I love you and I wish we could be BFF’s in real life. You are an inspiration to me. I love you!! Please email me if you read this message:

    59. Katarzyna Gnyp

      I really wish you could come to Poland and try our doughnuts! 🍩 they are a bit different but the yummiest I’m the world

    60. Jx

      I love your food videos I’m even rewatching cuz I can’t find good food/donut videos :(

    61. Becky S

      Honestly watching you eat donuts it’s literally the best

    62. Deborah Thompson


    63. danielle donohue


    64. Haley Becker

      You make me want donutssss

    65. 50 80

      There's just something so satisfying about watching her eat doughnuts

    66. Alexa Thomas

      Pause at 3:21 😂

    67. Eline

      if you’re ever in the Netherlands you HAVE to try a bosche bol, you’d love it

    68. Nabila Garzon

      Dolce se leche is like sugar with milk 🙊

    69. Lucy Cordon

      Love This video

    70. sinneruki

      Simply therapeutic to watch

    71. ian cito

      Omg. Why do I have an Eating disorder? Doughnuts are the best!

    72. Satish Gupta

      Love the way she takes huge bites. Without being self conscious

    73. Chiara B

      Lot lf donuts are vegan, just they are not telling it everywhere

    74. Ramila Khanlar

      My country:Azerbaijan 💚🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    75. Dilpreet Sekhon

      Go to New Orleans.

    76. Celina D.

      Why can't I grasp through the screen and take those donuts? 😣😂 I want them so badly now😂♥️😂

    77. lowel ladag

      Title of thw song in thw intro pls

    78. Zosia Strąk

      Love your makeup looks 😍😍

    79. Pedro Gil

      dulce de leche is just sweet condensed milk cooked

    80. rose paik

      You look like you have a lot of hidden are like a doughnut bursting with some great filling. I am curious if you can bake and would you ever open a donut shop??? Yes you are beautiful and you are so good with makeup too....

    81. Lara Hniedy

      I could just keep looking at her teeth they are so hella white like seriously

    82. Anna LA

      That citrus glazed looks 🔥🔥🔥. The London fog appeals to me. I love earl grey French macaroons

    83. kristinishere

      wow they were right you do do spit takes instead of showing your swallows

    84. Jessie Owen Willis

      The ending of this video was amazing, so encouraging and just beautiful.

    85. Dustin Graham

      Watching your videos have awaken my inner donut lover

    86. 씨씨

      The last bit about enjoying family time without feeling guilty nearly brought me to tears. I’ve been having so much complications with my diet and the food I eat, which has been affecting my mental health lately. I’m trying to get back on track and not bash myself over the things I consume (especially when I’m trying to enjoy family time!), and your words mean a lot to me. So thank you. I’m so glad to have found your channel. ❤️

    87. Ditched My Diet

      That Earl Grey tea sounds a little weird. The Lucky's Donuts look a lot better. I'm glad I Ditched My Diet!! Too bad I'm not going to Canada anytime soon. :(

    88. Rajashree Masali

      How about coming to India? 😍

    89. Grace Vassar

      you neeeeed to go to voodoo donuts in portland oregon!!! best donuts i’ve ever had

    90. l8Frankalein

      I love your message at the end ❤️

    91. Hadil Ali

      How was the Bacon donuts vegan?

    92. Zombiefit

      Australia! :D

    93. Mar Loffreda

      Hahaha dulce de leche es lo mejor

    94. Elena Fiderio

      When vegan doughnuts win over non vegan ones 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    95. el_puerto

      Dulce de leche isn't caramel Steph!!! It's similar, but made with milk and sugar instead of water and sugar, and sometimes people put cinnamon in it. You should try dulce de leche cake! Cheers

    96. ms great

      who watch this while fasting?✋

    97. abcdefghijklmnop0385

      thank you...i had my first family vacation that i truly enjoyed since i started this dieting was all because of you...i did gain but i was on track again a d back to my weight in just 3days🤣😍😍😍

    98. Rice Bowl

      7:54 i love it when you make that expression. Steph you are just so cute. Do more reviews.

    99. Mental Carer

      I love what you said at the end, great message that not a lot of people talk about... thank you so much Steph!!

    100. Merna Banoub

      Just jumped into this video , you’re beautiful steph