Do Your Genes Make You FAT? | Is there a FAT gene?

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    ▹Loos & Yeo (2014): “ The Bigger Picture of FTO - the first GWAS-identified obesity gene’
    ▹Frayling et al. (2007): “A Common Variant in the FTO Gene Is Associated with Body Mass Index and Predisposes to Childhood and Adult Obesity”
    ▹Speakman (2015): “The ‘Fat Mass and Obesity Related’ (FTO) gene: Mechanisms of Impact on Obesity and Energy Balance”
    ▹Li et al. (2010): “Cumulative effects and predictive value of common obesity-susceptibility variants identified by genome-wide association studies”
    ▹Livingstone (2016): “FTO genotype and weight loss: systematic review and meta-analysis of 9563 individual participant data from eight randomised controlled trials”
    ▹Kalantari et al. (2016): “Review of studies on the fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene interactions with environmental factors affecting on obesity and its impact on lifestyle interventions”
    ▹Quan et al. (2015): “Association of fat-mass and obesity-associated gene FTO rs9939609 polymorphism with the risk of obesity among children and adolescents: a meta-analysis”
    ▹TER da Silva (2018): “The FTO rs9939609 polymorphism and obesity risk in teens: Evidence-based meta-analysis”
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Heyyoooo! Hope you enjoy this video! I wanted to make this video as entertaining and easy to understand as possible, but if you want the nitty gritty science behind all of this, I've listed the papers I discuss on the FTO gene in the the description box! I'm actually heading to Hong Kong TOMORROW!! SO the next video will include my travel n' such! If you are from Hong Kong or have been there, PLEASE leave me suggestions in the comments!! I'd REALLY appreciate it! Love you all so much! xoxo 😘

      1. Victoria Barefoot

        Do you mind if I write an inquiry paper on this. I will, of course give you the correct credit when using your given information. I have been on the search for a similar topic and DNA study seems very interesting. I LOVE your science based videos!!! you are a huge career and lifestyle inspiration for me! I love knowing that you do things with reason and facts behind your work instead of "Workout with me" videos that do not give any explanations.

      2. numbercrunched

        You should be a MythBuster. You all ready have what made them good :)

      3. makeupdigga

        Oh my so you ARE in Hong Kong now! Do stop by Kwai Chung Plaza (a really local shopping mall next to the Kwai Fong MTR station along the Tsuen Wan Line) for the latest and most popular snacks on the top won't regret it! It's indeed a very different mall from all the other standardized ones in town...have fun in hk! 🤗

      4. Ahammed Nabeel

        that was realy informative! thanks so much..

      5. Xylia Li

        Try roasted geese, Portuguese egg tarts, and dim sum in general! All great stuff!

    2. • nanzor •

      Does this mean I'll be fat forever?

    3. ThePrincessdi77

      I definitely blame my genetics for the way I look I don’t have skinny ankles or skinny wrists even when I weigh 95 pounds they’re just a larger size than someone else who’s frame is much smaller. And the only time I’ve ever been 95 pounds is when I starved myself to death ending up in the hospital. When I ate correctly exercised I was a normal slim size but never very slim or skinny. I’m also naturally built very short and muscular I don’t have to do anything to have it! And if I eat like my skinny friends healthy but a good amount of calories I get chubby. And I work out too so no other way to explain how frustrating that really is.

    4. Aleksas

      I definitely have these 2 bastards in my genome. I'm cursed to be at 20% body fat no matter what -- without eating sugar, without drinking alcohol and exercising regularly (and I mean serious exercising, like ring muscle ups, pushups, pullups, muscle ups on the bar, levers, etc). I have a strong apatite and probably a weaker energy expendature.

    5. xCinnibuns

      No. No they can't. They can increase the risk, yes, but they cannot cause it. The only thing to cause it is the amount of food you eat and how often.

    6. blasian

      i'm on birth control, my mom and dad have no problem gaining weight. My siblings can gain weight easily. I'm the only one who can't get over 115 pounds. How do I gain weight ?

    7. Freddie Cawston

      I knew it

    8. Trent

      I am a 17 yr old active teen, I play basketball, hockey and I workout almost everyday, but I still have more body fat than average teens. I don’t overeat. I eat 2-3 meals a day and drink water a lot throughout the day. I have been training since I was 10 and played hockey since I can remember, started playing pick up ball 3 yrs ago.

    9. Lilly

      I honestly like you better now after you've found your set weight. I don't believe everyone has a specific way they have to look like, I myself went through a thin phase to then regaining weight. But I just see you much more healthier now with a full face, a full curvy body and maybe you can find new ways of being fit that don't necessarily aline with the "bikini competition" kind of fit.

    10. mars

      There is only one thing, mathematically speaking that can possibly determine obesity levels: nutrition. Take a minute to think about that. All these studies are speculations.

    11. Forrest S

      Have you heard of a condition that mostly effects women called Lipidema? Thoughts?

    12. Sonny mc2

      No it’s because u sit on ur ass and eat cup cakes that say 100 cal when really there 400 and u know that but u want to feel better for a little amount of time but really over time u realise it’s eating u up from the inside but it’s too late and ur in a hospital bed with type 2 diebetes

    13. Soo jin Kim

      Soon I vil be 17 And I can't believe hw I became so fat ....I have a lot of thigh fat and bit Belly. I have been doing workout but it's not working

      1. Soo jin Kim

        @Farhin Ahmed thank u

      2. Farhin Ahmed

        Hey, there! I used to have trouble loosing weight, too. But once I got help from my dad, I have lost over 10 pounds! He educated me on what mistakes I have made, such as not watching my calories. Here are two tips to consider in order to loose at least 1 pound each week. First, try to consume at most 1000 calories each day. Second, exercise for about an hour a few times a week (I would go out for a jog 3-4 times a week for like 50 minutes).

    14. Vossi the Weirdo

      My Dad Gave me FTO because he was fat in his teenager years

    15. Jose Mama

      The fat gene is a myth

    16. Da BJ

      Everyone is always taking about me having a fast metabolism is the reason I'm not fat. It's there any point to that?

    17. Philip

      There is no gene about fat. Just you believe that you are fat because of gene. Exercise regularly.

    18. Philip

      There is no gene about fat. Just you believe that you are fat because of gene. Exercise regularly.

    19. Frances Keller

      Mannn, the ppl in these comments are extremely sensitive and petty for no good reason. Go find something better to do! This info is extremely valuable and important! Thank you Stephanie 💕💕

    20. Toopidipoo

      Hi!!!! thank you for your videos!!!!!! I really would like a video on your PhD journey. One that gives advice, and also shares the challenges you have encountered, how you have planned your way there, anything that you would have done differently, or anything that you have done that was very useful. Is there any books you would recommend for master and PhD theses... how can we hunt for jobs while in school, how can we make great mentors and networking in order to open career avenues and/or career expansion (such as in the medical field). Furthermore, would you also be able to share tips on becoming an impressive scientist 👩🏽‍🔬 so that people don’t brush us away in job interview. Thank you so much for reading! I would really really really really extremely totally appreciate it if you take time for such videos. I am interested in cancer studies, I will be in a master of science in biomedical sciences program but I am aiming for a PhD. I am not sure if you are aware of Biomedical sciences, but anyways, I would love to learn from your experience! Thx 😊 😊 😊 P.S: I did watch the other science videos you made about that.

    21. maddie marie

      I’m so happy you made this video

    22. yuka sato

      I've always wondered about this. I wonder if genetic information companies like 23 and Me have an ability to see if an individual has the FTO gene in their DNA. Gonna check that out now. Thank you for your videos! I am learning lots about health and nutrition, thanks to you!

    23. Rayy lion

      Thank you i was seriously thinking this was another damn excuse people can use to demotivate people to workout since everyone wants to follow like sheeps

    24. Dimitra man

      To anyonenyone who disliked,what the fuck

    25. cynthia

      My two sisters are hella skinny and I'm the one who LOVES sweets and gains weight. Why am I like this and they're not 😭

    26. The man to scared to get a tattoo

      Sometimes I just quote your videos to other people to make them think im smart.

    27. Derpy Derpstein

      Yes and i have it

    28. Fluffy Sun

      On of my friends is on the bigger side of weight but she runs so much and eats healthy but she’s still the same . I like ur channel 💖

    29. Abraham Kist-Okazaki

      Given the popularity of Skinny Jeans, it makes sense that FAT JEANS must exist as well.

    30. Deanna Downey

      What are your thoughts on behavioral Epigenetics??

    31. Mara Henao

      How about training while pregnant????

    32. Anna Clark

      I love your videos! I love how articulate you are and enjoy the scientific research. I’ve always wondered why I tend to keep weight on so easily. Diet and exercise make it possible to keep a “normal” weight, but getting lean is so hard for me.

    33. ninaisbored

      I hate gene fat 😭 I don’t know if I have gene fat but I was born chubby :(

    34. cotton

      I've been trying to lose weight for several years now, and I have had no progress. I tend only eat a meal a day (trying to control my portions while I am at it) and I go the gym or incorporate some sort of work out all most everyday of the week. Yet, with all of this I am losing nothing and it's killing me inside. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I've tried other things too. Starving myself, watching calories, working out for 2 hours straight and just eating several meals a day with small portions. Some were done really carefully, while other I couldn't dedicate myself to them due to school and other duties (eating several meal with small portions). I am completely and utterly confused because all I want is to have smaller thighs and a generally flat stomach that doesn't bulge out when I sit, forcing me to cover my stomach. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

      1. Farhin Ahmed

        I'm pretty sure you are beautiful, but for the sake of health and your comfort, I want to help (BTW sorry if I'm late). First of all, some of the things you did sound a little excessive and unhealthy(starving yourself, eating several meals a day, exercising for 2 hours everyday). As someone who had trouble loosing weight as well, I started reaching my goal after learning some simple tips from my dad. First off, try watching your calories instead. In order to loose at least 1 pound a week, consume no more than 1000 calories a day. Second, consider exercising for about an hour. I think exercising excessively for 2 hours could drop your metabolism. Same with exercising everyday; limit your exercise to 3-4 times a week. Your body needs a break once in a while.

    35. Kailee Mirrie

      Seriously I would have loved to see someone like you when I was younger! What a great role model to young girls that smart is sexy! This is the content of yours I love watching!

    36. Auty C

      You’re my favorite ✨💕 I love your videos, they are so informative

    37. irene brillantes

      You are amazing ❤️

    38. Anissa Lingley

      If I walk to & from school every day (monday-Friday _including friday) for roughly 20 mins, am I getting enough exercise?

      1. Farhin Ahmed


    39. kestor never

      Aka if you're fat its not because of some random crap, its because of you.

    40. Madeline King

      LOVED this. I really appreciate the informative content you put out- especially gearing it towards women. The industry needs more like you! Keep up the great work babe! Xo

    41. Aimee Luna

      My genes don’t make me fat but my lost does

    42. Marie Curie

      Speaking of DNA, have you considered taking an ethnicity DNA test? You've mentioned before that you're half Thai, and I always wondered what your other half was. I hope this does not come across as offensive. Support, sister

    43. Mira02

      how do we know if we have the fat gene?

    44. Good Day Mate

      Pollution, GMO's, everyday chemicals, all can effect our endocrine system and in turn our body's ability to work properly. Gaining weight, getting cancer (disease), etc.

    45. Alicia Hopkins

      When you said you had a HUfast channel you weren't kidding! Wowza! You're videos are super interesting (even though I'm not a fitness person) and well done!! keep up the good work! And it was nice meeting you the other night 😊

    46. Kimberly Michelle

      Can you do a work out for beginners into weightlifting for overall body video, and (I'm so demanding lol) an abdominal one as well... thanks love youuu😊💕

    47. Jasmin Garcia

      Thanks for this video, you asked a few weeks or months ago about a video idea. I asked if you could make one about cortisol levels and how they can impact fat loss/gains. Not exactly brushing that specific topic but still very informative to me since I've al eww says been chubby as a child. Fat loss has always been a struggle for me. Anyway thanks for the video always really great science. Keep it up!

    48. LoLek

      Love the content 👌🏻

    49. T L

      No to the bangs!

    50. andydguitar

      Too many calories make you fat. Isn't it possible that the identical twins just ate too much and didn't exercise?

    51. Devident

      Missed title opportunity, "Do these genes make me look fat?"

    52. amber

      more science!!! i love it :)

    53. Snake 27

      Really love your hair and how long you keep it!

    54. Carolina Escobedo

      You are legit who I ALWAYS aspired to be & now at 23 I just don't want to even be alive... 🙁

    55. Lizzie W

      Hi, I absolutely love these more scientific videos, I'm learning so much from your channel! I was wondering, going back to cheat days, how does a huge cheat day affect a "typical" body (a normal body fat percentage, normal BMI) as a pose to low body fat, lean bodies such as yours? ☺

    56. Beatriz

      Your english is so clear! I'm a brazilian learning english and i just love to see your videos over and over again cause i love how i can understand everything you're talking about. Besides you, your boyfriend and your videos are just amazing! Love u 💖

    57. yourblankpromise

      Can you do a video on Thrive Le-Vel products? I've been seeing it all over Instagram and social medias!

    58. A Marie

      Is there any chance you could make a video talking about why some people end up suffering with an eating disorder, and others never do. I always ask myself, why me?

    59. Jess T

      Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video! Very interesting info! You are incredible. One of my fav youtube stars fo sho!

    60. Camille

      Great video! So helpful and informative! You e helped to open my eyes to the scientific aspect of obesity and genetics.😁

    61. Kirsten Fradgley

      Hi Stephanie! I love your videos! I’m in a class right now called lifestyle genomics and it’s all about the influence of genetics on obesity. Other topics we’ve talked about is pre-natal nutrition and how the foods that the mother eats during pregnancy can affect the genes (epigenome) of the fetus (specifically methylation) and can influence the risk of obesity and obesity related disease of baby for the rest of their life. Another new research area about ECS (and CB1 receptor), which are derived from omega-6 fatty acids, and how they influence appetite is very interesting. In class we also talked about gut bacteria and how the types of food you eat affects the way you digest food and influences hormone secretion (would be really awesome if you could do a video on that). Love your video!!

    62. Tiffany

      I love you. You are a new inspiration !

    63. paradyseperez

      Stephanie, do you think you could review this article and give me feedback on whether or not it seems accurate please? I want to make an effort to improve my body composition as soon as possible.

    64. paradyseperez

      Stephanie, I feel very discouraged. I'm what's called skinny fat. I really feel defeated, I don't know how to approach or fix this. Can you please make a video on this. I've looked up other videos, but they make me feel discouraged. I know that your content is something that I can really trust.

    65. Eric Kong

      Hey Stephanie! I just saw your video on your daily research experience and I just have some questions. I am currently a high school research and I have just begun to intern at a lab. I am participating in prostate cancer research and I was just wondering if you have some tips to help me adjust as I am just a mere high school student :( I obv don't know as much so I am just wondering if you could give me some tips on netowrking and getting to know others in the lab!

    66. Fitriyah Zakaria

      Hi Stephanie! LOVE from Singapore! I am loving how you help break down scientific studies to bite size beneficial proven information for your viewers and I am learning so much from it! Currently blending fruits and veges are in such hype and there are many dichotomous opinions about it. I would love to get a clearer idea and understanding counting its calories and the limits to blending as a meal alternative. Have a good time in HK!!

    67. paradyseperez

      OOOMMG Thankyou! I was so worried, I can still lose weight. Phew!!

    68. Melissa’s Thoughts & Life

      You are so right Stephanie about that! I’ve been telling people for years.

    69. Nicolle

      Excellent video!

    70. Jimmy Sixx

      No diet in the world work faster than intermitent fasting + keto diet.

    71. Matheus Schmitz

      On the past years I've seen more and more studies pointing to the effects of gut bacteria on weight gain/loss. It would be interesting to see you explore this topic too :)

    72. numbercrunched

      You should be a MythBuster. You all ready have what made them good :)

    73. betdanz

      Japanese: go to Sushi Shin in Tai Hang for lunch Omakase - best value for high end sushi (less than HKD500); Keyaki for skewers Chinese: Mott 32, Tsui Wah, Xiao Nan Guo, Maxim Palace, Tim Ho Wan, Hang Zhou Restaurant, Chiu Chow Garden; Xiao Yu Hotpot; As you like Chicken hotpot Fusion: Yardbird, Little Bao, Moyo, Bedu Western: Pici, Meats, Belon, Carbone, La Petite Maison Drinks: Sevva, Stockton, Bitters & Sweets, Please Don't Tell, Lily & Bloom, Cassio Have fun!! PM me if you are looking for something specific and I'd love to help or show you around!

    74. Sarah Mosely

      love these vids finally putting science into fitness and health

    75. dulce yams

      I found your channel today and have been watching you nonstop for hours! You are so lovely!

    76. Ana Flores

      Is there a video talking about yourself? Sort of "100 facts about me" or something? I'm 18 and I'm in college. I'm studying biomedical engineering, and i feel like I dont have enough time to work out. I've been watching your videos and I'm amazed. You're admirable, you're such a brilliant girl. I hope you read my comment because I want to know more about you, specially I would like to know how to make time for everything. For having good grades, eat healthy, exercise, have fun, etc. I was looking for motivation and I have found it in you😊.... Greetings from Mexico girl!

    77. Janelle Odionu

      Great and interesting video Stephanie!

    78. kewlkatnip007

      Hi Steph can you do a video about endomorphs vs ectomorphs and the best type of training routine for each!!

    79. Hannah Gregus

      For everyone watching: You are not fat. You have fat.

    80. Mirjam Bütikofer

      Giiirl can i please be you? You are a doctor, stunningly beautiful, fit, succesfull on youtube and have such a cool personality too. You are awesome!

    81. Sandra Darwish

      Beauty with brains 😍

    82. Erris Tan

      Thank you so much for this!! I really love your scientific approach to fitness. You really back it up with hard evidence. This was a very interesting topic!!

    83. Bumble Bee

      Amazing content, Stephanie! Love the mix of ideas...keeps your channel fresh!

    84. Anna Magdalena

      Very very informative!... as usual 👏🏻 😘

    85. Yasmin Sabir

      Can you please do a cheat week

    86. Tanya Lopez

      These videos deserve more views! Thank you 🤗

    87. Kirsten Veldsman

      Thank you for the time and effort you put into this video. It was so informative🤓 Cannot wait to see what you get up to in Hong Kong😀❤️

    88. Sabal Al-Khateeb

      Thanks loved this video

    89. Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir

      that was so fun :D

    90. Amy Ho

      I really enjoyed this video a lot and I appreciate how you clearly display where your drawing your conclusions from. Sometimes other videos like these make assumptions without referencing their sources, but yours highlights the particular studies and research so it feels a lot more trustworthy and reliable.

    91. Kasey Orvidas

      I’m a PhD student doing research on mindsets for health behavior change. Just shared your video with my colleagues! Definitely goes to show that a “fixed mindset” when it comes to blaming genetics for obesity is unsupported. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!

    92. valanaba13

      u should make a video on how u edit these videos! theyre amazing. easy to follow and very visually appealing.

    93. Emma Star

      love your sciencey videos!!

    94. thisaccountdoesntexistorwuteva

      I’m competing in a Oahu regional science competition in February, with my main solo category being genetics and proteins. I saw at around 1:45 how there were heterozygous and homozygous combinations of alleles, I got super excited because now that I’ve spent so much time into researching, exercise science and anatomy isn’t my only strong subject. I just want to say that you’re a HUGE inspiration for me and I love your scientific work!❤️❤️ also I remember you mentioning in your PhD video you held multiple leadership positions for sports, what sports did you compete/do?

    95. catmor84

      As a scientist do you really think you can say any "question was answered"? Perhaps the phrase 'that question was addressed' would be more appropriate - just a suggestion

    96. Heather Doman

      you're beyond smart and just so.. motivated. you're so successful and it's mesmerizing. i LOOOOOVE this content

    97. Dalenna Perez

      Keep the Dr in your informative intros. You deserve it

    98. Ashley B

      This was super interesting! I really do appreciate that you included your sources. I'm studying nutrition and might use this information later in class. Thanks Stephanie!

    99. Morsal Ahmadyar

      can you please tell me if birth control can make it harder to lose thigh fat?? my thigh fat is so stubborn and i don't proportionately lose weight from my waist is 22 inches and my thighs are 19" and 20"....... so i basically have two of my torsos as my legs. PLEASE HELP im sad

    100. Kaitlyn

      Yay I love Steph's science vids 🤓