Dear 2019: The Year I Gained Weight

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    I wanted to share this video so you know what 2019 meant to me. It was a year that changed my entire perspective on my body, my health and my mind. I will never forget 2019. Thank you for being a part of it with me. Happy holidays, see you next year ❤️
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I wanted to share this video so you know what 2019 meant to me. It was a year that changed my entire perspective on my body, my health and my mind. I will never forget 2019. Thank you for being a part of it with me. Happy holidays, see you next year ❤️

      1. Reggie Pyrtle

        Your a goddess!

      2. Cristela Jimenez

        Omg I've always struggled with hunger.. my whole life even as a kid. I can totally relate to this. Thank you for this video. Subscribed!

      3. Shauna Johns

        VERY PROUD!!!!

      4. Tyler D

        #CurvyIsTheNewBlack !! It's awesome to see a woman who gains her curves like you did. 💓💥👍

      5. ali ali

        I was a local champion of kick boxing in my country but I had a motorcycle accident that hurt my back and my left knee so I was obligated to stop training and I gain about 20 kg of weight it was so hard front of my friends and family but at last I was satisfied of myself and now after physiotherapy I return to work up not the way I was before but I m satisfied and happy so I understand what you was suffering but it s ok yoi should be happy abouy yourself and don t be under pressure and athletes will always become fat after time so please be happy and confident

    2. J L

      Dear Stephanie Me and my two kids 8 and 6 years old , we like you so so so so much , so enjoyed to watch your video we support your decision and please be a happy girl , Love you love you love you

    3. Jeremiah Bachmann

      ...but how you looked in a bikini was second to none. That is the main point of look good naked. Everything else is gravy.

    4. Rishit Shah

      U look good both ways. It's all what you want

    5. anna κ

      i have been from 60kg to 42kg then back to 50 kg and now 65kg. Weight is just a number. I can totally relate.

    6. Dietitian Andrea Urizar

      Who is watching in 2021?

    7. LydiA Jkessi

      In my country u were too skinny They would have made u crazy Ith their critics .. lool Personaly I préfèr u After gaining weight

    8. Alyssa O'Connell

      This needs to be a documentary on Netflix. "All In"

    9. Mary Big Mama

      You are so strong!!!!!

    10. Gabrielle Tran

      Stephnie. I recently subscribed to your channel Late October/ early November, once again thank you for teaching me to not care about what others think of you physically, even I was born with Cp( cerebral palsy) mild case , where I have to use a walker to move around, and wheelchair sometimes. Keep doing what makes you happy and you look very healthy. Thank you for this! I’m glad to see this all in process has made a difference in your life, as you made a difference my life, thanks again!

    11. Chimezirim Ibe-Ekeocha

      Thanks for sharing. You are amazing

    12. Nakisaka Rymbai

      She looks beautiful and better now

    13. iiiiiiiiiiisa

      Hi Stephanie, I am doing a social science research on fitness-influencers and the pressure that comes with it. I already sent a email to your management email. I would love you to be in the interview. If you are interested, let me know.

    14. Romi Bogeart

      your so beautiful either way and your so inspiring through everything, i had my daughter in 2017 an since then also my knee injury after multiple surgeries an waiting for an orthopedic to do my surgery for partial knee replace an iam 168lbs i gained this weight over time an now having hard time working out until someone accepts my case! im 28 gonna be 29 in december. im 5'4 you inspire me to start lifting and you still look way better then me! we all struggle! but you are one of my biggest inspirations along with hilary duff an she eats anything she wants with lifting! you both inspire me! keep going girl! YOUR BEAUTIFUL ! AND HAVE A BIG SUPPORT SYSTEM!

    15. E S B

      I've just realised that I went "all in" without knowing it. I had a very unhealthy obsession with staying slim and not eating enough so I was constantly hungry and over exercising. Last year I got pregnant with my first child and it was the first time in years that I didn't have to worry about how I looked and the full year after giving birth has been my highest weight but I have also been at my most comfortable and happy. I stopped caring about my body weight during pregnancy and didn't pressure myself to "snatch back" because for once I felt free around food. My hunger is a lot more under control now and I'm so happy. I would like to lose belly weight but I'm not pursuing the lean muscle look anymore.

    16. Dayana Wang

      I started following you when you started your weight gain journey actually! 😍

    17. Dylan Pringle


      1. Dylan Pringle

        YOU REMIND me of myself , getting in shape agian but this time going to eat heathy , forget unheathy diets whole foods and medatation, xoxo

    18. Pamela Williams

      You are truly a beautiful and inspirational person. Our health and happiness are two of the most important things and I think you have found both. Thank you!!

    19. Anne Hamelink

      Thank you. Just, thank you.

    20. Moje Konto

      2:52 big mama and her little son 🙃 Jeff

    21. Zion Sime

      2018 2019 I gain 40 pounds!!! Now I am trying to keep it in lean muscles. I couldn't put it on healthy 40 pounds because I was in ministry and we had to eat what was. On the table. I never felt better beautiful, my family members are so happy with my look. I got junk in my trunk!!!!! 💖 We are proud of you I see skinny ladies and no I don't ever want to be that way I ditched all my size 0. And told them I will never wear you again so bye bye!!!!!

    22. Créolèsque

      I stopped exercising this year. When I used to do it, I started off with a slim, curvy body, I always got compliments. I’d never be hungry, what I ate was more than enough after workouts, during the days and nights. And I looked very toned... so I lost my curves. My body become square-ish. I hated myself. Now, I’m happier, healthier, fuller, hungry, so I eat and I glow.

    23. Dolly Khung

      this video helps me lot!!! thank you!!

    24. nellie_romano

      Yesterday was the first time I've ever seen one of her videos but man, I feel so happy for her. Having a good relationship with food is so important and liberating. And she always looks amazing ❤❤❤❤

    25. Barry Knight

      Kasdashian hype got everyone wanting a booty🤦🏾‍♂️remember when a booty was disgusting is most circles. Shame catwalks still want skinny starving waifs booties.

    26. Bona Kim

      OMG I have just found you through Jeff’s channel.. this video brings me to tears. You go girl!!! I too am currently reverse dieting from years of 1200 cal - now at 2200 and still going on. Love your courage and dedication. Thank you for sharing!

    27. Natalia Velez-Ireland

      I appreciate this. I used to follow you and I stopped because I got worried about the food issue. Which I also dealt with. I appreciate your honestly and thank you! 🥰❤️Much love and good luck in your journey.

    28. Kali Ann

      Was not expecting to cry watching this

    29. Lisa Pons

      Thanks for sharing this! I am here for you!

    30. Kristina Marks

      Wow, can‘t even express the respect I got for you.

    31. Professor X

      I'm Italian and I'm writing this from Naples, your strength has arrived even here. Though this video is old, Good Luck.

    32. Frantr _

      you look better now

    33. PearlPoint

      She looks happier, and honestly more attractive without the abs and muscle.

    34. Golda Frey

      This inspired me a lot. Hello 2020

    35. Angela Bray


    36. MrEvelyn

      You could’ve stayed fit and eat a lot. You just had to do it slowly, for example, adding 100 extra calories to your diet every 2 or 3 weeks. But it’s alright, you look good now too!

    37. Hewan

      You look better when you gained weight...

    38. Lyn Rie

      I just loved you now! ❤

    39. Ariana Bosse

      I struggle with body dysmorphia and orthorexia. It's actually beyond helpful to see someone workout constantly to accepting a healthier way of being. With orthorexia I was working out 7 days a week, and 4 hours a day .my now husband has seen the effects of trying constantly to attain that coveted physique and understands that for me to be happy Is both a mental struggle as well as a physical struggle of trying to exercise and be healthy and happy at the same time. My main downfall is I feel fat no matter what I do.

    40. Ros Ulep

      No offense but you looked better when you gained. 😍😍😍

    41. Dalia Hinojosa

      What pink bikini is Stephanie wearing in her thumbnail pic?! Somebody help me :) 💕

    42. Kitty Kiss

      You look good curvy

    43. Lily Lucia

      As someone obsessed w my ballet career I love this video & the authenticity. I def have curves but love the freedom of not being obsessed w every calorie and yes always hungry.

    44. Jada Stricker

      Thank you for this video. I am in absolute tears:( I trained most of my adult life. I have never been a small frame and I was so afraid of other comments on my body or size. In 2015 I hit a wall. My doctor did blood work and it came back deficient in many areas and even my liver enzymes were completely off. I was at complete exhaustion but I was still so scared of what others would think of me. I quit my job as a trainer but over 4 years I still did periodic fast, 3 days one week 21 days only vegetables thinking it was for faith when a portion of it was to control my weight. When I returned home from bible school I was still not tiny and to big for what society said was ok for my dutch/African frame. Even though I was at a healthy body weight it felt not good enough and people had their comments. Over the past year my body gave our I have gained 30 pounds and I just stopped pushing and pushing. The tears in both Achilles grew really enflamed, my low back and hip gave out because of my years in dance, and probably every joint are brittle. I just had to rest! I never thought I would see a video with a similar story. I was so hungry over the last 6 months feeling like ive been starving so I have been eating 3500 cal a day on average calling myself a fatty. Having even my father call me fat saying im going to get diabetes. I did my blood work again for this reason and it came back better than when I was training. Everything was in the normal range and even my liver was finally good !!! was ama I just really want to thank you for sharing your story. I actually stumbled across it when I was crying. I didn't out to God basically crying over my weight gain. I was looking for my next diet and even a bikini prep diet when I found you. I feel I can love my self well and get through the comments. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing your story. HEART HEART HEART

    45. Jessica

      I never left 🌺 such an inspiration 💗 love you girly ! Keep grinding!💯👏

    46. Elin Karlsson

      You are such a inspiration❤️thank you

    47. Cody Krueger

      I mean as a guy I can say you look way hotter with the weight. I am guessing your boyfriend thinks that too. Lots of psychological work too in order to adjust.

    48. Camila

      When you begin living true to yourself, you’ll lose people and things along the way. It’s a natural process life does to clear out that which isn’t in alignment with who you really are- but it’s only temporary, because once you’re on the right track with your soul, your life will be filled with the best people, experiences, and physical manifestations of who you really are! Stephanie may have lost some followers initially, but is gaining people seeking community around similar and more common experiences, such as struggles with finding and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen unique to the individual. :) stay true to you!!

    49. Ana Anton

      Damn! So real! Thank you so much I think all women can relate to feeling that way at some point or another.

    50. Jillian Rodrian

      You have been such a support in my own all-in journey. So very grateful for you. Sometimes when I'm hungry and scared, I'll unleash my snack or meal, put on some comfy pants and a sports bra, and watch some of your videos until I am actually satiated and ready to live again. xxooooo

    51. sameei21

      Why do people always go from one extreme to another? There is a middle ground you know...

    52. Grantstheman Phillips

      Not to healthy to be underweight

    53. fac_t

      You were definitely too lean! Glad you went through this and shared it ☺️

    54. Martha Liuzzi

      You are amazing, courageous, and inspiring. Thank you for this. You are helping me and, no doubt, so many others.

    55. fernando lee

      so this is that famous stephanie buttermore that all my clients are talking about...."your all in" is helping me make tons of money thx

    56. 6fiddy

      You can spin this any way you want... Clearly this lady is sugar addicted..😳

    57. Guadalupe Cremona

      i am so proud of you❤️🥺

    58. Super Soldier

      Girl I was right there with you. Way to go. I went all in too. But tired and miserable and missing my lean physique. Help a sister out i need motivation. 😩😩

    59. Angela Petta

      I so appreciate your honesty & sharing your story. I don't feel so alone on this struggle. Wayne Goss recommended you & I am so glad he did. I just started following you. Blessings 💕

    60. Alexis Taysom

      I love her so much. Once I got in a serious relationship, I had the same journey and it healed me. Now I am in the middle of a longterm water fast and healing even more.

    61. Zach Wilkins

      I don’t judge someone by the size of their body. I don’t notice their dress size, the size of their arms or their waist I judge the size of their smile and personality. And you’re truly one of the brightest I’ve seen, especially since you went all in. Keep being amazing. You are truly an inspiration. You truly are.

    62. Ella Rose

      This helped me so much

    63. Sm Mn

      I need to gain weight too

    64. Maya Miyazaki

      You are so a lovely lousl❤️

    65. Carlos Mares

      You look more attractive now for sure ,who wants someone who starves themselves plus curvy girls are were it's at lol

    66. Badhon Ebrahim

      It's just a normal thing, u gain weight in life and I get lean, stop taking this way too seriously.❤️

    67. ネコとの暮らし_Life with Cats

      You are amazing. Period. ❤️❤️❤️

    68. Paul Newman

      I used to lose 100 pounds in 1 half months, I did this a couple of times when I was younger. I used to run 1 hour, swim for half...,., What I learned is just as long as your healthy, there is no need for concern. I know you compete and your really focused on your body, that’s cool, but you look good in all the videos, photos, your very attractive, anyway I hope you never stress out about your body again, because there is no reason to be. Tons of girls would kill themselves to look like you at your heaviest.

    69. Anilyn Karel


    70. katharine wilson

      Im so happy you feel better, look better and doing better!!! I don't know you but im subscribing now. Fitness should be tl feel stronger, healtheir and happier never overwhelming, depressing or pressuring. We are human for God's sake and the quality of life shouldn't be only at the gym or how many calories we eat.

    71. pradeep nair

      Here I am struggling to gain weight..

    72. Ognjen Docic

      5000 calories for women is healty??? Just then eat and become fat shit.

    73. ankit singh

      Dear u look so pretty after gaining.....enjoy ur life at fullest and plz dnt cry it doesn't suits on ur face...stay healthy and stay blessed and lastly keep smiling....

    74. Claudia Gi

      You are awesome!!! lml

    75. Carmie Lozano

      You look way more happy now 😍😍😍😍

    76. Tiara l

      I’ve been trying to lose weight and I’m soooo hungry. This was helpful

    77. Mark Tassi

      Maybe not healthy for a woman to be so shredded though. What drugs were you taking?

    78. Katherine Manolas

      OMG you are such a beautiful young woman with an impressive personality ❤️

    79. Bruna pedro

      You strong woman, keep up the good work no matter what anyone says, always remember to be you and you alone. Live your life according to your own terms and will, don't let haters ruin your positivity.😘 Lots of Love Stephanie!.❤

    80. Alaa Abusafat

      I'm the only one seeing her prettier in her's current shape??!!

    81. James Beavis

      Mostly excited to see the Skeptic’s Guide the Universe in the background :)

    82. Kiara Infuso

      Hey guys, isnt it beautiful to see a woman preatty fit yet with flesh on her breast butt hips arms whatever? Isnt her attractive? c'mon

    83. Rosh Lepz

      The middLe of that is perfecT.

    84. Jennifer A

      I know how you feel. I was once a super fit model turned Army girl. Now I am sick and disabled but gonna just get in shape without being too crazy about it

    85. Selma Djediane

      You look great before and after, the only difference I notice is your hapiness after

    86. Excuse me please

      You really prove that weight does not equal beauty. You look so stunning throughout your whole journey.

    87. Miranda Burt

      You are absolutely beautiful inside and out and throughout your whole journey. Way to go to unleash yourself, beautiful!

    88. Simone X

      Thank you for this video

    89. Jeff Duran

      Kept me subscriber

    90. Amanda Pumarejo

      You are beautiful Stephanie !! Inside and out!!! And so inspirational!

    91. J.music11

      After the weight gain you look so healthy and happy

    92. Transform with Nadia

      Thank you for sharing your story. The fitness world is filled with messages that tell you losing weight is what EVERY woman is striving for. I learned that the hard way when I became a fitness instructor, even though I got into the industry because I love working out! But not everyone wants or needs to lose weight/body fat and that's alright. You are inspiration and I hope that the people who really need it see this video ❤️

    93. Vanessa R

      You look good!! I wish I could gain 8-10 pounds and keep it.

    94. Sue Shen

      Love you. You should know this, you are yourself which is the most valuable thing in 2019. This makes your 2019 special and still beautiful.

    95. mysocial media

      How to remove the swollen face and mid section?

    96. mysocial media

      For me, I like your 2020 curvy body. Ladies should have tiny waist, big butt and wide hips, and strong lean legs. U have them. I’m jealous and I’m gay.

    97. mysocial media

      I don’t get your video. You’re complaining of being hungry and enduring it?

    98. scathecier

      what these people call "lean" to me looks like someone anorexic or someone out of a concentration camp. And they say it's healthy. You look healthy NOW.

      1. Natalie Dang

        Yeah this doesnt look lean to me either.... it looks extremely deprived

      2. Lisa

        Yes before wasn't a "healthy" look but I think a lot of the viewers are so stuck in the fitness bubble that they think that is how healthy look...

    99. İnci Su Biricik

      YOU GO GIRL!!

    100. Mariamm Malik

      She’s beautiful