DAY IN THE LIFE: My Meals, Workouts & New Goals (2021)

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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
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    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
    3. What did you research?
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    4. Is Jeff your boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart! My Ph.D. is in Pathology & Cell Biology and my research focused on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression.
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Let me know if you like this style of video, I could definitely do them more often! Love you guys! 😘

      1. Daniella I

        Can you make a video on normalizing being okay with what your body at a healthy state looks like? I feel so healthy but have cellulite on my legs always and sometimes its discouraging.

      2. Mandy U

        Can we see your physique now? And total calories you eat in a day now? Thanks!!!

      3. Sofia McLeod

        omg love it

      4. marieocean8

        Stephanie!!!! I love watching all videos you are making !!! I want to know your hight.📝 this is embarrassing to say .. but I want to be like you. Great body !! 😘

      5. elizabeth fitzgibbons

        I love you Stephanie your doing great love seeing your beautiful face

    2. Alfred M

      why on earth would you two be in Canada right now? Florida is the place to be 🔥

    3. Phoebe Vint

      Wow definitely have coach envy lol I love you guys so much 😭😭😭 This is really helping me get motivated to restart my strength training post vaccination and going back to the gym

    4. kingatheamazing

      That house in BC: Reasonably priced... move to Toronto and whoops we just spent $5 million....

    5. Pao Medley

      loved the vid but more importantly your journey! Maybe some tips/advice on first timers trying to get into things like pre and post workout supplements and such? ♥️

    6. Melanie P

      Most of us are working on weight-loss. So the question is how did you magically lose the weight to get back to your set point? You must have been really diligent and intentional with your eating to get back down to that point. What methods did you use? This would help the rest of us a lot because I am sure it didn't happen magically.

    7. Karina Silvestre

      You look so happy inside and out, Stephanie.

    8. Ernest Alderete

      Song at the beginning? Anyone?

    9. Vlada Ivankiv

      loved the video and would really love to see more of your strength training routines ❣️❣️❣️

    10. Nhia Lee

      Yay closer to Michigan!!!

    11. Jenna Jackley

      Your excitement is contagious and brings tears to my eyes. Bodies are amazing, but mindset is everything. Super proud of you!

    12. Nora Anderson

      what a lovely house!

    13. Tarnveer Singh Mangat

      Jeff coach me

    14. Tommy Bad

      Stephanie looks a bit like Olivia Munn 👀

    15. Maria Albarracin

      You guys live in Ontario?!! Omg I would love to run into you two at a grocery store cause that’s the only thing that are open during this lockdown here 🤣

    16. Justaname

      You and Jeff are my favorite HUfastrs . Both of you are so wholesome. ❤️❤️❤️

    17. Jishnu Panicker

      did she get botox ??

    18. Jordzyi1

      These HUfast influencers are idiots

    19. I Ford

      I honestly really love these kind of videos. A little peek into your meals, your workout, and your goals or progress is nice.

    20. Russo Na Prática

      Great video...Parabens 👏

    21. Chelsea Asp

      I just love how excited she gets during her lifts! Super inspiring ♥️ Can't wait to get back into weight lifting myself.

    22. Laura Saenz


    23. Evin Nazya

      To hear you say "my appetite has been really low so I've been reminding myself to eat" is literally WILD Steph!!!

    24. ElaineA. HYSTG.

      How you do that

    25. Erin Liu

      Welcome to Toronto area Stephanie and Jeff!

    26. lazyla27

      You look incredibly happy, healthy and strong! You are lovely!

    27. Cyn3827

      Hello, may be you can show us more diets 😊

    28. Bonita Amorim

      What an amazing look look so healthy and you seem so happy. Thank you for allowing us all to come along for the ride....such a positive message! And you moved to T.O.....maybe I'll see you guys around one day lol.

    29. Heather

      Friendly reminder you can life 2 1/2 of me YOU GO GIRL omg like wow tbh that’s really impressing

    30. Yazmin Janicke

      Oh I’m buying the shit out of this book!!! 🙌 I get so inspired every time I watch your videos. ☺️

    31. Femke Stolk

      Love the video!

    32. lahigirl37

      I’d love to see more of this kind of video! Very much enjoyed watching this vlog!💛💛

    33. Kawai 9001



      Congrats on your new house and the move!!

    35. Queen mokone

      You look so much happier with your new body than you did when you were a body builder.

    36. ipsychats

      Your story is so amazing, I’m crying :) thank you for being a HUfastr, you are such an inspiration to me 🤍

    37. Angel Trazo

      Stephanie 💕 If you need a comic book artist I’m here for hire! I love drawing Asian American women specifically ( I have a children’s book about AAPI women in history!) so this could work out :)

    38. Danielle Harris


    39. Vanessa

      Would love to see more videos if you can swing it!!

    40. J’adore accords

      Gorgeous home! Congratulations!

    41. Sarah Beth

      Loved this style vid! Go, Stephanie!

    42. Elizabeth Eckert

      What kind of veggie burgers do you eat?

    43. Renae Vazquez

      Jeff is an awesome, positive, happy, bf/ like Jeff. Lol. 👍

    44. Bella Cn

      Amazing 👏. You look awesome 👌👏

    45. Alyssa Duncan

      These videos are great! Love seeing your workouts and food, such a good balance you got going on right now. ❤️

    46. janessa yuen

      i miss the gym and big lifts so much i realised i was breathing in time with your lifts lmao

    47. LifeofCiindy

      Do more of these vlogs pls

    48. Bumble Bee

      Best advice: 'Forget your old PRs..."

    49. Eana Padie

      How many calories you eat per day?

    50. Kim Studebaker Du

      What’s your recipe for your protein oatmeal? It looks amazing and I can never get mine a good consistency

    51. PhilipJBernardi

      @Jeff. Dude, seriously. Put a ring on it already! smh

    52. bornfree onekiss

      i love it so so much can i ask how much do rest between the sets ?

    53. Kimberly Cool Mami

      Y’all are the real long distance relationship for real

    54. Sanjay Vyas

      Stephanie your performance is very good and you have excellent talent and I like and admire your performance well done you continue to perform ok

    55. B alexandra

      i love you

    56. Jessica Rousseau

      Love this style of video and seeing your lifting progress!

    57. Krizelda

      More vlogs like this!!!!! 🥰

    58. Ashli Nychole

      YES loved it !!!! Your smile when you hit that PR, that was pure joy 😄 And beautiful house, congrats ❤️

    59. Niken Saraswati

      No one cares about bloody nails

    60. Karolina Bach

      Loved this video!!

    61. Clara Franziska

      She’s soo sweet! Such a pure soul!! Love you!! You’re so motivating like I’ve never seen any person on HUfast so thank you!❤️

    62. Clara Franziska

      I love Canada, if my parents wouldn’t live in Germany I’d definitely move to Canada right away

    63. Helena Chase

      this was a fun video

    64. April Brown

      Just curious why you guys do long distance and if you have plans to move in together eventually in one spot

    65. Layla Russell

      This might be weird to say but you are looking so much healthier and brighter after going all in!!!

    66. Maira MM

      I just started my fitness and health journey, and you are such an inspiration for me! You cover all aspects of what it means to have a truly healthy body, you address and encompass real all factors- Mental health, physical health, nutritional health and self compassion! Keep doing what you are doing you are soo amazing!

    67. Tina Runi

      Tbh i believe you are dieting again.Not saying you are lying to us but i am pretty sure you are not eating everything you want daily and still keep track what you consuming so that’d be cool if you would be clear to us about that as well

    68. Meygan Rose

      You and you’re boyfriend are beautiful

    69. Karen Reyes Ramirez

      please tell me what lipstick you wear! im obsessed!!!!

    70. God Bless

      God bless, Jesus loves you and died for you all

    71. Natasha Newhook

      My dad makes the same soup 🥲 gotta love that Newfie staple

    72. McKenzie M

      Much love from Jacksonville

    73. Christa .Burns

      Okay I finally bought the protein you are always talking about and for some reason I can not find the part in the video where you tell how to cook it! 🤦‍♀️ lol can someone tell me where to find it!?

      1. Kim Studebaker Du

        I was asking for the protein oatmeal recipe too!

    74. Cydney Grannemann

      Since you do 2 strength workouts per week, what is your routine in between then??

    75. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Those meals look absolutely amazing and delicious 😋

    76. Ruth Ghale

      Is tht including bar weight or only plate weight u r squatting and deadlifting?

      1. Kylie Johnson

        Including the bar which is 45 lbs

    77. Tracy Lam

      So proud of your progress Steph! You're an inspiration girl

    78. Meghan Torres

      When the F are u guys getting married?!

    79. Chandany Am

      i love your videos 🤍🤍🤍!! can you pls make a video of where you get your gum clothes?? i love them and i want to feel cute and confident when i work out!

    80. Engelbert Humperdinck

      I love Stefanny Butterball!

    81. Richard Wells

      🤨🔫 Why in the Hell did HUfast put this in my feed? I don't wanna watch someone lifting weights in their Million dollar home and their fabulous life all thanks to social media...

      1. McKenzie M

        You could try being happy for people

    82. AEAN AEAN

      What did you do to heal from our herniated back?

    83. W Sike

      Damn y’all rich ashell. A house that nice and big in the GTA? Jeeeezzzz

    84. Lily Ellis

      if i buy a workout program will it help me lose weight? or just gain muscle?

    85. Nicole Manart

      the house is soo mf sick

    86. Me T

      Hello lovely gym what is the black flooring material??? Thank you 🙏

    87. Kev

      Hey Stephanie, would you consider doing an injury recovery video about your back? I think you would be able to do such a good job with your personal experience and research based videos ...

      1. Kev

        omg nevermind, just got to the part where you address this lol

    88. anna nguyen

      Ohh you got so skinny

    89. Rani

      What was the sumo deadlift technique so we know not to do it 🥰

    90. Marie Herridge

      PEScience has distribution in CANADA now!!! YAY, as soon as I found out I ordered the LARGEST offering of Cake Pop (Among other things)! I can't WAIT! WOOT! 😘 You helped me, and continue to, more then you may know. Body dysmorphia, over exercise and under eating, it feels like an endless cycle. I'll have to search through your old video's for the oatmeal cake pop recipe! 😘 Loved this video!!

    91. Larytatee

      i follow your journey since the beginning, but to be honest i missed the point where your lost so much weight. My latest update was that you gained a lot, and were a lot heavier than at the beginning. But right know I am absolutely overwhelmed - youre looking absolutely stunning! WOW

    92. Megan B

      steph: "forget all your old PR'S" jeff's shirt: "you're just jealous"

    93. Caroline Mckee

      Sis drop the skincare routine I live for your healthy glow😍

    94. Ceris Thomas

      I really appreciate your video! They are inspiring.

    95. Gabriela

      You guys are so cute. When’s the wedding!!! 😏

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      The spicy discovery steadily answer because orange numerically inform under a little canvas. public, utter font

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      The ajar girl arguably visit because bangladesh annually stain opposite a proud database. quiet, honorable sidewalk

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    99. Ida Bjelvin Haukedal

      I loved this vlog! So fun to see your progress🥰

    100. Maddy_Skyfall

      That. House. How much money this all costs! Don't wanna know how much money you both have wow 👀