Comparing 12 Different Glute Builders: What’s Really Best?!

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    Ashley Kaltwasser
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    Ended up doing a lot more than 12 exercises 🤷‍♀️
    (* indicates the exercises I feel are worth doing, even though they are more difficult to setup, BUT try them all for yourself and see what works best for you!)
    1.Traditional Hip Thrust
    vs. Feet Elevated Hip Thrust *
    vs. Knee + Hip Banded Hip Thrust *
    2. Machine Hamstring Curl
    vs. Nordic Curl *
    3. Reverse Hack Squat
    vs. Knee + Hip Banded Reverse Hack Squat **
    4. Single Leg Hip Thrust *
    vs. B Stance Hip Thrust
    5. Machine Hip Abduction
    vs. Knee Banded Machine Abduction *
    6. Goblet Squat
    vs. Heel Raised Goblet Squat *
    vs Knee Banded Goblet Squat
    vs. Heel Raised + Knee Banded Goblet Squat*
    7. RDL
    vs Split Stance RDL*
    8. Glute Bridge
    Frog Pumps *
    Frog Thrusts
    Banded Glute Bridges *
    Feet Elevated Glute Bridges
    Banded Feet Elevated Glute Bridges *
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      HELLOOOO my loves!!! I wanted to make this video a bit more fun and quirky, so I hope you like this style of presentation! Let me know what you think and if you think I should do more of these type of "comparison" videos of different exercises! 👇 Make sure to check out the description box for a list of all the exercises 👆, as well as everything else I mention. I love you guys so much! Let the glute gains begin!! 😘🍑🔥

      1. R B

        It's hilarious that you think that you have a fat booty.

      2. Stephani Loder

        Comparisons are sooooo helpful. Thank you!

      3. Bakti Hartanto

        thx Stephanie Buttandmore

      4. Emily

        Do you find you get lower back pain?? Ever since I've started doing hip thrusts it's just been killing my back

    2. ANimouz

      A "pl-ANAL" goblet squat. I see what you did there.

    3. OffLeashIG

      hey but what about sissy squats with or without the machine? they target the inner thigh? wondering if i should be doing them as a girl???

    4. Stephen Yang

      i'm still trying to do the same thing and it's 2021 already

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      I like watching your butt and pelvis but make it shorter next time. This was waste of time.

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    10. Ernest Triplett

      Reverse Nordic Curl

    11. BB

      this video just killed whatever motivation i had

    12. David

      I purchased a typical chin/pull up bar that fits in your door jamb for the nordic curls. I just put it lower in the door frame so I can put my feet under. I had to put my squat sponge around the bar too, because it hurts the back of my ankles without the padding. It lets me do it without bugging my wife to hold my feet down though :-)

    13. Alexandra Murray 99

      Forever pissed off that some girls a born with nice asses and I’m over here getting laughed at for my flat ass needing to drink 6 water bottles a day, constantly eat chicken and life heavy 5 days a week the rest of my life. I just wanna die lol

    14. Sofie Jorgensen

      Steph! do one more of this type of glute video! it's a great motivator!!

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      How's a woman with a flat behind advising women on how to grow a booty😂

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      This video was so awesome omg thank you so much for making this! I love how you gave so many different exercises for at the gym or at home! This helped so much and was so informative!

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      god she is the most beautiful woman she will be a perfect mother

    21. scarabbi

      Enjoyed this one. Some of these very doable at home, especially as I can use bands but don’t have weights easily. Hip thrust across two beds for feet elevated version or Nordic ham curl with couch to hold feet. Learned that second from Jeff. Good stuff! I also enjoyed the puns. Glad they are recorded for *posterity*

    22. Scubagirl


    23. Nina

      For the one leg hip thrusts working one glute at a time, which side gets more load? The side with the leg in the air or the one with the foot on the ground?

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      yeah, too much hassle for most of these exercises if you don't go to the gym

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      hey thanks just watched your bf's reasons glutes are important video this was exactly what i have been looking for, thinking adout working on my but for a long time, really thank you. :D

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      I am loving those exercises. I put my list together. This will be in my routine as of now

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      @Stephanie Buttermore -- Just curious, what is your racial background? You are gorgeous regardless but I am curious.

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      Question: can working the glutes get rid of cellulite?

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    41. Cucker Tarlson

      The hip thrust is NOT the best glute exercise... don't believe everything you see on the internet... there are many so-called fitness experts making many unsubstantiated claims. Probably to differentiate themselves. So much nonsense out there.

      1. Thimdelfaza

        k i r k “This channel has no videos”

    42. Thomas Müller

      For me and my clients I recommend clean and heavy hip thrusts. I really don't see any benefit of using a complicated setup with bands and all that stuff that is only annoying everyone in the gym. All that Instagram and HUfast Fitness-Wannabees are trying to make easy movements much more complicated than it needs to be. Just my two cents....

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    51. P .soo_

      Okay so I need a bit of help. I'm actually not trying to increase the size of my glutes. I'm pretty satisfied with the inches that I have(38") but I don't have them that toned. Very less definition and a bit of cellulite. So my question is, do you need to lift heavy weights(like going all out. Lifting 30 kgs or even more) or would light weights and resistance band work too?

    52. Amanda Slominski

      What glute building exercise is best? Stephanie: Yes

    53. Michelle R.

      Hip thrusts are my #1!! I love them!

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    57. COBA Glute Trainer

      Hello Stephanie, We would like to collaborate with you. DM us at @thecobaboard

    58. shinee DaBlueprint

      I have a stupid question (I'm sorry I've only been to the gym once) Can you just get on the floor and do those pumper exercises anywhere? Like gym etiquette? Is there a specific section/floor where you can stretch or do you just find a random open space?

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      What are your thoughts on the leg EXTENSION hip thrust? Basically every gym has a leg EXTENSION that has movement arms capable of being used for the hip thrust movement. Sorry for the capitalization, my predictive text is jacked

    90. Jinx Leon


    91. Jinx Leon


    92. Momo Ko

      my hack for the nordic curl is to use a doorway chin up bar. mine is adjustable, you could move it to any height on the door frame. my issue w/ nordic curl is that it hurts my knees so bad that i don't know if 1) whether i am doing them right 2) worth the pain. it takes days to recover.

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