CHEAT DAYS / BINGE EATING / REFEEDS | What’s The Difference?

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    ▹Validity and utility of the current definition of binge eating. Int. J. Eat. Disord., 42: 674-686. doi:10.1002/eat.20728
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I know this is a controversial topic, please be respectful in the comments 🙏Let me know if you like scientific/informative videos! Love you all so much ❤

      1. Caitlin van Beek

        It was super informative, I used it for biology where the topic was eating lol

      2. Corinn Irene

        Absolutely love your scientific videos!!

      3. Megan Nowak

        Thank you for this! Your latest cheat day video was awesome! Kind of off topic, where is your gray tank top from?

      4. Elin Tilia

        Please don't take this the wrong way, as you're obviously smart and research a lot, but I've seen most of your videos and I'm starting to wonder if your own cheat days are a sign of disordered eating. You didn't eat a lot on your bulk either, neither did you gain a lot of muscle/weight, and after that you started discussing a cut again, which might indicate you're restricting too much. Being knowledgable, which you obviously are, does not make you immune to eating disorders, so please take a long hard look at your own eating habits and take good care of yourself. Again, not hating, just a concerned viewer.

      5. Victor Zsasz

        Great video

    2. Ana B

      Why do I lose weight the days I overeat like on Christmas ?

    3. The Never Ending

      Watched this right after Thanksgiving 😂

    4. Juan Miguel Hayot

      I had already watched some other videos before this one and wasn't sure it was gonna be worth watching another one, but it was. Nice video.


      I have a full day of eating whatever I want every 2 weeks, and gain... maybe 4 pounds? I don't feel guilty after eating all that because the whole point of that day is to eat whatever I want without feeling guilty about my weight. I do have this all or nothing mindset with food, like I have to make the most out of this day. So I might eat food even after I feel full. But I feel happy and cheerful after those 'cheat days'. I don't feel ashamed or anything, and eat with my family. Is it ok to count this as 'cheat days' or is it leaning towards 'binge eating'?

    6. Fit With Holly

      So I have watched your entire all in series and I was just wondering, after you filmed THIS video when you were in a lean bulk, did you compete again? Or just competed the one time?

      1. Fit With Holly

        PS-I ❤️❤️❤️ all of your info

    7. Jessie Jiang

      learn more by re watching these food series after All In.

    8. Mack Dack

      Your videos are really honest, thank you.

    9. MEH MEH

      In my opinion Cheat days - for someone who extremely exercises and typically eats nutritionally dense food ( lower body weight ) Cheat meals - for someone who moderately exercises and has a balanced and intuitive diet Carb reefeeds of diet breaks - people who are trying to make gains whilst still eating some carbs better for people in competitions

    10. Alberto Rangel

      No offense, but thicc Steph is way more attractive than this Steph o.O

    11. Luca Bianchini

      2:19 yummmmmm, I'd eat that sushi all by myself....too bad that after that I'd probably hate sushi

    12. Jared Valade

      Going back and watching the science backed videos, really enjoy these types from both you and Jeff! Would love to see more in the future!

    13. Natalie

      amazing amazing amazing

    14. Irene Bill

      I eat clean 6 days on 7. Usually I eat 1000 calories, many calories can I eat on my cheat day?

    15. Merlina Azul

      Hi Stephanie! Very informative video, glad I came across it. I did have a question regarding your non-cheatdays. Do you ever eat small cheat meals on regular days or do you restrict to “junk food” on cheat days ONLY? Wasn’t able to find a video on this so please share link if you’ve already discussed this at some point. ❤️

    16. Michael

      Very well said, one of my favourites on this topic.

    17. Ahmed Salem

      Thank you so much, this information is great.

    18. Olivia foster

      Many people have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with food. It's awesome you have such a healthy relationship with food but you are an influencer and the people who watch your cheat days most likely aren't in your situation and are watching because they themselves are unhealthy. I'm not trying to attack you or your channel I just think it's important for you to take into consideration the effects your videos can have on millions of people.

    19. Aubry Ilkanic

      So I'm going to completely honest. I Bing eat but then after I try and not eat at all. I have had a Bing eating day then the next day I feel so bad I don't eat at all or very little. But that's because I have really bad anxiety and depression and OCD(the OCD is not yet completely diagnosed but my therapist has pointed it out. Hopefully going to get it diginosed this week). But when I'm feeling good I love a good cheat day with friends going to get pizza and ice cream two food I can't typically eat.

    20. cherryblossom0426

      Great and informative video, very helpful ❤️💪🏼

    21. Bugs Life

      I love these scientific and informative videos! I can’t wait to watch your other ones!

    22. Anamoly Anomaly

      That was good. I have my refeed meal on Sunday. I will order a small pizza so I won’t be stuffed and have my natural ice cream with cookies. Thank you because I use to binge on cheat day. Now I just have a cheat meal and desert once a weak.

    23. Matthew Brunette

      I swear my body will desperately crave junk food but when I actually do have a cheat day, it’s a total let down.

    24. Shannon Wood

      So helpful! Wanting to be less strict with my nutrition!

    25. Adam Joseph

      It’s very clear that you have a binge eating disorder and your not willing to except it.

    26. Julie Burns

      Why not just eat in moderation? Why the high calorie cheat days? The cheat days seem to be really like binges. You look more than satiated, and I wonder why you feel the need to do this?

      1. Dani Chamberlain

        when you restrict for most of the month, and your craving foods very often, a cheat day like that (10k calories) is like the only thing that will satisfy you. And i know as a person who struggles with food and the fear of weight gain that eating intuitively/in moderation all the time is scary as hell

    27. Tammy Wilen

      How often did you say you do a cheat day?

    28. Destiny Massey

      How often do you have cheat days?

    29. Poopsie Pop

      I made a whole video of Stephanie's foodgasm face lol -

    30. eric D

      Like your video and good info, love you

    31. Grace Dreamy

      Hi Stephanie! a question: first of all, I love your videos. Okay my question is that I have slow metabolism. It sucks. I mean, if I eat like cake, upto even two to three regular pieces, I suffer from stomach ache. Okay, saying this, I exercise, and drink lots of water, so no problem with that. Doing healthy stuff had helped me alot with my constipation, I have to admit...BUT, now that, I do health stuff, I do sometimes have craving for sweets, and donut. I should mention, I can never afford to eat like you do, physically, I would me I have a slow metabolism. So , instead of a full cheat day, I kind of sneak in a cheat meal every to to three days. Now, my cheat meal is not some huge thing, its like a burger, or maybe a few biscuits. I am sorry. I just need your guidance in my case. Please help me, because, I do not feel satisfied at the end of the day. I don't want to give up this healthy lifestyle which I have been living for like an year, and I fear that prolonged craving may result in me breaking down eventually.

    32. Kayla O'Sullivan

      Could you do a informative video about binge eating?

    33. andydguitar

      It took me a while, but after eating cleanly for a while, I really started losing my cravings for junk food. I don't really desire cheat days. I eat protein cookies a few times a week, so that quenches me a bit.

    34. ציביה פייגין

      Thank you Stephanie! I enjoy your channel so much. Good contents and I find myself learning something new almost every time.

    35. Janice Wong

      Thanks for this video! Out of curiosity, how many times a month do you have a cheat day?

    36. FoundMushroom

      How far apart should cheat days be? 🤔

    37. 챱쀼릥클

      This is so helpful I am on diet but I feel guilty whenever I try to have a cheat day. I also get stressed with it thinking that all the things I eat during that time will just come back to me. But after watching this video, I think I can change from now on.THANK YOU. By the way, I subscribe today. I was impressed and attracted by your smile. P.S. I’m now a Korean fan of yours❤️

    38. Elijah Wheat

      #bae 😍

    39. the wilde lifestyle

      How often do you enjoy a cheat day? Once a week? Once a month?

    40. Cleo Gordon

      How often do you do cheat days? What’s a good amount of days in between to maintain fat loss? Also, how often should we refeed? I find I’m not losing belly fat anymore when I cheat on the weekends. But then again I don’t sleep more than 6 hours during the week.

    41. Erika Ramirez

      How often do you do cheat days?

    42. thespiritbomb

      When youre slim, why would u hide during a cheat meal. Nowadays its almost sexy for women to eat a lot, as long as theyre slim as ironic as that seems. Hypocrytical when it comes to bigger women

    43. Zehra Saydıran

      I used to afraid of cheat meals but now i understand thank you so much ! 😍

    44. KatE

      My new favorite vlogger!! You don't only look gorgeous, you have such amazing personality but more importantly, you approach fitness scientifically! Keep it up!

    45. Queen Enails

      Yesss I was wondering why you have energy after you eat so much. And don't fell heavy and lazy after. Bc I guess that's bengeatting

    46. Ciandra Jackson

      How often can you have a cheat day without hindering your fitness goals and progress?

    47. Mandy Wright

      Loved this video! I have been implementing refeeds for a while, however, my best results come after short vacations where I did not track and just indulged. The psychological benefits of taking a break from dieting have helped me to over come plateaus! Thanks for breaking this down! ❤

    48. Mae M

      Love your videos Steph! You have really motivated me to eat clean and stay on track! Ive been seeing results :)

    49. Ana Coelho Fitness

      amazing content once again stephanie! 👌👌

    50. Maggie-Rose S

      I noticed some youtubers do 1 weekly cheat meal and others do what you do and occasionally have a full on cheat day but I haven’t seen anyone who does both. Do you think it’s either one or the other but not both? Would it be bad to do both? Also how often do you do cheat days?

    51. V Krish

      How often do you do cheat days?

    52. Jenni Liberty

      But I never feel full 😬 and when I do, I’m hungry within a couple hours

    53. WatBroke

      Very interesting. How do you decide when to have a cheat day? Do you have a periodical time frame or do you plan around activities/family meetings/holidays? I can see that heavily affecting the way a "cheat day" is viewed by the mind and body as well. Periodical "cheat days" might even condition the body in an undesirable way.

    54. Ruby Siu

      Please continue to film such informative videos like this! You are such a smart and hard working woman who justifies your points with evidence-based research, so it further improves your plausibility. You're not just one of those fitness enthusiasts who only want to look good, but you're sharing your experience with these fun "experiments" (not to say that you don't wanna look good, because you definitely already do!). Your message is clearly what people need to hear more often because you have such a honest relationship with food while continuing to live your life healthily without restrictions. You're amazing and I highly admire and respect you :)

    55. Wendy Sybers

      Your cheat days are binge eating and you know it. You film it for money is your special occasion. I call bullshit

    56. Lynette Z. Hadfield

      I really appreciate that you know what you're talking about when it comes to facts and science behind everything. That and the real emotional relationship with food. Keep this scientific takes on food coming!

    57. mckenna weinbaum

      I- included am one of those people and I’ve been lessening my caloric intake, though because puberty is at hand in these stages of my life, I’m not exactly sure how I should continue and what type of exercise I should do if I don’t go to the gym

    58. mckenna weinbaum

      Can you do a video for females of different ages? Because I know some young teens who watch their weight but don’t exactly know how because most videos are aimed at 18+..

    59. Kahvinya Music

      Thank you for this!!

    60. Johnson Wang

      When do we need a refeed day? When the carbs are blow 100g per day while weights stall for few days?

    61. Stefany Morales

      What’s the name of the other book on your desk? I want to read more about sports nutrition, I’m ordering the women’s book

    62. Animaniac

      Can I binge watch your videos though? Can’t stop lol

    63. Drea Frederick

      I freaking love your videos! This was great!

    64. Dougie B. Fitness

      I really appreciated this discussion. If anyone is aware of instructive videos on how to do a refeed for competition prep, please let me know!!

    65. sackboydrake

      Wheres the 15000 calorie challenge you promised? 😕

    66. amy

      Thank you Stephanie, found this super helpful! I think we all (when cutting) encounter roadblocks with being able to persevere, and it's so productive to know that a cheat day won't derail progress in the longer term. I'm looking forward to incorporate one in the near future!

    67. Aliee Kat

      I love watching your videos but these kinds of videos you do, by far, my favorite!

    68. Dee X

      Love these informative sessions. It might be better if you don’t have a laptop in front of you, feels more distant

    69. Calvin Darius

      Shared to FB. What a great source of information.

    70. Tina and Brian

      Awesome video haha. I love my cheat days! You have to have balance!

    71. Charmaine Espeut

      I started my diet last week. I fast Sundays, meat Mondays, vegatarian Tuesdays, cheat Wednesday, Thursday vegetarian day, meat Friday and vegetarian Saturday. I was told only eat one unhealthy meal on cheat day. This pisses me off. After eating healthy all week only ONE unhealthy meal. Am I being unreasonable? Last week I did this and I lost 4 lbs.

    72. ParrotMan01

      There are times when I do cheat days, but I end up doing refeeds instead. Even on cheat days, I have a pretty hefty caloric deficit.

      1. ParrotMan01

        Or at least I used to until I corrected this, and now I'm well beyond the norm. Gotta get back on track.

    73. lindaBelmont88

      Love it!!!💕💕

    74. Rand Sq

      I really agree with you on these cheat day benefits because that's exactly what i feel too! No desire for sweets. refined/processed food the next few days or even a week to be honest. It also makes me think of how to fully utilise these extra calories the next or two days instead of feeling guilty too ! heh . Thanks for sharing this and really love the positive vibes and real life information you've been experimenting with and given, showing that it's all about enjoying the journey of experimenting, keeping things to moderation, healthy mind, training not only hard but smart consistently thru! (:

    75. Cristina Alsos

      wanna say thanks for filming/posting this video. going through a rough patch and the "binge from negative emotions" is keeping me from reaching for trash and the illusion of immediate comfort.

    76. Fila Bookworm

      awesome video Stephanie.

    77. Julia Garcia

      Very informative and helpful. What do you recommend to do in order to stop binge eating and just have a regular cheat day ? Btw new subscriber 😁

    78. Anna Li

      How many times do you have a cheat day? Like per month?

    79. Victor Zsasz

      Great vis

    80. Myriam Arsenault

      Love it !!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you’re inspiring and professional 💞

      1. Myriam Arsenault

        And I love the scientific parts 👌🏼 I can really rely on them !

    81. Sally

      Love the video❤️❤️ Question: what do you think about somatotyping and training with setting your macros based on your somatotype ( endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph,combination types etc)? What’s your somatotype? 🤔 I’m guessing mesomorph...

    82. Amy Petty

      How often do you have a cheat day?

    83. Jessica jessica

      so how much maximum cheat day someone should be having? once a month? twice a month? once a week? please let me know!!

    84. lesledonn

      I love your approach to food and fitness. What you never said during this video (although it was everywhere) was that you are able to have a healthy approach to indulging because you are happy with yourself and how you look. So many people are not. Even though I haven't heard you specifically talk this way, you're a model of a woman loving and appreciating herself.... keep it up!

    85. Laura

      In my experience, I go through the exact opposite symtoms after a cheat energy, high sugar cravings, food focus, increase in my appetite, etc... :(

      1. MEH MEH

        Laura normally wait it out and you be fine but allow your self one sweet thing like a donut from the previous day (:

    86. Jennifer Julianjf

      Hi Stephanie! I was wondering if you could make a video on how a refeed can impact a woman’s hormones. I know that many women who are competing can lose their period and I’m just curious if implementing refeeds or chest days can help balance out the hormones.

    87. Alena Do

      Hi Stephanie, i have a question ... i’ve heard that hipthrust are dangerous, as a scientist, do you agree with that ? Can you please make a video explaining why some exercice like hipthrust could be dangerous and how to avoid injuries ? I always love your videos !! 😘

    88. sani

      Hi there! Could you do a video on your take of GMOs? Since it’s such a controversial issue, I wanted to see what’s your think of it!

    89. King

      You are absolutely stunning and such a sweetheart!!!😍

    90. Michael John

      When cutting or bulking would you do a cheat day once per week?

    91. Jas

      I was really jamming to the Stevie Wonder playing in the background, lol.

    92. Haneen Shadeed

      There's a preconceived idea that binge eating is related to and caused by negative emotions. However, that's not always the case. You can binge when you're feeling happy and fine but it's more of a habitual practice. The more you do it the more your neural pathways are strengthened and thats what makes it hard to stop.

    93. 23cruzypooh

      Thank you Stephanie!! I love all of your videos, watch every single one of them. I was wondering if maybe you could do one over PMS and exercising and it’s effects before, during, and after your period?

    94. Xtremedog83

      I'm native english speaker learning Japanese and Chinese and this video makes me feel I'm bad at english😂 a lot of big words you could say.

    95. Sydnee Babcock

      I would love to see you do this while your in a cut! This was such a good series❤

    96. Jordan

      You talk like a robot.. i think that is why your channel stays pretty stagnant. it's hard to get through a video because you jump cut so much while you talk.. i really like you otherwise!

    97. Chandler Lynn

      You are so great! Love learning from you!

    98. Blue Bunny

      You made me love tim hortons. 😂🍩🍩🍩 also isnt it that the effects of your diet and cheat days will depend on your body type? Hope you can show more of these type of video! 💕👍🏻

    99. Vinicius Marques

      Hey Steph! Killing the content game, loving the hustle with so much knowledge ! Hope you got my message on IG!

    100. rockabilllybabe

      Love you content soo much! Learned so much and you can break it down so that everyone can understand it, thank you! X