BJ's Restaurant Pizookie Challenge | GIRL VS FOOD | 6000 Calories in One Meal

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    100,000 Subscribers!! My heart is filled with joy and my belly is full of cookies and ice cream! I hope you enjoy this fun food challenge and stay tuned for more food, training, science and of course fun!! Cheers to the next 100,000!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      100,000 Subscribers!! My heart is filled with joy and my belly is full of cookies and ice cream! I hope you enjoy this fun food challenge and stay tuned for more food, training, science and of course fun!! My next video will be a training video on "What's the Best Way to Train After a Cheat Meal" which will be the day after this challenge! Turn on notifications for me so you don't miss it! #uploadfrequency I love you all so much!! xoxox

      1. 6fiddy

        This is so freaking ignorant... The challenge should be don't eat that crap..😳

      2. Dylan Pippin

        Hey Stephanie, my wife wants to know how to hit the inner thigh part of the legs, can you make a science explained video on the specific muscle group and the best exercises to tone that area?

      3. Cody BersiCC

        *probably mousse to make himself taller*

      4. Magnazero123

        What does Jeff put in his hair? it's beautiful!

      5. Theists are the original con-artists.

        @Julia Wurts I agree, the good thing about life is you can compensate to things that you're lacking, i.e If you're ugly, you can compensate it with intelligence.

    2. Khushi Galhotra

      You help me soo much with my diet! Whenever i crave for something i watch these videos and they make me feel so satisfied! Kudoss! You go girly! ✨🌸🔥

    3. ChaoticCurl

      I got full just watching 😅😅

    4. Food Experts

      Great! Try our kids made eggless milo Pizookie:

    5. ciennaa_lly

      Did it annoy anyone else how the ice cream was just melting ahh!

    6. Mauna Loa

      Saying: "Sooo good" to processed piece of human poisoning junk food is promoting self destruction and food addiction. You know how many people just literally dieing of obesity, diabetics etc. cz they not able to stop eating?! You r making money on other's weakness. Bad karma.

      1. Latte girl

        The way you're commenting about her I am sure you haven't watched her other videos. Idk why people judge others just by watching a single video. She has a huge appetite okay and she doesn't eat like that everuday and this was long back. Back then she has a cheat day once in 2 or 3 months and one day of junk food will not give you heart attack. And talking about obesity and diabities. She's fucking fit by gyming every day and again eating junk for once in 2 months won't give her diabities. That girl is literally so genuine and nice you better watch all her videos before commenting

    7. HealthyChoice

      I just love you guys so much ♥️

    8. Pide Tods

      I feel like I could do that if I was on my period and smoked up lol.

    9. collarmole

      You guys are SOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE. You both individually are adorable so together you're ten times even more adorable! A perfect match!

    10. Cosmo Gamer

      this is pretty disturbing honestly. you should reconsider the ethics of promoting binge eating (and purging?) in my opinion

    11. Zaklina Kamberovic

      I would like it if you two challenge each other who can eat leather 💪 😉

    12. BB 15

      And now you have a million subscribers!! Ahhhhh how amazing :)

    13. amy colucci

      Just found your channel watching videos in reverse just love you

    14. Katrina Sanchez

      But... Is it a "challenge" if it's easy for her

    15. Bella McCord

      i don't know why but jeff reminds me so much of my older brother lol they have very similar mannerisms

    16. Agnieszka Kozlowska

      And to think now you're nearly at one million 💖

    17. FoxMcWeezer

      7:17 channeling some Hodge Twins!!

    18. Windy

      I hope this isn't taken as an insult BUT your man looks like DASH

    19. Cara Stone

      Love you, but these food challenges are dumb and extremely unhealthy. As a trainer, I don’t understand why fitness professionals or fitness influencers do this kind of shit.

    20. paperprincess

      lol 6k in so little time is rough!!

    21. Matt Hollinden

      Your missing half the ingredients for the salted caramel

    22. Woke Gentleman

      Don't give your gorgeous butt any diabetes Stephanie! :( I'm really skeptical of that high-calorie "science" :/

    23. applecinnamon

      I know I’m 2 years late but I love how you’re channeling your inner Matt Stonie with the bananas holding your phone on the counter 😂

    24. molly traxler

      is this supposed to help people recover from eating disorders or are you just eating for entertainment purposes?

    25. idk k

      watching this video after your dedication to a caloric increase and healing your body, and wow your personality change is pretty extreme! you seem so much more energetic and genuinely happy now!! experiencing any change in your body can be extremely challenging to the mind, especially weight gain, and i appreciate you recording your journey so much! keep going you got this!!💪

    26. Kimberly

      Is anyone else’s video a little bit laggy?

    27. Satoshi Nakamoto

      Seriously, this makes me so glad that force once, force once, she found her match, and she couldn't conquer it!

    28. tima

      love your banana stand

    29. Mina Omar

      I would’ve eaten it all 😂

    30. Jasmine Xu

      You are so inspirational and adorable!!! Went back and watched this video and I just couldn't stop laughing XD... Thank you for being such an inspiration!!

    31. maknae jk

      her head is really big compared to her body. :/

    32. dasha zenzina

      watching this when you are hungry is torture, somehow I always end up on you ur channel when supper hungry! :)

    33. Em ali Houseini

      Hii Stephanie 🤗 am a new subscriber/a new fan ... you have such a sweet vibrant personality... ur so pretty & so smart ... i love food and fitness like you do .. one more thing, that chemistry between u & ur man is everything ❤️

    34. Crystal De Jager

      🙀 melted ice cream! My worst fear! Please stop eating! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    35. venessa okorie

      How ?????? I can’t barely eat one omg lol

    36. Sandrine Kew

      Too bad you sped up your eating. I would have super-enjoyed watching you eat all of this deliciousness in real time. Please do not speed-edit your eating.

    37. Samantha

      Love your videos!

    38. Amber Pace

      I love you two together so cute ❤

    39. De Em

      hi!!!!!!! i LOVE your outfit!! where do you get your sports bras and leggings from?!?!?!

    40. Pink Fairy

      "Camera stopped working..." aka "throw up break"

    41. Sofia Swer

      OMG why am I fan girling over you two😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖

    42. Cathy Giberson

      What is a pizookie? Never heard of it...the choc one looks divine!

    43. Charmaine C.

      When people say stephanie doesn’t swallow her food, please take a look on this video

    44. irene brillantes

      Love you and Jeff together!!! 😍😍😍

    45. funky doghead

      47$ for 5 pizzookes ?? Hell 2 the nawl

    46. Rabab Alhunaidi

      If i try this, i will get diabetes right in the moment

    47. Aryam Blah

      Ooo they have a BJ's here in Kansas where i am at and the fooooodddd issss firrreee 🔥

    48. Melissa’s Thoughts & Life

      Your so awesome love your content. 😍

    49. C B

      I’ve been following you for some time and loving every vídeo. But just now watched this one. You make the greatest challenges and seriously you are such a beautiful and cute couple 💖 you both are goals for real!

    50. Anna Amos

      You guys are so adorbs!!

    51. Chelsea Divel

      Anyone else notice the audio is a little off? Or is that just on my end.

    52. Tammy C

      Love you guys- so exciting to see you are nearing 500 000 now!

    53. April Vlogs

      I like watching your vlogs cause they make me want to eat mindfully and they turn me off from junk food completely! So thank you 😊

    54. fingertape

      If y’all don’t lick that whole ass pool of ice cream off that goddamn plane

    55. fingertape

      If y’all don’t put those lil ass spoons and pick that cookie up

    56. Kheda Ayubova

      U 2 are so cute together. I love u both and u r videos are really good =) 😘💪👍

    57. Sarah TL

      You guys are sooooo cute

    58. All Hollows Eve

      hi!!!! I'm a new subscriber! you guys are awesome! so I feel like I really want to try this. I love sweets and ice cream. my thing is I shouldn't have it all the time. I was speaking 200 pounds due to stresses of my job and eating whatever all of the time. I have brought my weight down too 173 pounds. I'm proud of myself but I need to do more. I think one cheat day out of the month would work for me. anyway I'm glad I found your channel and can't wait to see more.

    59. Taylor Whiteside

      So many idiots can't see beyond the bullshit

    60. just Mo

      I have never enjoyed watching someone eat so much lol

    61. madison miles

      I think it's more of how sweet it is more than the calorie count

    62. Lily 123

      I follow u on instagram

    63. amy Mooney

      Oh one “Pizookie” or whatever has the same calories as 1 slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory? 😭 I feel cheated by the Cheesecake Factory.

    64. Sofiya Kinash

      I think if you want nail this challenge you should eat one pizookie at a time, the rest punt in the frigde. First eat ice cream and then cookie. Maybe that way you can trick you brain (and stomach) to eat more?

    65. Shirley Yeung

      You are my spirit animal ❤️❤️❤️

    66. TheLuellaNetwork

      7:10 ...idk why it makes me so happy when Jeff smacks your butt lol

    67. Lex Mundt

      Doesnt she get a stomach ach after any of her big cheat days?

    68. Sunny Draws

      I could eat those all but not in a time limit lol that’d be hard

    69. Winsley G

      You're so beautiful and fit💓

    70. Sunzahra Liburd Banks

      Great energy between you two!! I love the vibe!

    71. Bianca K

      I'd love to see a video on why you have your cheat day, and what benefit you're getting from it.

    72. Yemin Park

      Totally trash vedio, nothing more nothing less. if you can interpet this, try it. 화장 다 하고 운동하는 것도 이해되지 않지만, 칼로리 도전이라고치고 내장기관에 부담주면서 과도하게 먹고 먹은 것 빼느라 보이지않게 운동하는 거 알면서 이런 영상 올리는 거 재수없네요. 내장기관과 몸 전체에 부담이 주는 거 뻔할텐데 이런 걸 재미로 포장할 수 있다는 문화 자체가 수준 이하예요


      Stephanie's smile gets me EVERYTIME 😢❤❤❤❤ SO beautiful

    74. L catherine

      I just want to understand the point of this

    75. lexi becker

      i can never get sick of these eating videos

    76. Courtney Rayppy

      OK random but...HOW ARE YOUR TEETH SO WHITE??

    77. Sleep ψ

      Was anybody else triggered about how much ice cream they left on the plates

    78. Rachel Amanda

      I just watched this with my 5 year old and he says “she’s gonna have to poop, right?” Hahahahahha

      1. D

        @Your Mom as a girl, i can confirm this

      2. Your Mom

        Girls don't poop it just comes out their belly buttons

    79. Julie Shriver

      anyone else think the thumbnail said "Good calories"?

    80. Ash E

      Beast! I can only eat one and then I feel super sick lol you are goals

    81. Tanya Lopez

      I should be studying but I can’t stop watching your videos 😭❤️

    82. Joann Joseph

      You can see her abs slowly disappear. 😂

      1. Sarah Kirby

        Plz don't make her paranoid.

    83. wasgeht18

      07:15 hodgetwins reference,nice!

    84. sherry fitt

      omg how do you eat while standing up?! lol

    85. Annie Medosch

      Is this just amazing genetics or do you have a regime that keeps you lean after all these cheat days/challenges?

    86. senorgato70

      You definitely could have eaten more had you not drank so much water.

    87. Zoë

      You’re so beaut!!

    88. 940 Kris

      Travis S made me realize who she was and I have no idea how i missed her videos lol..goals asf💪🏼

    89. Matt Clary

      You should do a collaboration with Matt stonie 🙏🤪💪💪👌👌

    90. Miriam Svenson

      I love your videos! You two are too cute together!

    91. Maple Julia

      I love you Stephanie

    92. Chaela W

      I know this isn't your thing..but could you do a short video about your lip piercing?? how long you've had it, healing, etc ect.

    93. Christine Goldsmith

      i love the background music its fifth harmony down!!!

    94. Casey and Matt

      I have been binge watching yours and your boyfriends videos And love them sooooo much love all the science you guys put into them really appreciate the facts you put into them!

    95. Francesca Cappai

      The song you played in the background was ON POINT ❤ all the loyal harmonizers will understand 😂 loved the challenge

    96. Elizabeth Rossetti

      You have 224k subscriber now 😎😎 pretty soon you'll have 300k. Hopefully you can do this challenge again 😊

    97. Ginrummy25

      are you taller than him ?

    98. lily ana

      My fat ass would have slurped up all the melted ice cream

    99. Nikki JAdore

      Aww how sweet, no pun intended. Jeff is the bestest boyfriend...

    100. Let Us Review

      The cookie 🍪 gauge