BACK TO BASICS | The Fundamentals of Nutrition (Q&A)

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    I hope you enjoy this conversation that I have with Dr. Krishna Reddy. Krishna is an old friend and previous colleague that was with me through the tough years of my PhD. He's an incredibly smart guy who is currently doing his Post-Doc at Cornell University BUT he doesn't know ANYTHING about nutrition and training!
    Part 1 will cover some basics to nutrition and a little bit about supplements. Stay tuned for part 2 which will cover the basics of training and programming.
    Let me know what you think! Love you guys! xoxoxo
    Intro: 0:00
    Stephanie’s Fitness/Competing Background 3:03
    Fitness During Doctorate 6:42
    Stephanie’s HUfast 9:31
    Benefits of Diet and Exercise 11:51
    Diet as Main Source of Fat Loss vs Excessive Cardio 16:10
    What are Macronutrients 17:41
    Balance in Diet 18:58
    Protein 20:00
    Role of Protein Carbs and Fat in Body 22:35
    Fat 25:24
    Keto 27:33
    Balance in Food Choices 30:53
    How to pick your food (ingredients, brands, organic) 36:43
    Supplements 44:55
    Steroids 47:21
    Weight loss supplements 53:48
    Protein supplements 1:00:31
    Creatine 1:03:00
    Outro 1:05:14
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    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you enjoy this conversation that I have with Dr. Krishna Reddy for his podcast, The Jest Tube. Krishna is an old friend and previous colleague that was with me through the tough years of my PhD. He's an incredibly smart guy who is currently doing his Post-Doc at Cornell University. He's an expert on the evolutionary inheritance of amino acid sequences of proteins but he isn't as knowledgable on topics like nutrition and diet! Stay tuned for part 2 which will cover the basics of training and programming! Let me know what you think! Love you guys! xo ❤

      1. Keya Level

        Great video! Will you be making an intermediate version as well? Or one for people who have been training for a while? Thanks, I love your channel!


        thank you SO much for sharing this fundamental knowledge about nutrition! I always learn something from you ! it was a review for me as a NASM CPT but always SO helpful to refresh my memory and help explain things to clients!!

      3. beatriz aceiton

        Stephanie Buttermore the urine sample segment was hilarious and entertaining.

      4. Stephanie Buttermore

        Nondas8552 upload, pin comment and then I publish 😉

      5. doudou abri

        Stephanie Buttermore very informative and educational video i would love to see more videos where u scientifically explain ur diet and workout splits . Thank you 😙❤

    2. Celine Rerekura

      this interviewer ://///

    3. Marie

      You had an eating disorder here. It's insane to think anyone would take nutrition advice from someone who achieved goals by starving themselves silly and then binging under the guise of cheat days.

    4. Sonia Sillini

      Just a message for the guys that was interviewing you: I find it irritating that he kept on interrupting you!

    5. Anastasia Tsermbis

      Watched the whole video, this was SO instrumental. I own both whey & casein (i bought casein because a lot of people claim for it to be good before bed for building muscles but also claim it to be good for weight loss) I do go to the gym and always try to train different muscle groups, which are different on different days so i dont get sore throughout the week. But I don't have a specific scheadule. I am trying to lose weight and my casein protein also tastes so goood ;-;!! I just strated eating the oats by mixing both of those proteins like you do in your mornings. But let me know if you have any info on it or a video on different protein shakes would be so cool!!!

    6. hope mahr

      This is so goood

    7. maei

      I really would love to hear you speak on this topic in another video without being interrupted someday.

    8. Megan L

      "The best diet is one you can stick to" YES THANK YOU. I've lost 92 lbs so far and everyone asks what diet I used. I didnt use a diet. Diets are not things you stick to! I changed my lifestyle. You can't just go back to eating bad after you've finished you weight loss journey. It's a life style change. I love your videos. I do cardio for 30 mins and I do strength training for an hour . I feel like I need to incorporate cardio so I don't bulk lifting. Love you steph!!!!!!

    9. Canadian

      You're the most amazing human ever!!! This is my new favorite HUfast channel!!!! I love everything about you.

    10. Karen Lam

      If I'm deadly allergic to seafood/fish can I still consume fish oil capsules??

    11. Anamoly Anomaly

      No offense but I would have liked this more with just you and not the guy. But this is still good.

    12. Shan Bailey

      I really appreciate you talking about PhD life. I've never related to anything on youtube more! It was so hard to stay healthy (both physically and mentally) during those years, and I wish I had this motivation while I was still in school. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your channel -- for the science and motivation, but also for representing women in STEM.

    13. Alicia Wei

      I like the interviewer. He always asks questions to clarify things and also keeps the lingo / tone down to earth :)

    14. Alicia Wei

      I’m never gonna unhear the trans fat joke 😅😂

    15. leah hugie

      God, PLS bless the fitness industry with more of this.

    16. Samira Ramdane

      that guy is horrible

    17. Laurence Paquette

      I'm pretty good nutrition wise already, but still I really enjoyed your way of simplifying everything and it just confirmed what I thought in the first place. Great podcast, good job :)

    18. ana rubino

      Your so smart and well spoken and I love your videos!!!! You have the most charming personality and Ive learned so much about nutrition through your videos, more than any other youtuber. You are authentically you and I look forward to your next videos!

    19. FFlu0rescent

      This was so helpful and informative it was great hearing the science behind nutrition in a non complex way, thank you for sharing!

    20. Unicorn Aurora

      I love you and your braids hehe

    21. Trinity Silva

      These research based videos! Would love to see more of these.

    22. MissChunnieBunnie

      wow i seriously love this podcast!! very informative!!

    23. Fitnesslife HK

      Interesting talk. I am from HK, however, as a Asian, we don’t eat kiwi skin or watermelon shell. Seems it’s only the culture from Steph’s family 😏😏

    24. Maxine Gonzalez

      Loved the video! Can you do another one which focuses on macros and how different diseases could affect the ratio. For example a person with diabetes compared to a relatively healthy person.

    25. Krystal Esparza

      excited about this vid! I love learning more about nutrition 😆

    26. Molly B

      Do you have a website offering online nutrition training? That would be amazing!

    27. Patricia C.

      I need to go into town but I'll listen to this while walking on the treadmill at an incline for sure! Just as a refresher and to make sure I've understood everything

    28. Leeonna Robinson

      Im crazy as hell for not watching before!!!!!!!!! New follower love you already!!!

    29. Samantha Teapot

      This is such good content! Decided to listen whilst chilling and sunbathing today and am now I’m taking notes. Xx

    30. Chris Mccullough

      I remember that "Ruggrats" episode...Man Im getting old...

    31. soph

      Nutrition isn't all that complicated after all thank God there is hope lol can't wait for part 2

    32. keckk22

      I want to get healthy to not die. 😂😂 Probably the best health goal ever. Literally wish it was everyone's point of view. Thanks for sharing. Love this and this type of podcast Q&A.

    33. Aristocles Platon

      You are cute

    34. j nwafor

      Could you create a video detailing what is resistance training, techniques to target different body areas, and the purpose of using bands?

    35. Mady Scott

      This guys interview style is so distracting! I just want to hear what you’re saying without you getting interrupted.

    36. Amy Shiyab

      Hey Stephanie. Just curious, did you mean 1 gram protein per kg body weight, not lb body weight?

    37. Shay Kiran

      What's that tune at the end please?

    38. Kevin

      Hey Dr. Buttermore, considering all the books on sports nutrition out there (many not very good) do you have any personal favorites or recommendations? I know several channels recommend books at the end of their videos and was just thinking that considering your educational background and general knowledge I would love you know which ones you and/or Jeff would recommend. Btw, hope you two have a great time at the FIBO Expo in Germany!

    39. Katie Welch

      Stephanie, I'm so glad I found your channel. This episode is by far one of my faves although I had alot of the knowledge I still learned a lot and mostly enjoyed watching how you carry yourself with such grace and confidence. I love to see educated and classy women in fitness. Huge fan. Best wishes to you always and thank you for your videos

    40. Camila Espinoza

      Could you do a video on veganism?

    41. Amr Bayomi

      Its so refreshing seeing people who know what they are talking about while giving advice. Always great info between you and athlean-x

    42. Ddz5585

      I’m a visual learner I need a video of this stuff out into practical terms into a meal plan kinda thing idk

    43. prettyinpink9893

      Listening to this while I meal prep

    44. Theists are the original con-artists.

      Why this PhD cancer research eats cancerous foods? Don't fucking make excuses that you can't make a tasty healthy food. This is a proof that PhD = not necessarily intelligence and consistent. LOL.

    45. VitaminMatt

      I love your videos. Finally a youtuber who I can relate to almost 100%! Although I'd estimate that anything over 1.0g - 1.5g / kg would be sufficient for optimal muscle growth. Just something i'm reading up on while doing some research. The 1g/pound of body weight is kind of a myth, yet the idea is correct that enough protein for regrowth is required. Excess protein would only be viable if someone is on a low carb diet as excess protein would convert to glucose.

      1. azn4lfe1

        I know a popular recommendation is to get "just enough" since too much will be stored as fat. But if someone was cutting then just enough would be good. If someone was trying to grow you wouldn't worry about being deficient having extra protein.

    46. olivia leon

      Can you teach me the ways :,(

    47. Paige

      What I am really curious about is the quality of supplements. How should we choose them? We know that supplements are unregulated by the FDA (DSHEA 1994,) so how can we choose quality supplements? Also, how do we know what is effective from science-based research? I feel like it is so hard to find good information. You are very smart, talented and systematic so I am sure you can shed some light on this topic.

    48. Aliyah Daye

      Great info! Can't wait for the exercise talk.

    49. Jess

      Can you do a video about your recomendations for weightloss? Specifically what you would recommned for macro ratio, strength training vs. cardio training, and calorie intake (especially if working out everyday)? I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, and would think this would benefit me and tons of your viewers! Thanks!!!

    50. Jimbeaux Jimenez

      Thank u for sharing this video, Stephanie. Is Co-Q-10 an effective supplement? If so, what do I look for to purchase this supplement?

    51. LuAnn87

      Thank you Stephanie ! Im in the medical field and have been working out for a while but over the past year have been trying to strengthen my fitness and nutrition - you are very inspiring and I learn a lot from you!

    52. Jorge Saldaña

      What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting and hypoglycemia?

    53. Regine Sugarfree

      love it 😍 😍 😍 more pls!!!!!

    54. Jonesy

      "For the general population, whey is the WHEY to go" - Unintended pun by Alyssa Jones

    55. alisson estefanski

      good work, keep going. @Stephanie buttermore. try to do a video about the best way to split the macros by the day and around workout for cut(maibe intermitent fasting) and for bulk.

    56. Tatted_Tiffany_Beauty

      This is a great video, but dear lord can he stop interrupting you to just input a joke....smh

    57. Angela Gracia

      Wow! Excellent video, and also a new subscriber thank you

    58. Barbie Lee

      You are my favorite fitness youtuber. With all these fad diets here in youtube vegan, plant based, fruitarian, raw, keto, low carb I became a bulimic, binge eater, night time eater and now recovering but still with disordered eating lessening my urge to Binge and purge. Listening to your videos are a big help in my recovery. Especially when you always explain with science. Hope you do one on one session to people like me. And a video on how to slowly let go of calorie counting vs eating intuitively without gaining weight when you already reached the plateau stage.

      1. Krystal Esparza

        Girl I know what you’ve been through! I stared this fitness journey last year & really looked into nutrition & fell into all these fad diets as well & it sucked lol. But I’m finding balance now with macros + I don’t count calories. That experience also inspired me to further my education on sports nutrition.

      2. Barbie Lee

        brittany mills yah i think i have stated dietician not nutritionist

      3. brittany mills

        Dietitians or nutritionists? Dietitian is a registered/protected title everywhere, but nutritionist is not necessarily protected. There are some areas where you can literally read a book and call yourself a nutritionist. Dietitians have internships as part of their training and have a license, similar to doctors.

      4. Barbie Lee

        brittany mills i know but i have been to a lot of dieticians and she is way more better than them

      5. brittany mills

        She isn't a dietitian and her PhD isn't in nutrition. If you want one on one dietary counselling, go see a dietitian.

    59. qseued

      "Caloric Surplus? Why are you using complicated terms?" LOL. That guy is literally me before I started researching about nutrition and macros.

    60. lykkexii

      can‘t focus on stephanie cause that guy intereupts her nonstop 🙄🙄

    61. Marie

      do you have any book/podcast recommendations about health, fitness and nutrition? love your videos xx

    62. real hours

      Stephanie Buttermore kind of looks like Sasha Grey

    63. psychbable

      Every time he asks her a question, she answers, then he interrupts with a compulsive questions and she gets off track. Ugh!

      1. Sonia Sillini


      2. BaBaYogurt

        I just yelled "stop interrupting her!" at my screen.

    64. oppermanfitness

      Not a women I just love you and your personality. :)

    65. donald damron

      On the running you feel good after breaking through certain cardio platues, I always dreaded running until that happened to me

    66. Sunshine RuizYang

      i love it..great info...thx

    67. vhkl _

      This is so informative! Thank you so much!! ❤️

    68. Abigail Smith

      I was wondering about you and Jeff’s take on hash browns? It’s not a huge question but I was just curious because I’ve seen Jeff eating them for breakfast. Are they good for you? Thanks 🙏

    69. Juliana Kang

      The video was informative, however, the interviewer interrupts his guest A LOT!

    70. Elizabeth Nguyen

      I enjoyed the long video and the content but I don’t know if it’s just me, but it was a bit annoying whenever he interrupted you... :/

    71. Giovanni Archeleta

      This video is gonna take me a whole week to watch

    72. Anne Kahlon

      How tall are you? Are u 5'5?

      1. Anne Kahlon

        Btw love your videos, they always help cheer anyone up

    73. Elizabeth Sporcic

      Loved this video!!!

    74. Justin C

      inspired from this conversation, stephanie do you think utilizing competitive eating techniques could be useful for bulking?

    75. Sara Henao

      Hi Stephanie! My name is Sara, and I’m 17 years old. I have been doing fitness for about 3 years, but just over the past year I have started really lifting weights. I am extremely lucky to have very good genes, and I’m very strong. Just over the past 3 months I have been focusing very much on my lower body (legs,butt). I am able to do most glute workouts with heavy weight e.i. Cable kickbacks (100lbs), leg press (410 lbs). But I’m in a dilemma, I want to know if you get faster better results by lifting heavier weight for glute exercises or doing low weight for glute exercises. If you could answer this, I would be so happy. By the way I love your channel and your personality, out of everyone else, you inspire me the most!! Also love your smile 😍😘

    76. Julie Chang

      This is a great video! Really enjoyed hearing your perspective from your PhD. I'm also a PhD student in Bioengineering and fitness instructor part-time and trying to figure out what to do after!

    77. Madison Puch

      Science based content = LOVE You're doing a great job, keep it up! I'm excited for more women-based content, since we aren't always included in the fitness realm!

    78. Sophie Jakeman

      Great video! You are so knowledgeable I enjoy watching and listening and learning from you. Im back on jeffs 8 week glute programme after being off sick and couldn’t train for two months 😫😫 anyone wanting a program to follow I highly recommend the purchase! X

    79. Emilie Schnarr

      Thanks for your videos Stephanie. I appreciate the education :) I have a question about calorie restriction and dieting. How do you reduce calories and lose fat without eventually slowing your metabolism and having to restrict your eating for the rest of your life?

    80. Maz Dela Cerna

      Agreed to not eliminating fats ajd carbs! Sooo freaking important!! ❤

    81. ScreenQueen813

      Thanks for sharing. Found it really informative, and easy to understand.

    82. Naomi Hedger

      This was great. Not a beginner but studying to become a certified nutritionist and great points were discussed especially the topic on protien intake and how diet is over complicated. Thanks Stephanie!

      1. Naomi Torres

        Naomi Hedger98 me to good luck to you

    83. S Tenaglia

      This was great information! I would love to see a segment on PCOS and weight loss.

    84. lovechelsie

      Watched the whole thing. I wish he didn’t cut you off so much though :(

    85. Ellen L

      Thanks for the vid! Can you do a video about veganism, I would love to know your thoughts on it :)

    86. Jenni Liberty

      Damn he knows nothing about the fitness/bodybuilding world 😂

      1. Jest Tube

        we can't all know everything :)

    87. Jourdan Corcimiglia

      I really enjoyed this! I would call myself intermediate on knowing about nutrition. I always enjoy hearing and learning more about it. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts and views on it. Your right people make dieting so difficult and really breaking some things down for people to understand was good. Everyone is different and needs to find what works best for them, but providing them with this information is helpful for people starting off.

    88. Snorlax

      I eat the shell of a watermelon too 😄 it tastes like cucumber!

    89. Jennifer Kim

      Please do more of these :D


      hey loves !! I'm a huge fan of steph's which automatically makes us friends:) let's connect on ig & encourage/inspire each other along our fitness journeys !

    91. Kerry Ramler

      i understand that. got my Master's in Forensic Science... I was the girl asking around for semen samples for my research. yeah, not even joking.

    92. I G.

      I love how you explain things based on sience and that you not see everything only emotional or one sided like how people think about organic foods for example. It was a very intersting lecture and I'am really exited to hear the next one.

    93. Daniela Ingrosso

      way toooo long

    94. Who Speaks Podcast

      MY QUEEN

    95. lllllillllllllillll

      Forever bulking 😬

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      1. Mick dungeon

        I dated a girl who's dad ran the company she lives in Sydney now

    97. lincoln curtiss

      Hey would you mind telling Jeff to give me the discount for scienceapplied2? Thanks

    98. Peanut Didi

      Tips for someone who is fed up with counting macros and wants to do intuitive eating

    99. MsPharmD2011

      Very informative. Watched the entire video. Thank you!

    100. Sergio