ALL IN: What You Don’t See | Am I Losing Weight Now? How Many Calories? My Hair!! S€x Drive?

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    I hope you guys enjoy this one! I pulled these questions from IG (@stephanie_buttermore) so if you want daily updates, you can find me there 😘
    Have you lost weight? 0:51
    How many calories are you eating everyday? 2:05
    How do you do your hair? 3:33
    Has your sex drive increased? 6:15
    How do you cope with a long distance relationship? 6:25
    Are you stronger now? 7:39
    Do you do any cardio? 9:11
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    FAQs ▹
    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 29
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you guys enjoy this one! I pulled these questions from IG (@stephanie_buttermore) so if you want daily updates, you can find me there 😘 Timestamps: Have you lost weight? 0:51 How many calories are you eating everyday? 2:05 How do you do your hair? 3:33 Has your sex drive increased? 6:15 How do you cope with a long distance relationship? 6:25 Are you stronger now? 7:39 Do you do any cardio? 9:11

      1. Hold the Line

        Stephanie Buttermore hi nice awesome videos

      2. Gabriella Gonzalez

        Sam Ness sameee 😭

      3. Dewey LeBlanc

        Stephanie Buttermore I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this "all in" video series. I found you through Jeff's videos, and you've really helped me change my relationship with food for the better. Speaking from a man's perspective, eating disorders are never really mentioned or discussed when talking about "getting shredded" or "massive gains" or whatever. From someone who was in a chronically drastic calorie deficit for over a year, again, thank you.

      4. Fox 400 Fox 400


      5. Nursyuhada Akma

        Please do talk more on weight loss and cardio! need help

    2. der Pate

      06:40 I thought she will say "TRUST" 😂 Fu*k am I too old school for a 27 yo guy ?

    3. Ramiz Tornado

      Hi stephanie I’m over weight , and I really want to get big butt but not gym any thoughts

    4. Aniyahpapaya

      Haha I love steph! She talks about her sex drive being back to normal and then talks about an app made for sending nudes 🤣

    5. shrek blue

      gosh the section on Snapchat is so cute

    6. Amy

      Yay.. I found your hair video. Your pre straightened hair is my exact hair type. Besides the Shu Uemura line which is crazy expensive... lol.. I'm going to purchase the rest and see how it goes.

    7. Marlissa Sebring

      Always gorgeous

    8. Richard Sanchez

      I think you look great and do a great job! Thanks!

    9. Ashley Hudson

      Do you ever use dry shampoo

    10. Ashley Hudson

      What do you ask for when you get your haircut?

    11. Megan McDonald

      Dude the SC and ft thing was so cute

    12. Adedoyin Badejo

      Wait,because you showered the night before you went to bed,you don't shower the next morning??? Like even if you are going out if d house?

    13. Marzena Iwanek

      You are so right. I have been always weighing 54kilos 172 centimetres height so skinny. I was afraid about all junk food etc Now I am 60kg eating whatever I want and I feel so good mentally, physically. I am so happy. My libido gone to the top of roof. Now I thinking why I was thinking by many years what I can eat and what I should avoid because I will gain weight. I am still looking lovely. My social life is completely different and my relationship too. I love you for all your positivity and for everything

    14. Lindsay Mounteer

      Thanks for putting your life and the "all in" on youtube you've inspired me to wanting to try i weigh 115 and have anorexia. But I'm hopeful that it will help if I go "All In"

    15. Katie Stevenson

      *whispers* I love your lip piercing!

    16. Ariana Parongao

      Hey Stephanie! Your journey is incredible! What makeup do you use and how do you keep it so fresh? Especially after a workout?!

    17. Katie Tooker

      I'm new here. I've watched about 10 videos and I adore you. Am I the only one who smiles every single time Jeff smiles? It must be a Jeff thing. I've been with my Jeff for almost 7 years and he has an adorable smile as well, one that makes everyone else smile who is around him! We'll just say it's a Jeff thing 🤷‍♀️❤️

    18. Michelle Kang

      what's 'all in'?

    19. Ann Sarasa

      doesn’t this sound like Ashley’s (best dressed) music? Love both of em, just sounds familiar

    20. Beau Dillen

      Been binge-watching all your vids from older vids to newer vids and obviously, you've always been beautiful, I do love to see where you're going at the moment! you look so vital and happy!!! you're glowing girl!!! xxxx

    21. Njjoy16

      Does your skin ever break out after eating all of the donuts and junky type food or am I the only one?

    22. Kristen Andres

      When you were super lean did you ever lose hair from being underweight?

    23. Alex C

      She literally looks like Pocahontas wtf

    24. Madeline McGowan

      LOST t shirt omg

    25. Chantel Labonne

      Could never understand why a woman would want to train like a man, and end up with huge muscles that make her look masculine. Just wonderin'....

      1. Aqua

        Why does it concern you?

    26. natricia gray

      By the way you look stunning, toodles

    27. natricia gray

      I just found you and I like you already . Thanks for the info , Keep up the great work.

    28. grace elizabeth

      peep the lost shirt.... i JUST watched the first episode where the numbers are mentioned so my brain is freaking out 😂

    29. Emma Emma

      Nice Lost reference on your tee there

    30. Jessica

      You have beautiful hair... seriously...

    31. skip2 mylu

      you look incredible at this weight

    32. Savannah

      Girl your nails are always on point 💅

    33. pixie michelle

      where did you get your lost t-shirt with the numbers on it? i love it!

    34. paul laprise

      omg... wow what the fuck is wrong with ppl.

    35. Kori Elaine

      You are glowing 🤩

    36. Mina Mai

      Girl the clip 1:25... you’re so damn pretty without makeup i cant😍

    37. Bo Zhao

      Butter more

    38. Lyssy Jonas

      You & Jeff are amazing 😭🥺♥️

    39. Cameron Reddick

      My fiancé and I used snapchat the same way when we were first dating and still long distance. We’ve been living together for almost three years now and we’re getting married in the fall. Stay strong. It’s worth it.

    40. Montana White

      Damn you love your clickbait thumbnails huh.

    41. Tifany N Colon Cancel

      Helloo. What tips would you give to people who gained weight but are trying to loose and tone at the same time. What kind of regimen would you recomend?

      1. beatriz aceiton

        Intermittent fasting

    42. Miri Florida

      Watching this journey I am so happy for you!!! You sound and look sooooo healthy and happy and peaceful. I protect my mental and emotional health by only following people who feed my soul and encourage positive, authentic, honest self love and it took only two videos to hit subscribe. Everything about this journey you’re on is just so freaking good! There is so much I want to say, but it’s all summed up with - thank you so much for being so open and generous with all of us. This is so important. And it’s affirming how important it is that we listen to and respect and love the bodies we live and love in. 💕🙏🏻🌸

    43. Lina Ma

      You Look much better and healthier than before! I love watching your videos and I hope you are gaining more followers!❤️ greetings from Germany

    44. htfcm

      The cardio I like is 30 minutes of burpees.

    45. Maryam Husseini

      I just want to say you look a hundred times more beautiful after going all in your curvy body is to die for and I really love you!

    46. I S

      Nice! Now it's more like Buttmore ;-----D

    47. Mei Yan Huang

      How are you so pretty😍😍

    48. pappo

      yo Julie is hot!

    49. priyanka thapa

      Mam cn ihave milk toast which made of wheat semolina ND milk last night ihad 7 toast does it gain weight .

      1. beatriz aceiton

        Probably a little bit.

    50. Islander 95

      She almost LOOKS kardashian-ish. 🤔

    51. Jen Rox

      I have to be at work by 7:30am. You are very lucky that you don’t have to wake up early bc if it were up to me I’d sleep in and not eat until 11:30am. When you wake up early and burn energy you are hungry earlier.

    52. chewy

      Im a stick and I want to do this too im already working out so that isnt the hard part its just that im scared that all the fat will go to my belly and my butt legs and hips are still hella skinny so idk if I should do it

    53. ChamorruWarrior

      She’s just trying to live up to the name BUTTermore 😂 but seriously, I’m glad to see someone promoting health and wellness and not just being SHREDDED as the goal of “fitness”.

    54. Saturdag

      My husband, who is American, and I, a Norwegian, use Messenger to keep each other updated on each other's lives. We have a 6 hours time difference, and we always send each other messages and photos to wake up to. We also video chat every day.

    55. Justin Nguyen

      We need a makeup tutorial sis

    56. Dezirae B

      I love the way you edit, and your curves are amazing! Your a good example for girls and you show that you can be healthy, workout but not be super lean.

    57. Drake

      My girlfriend battles with frizzy hair and tangling. Thanks to you, I bought the products you showed. Thanks for helping her out and giving me a few brownie points!

    58. jaymari

      4:09 only LOST fans will know what her sweater is all about 🤪😄

    59. Daniel

      6:50 - The Snapchat thing is such a good idea.

    60. Ray Red Thunder

      You where beautiful before, but now you have an amazing glow about you! What your doing is absolutely amazing! Such an inspiration to me. I’m a bigger girl and a little on the tall side. My goal is not to slim down but to turn more fat into muscle. I have small children so I also need stamina. Your knowledge is so very helpful. Are there any recommendations for this?

    61. Sov

      How do you get by a long distance relationship?? I thought you were going to say "masturbation" LOL but snapchats cool i guess

    62. Sov

      you use a song that bestdresssed does too :)

    63. neo217041

      Thicccccccccc. Ufffff I wish

    64. LiveFit Bunny

      Your lost shirt!!😍😍

    65. Ch.Leyens


    66. swiskowski

      It’s crazy how this whole thing is just a societal construction. There were periods when being fat was more attractive because it was a signifier of abundance and wealth. And she isn’t even fat, not even close. Now she’s just normal. Crazy how just eating food and looking how you look actually feels good right?! Who woulda thought?

    67. kingnatre

      If i follow my hunger cues, I would be a fat fuck brah

    68. Layenah Hussain

      U seem happier ☺️

    69. Justzuzana Zuzana

      You look like Kourtney Kardash😍 i cant how beautiful you are and soooo inspiring. Thank you ❤️

    70. Nancy Haas

      Hi! ☺️ I recently discovered your channel and it’s quickly becoming the only the I watch 💗 You are so inspirational and have really helped me in my own journey of accepting my body while balancing indulging and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m a fellow foodie who has always struggled with fluctuations, but am finally feeling good in my own skin. Thank you for your honest and enjoyable content (especially your foodie facial expressions 😂)

    71. Erika Casas

      Hi Stephanie, I need your help! I am naturally thick i am 5'2 140lbs. I have alot of muscle, I weight lift and low cardio workouts. I need help with how to lose muscle and avoid gaining muscle in my quads. I have been focusing on glute isolation only.BUT my quads are taking over. Not attractive! Lol. Help!

    72. The Nailpolishbottle

      I am in a long distance relationship too! I feel you girl❤

    73. Erika Wrob

      Can you build muscle at the same time as being a competitive runner?

      1. TheAndrew

        Depends what runner you are

    74. Tia Randle

      Do you normally workout in your makeup?

    75. due Alba

      you are such a beautiful person in and out. just watching you puts a smile on my face, keep up to good work!

    76. Sedanur Türker

      I was so curious about your hair !! Finally here... so happy ☺☺

    77. Karina Sanchez

      What shoes are those??

    78. Vardas pavarde

      Did your sex drive went up and do you got stronger I was like duh 🙄 she went from starved to thick and healthy duh sex drive and lifts went up she's much healthier now😁and also her hair skin looks better now

    79. Ari Castro

      Your videos are so encouraging and empowering! You go girl so proud of you ! ♥️

    80. shuvam goswami

      Your shoes 👍👍..

    81. radDgreat Rad

      All in, now you're a fat whale from a goddess

    82. idk :P

      YEESS SNAPCHAT FOR LIFE!!! haha sorry but yeah honestly you're so right. There's only a 1 hour time difference between my girlfriend and I but since I'm in school and she works as a bartender we have very different scheules. I love waking up to see what drunken shananigans she's up to with her collegues after work XD

    83. Pessimistic Perfectionist

      I talk to my long distance boyfriend over snap too! :)

    84. M A

      You went from being Awesome to being ordinary. Just like the rest of us. Are we supposed to celebrate that? The comments here says it all. Yay... be average... Yay... Pig out... Its ok... You couldn't do it anyway... Yay... 🤮😷 Wow there's really no hope. 🥺😫

    85. Radha K

      I am so happy to see someone that works out like me and also looks like me. I always wondered if something is wrong with me since I work out 6 times a week and eat mostly healthy but I dont look like a traditional sense of fit. Its great to see you do this. 👍🏼

    86. jenny percy

      You are incredible and soooo helpful to everyone in eating disorder recovery

    87. Shelley Picott

      You look great Stephanie...and it sounds as if those extra calories have served you well both in/out of the gym....

    88. Gonzalo Pantoja

      This is a good looking lady’!

      1. Rick Stark

        You're creepy as fuck.

    89. Javisport

      This chick way stronger than I thought. Good work!

    90. T

      What does all.on mean? Like you're loving like most of us and don't care what you're eating too much and just enjoying life? People probably shouldn't do this. Very unhealthy

    91. XGoldenPhoenixX

      Your body was craving all that energy and fat in the processed foods because that was what your body was needing at the time, but now your body don’t need it anymore, so you are listening to it and you are eating what your body needs! Everyone, listen to your body and eat intuitively!

    92. meyori ghazi

      do boobs grow bigger too when u let all in???

    93. Shvabicu

      I'd never recommend doing no cardio at all. Also, it is better to look at it as CARDIO, as in, cardiovascular health and not a fat loss tool. It helps with squat performance because you're not gonna pass out if you go above strength rep range and it literally keeps you from getting a heart attack someday. Some basic endurance work with LISS is always a good idea.

    94. Adam Mada

      If you want to look attractive to other Women then you aim to be as thin as possible. If you want to be attractive to Men then you aim to be a little bit chubby. Thin is gross, too fat is gross, slightly chubby is the sweet spot.

      1. whateva dad

        if you call women out of your sweet spot gross, then i think you should think about how you would feel if a woman told you that you’re “gross and out of my sweet spot”.

    95. Genesis

      Just using Snapchat for your relationship and not social media is a new level of love I want to ascend to lol

    96. sassybunnysarah

      Does anyone know what are the shoes she is wearing in the gym?

    97. pianistchicks

      I've newly found you and am so stoked to see that you're from J'ville. You are so inspiring and I love your take on food. I am also healing a broken relationship with food, and you're inspiring me to take a different look at fitness. Keep up the wonderful content!

    98. MasterRC_sTudenT

      So cardio is not on your most favorite list for losing weight? Based on your recent All In experience, and having gone through rigorous training previously, what/how do you recommend for healthy sculpting and weight loss? Thank you for sharing your journey!

    99. Yeslitt Onfroy

      She looks so much younger with the weight gain its crazy.

    100. Smiths Samuel

      Gurl these edits are hot fiah flames