All In Update: I Had To Get Surgery, Losing Weight?, Physique Update

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    ‣ Duh
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Love you guys! Let me know in the comments what videos you'd like to see from me! 💕👇

      1. Brittany Millner

        Stephanie I would love to see a video from you about taking care of your mom! That would mean so much. I’m taking care of mine now and desperately need advice and motivation.

      2. Katerina Kardo

        Nicole Souris

      3. Rebecca Chambers

        Can you do a video on your workout leggings? Thanks!!

      4. Crystal Chau

        you look fab and we can feel your lovely energy!!!! xxxx

      5. Anonymous Dude 123

        You are beautiful! And awesome! Jeff is awesome too👍. Have fun☀️

    2. jod enderson

      You are inspiring

    3. ScreamQueen

      Your body looks so GORGEOUS in this video! 👍😊 this is my favorite stage your body has been in so far.

    4. unicorn diva

      You are beautiful and you have a great boyfriend

    5. Assumption Isn’t Fact


    6. Marisa Pollock

      You are so gorgeous. I've enjoyed watching your journey, thank you for sharing!

    7. Camilla M.

      How are your nails sooo long and beautiful? If I try to grow mine they split or break it's just no bueno!

    8. 21bahamas

      Aye! Qveen Herby!

    9. Hailey Cooper

      How do you grow your nails that long? Mine break ha ha.

    10. K G

      Steffanie, I have gone to the doctor twice to get a scan for my veins and I need this surgery but I am terrified of the pain and scars. Can you tell me about your experience?

    11. Joana Videira

      Your body looks so good!!! U look stunning and it suits you, you look healthy

    12. Bambi Fox

      Moderation is key in all things. Ive watched your videos and love your honesty. I would never want to say anything that could make you feel pain. I am concerned that perhaps you may be overtraining and as result overeating. I agree that you definitely were at an unhealthy weight during contest prep, but I think if you focus on health as your primary goal, you will likely fall at a weight that is proportionate to your frame. I'm 53 yrs old and have a weekly cheat meal, not day which works for me. In my 40s I entered the world of fitness training etc so I do understand. I find that the human body responds to stress with hormone fluctuations, fat storage and inflammation. Sometimes less IS more. Like a car, your body has a setpoint of mileage its going to give you. Don't run it down as if in a drag race and you'll stay fit, lean, healthy and happy. At 53 I'm a competition level figure skater, lean, and enjoy homemade cheesecakes, authentic Intl delights from all over the world and a weekly 5k calorie cheat meal. I practice 24-72 hr fast which help internally and rejuvenate my skin. Enjoy your journey dear. Your amazing!

    13. Vanessa Riitano

      I had a vein ablation too, in the left leg. The vein was the saphenous. The surgery was in october 2019. Doctor made it with the laser tecnique and with a sclerosant foam. Then I had to wear a medical stocking, night and day for a month. Now it's ok, but I have to say that the blood flow of the saphenous vein has been diverted to the other veins which, for this reason, have become heavy and enlarged. Greatings from Italy 🇮🇹. PS: I'd like to know more about "all in" and, in particular, why all in solution doesn't flow in obesity. Thanks a lot, Stefanie, Vanessa.

    14. Emeline Russell

      For XC and Track, our coach has us take a mandatory 2-wee k break after our competitive season. It helps us heal and rest so that we can better train in the Winter and Summer months. We don't lose fitness we lose lactic acid build-up and those microscopic tears from training and stretching. This ensures that we don't crash in future seasons while maintaining strength and agility previously attained, so we aren't just all starting from scratch. There's more stuff too but that's all I can remember right now.

    15. SteelersGirl 30

      Remember you are beautiful no matter what, God made you perfectly and always remember you are wonderfully made. So no matter where you are in your journey God thinks your beautiful.

    16. Chris Ozmen

      Everything Wrong with Stephanie Buttermore's ALL IN Diet (5 things) WATCH HERE:

    17. Mia Mee

      Wtf is 'all in' you say it like 1000 times

      1. Chris Ozmen

        It's this! Everything Wrong with Stephanie Buttermore's ALL IN Diet (5 things) WATCH HERE:


      I quite like the extra weight

    19. Warda Ahmed

      Hey Stephanie! Just want to say I'm a fan. Could you share how you take such good care of your hair despite all the weight fluctuations and surgery. Thank you

    20. Hermione Granger

      Stephanie, you look absolutely gorgeous and glowing! So happy for you!

    21. R J

      Your sooo beautiful 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜

    22. Sandy HU

      Hi Stephanie, can you please share where can I buy this full length compression socks? Thanks

    23. Virgi Chan


    24. Maria do Carmo Sarmento

      I did the ablation and the other thing they also do most of the times...can’t remember the name. My leg was full of large bulges which were my veins; it was really painful in the warm weather so it was really needed. My leg looks perfect right now :) hope you fully heal fast!

    25. Panda Pants

      You look so much healthier with a big more weight on. Your shape is lovely too, strong And healthy.

    26. Rohith Gampa

      Seems like varicose veins to me. Might be due to some standing job if you are in any itis genetic as well or it might hormonal or because of overweight. Can be anything

    27. Marina Alfonso alfonso

      You look beautiful!! Thanks for being so inspiring ans truthful :)

    28. Jade

      I have to say, you look amazing ! I know I am late to the game. I've been binge watching some of your videos since I saw you on Abbey Sharp channel. I think gaining weight suits you well and it is refreshing to see someone on youtube caring more about their health than their physique.

    29. kevin chen

      3:33 "Jeff and I have been apart" My heart sinks "He's been in x I've been in y" Oh, you meant location-wise

    30. TheIsa709

      Your the sweetest! 💋

    31. Julia Flores

      u look so good, so much better than before in my opinion, but u are always beautiful and you seem really nice, fun and like a good person ! Thank you for your honesty

    32. G. almalkii

      Omg u look so so beautiful like I’m not even kidding u or compliment u like u look so good 🌱❤️.

    33. Lorena P

      Just started following you..Girl I didnt see nothing wrong with your look beautiful at the beginning and now you look stunning..its there an email where i can write to you..i have real body issues..i have my self esteem body so wrong ..have frenchfries legs and flat butt and lots stomach..thanks for puting this from Texas my name is lorena 😔😣

    34. Mo n

      Lolol - I've had to learn how to make compression sock sexy lololol... they are amazing for flying

    35. Alana Fernandez

      Your body is legit perfect 😍

    36. Emily Williams

      Super cute and sexy. 🤩👌

    37. Maria Cruz

      I am so happy that this vidro helps anyone. But can somebody help me with my ED? I constantly thinking about food and i want to end that. I want to live my life.

    38. Lümmelmann

      Haha ice cold she is farting in the beginning 😂

    39. Emily Rose Wright

      Would love for you to talk about any changes in your style, I loved you talking about crop-tops, what else have you started to like more of now that you have more curves? What has stayed the same? Love you, love all in!!!

    40. Rita Odisho

      idk why but I love u

    41. J BOX

      Honestly.., you didn't look as good when you had a six pack, to me??? You are soo adorable right now...!!! Keep up the good work

    42. Kate Earley

      Where is your bodysuit from?! love it and you

    43. Tal Adiv

      Worries about not training and deteriorating is really relevant to these Corona-virus lock-down days..

    44. Abby Luna

      i literally love you so much!! I've discovered you're videos years ago and you've inspired me in so many way. To really learn and love my body. I love how genuine you are and true to yourself and true to your feelings. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    45. Kai Fleming

      Bad body image hasn’t really improved huh since you went all in.. you need a man to make you feel good about yourself.. wrong message Stephanie!

      1. Mildly Synesthetic

        @Kai Fleming It looks like to me that you're the one with an even more unhealthy relationship with food since you see she stored candy & automatically assumed she can't control herself around candy like you!

      2. Kol Goreng

        @Kai Fleming Of course I watched the whole video. Did you miss the part where she said she's been losing weight too? And is it a sin to stock up some candies for the sake of sating sugar cravings every once in a while? My only take on your comment is you dislike her now because she isn't as thin as you want her to be. She's toxic to your expectation because she doesn't fulfill it, correct? Cool, Jan. Guess I'm done here. Suit yourself.

      3. Kai Fleming

        Of course I watched the whole video! I used to be fan of hers but now she is very toxic! Let me ask if you guys watched the whole video? Or did you miss the part where she has 5 rows of candy in her house looking like a grocerie store! Is that healthy? Is that how your shelves at home also look? Full of fattening unhealthy food.. Stop encouraging People to accept unhealthy choices bc your body wants you too.. that’s why obese people have issues with food and talk to therapist. You guys don’t understand that’s she unhealthy, sad actually

      4. Evie Elizer

        Ofc......pinpoint one thing she said instead of watching to get the whole message🤦🏽‍♀️

      5. Kol Goreng

        Kai Fleming Did you even watch the whole video?

    46. Wei Liao

      Instantly noticeable difference other than the body shape is, your skin is so much better!!! it's smooth and glowing and it makes you look younger!

    47. jeslyn ruan

      if i had her body i wld nvr hv to worry about a thing in life gosh

    48. Hello handsome with Yogi babe

      I love your content Stephanie .💕💕💕💕💕

    49. Steban Lewansky

      4:44 subbing. I don’t care what anyone says or judges me. I like what I like.

    50. Ellenor Bjornsdottir

      Survival fat: it makes you look voluptuous. Don't listen to the assweasels telling you to moderate yourself. That's temperance propaganda. Your body will tell you how much (and what types of) food it needs to be strong and healthy.

    51. Natasha Young

      I’m soo thankful I found your channel!! WHENEVER I feel down or insecure about my weight I come here and listen to how positive you talk about your journey and how you choose to love your new body. I have two babies and just gave birth a few weeks ago. It’s definitely a struggle to relax and focus on “healthy” me instead of dropping the baby weight as fast as I can. You’re such an inspiration and I hope I can continue to love my new body and let it do it’s thing right now☺️

    52. Salt

      You’re wonderful

    53. Salt

      You’re so vibrant

    54. SE Robinson

      I think its great! Your body is leveling out. Its takes a while but you are doing great!

    55. Alana Dillon

      You looking amazing !

    56. tasha lief

      Im living for thick Stephanie, she looks so good.... and that ass! Amazing

    57. belgiumstates

      Where does you bodysuit at 4:40 come from ? PS : I just discovered your channel and I really like the content your making. It is really refreshing to me to see a different approach of what healthy and fit means. thank you ! 😘

    58. Alejandro Andretti

      When do you start dieting again to be fine this bulking has gone to long😥😅

    59. Li Zett

      Yay for bands only program! Because of the Corona-stuff all the gyms are closed where I live. Just did my first at home workout this morning, and it was pretty darn good. However, I love variety, so I would be happy to get your bands program :) And maybe the dumbbell one as well, as I have 2.

    60. Rochelle Wilkins

      You look bomb!!! Recover well!!! Your such an inspiration! And go Jeff ! You guys are the team!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

    61. tinyfitreads

      Please do at home workout program for beginners ☺️

    62. Ligia PN

      WOW, you look really good!!!!!😍❣️🔥🔥

    63. Cori K

      You look fantastic!!!!

    64. magnuman008

      When are you guys getting married? ;)

    65. K M

      Take a shot everytime she says "all in".

    66. Random J

      You look so beautiful and healthy ❤️

    67. Samantha Sibert

      That’s a neat device for the compression socks, what is it called?

    68. Glo

      Thats it i need to stop being so harsh on my self! You inspire me to not be afraid of eating carbs and going all in. I love you soo much!

    69. narutoyondaime14

      You look great!

    70. Shuhao (Selina) Lin

      To be honest, I feel you are prettier than ever.

    71. Traca1026

      I am excited for the at home workout!!!

    72. Kithmini Cooray

      You're amazing and so inspiring Stephanie. Makes me feel not so alone as I go through my own weight gain and recovery journey ❤

    73. Yvette Cousin

      omg your body is so womenly now.... like old school beautiful curves!

    74. Sanja Marin

      You look soooo good! You look like this is how your body was built to look. You are so gorgeous but you don’t need anyone to tell you that

    75. Kat Pickles

      Hello lovely Stephanie! Those nails tho! You are a hair and nail growing powerhouse! I just got around to watching this video and it couldn't come at a better time. I'm about to have the same surgery for the same reasons. No one mentioned to me that I would not be able to work out legs for two weeks or that I would have to wear these fancy compression socks which, let me tell you, I know I will struggle deeply with. I also have the same problem with my ovarian veins which will be a separate surgery. I can't tell you how much it helps me to see you talk about this procedure! I feel like I'm completely in the dark! Do you feel like your swelling has reduced? I swell so much after workouts and for the longest time I thought it was just normal! I really hope the surgery makes a difference. Was the procedure painful? My doctor told me it would be. 😬 He says that it's a pain that I've never experienced. Well yeah, I've never had my veins burned, sir. Lol. You are such an amazing person. I wish you all the best and I truly hope the surgery helps with your swelling and leg heaviness. Much love!

    76. 해록

      You are always lovely ❤️

    77. Nia Gayle

      Do you get gel polish?

    78. Lil Torres

      You're so inspiring 💜

    79. Trinity Jasnica

      I'm having that same procedure done soon on my leg due to vein problems from when I was born. You're taking this like a champion!

    80. VoiD Archon

      I don't understand what's the point of compression socks? can anyone explain

    81. Alissa D

      Hi Stephanie! Would you be able to tell me your hight and current weight? I just subscribed to your channel 😊

    82. Refresh Life


    83. Lukasz P

      I cannot believe how gorgeous you became with the weight gain. Better then Kim Kardashian. You definitely deserve to be on HUfast amazing story when most people shoot for the opposite you proved them this is the true sexy woman. Smart looks and fit you got it all!👌

    84. J Dixson

      Do you do any research? I remember in some of your first videos it showed your journey of you getting your Phd.

    85. Alex Shea

      I love your optimism and joy! SO beautiful!😍 THANK YOU❤️❤️❤️

    86. Deepa Jinan

      You look so beautiful and wholesome !!

    87. Mr Sandman

      I wish you never let yourself go 😭 Fast food, junk food is never good for your health. Exercise will not even help. Your exxess fat in your body is showing and its not okay, could lead to diabetes. I have cheatmeals but not as many as you do. Dont let the vlogs destroy your health and body. Its alright to have comfort food but not TOO MUCH. Im just worried. I dont want people calling you "pig". Im a fan 💕

      1. Mr Sandman

        - thanks mate for understanding 😔😘

      2. Mr Sandman

        Mari Grimm Im really sorry if I have offended somebody. My intentions are pure and Im not here to judge anyone :'( I was severly sick because of junkfoods........ i just dont want that to happen to anybody 😢 eating a lot of junk could destroy the gut. Im just very concern.... I know the vlogs makes her happy, mukbangs and all. Im very glad 💕 but too much of junk, again could make you ill. Ive been there and Im never coming back. Stay healthy my friend... I support women and men in this world, I do 🙏✌️💕

      3. -

        Janice Yana I agree with you

      4. Mari Grimm

        You're so gross. She had an eating disorder that she's trying to heal from. How about you get a life and stop sharing your ignorant opinion that nobody asked for?

    88. Yelena Smol


      1. -

        Yelena Smol so true!

    89. Cory Lion

      Thick like cold oatmeal 🤣

    90. Miss Kat

      You are such a beautiful and inspiring person! Thanks for being authentic about being healthy is more than what your body looks like. You only have one body, be kind to it.

    91. Sara Staal

      Dang... I just wanted to say, your body is so beautiful, and you’ve been such an inspiration to me.❤️

    92. Rafaella !

      Why stephanie doesn't upload video!! I love the way she talks, and I find her all in journey very interesting... I am waiting weeks for her to upload

    93. Daoko Piano

      You are so beautiful 😍 honestly, you’re such a delight ❤️

    94. Edith Wu

      you are glowing

    95. Natalie Hjelmroth

      You're helping so many people, thank you for being so honest and real about what you are going through🙌❤

    96. Queren M

      You look beautifuullllll

    97. Tiffany S

      I’ve got to go back a few videos and figure out how to do this all in!! Also it is so great to see you happy with your “thicker” body. You look great and HAPPY!! Will definitely get the at home program

    98. klleeful

      You are pretty from the inside out.

    99. Дана Филатова

      I just wanna say thanks. I've been watching your videos for almost two years and i keep watching. It all started when i was looking for some cheatdays to watch instead of real eating. Yeah, i had an ED and it had gone so far i just stopped eating. It had been about 3 years of dieting, counting calories, losing/gaining weight and suffering. I even was ready to kill myself because of self-hate(idk if this word exist, but i hope you can understand what i mean). But then you started posting videos about your "all-in" experience. First time i saw it i thought it wouldn't help me and ignored that video. But after half-year struggling i finally decided to stop ignoring "all-in" videos and watch them. And, you know, i had tried about 5-6 times before i understood that "all-in" is what i need. Now i'm eating whatever i want and feel really fresh and happy. I haven't even gained so much weight. It's the best feeling in my life. Couple of months before i couldn't imagine my day without 3+ hours of training and counting calories, but now I'm here, eating favourite food and training as much as i want and it's all because of your videos. I really love your channel and yourself. You're so brave and confident, such a role model for me. Thank you for your work, i suppose you help lots of people feel better. Sorry for my english, it's probably not so good, but i hope you, guys, can understand what i've written. Lots of love from Russia💞💞💞😘