All In Aftermath: Did It Work? Before/After Physique, Hormones, Body Image, Loneliness

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Thank you for sticking with me during the most difficult part of this journey. I wouldn't be able to do it without you and wish you knew how much you mean to me. I love you so much. 🙏

      1. Mor polanuer

        Your choice to go with health, trust your body and be a role model of those, is like a precious diamond. You legitimize health and self acceptance for so many. I admire your bravery. Thank you.

      2. _Quirk_On_ The_Loose_

        Babe, you are so so so so strong. I know it is not easy, and it is hard ether when you try to lose or gain weight. I am not happy with my body, and I know how it affects me every time I see myself in a mirror and i just pull down the dam shirt and do not pay attention. My husband showed me your channel and he actually follows your BF as he is trying to make a change for himself. So, I hope you are doing well, your mind is strong and more and more capable to fight off all the negative energy. I have to say, yesterday I have subscribed to your channel as I am preparing myself for a change, i want to loose some weight and tone my body. However, I do have to say that one of my favorite moments of you is when I saw you eating a red-velvet cookie and enjoying it to the fullest. Keep on going and never let anyone's opinion define you. (something i should do as well...listen to my own advice, that is why I say that this is so difficult. We all need the support) Be good and healthy, and HAPPY!

      3. Vienne Jolie

        Stephanie Buttermore you’re just so beautiful🙏✨thank you for being so strong and sharing your vulnerability, because even though some people use it against you the effect it has on the majority of people is so much bigger and way more meaningful than I think you could ever imagine. Especially on this is so helpful to see someone prioritizing their own health and well-being over their image and their superficial praise. The way priorities are set nowadays are way to influenced by basing your self esteem on what other people see in you. The text is already way to long but from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you’re doing, you’re an inspiration for a lot of people and the effect you have is so meaningful and honest. I am just happy for you and for everyone that you’re an inspiring along the way. Thank you🙌❤️

      4. Máté Tran

        @- Amos C. Presley - encouraged you to eat snacks like her? Or what

      5. Jillian Roe

        Stephanie Buttermore theres a book by drew manning called Fit 2 Fat 2 Fat; this personal trainer purposefully gains 75 lbs and then loses it to see what its like and to help him understand his clients better when hes helping them lose weight. its a very interesting perspective and he documents all the emotions youre feeling. it makes me feel less alone and i think youd love it!

    2. makeupbyjasmua

      This is amazing... I am really impressed. Well done girl xxx

    3. DD

      To summarize "watch me go from one extreme of unhealthy, to the other". Just eat healthy and work out, it's really not that complicated.

    4. Ballerina Ageless

      💙 💙 💙

    5. matt mallecoccio

      Stephanie, I don't know if you know the answer to this, but can all in work for a fat male - I mean to deal with my seemingly constant hunger? I'm assuming, and I don't want to assume, that if I'm already fat, that going all in would be bad. I don't know... maybe Jeff would have insight about whether a male would want to just keep on muddling through trying to be in a calorie deficit while you're getting hungrier and hungrier. Do I have to keep losing my mind by not eating when I have these rumblies?

    6. stephen giacobozzi

      you look nice

    7. marcnrqz

      Cool so basically eat till satieted, but still be mindful of the type of food youre eating, and exercise is still me strength training is therapy so i wouldnt want to stop that if i decide to go all in.

    8. Nichole K

      Learned about your journey and channel through Kaltie Connor. Your health journey is inspiring. The decision to choose health is Impressive. Great work and thank you for sharing.

    9. Julia Agro

      it breaks my heart to see her cry, she is so beautiful and inspiring

    10. Tess Greene

      You are a trailblazer.... so much respect.

    11. Mary Big Mama

      I can only image what you are experiencing but I just want to tell you that you are a great daughter and woman. You are motivating a lot of people and you are such an inspiration for me personally. ❤💞

    12. my name is Tania

      you and Jeff are such a beautiful couple)

    13. Rachita Mohan

      Love love and more love to you..

    14. Sybil Wang

      omg girl..I have no words I love you. You are a strong and beautiful woman

    15. Jessica Ellsworth

      This one was hard to watch, I wanted to reach threw the screen and just give you the biggest hug!!! You’re such an inspiration and can’t thank you enough for putting your self out there like this and showing us all sides of your journey! 💜

    16. Valentina Jerenec

      Your videos are GOLD! 1. It's normal to eat to satiety with every meal, average people do it all the time. Do you look like a "normal"/average fit person then? Yes, and it's ok! By "normal" I mean healthy, not overweight but also not extremely thin. Some people are just thinner than othesr, why is that such a big deal, I don't get. I think it's because people can't accept the fact that being attractive is not about being thin. If you want to be attractive be a good person, no gym can help you with that :) and what Stephanie is showing is exactly that! She is attractive in any shape or form, 35 lbs more or less. And this is only not obvious to people who are not attractive in any shape or form, miss/mister bikini of the world or not. Stephanie, you are actually doing important work for this society hehe by showing your struggles. You are a queen!

    17. Tom Heyl

      Do you think the primary contributing factor to high obesity is primarily due to a lack of exercise then? Rather than free eating and hyper palatable foods? I'm curious the metabolic triggers for how much to eat aren't determined by exercise, and the lack of exercise is why free eaters are gaining so much weight? My weight has fluctuated a lot, and when I'm not hyper active in some sport or activity it feels like I can't keep weight off no matter what, but always thought it was due to a lack of motivation on a reason to lose weight. But maybe my body is just trying to eat enough for a hyper active day, even though I'm sitting around doing nothing every day? I've always been of the belief weight management was like 98% food focused.

    18. Eduardo Marturet

      Rich world bulshit. Go to India or maybe Africa or central america and ask them if they care about you losing your period or having to buy new clothes because you ate too much and how good you felt doing deadlifts.

    19. Ricky W

      You went from fine to a fat slob.

      1. Ricky W

        @Ellis Qué?

      2. Ellis

        Nope, she still looks hot. It's about to go down in a minute! Let you touchdown, you gon' get it! 'Cause you-eeh-you-eeh-you been waiting all niiiight! She can take you from the friend zone to the endzone, you can take it to the house, baby just roll! 'Cause you-eeh-you-eeh-you been waiting all niiiiight - it's game time!

    20. Hannah

      Coming here from ed recovery. I went all in six months ago BUT my therapist told me I have to take a break from exercising. I regained much weight, but I am not that happy because my body became really ,smooth' and stuff like that. Does somebody have similar experiences and can maybe give some advice about redistribution of fat/restored weight..? Ty

    21. Nour Yasser

      I love you, I really feel that you're the most successful female I've seen! Love from Egypt ♥️

    22. Na Ko

      This Video is so helpful. Thank you.

    23. Bianca Figueredo

      Question while u were doing ur "all in" were u still lifting or doing any kind of workout???

    24. Jill Marchand

      I have so much respect for your journey and your transparency. You are doing great work for yourself and others

    25. CoFfEe Break

      This is one of the only channels that gets me inspired. Not because you allowed yourself to go through this process and share it with us, but for being so true with everything, how you look, how many kg you gained, how you felt but I have a feeling that the journey is both very personal and somehow objective at the same time. I admire you a lot. Thank you ❤️

    26. Bagel Gang

      I’m trying to go all in. I’m definitely not at as low of a weight and I have my period etc. But I am like a bottomless pit and food focused. So good focused. My energy is not as high and my strength and performance in my sport have been lower as well. I’m terrified but I’m trying to take advantage of this time when things are still closed etc to help ease my anxieties. I’ve been questioning so much if I’m doing the right thing and it’s been hard but these videos are so validating and seeing you come through in the end is so motivating I hope to feel better soon 😌❤️ thank you

    27. Jennifer Drosera

      All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for showing the full range of what it means to be a human, to be you. Thank you for sharing your struggles, including the ones you are having with your mom. Mental illness in parents is so common, and to show how it affected you, instead of pretending to be stoic or like it didn’t happen, is so validating. As so many people have mentioned - this is healing to watch. Thank you

    28. Bengi T

      11:09 drop that skincare routine thoo

    29. Hanneke Timmermans


    30. Laura McIvor

      I know thus vid is older, but seeing you feel that lonely and thus sad. With you being a care taker for others which i relate to, it makes my heart sink and go out to you. You are a beautiful person to me, and all in looks amazing on you. You are my fitness idol atm and im going to be meeting a trainer monday because you and jeff inspire me to do more.

    31. Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen

      you inspire me in so many ways. thank you 😽

    32. Young Simba

      People die of hunger and yet here we are

    33. superdooper

      I’m sorry about your mumma darling. My dad had schizophrenia and he sometimes said scary things to us as kids. It always sticks with you coming from a loved one, even if it wasn’t really what they would say to you. 💕

    34. Dianne Chisholm

      I am so grateful that I found your channel. I am also on a weight gain journey. I was 97 pounds and 5' 5" tall. Now 20 pounds later I feel better about myself and don't look sickly. I still have a few more pounds to gain. And your channel is an inspiration. Thank you!

    35. Cyn3827

      You look so beautiful.

    36. Vanessa Wong

      damn I would not imagine being a caregiver, obtained a Phd as a scientist, and Youtubing altogether gez she has the mind of steel.

    37. Rajeshwar Sharma

      This is u-tube era. Not sure these people do these things for themselves or just to get more viewership and subscriptions (the motive may even be subconsciously driven). Will this be the new trend?

    38. Grace Done

      As long as you’re not over weight or under weight and you’re healthy the way you look should never be an issue :)

    39. SoCal Brooke

      I just subscribed. I would not have done so if I found you while being a starving bikini model. But now that you are a healthy intuitive eater, I will continue to watch!!

    40. SoCal Brooke

      "ALL IN". = intuitive eating, taking care of yourself, denying the rediculous social standards of society, focusing on other important things besides ones body size, living wholey and fully. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL STEPHANIE and I'm just finding you now! I am new to intuitive eating and you are an inspiration!!!

    41. Felicia Streit

      You have come so far!!! I'm so proud of how you you manage your jorney

    42. Sustainability Project

      You look so beautiful! Thanks for being so real and sharing with us!

    43. Christian


    44. raptorxlovesanime

      I had no idea your satisfying hormones could get that f*cked up.. but I also cannot imagine living on so little calories.. 😱 So I can honestly say, even when I think having problems with my weight and body, many people have actual far more serious problems.😅 I wonder what I would look like if I just ate whatever I wanted.. I gain very easily on seemingly nothing. However, I am not going hungry normally.🙄 But girl, good to see you had the guts to choose your health over looks. If you feel good that way, you did it right! 😊👍🏻 Keep it up, you are inspiring😁

    45. Sanga Thuthela


    46. Jan Rose

      I appreciate you for being open and sharing your journey.

    47. Cecilia 236

      This is so inspirational. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa after struggling with it for another year prior. Anorexia affected everything in my life, from my social interactions to my physical health. At the time, I was a varsity distance runner and was pressured to maintain my times to keep that varsity spot. I thought that losing more and more weight would help me perform better, but that was the furthest thing from the truth. I developed digestive issues and was sick all the time (I also had asthma so that didn’t help). Because I wasn’t severely underweight, the only treatment I got was therapy and seeing a nutritionist. Things got better, and I eventually gained some weight. Though the restrictive habits were mostly gone, I still had a horrible body image. When corona broke out and everyone had to be quarantined, I was devastated. I was terrified of gaining weight and started practicing some bad habits again. Eventually, something just clicked one day and I decided I didn’t want to be sick anymore. I’m doing much better now, and you’ve inspired me to stay on the road to recovery.

    48. marimuses

      That was so inspiring and touching. Thanks a lot! Its good to know that there are so amazing and brave people like you in the world. Watching your video I desided to show more of my true self, also the weaknesses. Keep loving yourself. You are beautiful ♥️

    49. Aayyo Habibti

      Steph you have proven that having abs and looking the fittest is not necessarily something that can make you happy or looking lean doesn't necessarily mean that you're healthy . Health is so much more than that . Being healthy mean having a good relationship with food ,your mental health and really enjoying every bit of your day. I have so much respect for you .love you ❤️

    50. Eman Abbasi

      AND GIRLLLLL i hear you , we love you and you look beautiful, fuck everyone

    51. Eman Abbasi

      IF IM HONEST being a thick curvy girl myself. I am so depressed about body image, after watching this video im loving myself even more .i dont want to lose all this weight just to be uncomfortable later on .i want to be happy in my body. and feel comfortable eating and look good. im just gonna tone down my fat but not shred let me know if thats sounds right. you look better and healthy after gaining weight and going to the gym. and more happy about yourself.

    52. Beata Niekurzak

      for me, in fitness world, you are the ABSOLUTE winner. First influencer who's decided to put mental/physical health above aesthetic goals. Sharing all details without shame, guilt, fake emotions etc. thank you Stephanie, youre absolutely amazing and truly inspiring. plus- you really look beautiful now

    53. Debbie Jones

      You are adorable.. so honest and were vulnerable!

    54. Illyssa Demarino

      This is amazing. I'm so happy for you, I'll be honest, I followed you a year ago but you were so thin and fit I found I was always comparing myself. I felt like I could never measure up and it was really hard on my self esteem, that's definitely not your fault, we all are responsible for our own journey. I just wanted to tell you that seeing you so happy and healthier with your weight gain makes me feel so much better about myself and I am absolutely subscribing again. I'm excited to continue watching your journey!

    55. Valentina

      You’re absolutely beautiful and so empowering! I Truly found hero, really happy to be able to watch all those videos and it affected me a lot, changed my thoughts about body image, health, and how it is more about healthy and happy life that a number on scales.. supporting you so much!

    56. Get Lucky With Shelly

      Since you are being so open and transparent, I think it would also be nice if you did videos without all the makeup:)

    57. Madame Jane

      WOW! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. How about you taste & see that the LORD is good? :) Jesus is the cure to the loneliness that you feel :)

    58. Jay Jay

      With this weight gain your last name fits you

    59. Alexandra Victoria

      Amazing.. i am sure you and those who love you are VERY proud of you. What you have done is my ultimate fear, i admire you! Thank you for being a lovely human

    60. Savanah Gibson

      Did you workout while gaining weight

    61. Leolivia

      You are so STRONG. Never forget that.

    62. Jazmine Nieves

      you look soooo good

    63. Alanaxmerr

      sending all the love

    64. Georga Isobel

      I adore you 💕

    65. Sjudit84

      It must be hard for you guys to take care of your mom and then try to just live your life as well, especially online. This puts a lot of pressure on you and I can imagine makes you feel emotional. So I applaud you for doing it all and still having a smile on your face. I have known about you on YT for a while but have only subbed now and went back to your All In video and looking at the progress now as the weeks/months went by. I have not commented til now but this video really shook me.

    66. Nothing Impossible

      You are amazing and different from others...keep it up!

    67. 芝芝


    68. Kathleen Downer

      We need people like you in our life we are so lucky ♥️👍xx

    69. Kathleen Downer

      You are absiloutly amazing inspiring a true advocate for girls with boby image difficulties and the mum one I had that which started my anorexia but I'm all I 2 months now and your video is so uplifting well done for having the courage to follow this path it takes so much strength and you truly have that and by the way you are beautiful so pretty and healthy ❤️❤️

    70. Isabella Citone

      You are so amazing. You are unbelievably brave, like you have changed SO many lives. Thank you for existing. Anyone who has ever in any way been negative to you, is just sad and lost. I feel bad for them. You are the type of human we should all strive to be - real, strong, and powerful. Thank you beautiful Stephanie! I wish I could like grant you a massive award or something !!!

    71. Carolina Aleixo

      because of your honesty and your quest for health and well-being, i actually take you a lot more seriously as a fitness trainer - six pack or not.

    72. Lába Apád

      is there anyone more stupid than you? XD

      1. leen

        i think u should be asking urself that

      2. Kristina

        Do you have a problem?

    73. Bunny Christine

      Thankyou for being so open and raw. I used to be super jealous of you now I see you go through pain and your not perfect. Though you are literally the perfect amount of curvy aka my goal shape at your "biggest".

      1. Bunny Christine

        I found myself crying with you at times and especially the scenes with your mother. Thinking of how I would feel when my parents get to that point.

    74. Vegan With Love

      Steph, thank YOU! THANK you for not stoping! You have no idea😭how many girls you’ve helped. You’ve literally changed my mentality! I am so much happier and my relationship with food changed so much! I love you❤️and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    75. Fuzz Fuzz

      You literally are so gorgeous. Stay strong!!

    76. Maria Jose Collazos

      ok i might be a softy but you have no idea what this video has done for me, i am emotional

    77. maria silva

      You are extremely beautiful, you look like Demi Lovato. I need to do the opposite, I gain weight during my 3 pregnancys. I need to lose body fat whithout starving myself and exercise, and eat healthy foods make good eating choices .

    78. TheHannah317

      It feels good to see you because you look like me, in terms of body weight (though I have a lot less muscles - I'm working on it ^^), and it's very rare to see people who look like me being valued in public spaces, especially workout channels. Also it's rare to see people who look like me being so physically strong, working out, etc. It's empowering and motivating. I'm someone who've always been this kind of shape or bigger, even when starving myself (I don't do that anymore), and I've come to love and accept my body as it is (it took a while), but I know that seeing someone my kind of shape exercising and feeling strong, when I was a teenager, would have been very precious. Thanks and congrats!

    79. Mei Lamson

      The beauty is from your confidence not your look and body sizes 😊 keep up the good work❣️ You are a great role model😘

    80. Nishuti

      Dammit Stephanie, you know how to get a girl crying... I feel your pain but more importantly, I feel your positivity and happiness 😊

    81. karen compton

      I just discovered you from post in a FB NOFOODRULES group. All I can say is your are such an inspiration. Your a beautiful person, and I’m so happy your feeling amazing! 😄💕💪🏻

    82. C W

      I felt your hurt when your mom commented on your body. My mom does it too, and I’ve endured worse from other people, but coming from her, it cut deep. I’ve never had an eating disorder, an am naturally lean. But her comment of me “starving myself” really hurt.

    83. Diana Spita

      you are so so amazing! such an inspiration... Thank you Stephanie!!! so much love and support for you

    84. Jeannie Pagan

      I’m so happy I found your channel. I haven’t been as lean as you were since I left high school, but I have the same body image issues that you have. I applaud you for sharing something that’s so real. Hits home. Aaaaand we have the same body type 😁 I’d like know what style of clothes you use so I can get some ideas. There’s barely any useful video on that on HUfast, and they never get it right for me.

    85. Celine Kong

      You're so strong and brave, and I'm sure you inspired a lot of people

    86. Clarissa Nicole

      I'm so proud of you. Period.

    87. Robin H.

      Since I was fourteen, I've dieted. I've done everything from keto, paleo, going vegan, eating under 1,200 calorie counting, beach body, weight watchers, etc. 12 years of this has damaged my metabolism and caused me to develop a severe eating disorder. After watching your videos, I also decided to go "all in"- it has truly changed my life. Thank you so much for everything you do. We need more women who see beyond diet culture and what it takes from us.

      1. Lily J. Maldonado de Lanerolle

        Your story is my story but I still havent found the courage to go "all in".

    88. Ruiya Lin

      omg Steph you made me tearing up for the whole video I wanna say I love you and you r amazing and empowering please keep doing what ur doing right now I am sure that things will turn out to be the way you want !!!

    89. Wayne Goss

      You are a lovely beautiful person. You really are xx

    90. valencia caffaso

      omg ,,, I love you so much and I'm proud of you :'(

    91. Farhana Uddin

      You’re a truly incredible person! Thank you for sharing this special part of your life with us all. You inspire me to be more kind and happy for the body I am in. Thank you for being the role model we all needed. Lots of love and *virtual hugs* 💖

    92. Slim

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us 👏🏽💗

    93. Desiree Carter

      I love love love your channel. Thank you for sharing this and showing a true bloated tummy. Its so refreshing to see a body that looks like mine!! Beautiful!

    94. Mo n

      As a former care giver, my heart broke because I remember how hard it was to take care of my mom for the years that she was sick. Keeping any sense of health in a stressful situation is tough. I respect that you are working with what is your mindset... how are you mentally healthy and seeing what comes through . 💛💛🇨🇦

    95. Alana Fernandez

      Girl! Your ass and back and thighs look fantastic 😍

    96. Maree Sarmiento

      True! u gained weight, but not obese. I actually like you this way than super fit. U are sexy, thick and very feminine 😊

    97. fairlyclaire

      You are an amazing role model! Dedicating so much time and energy to your health is so important. Side note, you’re also so incredibly beautiful!

    98. Carita M

      I needed this

    99. Lucia Blake

      I have a mentally ill mother too. Mine is bipolar 1 with schizophrenic tendencies. When she is having manic episodes she says nasty hurtful things...And she is unmedicated and refuses all help. It's so hard. I struggle sometimes accepting this is the mom I get...wanting more from her she will never have to give. I felt your pain when you were crying ♥️ anyone reading this who can're not alone.

    100. Isabela Castilho

      This is inspiring!