Addressing My Cheat Days

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    I love you all so much, your support has blown me away. A huge part of why I'm still going strong with my "all in" journey is because of all of you. And hank you for your patience, I promise my 1 month "all in" update is coming next and will be well worth the wait. I really just wanted to set the record straight about my cheat days so we can all be on the same page.
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I love you all so much and thank you for all of your support, I'm honestly blown away by all the love you guys have shown me on youtube and on my IG ♥️🙏 A huge part of why I'm still going strong with my "all in" journey is because of all of you. And thank you for your patience, I promise my 1 month "all in" update is coming next and will be well worth the wait. I really just wanted to set the record straight about my cheat days so we can all be on the same page. If you want to see how I'm doing on a daily basis, make sure to follow me on IG @stephanie_buttermore. Love you and I'll see you soon! 😘 😘

      1. Veronica Ojan

        I love you toooo......u look amazing

      2. 1966Zodiac

        Why not try going vegan? Having a Whole Foods plant based diet is amazing. You could eat a few vegan junk food in moderation. It’s good for the body. You’re doing less harm to the environment and you’re not harming as many animals. I really think you should go vegan(aka Plant Based).

      3. Hansol An

        I am so happy for you and I love you so much!!! As a person coming with a background of an extreme eating disorder, I can say that it is an ongoing process. I am still struggling not to relapse and not to obsess over the diet, fitness, and health. Meanwhile, I found you and your women specialized program (which I haven't started yet tbh haha) and I am hoping to earn healthy habits from it. Seeing you doing what makes you happy is very INSPIRING and MOTIVATING, I hope you know that. You are beautiful just the way you are (cliche lol but for real) and I am very proud of you for evaluating what works for you and what does not. AND not trying to please the crowd on HUfast cuz it all comes down to you, nothing else. I love seeing you smile and being happy and lets keep it that way!!!

      4. cod4champ101

        Stephanie Buttermore yes, it is common, but that does not mean that binging is the solution, and it certainly does not mean that projecting your binging to the world, to see and to misinterpret, misuse, over-generalize, etc., is helping people.

      5. cod4champ101

        You are promoting and glorifying eating disorders, whether you realize it or not, whether you accept it or not. You’ve added a “fun” slogan to an eating disorder (“all in”). No one needs to binge like you are, even if you’re underweight. There are better, healthier strategies that are more sustainable and that can better and more easily translate into future eating habits designed to sustain a relatively stable weight. It is dangerous to present such a strategy to the world and to market it in such a manner. Your positive message regarding body-positivity and aiming to achieve general health and a healthy weight do not atone for your promotion and glorification of binge-eating.

    2. Hasti Pakzad

      You totally nailed it when you said that competitors fall in a "orthorexia" spectrum. That is what made me stop competing. I think many people under-estimate that orthorexia is also a type of disorder.

    3. Allyson Liger

      I have an eating disorder & am currently down the path of recovery and I am here watching your cheat day videos & our recovery videos. You are SO strong. ❤

    4. Emily Jimenez

      Me and her have the same exact struggles

    5. Clarissa Strong


    6. HealthyChoice

      I miss your #CheatDays :(

    7. Alisson torres

      Im peruvian and i want to say you're so beautiful and honest and your videos just not help me to understand how is life fitness but it also helps me practice my english, i love the way you talk and i love you and how I said before you're so amazing**

    8. MsSusiePan

      You don't have a bigger than normal appetite, stop telling yourself that. You were starving yourself and eating compulsively on such days, telling yourself the lie that "it's only because I have a monstrous appetite". It's not. It's compulsion, it's an eating disorder. Stop creating nicknames for disorders, stop trying to make them look somewhat a variety of normality.

    9. Jelena Bozinovska

      You are so eloquent and explain yourself perfectly, without triggering anyone... I love all your videos, keep it up

    10. Jessica Vinson

      I’m just wondering how often you have a cheat day?

    11. Isa

      9:40 Stephanie, I gotta say, period, periodicity, periodic table, period mark, declarative sentence. I am so happy for you💞💞 I love that you said this. I wish people would just listen to you say this and feel called out loll and stop their negative comments. Not going to happen I'm sure but I'm happy that at least this is your mindset. You have no idea how much you make me happy omg loll and I admire you🤧💓💜💜

    12. Varshini R

      How often do you have cheat days and what do you do post cheat days

    13. Paige Bostock

      I agree with you Steph :)

    14. ineedvyvanse

      Eh, I understand your thinking on this. But if I ate “intuitively” or ate what I wanted I would literally become obese. I have extreme hunger, but if I eat low calorie high volume food that always helps.

    15. wildhearses

      Trying to fit something sweet/fatty into my macros without going over calories almost always makes me more hungry in the long run. A slice of pizza is probably worth like a lb of Brussel sprouts, and the veggies are going to keep my stomach full longer.

    16. toshi323

      Thanks a lots for sharing these to us. I used to be super control on what I eat and I actually started to feel extreme hunger, I am not sure is it because of my extreme diet but I feel like this is just like a wake up call for me to let myself a break not only physical but also mentally.

    17. Genesa joy Cunanan

      I love you so much ms. Stephanie you are very beautiful now ❤

    18. Maria Cruz

      ....Hi guys, I just need someone to talk to or maybe reply to this comment. I want to be honest to myself and recover as soon as possible. I'm struggling now with my eating disorder. I'm always thinking about food all day. When I first wake up in the morning and even before sleep ,thiking food that i will going to eat next and thinking what I ate. It's hard to live your life revolving and only thinking about it. I constantly think about it and I think this is a serious problem😭 I really want to recover and live a normal life again. I want to enjoy my life again :( pls help me guys.

      1. kendall

        Maria Cruz What I would do is if you’re eating around 1000 cal a day (unfortunately the case for many with this issue) and increase it by ~200 a day. the 200 does not just have to be fruit, it can totally be healthier things later on but what i’d recommend is more filling foods for now. heavier foods speed up the “exposure therapy” in loose air quotes. after just a little while of this, which you can take as slowly as fits, you’ll be up to the average caloric intake and hopefully much happier and healthier i wish you so much luck bb 💕

    19. AbleAnderson

      I think Stephanie has some major food addiction and binge eating disorder. I don’t say this as a slight, it’s very common and I can relate. In this food culture we live in with junk all around us, it really does breed this sort of situation in us. Sugar addiction is real, and then we diet off and get hungry because of that, so we are just always hungry. The goal is to get like 1 year of just eating protein based meals with no binges and then maybe you can put binges behind your. Jeff cavalier of athlean x is a great role model here. The guy never binges, it’s impressive.

    20. AbleAnderson

      Jeff is a lucky dude. Imagine getting to eat that luscious ass every night


      m recovering from anorexia currently and I'm dealing a lot with the weight gain I have and I feel like Stephanie is helping me so much I hope she will help anyone who needs to be listen to, pls don't forget i appreciate everyone out there hopefully you have a nice day and can help happy again

    22. Katherinne Rodriguez

      You’re so inspiring 💕

    23. Anabelle DeHaan

      who else is just now realizing that they weren’t cheat days, they were binges

      1. Julie Morris

        Yep, realised the first time I watched. My cheat day may include 1 donut and one meal I usually don’t eat, not eating the entire day.

      2. Giulia Dho

        @Karen Maya yeah exactly, she said that she was constantly food focused but now she's living so much better, I'm happy for her:)

      3. Karen Maya

        @Giulia Dho, well that's funny, bc she also said that she was a happy person, when in reality she had to recognize, for her own health, how miserable she was constantly feeling hungry and being too food focused

      4. s franklin

        Giulia Dho other specified feeding and eating disorders. It’s for people who meet eating disorder criteria but not all the criteria for bulimia (ie not bingeing and purging at least once a week) anorexia (not low enough bmi) or binge eating disorder (not bingeing once a week). Again she has to meet the criteria of preoccupation with body size as well. And you don’t sound ignorant. Honestly a lot of healthcare professionals I work with don’t know what OSFED is either.

      5. Giulia Dho

        @s franklin what's that ? Sorry if I seem ignorant lol

    24. Trinity V

      How many times a month do you have cheat days? Also thank you for this video it was very inspiring and helpful!💓

    25. Anna Stadler

      The fitness industry needs more people like you! You're a great role model :) I'm so thankful for your content and thanks a lot for sharing your journey!

    26. Paree Pare

      How often you do cheat day?

    27. Kateřina Hofmanová

      i fckin adore u, i love u, u inspire me🤍

    28. Yinka babalola

      Just found your page and I love you already. 😍

    29. Simplicitas

      Do whatever makes you feel good and healthy, we like you anyway ofc. But for real, your apetite is legendary. I as a guy forced myself to eat 5000 calories per day when I was 21 years old, to go from 80 to 85 kgs. But for you that is natural!

    30. Emma C

      If I'd seen a series like this when I was struggling with similar issues back in 2014/15, it would have helped me immeasurably. Thank you for being so honest and doing something different :).

    31. Awilda Garcia

      I never knew about orthorexia was a thing. Since I started living healthy for almost a year and I literally eat my same two meals everyday so would that make me orthorexic? I just realized that I stick to my schedule pretty regularly

    32. 陈琪瑶

      i am confused. what's the different between the cheat day and binge eating?

    33. Ashling S

      I love your videos. I compete in bodybuilding so your cheat day videos help me at night when I am sad about not having delicious food. I watch your videos and I live through you. I have enjoyed your ‘all in ‘ videos. I love that you have gone down this path. But I am also sad as I assumed you had an amazing metabolism and those big chest days were something that was just a ‘for fun’. I thought you could eat whatever u wanted and were naturally skinny. I can now imagine you were living a life of constant restriction. I do this one a year for about 8 weeks when prepping but you would have felt the pressure to live your entire life on a low calorie diet. I think behind closed doors you were putting your body in starvation mode to maintain that lean physique you had. So glad you have put health first.

    34. GotAClue313L

      You’re very strong and such an inspiration! Could “extreme hunger” be caused by a long term leptin deficiency stemming from that 2014 cut?

    35. alrblondie

      How did your gut handle these cheat days?

    36. Texan White Panther

      Only 4,000 - 5,000 cal a day?

    37. GL G

      2:37 I never knew why I was so pissed when people said "just eat a little" when I say I'm hungry even when I've ate to my calorie limit (have an ED, am recovering, different story). That's what it was. It's an insult to my hunger. I don't even intend to binge eat when I do eat (I eat... a lot at once); I don't feel stuffed, I just feel full. Not even I-need-to-puke full, like, satiated full. Spread 2000-2400 calories throughout the day? How? And study and work on top of that? HOW? I don't even have the energy right now to exercise, and I'm scared to death to eat more than I did, especially since I know I am going to EAT if I do. I just wish people around me would stop saying "just be normal." I can't. I'm not. That's why I'm going through all these problems.

      1. MindFlayer03

        Awww honey. I hope you’re doing better now. Screw those people. You do you. You know you better than anyone else.

    38. Nora K

      Your self awareness and honesty is what has saved you and will continue to save you through all walks of life are amazing keep it up💕

    39. Joanne D'or

      Stephanie where did you buy your watch please :)

    40. Clarissa Christina Winata

      I love your post. I am Indonesian but I used to live in the US for 10 years I gained 44 lbs when I lived there There were just lots of things that made me wanted to keep on eating, such as the coldness, stressfulness on being there by myself And yet everytime I ate something, I never felt full. My stomach always growl during the night and I just couldn't sleep But as I moved back to Indonesia, i rarely feel hungry and suddelny i lost all the 40lbs that I gained without dieting and without going to the gym I eat 5 times a day regularly and i love to eat donut in the morning but for some reason the weather and prolly the nutrition that the food has in Indonesia is different that what the food has in the US I guess I'm just stating this wondering that would it be possible that the huge amount of craving for us to binge eating in the US would be higher because of the weather and the fattiness of the food that exist there?

    41. Γιωργος Αναγνωστοπουλος

      I didn't undertand what she finally wants to say

    42. HealthyChoice

      Did you have an Eating Disorder before 2014 ?

    43. Valkyrie

      You said you’ve tried everything ~ have you tried a healthy keto way of eating? Basically eating a diet that isn’t sugar/carb based so your blood sugar isn’t all over the place and the focus is on nutrient dense good fats etc? Hunger isn’t a thing on this way of eating.

    44. Amanda Foster

      You don't have to justify anything for us, this is about you!!

    45. Nicole

      DEFINITELY not alone in feeling that way holy moly thank you so much for sharing this journey it has been extremely helpful to me to witness as someone with very similar food and satiety issues ❤️

    46. Kendra Kelly

      I smelled the oreos when you opened them. Weird 🧐

    47. Małgorzata Szczeszek

      I stopped watching you after all those cheat days, it didn't seem healthy. I'm happy your looking for some balance and health!

    48. Lou

      So the reason why you've put on a massive amount of weight and now hate your body image is because of your clean eating and not because of your insane cheat days and extreme caloric restrictions in order to look a certain way? Right 🙄

    49. Sabrina K

      I relate to you SO MUCH. It really is such a struggle😪

    50. Level up with Lee

      Show us by removing your cheat day videos and walk the walk.. those cheat days are not healthy from any perspective if your going to be an advocate for great health! but good luck on your journey Steph.

    51. nick smith

      What's wrong with feeling hunger. If your eating all the time you not going to appreciate and be grateful for the food. Allow yourself to feel hunger.


      Is it ok to have cheat days even when bulking and if so how often

    53. Keyun zhu

      Unsubscribed when I no longer need to learn training and to enjoy watching others’ cheat day; Resubscribe as I NEED courage, confidence and ALL IN💕💕💕

    54. Dayvon LaToya Harris

      damn girl... I know about these control issues you're dealing with regarding food. gotta relax more about all this. try less thinking and more doing

    55. Emily Libra

      Not only that but it gives you something to look forward too!

    56. Daripo l

      When I start to work out, even just like a 30 min jog in the morning, my appetite starts to spike. Somehow the body starts to create this crazy hunger. And on the other hand, when I dont work out my physique comes close to being underweight.

    57. Rachael

      you should probably see someone regularly to help you with the orthorexia, it's super hard to deal with it alone. even saying 'clean eating and 'cheat days' is a holdover from that, it assigns a value judgement to food and of course to you when you eat them. just a thought

    58. Paxielle

      People should listen to their body, usually your body knows best when's it's hungry you probably need to eat and when it's full it will send satiety signals too. People get very focused on looks and forget to look for signs your body is sending

      1. Paxielle

        @zippy blessed yeah that's true...

      2. zippy blessed

        That's when you eat healthy food....But with processed food your always hungry. And she eats processed foods.

    59. yoon b

      Thank you for sharing!❤️

    60. liteoner

      So much this. If I open a pack of biscuits you bet I'm going to finish it in one sitting. It makes much more sense to me to have an off-limits cheat day.

    61. Sereina Gläser

      It is very courageous to go the healthy way. Even it means to gain weight. I really know it is hard. I am not in the fitnessindustry, but I am a dancer and I know what it means if being slim is not the healthy way...

    62. Skyfall Deadpool

      I think the book " Delay don't deny" will help you. Check it out on audiobook and many places

    63. 이민희

      I have watched your cheat day videos and had question marks on the amount you ate and the calories you added up. Because you mostly cut the food in half and kept aside or shared with your bf. So to me it looked like you were still concerning the calories when you ate the full amount in those videos. It's just my assumption so I might be wrong. Anyways, hope you succeed in the all in project. !!

    64. Mary Poropat

      "I think my clean eating is the reason i am here" SAME GIRL SAME! not using oil when cooking because it is high fat and too many calories, sticking to ONLY exactly 15ml of PB (weighed on a scale), only eating vegetables, salad with no dressing because did you really need it? so sad. I wish i knew what i know now, and what i was doing to my body. "looking" lean does not mean healthy all of the time. women should have some meat on their bones, not look like a prepubescent boy!

    65. Mary Jones

      Very, very, very brave and strong woman. I learn a lot. I appreciate that you share so much. Keep up the hard work. 😉

    66. Joud

      Will I love her cheat day , cuz she’s ate what ever I want to eat in my life not only cheat day, and I watch her cheat day mostly in diet day , cz she’s make me feel full even tho I’m not lol.

    67. Samantha Whiting

      I love your videos they are inspirational! I think a lot of fitness indoors should have to clarify whether they have a mental cycle before giving out advice and what I eat on a days. Watching your videos is refreshing. I am very McIntyre eh same. I didn’t do all purposely... I just started eating and now I am able to eat without checking my fitness pal. Watching your videos made me realise my body is how it should be for now.

    68. Brittany Stroman

      You are beautiful. Live your life to suit your own needed and don't worry about what other say or think. You know your body better than anyone else. What works for some doesn't work for others. I think you are amazing and I am happy to see you feeling more happy with yourself. Much love keep doing you boo.

    69. Sára Boufala

      How often did u do your cheat days?

    70. 김다은Deanna

      Your journey cheers me up on the same stage with you. Thank you so much for those videos and hope finally it works for you.

    71. Katen Staines

      I find this all very interesting. I've come from a place of being obese (305 pounds) where I ate anything and everything and then losing alot of weight (now 167pounds) . I did it through portion control and excercise. I find that now I'm maintaining I do suffer from extreme hunger at times. I don't count calories but I do have cheat days

    72. Hoi Lala

    73. Mel L

      Stephanie, I absolutely love the sweater you are wearing in this video! Where did you get it?

    74. 糖果

      I just follow your channel. And be attracted by your truly ,lively also honstely. Keep to do yorself and catch you goal.No sweet,I am with you.💪🏿👊🏾

    75. M S16

      you're talking about orthorexia? but then what is this? this is a form of an eating disorder as well, everyone's overly obsessed with their food. eat as healthy as you can, eat junk when you feel like it, make exercising a habit, if you eat too much and you can't lose weight do a method that works for you, do intermittent fasting, have your cheat dat whatever. But if you think talking this much about food and stuffing yourself with 5000 calories a day is not an eating disorder then you're mad!!

    76. Joss Bailey

      You are looking so beautiful now

    77. XUEZHU WU

      love u sooo much don't give up

    78. Rachel M

      I know I'm late on this but I really appreciate you putting this out there. Thank you being so open and honest.❤

    79. Seeking Happy

      I love your commitment to doing what you think is right for you, regardless of what people think. You're totally refreshing and inspiring. Love this. Good luck. I'll be following.

    80. Shelley Picott

      Amen....everybody can't be competition lean all the time....and I love my curves....thanks for saying that it is okay to not have abs all the time.

    81. Kat Me

      HOW are you doing that? I watched your and Liv’s videos on how you devour those donuts and decided to give it a try. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of food and haven’t had a donut in about 5 years. So after my workout I stopped by Krispy Kreme, got 6 donuts that looked most appealing, came home, made some tea and sat at the table. After 1st donut I already started feeling ‘not right’ but I was dedicated. Had a 2nd donut. Started feeling dizzy. On the 3rd donut my hands started shaking, I felt like I was about to pass out. My stomach felt sooo sick I had to go and throw up. Then I laid in bed and didn’t move for 20 minutes. I think my blood sugar level skyrocketed. I’m not diabetic for sure. That is insane what you are doing. Absolutely crazy. I’m going back to my oatmeal. It was a bad idea. You should take it easy, girl. Take care of yourself.

      1. honey1harmony

        Just yesterday I had a donut, later ice cream and some juice part of a mixer. Omg the sugar didn’t sit well with my stomach at all. I can’t see how steph could consume so much sugar without the worst stomachache.

    82. Christina

      New subbie for you stephanie. I support you. Have you looked into a higher fat lower carb diet to feel more satiated?

    83. Chevelle Solomon

      Thank you so much! Believe it or not your uncomfortable journey is so so soothing to me, while in ED recovery ❤️

    84. CyberBFF

      Do you believe what you're saying? You are a carb/sugar addict and that is why you are always hungry and never satisfied because your body never gets what it really needs so it keeps your hunger turned on in hopes that your stupidity will cease and you will realize that you are lacking in nutrient dense foods in the form of animal proteins and healthy fats. Your breakfasts start off with sugar and carbs and you end your day with sugar and carbs, not even counting all of the sugar/carbs in between. Recipe for insulin resistance when you reach your mid to late 30s.

      1. M S16

        its an eating disorder LMAO, stuffing yourself with 5000 calories? that is not normal.

    85. Love is Vulnerability

      kudos to u for sharing this journey with a wider audience. it seems like you have ppl supporting u thru this, but for many seeing ur vids will be the prompt to build that support in their own lives and learn to care for their bodies and minds in more ways.

    86. JohannaAllen

      you would love Natacha Oceane!

    87. shadow-enigma

      Yes ma'am staying in your lane is the best advice. Love this video 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    88. Kaycee

      In my opinion the cause of this extreme hunger is the restriction that you put onto yourself prior from your competition days. I went through the same thing when I was younger and I would restrict my own eating. After a couple of years of doing that I started doing the opposite and bingeing because I'd always feel hungry and never satisfied. I think that intuitive eating is the best cure- eat what you want when you want but make sure that you're not over or under doing any of it. Life is about balance- as humans I think we tend to go to the extreme. But the key is to not restrict yourself too much but also not to go to the other extreme and eat everything in the world. It's a work in progress and it'll take time but balance will definitely be achieved!

      1. Kink of the Cosmos

        You're spot on, she is doing nothing healthy by binging on 5 thousand calories daily, Jesus! It's sending the wrong message to people

    89. Vic M.

      Junk food has gotten such a bad rap , these foods are rich in essential nutrients.. Your metabolism is on fire and that's why you are hungry all the time .The weight lifting is also increasing your hunger. Just continue to have a balance , you will be ok.

      1. Kink of the Cosmos

        What???? Junk food is absolute shit!!!

    90. Mz Clementine

      I wonder if the hungers your having is to make you gain fat. Love you’re in your PRIME. Baby making prime... what if your body was saying give me sustained fat, now! And by the last video you posted with your appetite finally leveling... your body had its fill. Just theorizing...

    91. Cel Alvor

      I have been suffering from ED since 2012, now i am trying to recover and most of the time it is depressing because i have gained so much. I know it is all part of the process of repairing my body. Your vids and your honesty are helping me so much right now! TY Especially to be mentally strong

    92. Emily Lyons

      This is my first time commenting on a video. Keep doing what you are doing. I feel like you are real, and it shows through what you are doing!

    93. Erin Busbee

      Thank you for your honesty! I’ve struggled with the same things. Now I’m pregnant after having lost my period :) I think you should check out Brittany Brown’s channel- Beating Binge Eating. I don’t think you’re a binge eater by any means, but her philosophy has helped me tremendously and is 10000% sustainable for the rest of my life. Will prob help you after your “all in” phase which is awesome btw. You’re still incredibly fit and beautiful!!

    94. xG4mx

      I came here through her all in day video. One thing I noticed is she hasn't used the word "binge". Why as that? There's telltale signs of this being the case...

    95. Rach

      Anyone else heard of the book "Just Eat It"? I really recommend it if anyone has an issue with consuming "bad" and/or "high-calorific" foods, yet craves them. It has completely changed my mindset on how I view and consume these foods now, whilst still maintaining an overall well balanced food lifestyle.

    96. Nicola M

      Honestly I don't know why fitness models are called that because the competitions are not based on fitness. They are based on looks. Being super lean doesn't necessarily equate to being fit. They're just plain old body building competitions.

    97. Barbara George

      you are so inspiring ! thank you for this amazing video and sharing your experience.

    98. Caroline Doctor

      I'm watching these out of order because I found your 1 month update first but these videos keep making me cry. I know exactly what you're going through having been through it myself and cannot express how proud I am of you in this moment. You're so inspiring to me especially as I go forward (I'm only a year into my recovery).

    99. Zahraa Sawan

      You're so beautiful!!!! You look even MORE beautiful now its insane!! Much love