A Realistic Full Day Of Eating “All In” (What I Eat In A Day)

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    ‣ Duh
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    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you like Full Day of Eating videos in the comments! 👇🙏 And if you want to see what I'm eating on the daily, follow my IG story (@stephanie_buttermore) Love you guys so much! 💋

      1. The Official Jelly Diet

        sorry ur promoting inflammatory eating, eat some grass fed meat, organs, raw milk, yogurt, kefir, cheeses and aip vegetables and fruits. If you binge eat pancakes and junk (bro food for bodybuilders cheat days ur not gonna get ur hormones back quickly) not nourishing and not healthy, can actually make people get worse doing this shit.

      2. Sara Osborne

        More what I eat videos PLEASE!!!

      3. Fenton Read-Smith

        Gym Tracks well that was harsh and uncalled for. Hardly constructive and just insulting. Give her feedback by all means but this is just a petty spiteful and hurtful attack. Why would you choose this approach?

      4. Gym Tracks

        Stephanie: how do you walk without your legs rubbing together? OMG!!! well, Steph, reduce your daily food intake (calories) and eat healthier. The breakfast was huge and the last meal of the day was disastrous! Swap some fruits for vegs and eat less. Simple. And then you'll lose weight and look slimmer and better.

      5. Brian Jackson

        Nice Ass 😍😍😍

    2. ALL IN

      They all wanna be the black woman

    3. Cindy L.

      Very pretty girl!!😊

    4. Linn Enroth

      I know this is all about health and not body image or anything like that, but like, for me, this is it, this is my goal body.

    5. judobo


    6. Ishaam Brown

      when you say "let me know down below", do you mean in the comments or...? asking for a friend

    7. Original Revelin

      I am watching this so late, but this means so much. I am doing lots of work to fix how badly things ended up after a bad thing and seeing this journey gives me hope (I am in a much larger body than I'm used to)

    8. Kitty Kiss

      You look so much better curvie

    9. Karly Kurkjian

      The avocado and sprouts in the poke bowl looks super pretty

    10. Alexia Hernández Arce

      The thing in here isn't she looking "better" or "Prettier". The REAL thing in here is she being and feeling HEALTHIER and HAPPIER.

    11. Emma Leyva

      Great way to gain weight . Lots of carbs .

    12. Taurus Girl

      Love the cards .l I play too lol 💜😊

    13. simplybyamyxo

      you have the best awesome vibe ever. I subbed and I'm so glad I did, You make me feel so happy and confident. you have been helping me feel confident in my body

    14. Jillian Rodrian

      Morning cardio?

    15. Elvira Karlsson

      You rmind me so much of Demi Lovato

    16. ellyn p.

      did she really call poke “asian chipotle”... bro poke’s hawaiian

    17. Adriana Melyshi

      girl ,, i just have found you, and iam watching your videos bcss i like your transformation,, and then i loved your personality your beautiful face and smile . i just wanted to say that you have made the right desicion ,, iam 22 and i have trained so much on my teen years i had such a fit body but these 3 past years i didnt train as much bcs of work and stuff together and i have gained like 10 kg but i have to say i love it iam more curvier i dont know somtimes i feel a little bit down but then i think to myself hey your were before skinnier and you didnt like it as much now your are thicker ,even when i get upset i always say its all about mental health and confidenc ,, i were skinny before and didnt like it back then now iam thick i like somtimes dont,, but hey iam healthy iam shining and especially i enjoy food so much ,, and you have made the right desision you have a healthy lifstyle by eating and doing what makes you happy and that has bloomed the real beautiful you ❤️🥰

    18. Annabel Jade

      Girl ever since I’ve discovered your channel, my love for instant oatmeal has grown exponentially! I can’t go on with my mornings without having oatmeal every few days~ 😍😍😍

    19. Steve Boateng

      Chun li

    20. Tery Bacalso

      wow! thats a lot of food in one day. Good for her not making herself starve.

    21. Nini Taub

      You should do an updated one!

    22. Jessica Nguyen

      How many cups of oatmeal/milk do you add?

    23. Kris I

      oh my god you are so hot. I wish I had curves like that holy crap babe

    24. Maggie F

      I love your channel, so inspiring.

    25. yang gao

      Your boyfriend is so supportive, you are so lucky. Please be happy.

    26. tugcecar

      I really appreciate that you are documenting this. I lost my period for a whole year when I was a teenager, starving myself! Thanx🥰

    27. Ron Hos

      Please do more of these videos

    28. daicy Zurita

      So eat first then Workout?

    29. harpreet kaur

      Why do i burp and fart all the time? (Specially burps) are there any underlying disease? Or indigestion or intolerance? I exercise daily and eat a lot of fibre and good amount of healthy fats. I have good water intake as well. But still this problem persists everyday. Please help

    30. Azathoth Hastur

      do u even lift n fit brah?

    31. Joseph Libunao

      I was reluctant to watch this because my binge eating disorder was retriggered after I did an extreme cut. I'm reverse dieting now and I hope to casually eat like this again soon :(

    32. Jessica Qu

      I love the way you talk to your mom. I remember you mentioned she wasn't really part of your childhood due to her mental conditions, and find it incredibly touching that you chose to invest in the relationship in spite of that (and perhaps any feelings of resentment or sadness that one might expect). Would love to hear more about your personal life outside of fitness and Jeff if you ever feel comfortable sharing! Strength inside out

    33. Optimal Health

      Hey Stephanie, I wonder if in your journey you have run across viewers that have the opposite problem. I am plagued with the slowest metabolism of anyone I know. I don't eat very much and have been chubby since puberty. I jokingly say I will be the last woman standing if there's a famine. I have a very physical careeer as a chiropractor have studdied food a lot but still really struggle with energy, motivation and body image. I recently began to struggle even more with weight. Today for example I had a glass of fresh pressed organic carrot apple nice, a small glass of organic green juice and 1 1/3 c. of rice with butter and sea salt and a 10 oz. serving of a mixture of split peas bone broth, veggies and some rice. I am not vegetarian yesterday I ate chicken breast and snap peas some coffee and one see's. I also have a glass of wine usually in the evening. I am writing to you because I feel how you felt at your top weight, swollen, sweaty and bloated. In your research any idea how to reverse this problem? Love to know your thoughts on this dilemma. Annette

    34. kiwi

      so gorgeous and inspiring!

    35. L L

      I have watched you make protein oatmeal for so long and I finally tried it today! Girl you changed my life lmao! It was so damn good!

    36. Yelani De Silva

      You look amazing now and earlier as well.I love your content .I look up to all your videos .Loving your curvy body

    37. jay s

      Its hard to gain weight ... you look very good with weight gain

    38. Loubna QOTB

      I started exercising a week ago. I exercise in the gym 3 times/week and the other days I go for a run in the forest for about 20min. By the way, Im 1.72cm for 70kg. Not fat, but I used to be so fit...I just feel awful when Im out shopping and nothing after the birth of my kids fits me anymore. Im having a hard time with myself. I feel better than the first day but my biggest challenge is : eating healthy. I'm more than struggling, I'm suffering for real !! I love to eat and enjoy it...but the fact that i feel hungry and crave for the unhealthy food is just killing me and I know this is wrong. I should normally be eating without even thinking too much about it, exercise and that's it. For the first time of my life, I'm doing researchs about calories....I mean what the heck ??? I used to be fit and Im still fit but Im not accepting my new body :(

    39. Ella Anderson

      That veggie burger meal looked so good😍😍😍

    40. Ella Anderson

      Your curvy body is absolutely gorgeous and don’t let any ever tell you different! I love you and you inspire me so much❤️

    41. Ella Anderson

      Your curvy body is absolutely gorgeous! Don’t let anyone ever put you down or tell you different! So proud of you❤️ love you so much❤️

    42. Ladbug 323

      She is seriously one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, I would KILL for those curves😭

    43. Haven Everly

      Wow, I just found you on HUfast and you're literally changing my life. I've been struggling with my recent weight gain (I'm an actress and feel like I need to look a certain way to be successful in my industry) and I haven't been able to cope with my body image. I've always struggled with my body image and I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. I've been afraid to eat recently because I've actually been gaining weight because of stress (quarantine, personal family issues, and transitioning to the new norm). Seeing you eating freely while working out and staying healthy seems like A DREAM. Thank you for your inspiration. Also you're so beautiful! Seeing you happy, eating freely, working out, and being confident with your weight gain has been so eye opening and inspiring. Thank you.

    44. Arya Saste

      love your videos just wanted to say you slightly look like Indian television actress Sheena bajaj

    45. Alysha lee

      Cereal on oatmeal?!! Omg i have to try that.

    46. Michele Corwin

      I dont understand overeating for the sake of overeating

    47. Madelyn Schiffman

      what the heck does "All in" mean?

    48. The Official Jelly Diet

      Do you eat this junk everyday? Reminds me of Kelly Clarksons celebrating fat women movement, this isn't healthy one bit, you shouldn't be uploading this content because girls are very easily influenced and can mimic this nonsense and not heal properly, this is promoting inflammatory eating, cheat day bs, and you should really re-upload a new all in video, and eat some grass fed animal foods/dairy,meats,organs,raw milk etc and incorporate some aip lectin free, wheat free, chemical free, homemade, protein fluff and healthier cereals if you have to eat carbs, or some aip stirfries with grass fed meats, only thing this video has probably done is give junk food companies money and gained useless fat on dumb girls following this and actually wrecked there immune systems, these foods can ruin the gut lining, cause joint inflammation and are empty calories in general, (dumb body builders getting macros while on roids) so if anyone follows this garbage and feels justified eating junk go ahead and gain weight from empty calories which won't fix your hormones and bring yor period back.

    49. mrswhugy J

      sad that a white man wants to mix his genes

    50. jason ishola

      So er turns out the all in diet was one of her biggest ever sponsors

    51. Lisa Schabbach

      You look so much healthier when you are a bit curvy

    52. Je-Neile King

      Leg rubbing welcome to the club.....I remember ppl would label me as greedy and I would be like I'm genuinely hungry though except for the random pig out sessions but its refreshing to see someone else who can relate. I'm nowhere near your fitness level but I've played sports and worked out all my life...you are an inspiration and gorgeous 😍

    53. Ashmiza Yusraa

      I eat oats and water in the morning. Lol

    54. Phoebe Liao

      I love you so much, and I think you're soso brave

    55. Ruben Rabaçal

      Seems like an all in for her it's a very aggressive cut for me

    56. Sav Pearce

      You look so happy and health 💕

    57. Learn Code With App

      u r looking beautiful day by day.

    58. Abigail Korsah

      I just love you Steph😊

    59. Katherine

      I love watching these videos since you went all in. It reassures me that I am eating a normal amount for an active woman! Sometimes felt like my appetite was HUGE compared to some of my friends, but now after seeing your videos I think it's just normal now. I cycle, box, and lift weights so no wonder I have a good appetite I guess lol. When I lived in Canada I used to eat those veggie burgers all the time, they're so good. I eat the Quorn ones now cause I live in the UK, they are really nice so definitely recommend if you come here!

    60. Georges Kaps

      Absolutely splendis! Gorgeous

    61. Dajana Kuzma

      You look so pretty. Be happy with yourself, love yourself and eat ♥️😁

    62. honeyy

      I have always had big legs and I'm so used to my legs rubbing together that it's crazy to think there are people who aren't used to it lmao

    63. Mandy Huang

      i LOVE that you have one veggie meal a day :))))))

    64. Anne Tanne

      did she put milk or water in her breakfast?

    65. jessica ramírez

      wish i could look this fucking amazing when i gained weight, i look like a fat piece of dough :(

    66. Tanja Rezac

      You are so pretty

    67. Joannett LaRoss

      Omg! You are so beatiful and all the food looks so delitious! 💗

    68. 1 w

      Does your bf get so sick of you talking about food?

    69. Victoria Eliasen

      I LOVE YOU

    70. Melody Rice

      She just reminds me so much of Demi Lovato looks wise... so beautiful 🥰

    71. JM Lav

      Why youtube show me a fat woman

    72. Cat Catang

      first time watching ur channel. good luck with ur new journey

    73. Truth Is loud

      I watched a few videos of you and your boyfriend a couple years ago. I honestly have to say, I didn't continue to follow you because I didn't want to compete in competition's and be on ridiculous diets where I have to become completely obsessed with what I eat or workout at the gym for long amounts of time. On my own.. I found a way of eating that is healthy and sustainable. I found a trainer that helps me gain strength and conditioning. The side effects were that I lost the weight that settles and doesn't look good and gained muscle. For some strange reason your video popped up in my feed, "The year I gained weight." I couldn't believe how amazing you look. You look like a beautiful healthy woman. Thank God you're going down this path for women around the world. You're eating healthy and exercising reasonably. (I got some great food ideas, thanks) I saw some ignorant videos that you had "failed"...Umm, NO! You have shown yourself and the world what most women look like when they have access to food and a gym. I will follow you now, because, I can see you will continue this journey to health and happiness in a realistic and honest way. I respect what your doing and I hope more people will make this realistic and healthy lifestyle a trend. BTW, I respect you for taking such wonderful care of your mother. Mental illness runs in my family and it's not always easy to deal with the people who suffer from it. Great job, well done.

    74. TheHIDREX

      a lot of guys likes big natural booty,but i'm in love with it!fat girls are really sexy,because when you do some love,you can feel more flesh than bones :)

    75. Lynze520 !

      OoOOoO I Love the Tropic Kale! It’s amazing!!... I miss just being able to go out and grab one. *Sigh*

    76. siegann genavieve

      Inspo 💅💋

    77. Rahmana Basit

      Booster Juice is like the copycat of boost juice

    78. Ann Marie Gasper

      Watching you glow when you eat made me realise that starving is a stupid idea. You look so feminine and radiant. Your videos are the cure every person trying to overcome an eating disorder should watch over and over. Every time I feel negative about my body and feel the urge to starve, I watch you beam with positivity. You're wonderful.

      1. Kateri Jayne

        Ann Marie Gasper I know, she’s such an inspiration. Whenever I’m feeling down about my body, I’ll watch one of her videos and I instantly feel better

    79. i totally agree with you

      "How do you walk without your legs rubbing together?" My legs being bow legged: ...?

    80. Al Wa

      Her eating has went down....that so good

    81. Bronek Witczak

      To teraz dzień srania

    82. Jessica

      Thick thighs save lives girl enjoy them:)

    83. Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum

      Not gonna lie, as a student this is literally impossible to afford. I study and work i earn 350€ but my rent is 400€ and college cost me 400€ every month

    84. Rachel Pelka

      I hate food what do I keep watching these videos. I don't know lol I'm obcessed with her videos.

    85. Human 123

      Somehow "going all in" sounds so dramatic to me (no hate though?

    86. Jimmy Jones

      You look like you eat everything in a day.

    87. Tremayne Young

      Hello, You are Beautiful! Are you single?????

    88. Fenton Read-Smith

      Kind of hard to navigate all the separate echo chambers in the comments here...

    89. Gym Tracks

      Stephanie: how do you walk without your legs rubbing together? OMG!!! well, Steph, reduce your daily food intake (calories) and eat healthier. The breakfast was huge and the last meal of the day was disastrous! Swap some fruits for vegs and eat less. Simple. And then you'll lose weight and look slimmer and better.

    90. Jaclyn Beck

      This has been so so helpful for me. I have spent the last year trying to liberate myself from my food fears. I am able to eat so many foods without feeling scared or afraid now and I am eating more calories than ever. I am so grateful for these videos. Thank you. I may be bigger, but I am happier, healthier, and stronger.

    91. Bruce Wayne/Nate Evans

      The "food" looks Delicious Stephanie 🔥🔥🔥 Stay LIT Queen ~

    92. Zi YuYu

      You have helped me come to love my body even more tremendously. Thank you 💖

    93. Adamaris Garcia

      Stephanie dont listen to any of these hate comments u are amazing and beautiful they dont know what they are talking

    94. Sheren Baloum

      I Love you , you are so real , cute and beautiful , You are really special ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

    95. Anh Bảo

      Because of your video, I realized what I eat a day are normal, I always afraid that I eat more than my friends, actually I just eat whatever I love.

    96. Mila Burhanzai

      0:19 lmao ikr, my thighs rub against each other into they bleed.

    97. Jessica Wang

      as long as youre happy! ☺️❤️

    98. E W Y

      Can someone please tell me what type of apple she was eating because it looked INCREDIBLE

    99. Frog Blogs

      You look so beautiful especially with those thick legs , so young, and happy

    100. Rania M

      She’s so freaking gorgeous please do a makeup tutorial