9,000+ Calorie Fitgirl Cheat Day (Eating Everything I Want) 🤤

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    **MAKE SURE TO WATCH til the end to spot all of the hidden cheeseball tub scenes! 👀🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️(Like ALL the way to the end😉) FIRST person to comment the right amount of times the infamous cheeseball tub makes an appearance, gets a shoutout in my next video! #cheeseballgang 🧀
    *CONGRATS to Sarah Tyner for winning the "Spot the Cheeball Tub" scavenger hunt on the last cheat day!! 🎉
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Back with another Cheat Day!!🎉I know I always say this, but this was probably my favorite cheat day to date! I had soo much fun and ate the most INCREDIBLE food! 📢 Also My Women's Specialization Program is 50% off for Mother's Day until 5/15! Link is in the description box!👆 ❗️AND...FIRST person to list the amount of time Cheeseball Tub appears🧀👀, gets a shoutout in my next Cheat Day video!! (Make sure you watch TO THE LAST SECOND 😉🔍) I love you guys so much and stay tuned for my next video on Amenorrhea 🙏 💋

      1. Samuel Zarb

        Stephanie this is fucked up what's the point for all of this food in a day you should eat only when you're hungry not just eating a lot to feel you did something powerful,just my advice

      2. Fatima Shan

        Stephanie Buttermore what’s ur height

      3. Azi cat

        @Stephanie Buttermore yes I'm sure if the hungry children around the world saw you they would think it was so much fun.

      4. 1966Zodiac

        Vegeta what does the Scouter say about how many calories she’s eaten? It’s over 9000!!!!! What 9000!? *Off topic, have you ever thought about going vegan? It’s been going really well for me personally.

      5. Ramon Carfrae

        I sent Brian Shaw - Worlds strongest man eating 13,000 calories daily a link to your 9,000 calorie cheat day. You guys should do a cheat day together. It would be epic. hufast.info/plan/vide/joenf96fr4asaps

    2. Olivia Lollis

      Okay so I don't know if anyone else can relate to this, but I've come to watch other people eat, even though I have a horrible relationship with food! Like seriously I at 675 calories today! Anyway hello!

    3. miyazawa

      “you’re obviously here because you have an eating disorder” BYE IM🙁miss i have an ed😉💔

    4. Crista Stylinson

      20:33 I just realized that the Cheesee balls make a cameo back steph thanks to Jeff hahah

    5. Strange Cat

      Ok three questions: 1. what kind of workout does she do? 2. How does she eat normally? 3. Why does she only have a cheat day once every 2 months? I thought a cheat day was once a week. Thank you 😊💜

    6. Danielle Gardiner


    7. Jao Parn

      Me: everyday is my cheat day , also eating ice cream when watching u lol

    8. Hiba Nuru

      U loved everything 😁😁

    9. Andria B

      I work out 3x a week & weight train a lot. I feel guilty after 1 doughnut. I have never in my life eaten more than 2 (full sized) doughnuts. I am so jelous 😂

      1. Andria B

        @Through Hellfire • 20 years ago Yea but I shouldn't fuel on doughnuts. It is a treat to be had once and a while, not something to have every other day or even once a week.

      2. Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

        That is sad. Food is not your enemy, it is supposed to fuel you

    10. Erla Sol

      Ok omg, how do you manage this energy level?! You're awesome lol, I'd be done with my mood for the day after three donuts

    11. Siham Rasheed

      I’m sitting here eating crackers while she eating a whole box of Dunkin’ Donuts

    12. teacher andreaGA

      old the 🍩 Donut looks deliciouos

    13. Lullaby

      Im in love with her❤️i love the fact that she is not bulimic and that she does it only every 2 months. This makes her so sweet to me❤️

    14. Heidy Ramirez

      Jeff popping in like that and her knowing what he wanted was the cutest thing ever

    15. Sunshine On my shoulders makes me happy

      This is very satisfying watching you eat all this yummy food!!!! I want to hang 😁

    16. Jasmine

      Love her facial expressions 😁😂💖

    17. Seungyo _yeon

      OMG I see ur tattoo too Are you Thai?

    18. Emma Arcà

      How often do you have a cheat day? Once a month?

    19. Morgane

      I like sugar but that's too much sugary things for me. I barely throw up watching this !

    20. Taylor Nedbal

      I have watched this video several times and just now saw Jeff flash the cheese ball tub

    21. allstarpriscilla


    22. Azeem Hammed

      you can reach frankdcyberghost @ gmail . com he help me to hack in to my wife phone with out touching it you can reach him now and thanks me later

    23. Alejandro Lepe

      I love you r video s I want more videos 💗

    24. El Alexander

      I mean good for her for having enough confidence to do what she feels is right for her. She seems happy and is at least authentic and true to herself. That said, is it just me or does this seem a little out of balance? Seems more sustainable to aim toward a balanced diet that is not extreme toward either end of the spectrum. I am no dietitian, but it just seems logical.

      1. Shreyosi Banerjee

        This was being unsustainable... she said it herself. I mean, she was sitting around 14/15% bf that's crazy for a woman.

    25. Mrs Blueberry

      I never could eat so much even if I’m on my cheat day. Wow

    26. MiKa G

      wait...THEY DIDN'T TRAIN

    27. Katerina Lopez

      “dass soo gud” that’s how you know she likes it lmaoooo

    28. 111 23

      That's a lot of Food =D

    29. **Godcanhelp** 7

      I’d go into a sugar coma!! All that sugar!😂😂😂🙌🏼. I eat a few pieces of chocolate and feel super hyper and shaky lol! You go gurl!!!. And no I’m not diabetic. Actually hypoglycemic 😂

    30. Katrina Serrano

      I got a donut today because of you lol

    31. em

      I am so glad you went all in and stopped dieting, you seem much happier now (^-^)b

    32. Emmy Rose

      The donuts do NOT look good lol 😂

    33. Christine Bassila


      1. Emmy Rose

        Facts I want to go to true food kitchen now and try those foods

    34. M. Azemi

      I want my body to look like this! 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️ perfection 😍

    35. beautyalaa

      After all in you are so healthier and happier , Happy for you ❤️❤️

    36. Nele Sparklezz

      I like that she like doesn’t go to all the junkfood restaurants but just to an actual ome

    37. Lala Wolfie

      You are NO Katina! Shes for Realz!

    38. Lucia Paulina

      Oh my dream is to eat like that without get fat quickly😢

    39. h e a r t e u

      I really like how she's presenting her weight and physique post cheat day and two days/a few days after. I'm on a diet and journey to lose weight right now and the thought of eating what I wanted (MCDs etc) was really scary to me because I'm scared I might put the weight on again. But look at her, it was only a few pounds' different. It eased my mind up a little bit. But also keep in mind guys that her muscle mass and fat percentage is so different from most of us that she also metabolizes differently. So not a strict reference, but definitely a video that relieved some of my stress about eating. Thank you Stephanie :)

    40. caro james

      As Satan walks the earth, defeated by the English language on all these donuts.

    41. Heiress_Aries

      Can I please get more context on Jeff sprinting with those cheese balls? He looked like he was on his way to travel through time 😂

    42. Marina Jauregui

      The food you love is sooo artificial and unhealthy..i understand eating some..but 10.000 calories of it? Why? And fruit after meals?? Watermelon after meals is a crime! Disgusting

      1. Marina Jauregui

        @Through Hellfire • 20 years ago hahahahah shut up!! Defending someone you don't even know. On a youtube channel.. I bet you wouldn't even stand up for you own ass in real life. You even more stupid than the other one...Jesus, get a brain

      2. Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

        Lmao you are one crazy toxic person. Did stephanie ask for your opinion too? No. Your comment is public so anyone can reply dumbass. You are insensitive. It's her life, she can eat what she likes. SHE HAS ONE CHEAT MEAL IN TWO MONTHS. Btw your personality is sooo ugly

      3. Marina Jauregui

        @Jade Kendra who are you? Did I ask for opinions here?? Mmm I don't think so fatty..so keep eating your donuts and stop using your phone with your oily fingers

      4. Jade Kendra

        Is it going down your throat?? .... no okay so calm thy self.

    43. unicorn diva

      Omg, where does all that food go, awesome metabolism

    44. Sylvestre Family

      4:07 ummmmmmmmmmm

    45. Andre Dre

      this woman is sooooo attractive, her blinking jus gave me a stiffy

    46. unsight 2

      FitGirl Repacks?

    47. Rhee Bee

      Stephanie: “I like spicy stuff” Also Stephanie: *Eating a dozen donuts*😂 I love ya girl your videos are amazing! So glad you went all in!

    48. Punitha krishnan

      No one: 21:24 ...jeff running with cheese balls 😂😂😂

    49. Uyen Chang

      Nobody talking about how beautiful her makeup is??!?!???

    50. FS Gasa

      but let´s talk about how happy is jeff seeing Steph´s expressions when she tastes food

    51. Sarah H

      Try Shipleys donuts

    52. cinnabun

      15:33 did she just say "take the rest of this home with sex"

    53. Madisyn Hinds

      how you get skiny i want to be skiny

    54. Deborah Moura

      Super sad promotions of unhealthy eating

    55. Mubashir Mahi

      Well, on a shredding diet rn, I am just watching people cook and eat.


      She looked exactly like Kim Kardashian when she was eating the Oreos

    57. lo the jupiter moon

      „You‘re obviously here because you like food.“ Ma‘m I have an eating disorder

      1. AIsha Ramzan

        Same, I’ve been watching these for days to try to make me feel full. Hopefully we can all recover together x

      2. caitlin m

        and you probably only think about food all day, so yeah obsessed w food

      3. Ivy Litton

        @Park Rose no your grammar was correct haha

      4. Ivy Litton

        felt this one

      5. Park Rose

        @AJ Smith sorry,English is not my first language

    58. FewMaewSoM

      1.10 Is that thai language??? please answer me..I'm thai.

    59. Clara Park

      him running with the cheese balls is the legendary scene of all the videos she uploads in her channel lol

    60. Oskar Edwall

      DILECOUS! :D

    61. Death Metal Barbie

      Wow my cheat days definitely aren’t over 3000 calories.

    62. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    63. pigs these days

      I'm kinda confused. Doesn't having a cheat day mean that you are restricting everything until you have a cheat day?

    64. kiwi

      is she using a blaccent when she jokes sometimes? idk i might be uneducated but it sounds like AAVE :/

    65. Sunica Tesner

      20:32 Watch out for the cheeseball tub in the background😂😂😂

    66. Anna 2018

      I kinda miss her cheat days.. but I am SOOO PROUD of her going all in!!!

    67. Rituparna Ghosh Dastidar

      Can you please tell me stephanie how to add this calorie to your targeted area nd not to your tummy?? Plz plz reply

    68. collarmole

      "shrimp Korean noodle bowl" looks like JAPCHAE.

    69. collarmole

      "Definitely the best gaze I've ever had" - "hmmm hm"

    70. daniel valdez

      Wtf, shes got powerlifter champion apetite

    71. GentleOgre

      man that first bite face hahaha heaven!!! hahaha

    72. Hanah Marie

      How how how 💀

    73. Maddison Moffett

      The cheese balls !!!

    74. Blakely Larsen

      For my birthday breakfast I get glazed donut and coffee with cream and suger

    75. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰ !

    76. `

      chewing, tasting, and spitting is the best kept secret on cheat days. works like magic. no point in swallowing garbage food.

    77. Patricia Romero

      I would be afraid to eat all that food be cause it has so much fat in it and they say that when you eat fat it goes from fat to your hip s in 5 minutes and there is no nutrition in processed foods or fast foods. I try to eat whole fruit as my deserts. My daily eating routine is Fruit, Vegetables, Pinto Beans, and Oatmeal as my cearal. I do not eat any processed oils and I only eat chicken enchiladas sophillas once in a while because Sophillàs do have a lot of fat in them but they are so good. I try not to eat dairy except once in a while I love to eat the vanilla dairy queen ice cream maybe once a month I will buy a quart and eat it in 2 days. I also like the mint chocolate chip and Pralines and Cream Ice cream from Bask in Robbins. I am very weight consious. I am obsessed with working out on the treadmill for 3 hours everyday.

    78. Patricia Romero

      Sorry I spelled the best restaurant wrong. When I typed in the E i t is showed up as an s. I am typing this on a tabl et. EL CHARITOES RESTAURANT. Now I typed it again.

    79. Patricia Romero

      Have you ever heard of a place called T J Cinnamons. If you have you have to try the Sticky Bun which has Carmel and pecans on top of the cinnamon bun. It is the best pastry I have ever tasted. The use to have a T J Cinnamon shop here and they us to make them at one of The Arby' s Location here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you like Mexican food New Mexico has the best Mexican food in the United States. No other state compares to New Mexico. New Mexico is called the Chile Capiital of the world. You should come to New Mexico and try it. If you decide to email me at patriciaromero1952@gmail .com and let me know if you come and I could meet you somewhere. I would sure like to meet you. The best Mexican restaurant here is called So Charitoes. You can look up their menus on line. My name is Patricia Romero

    80. Misho Mishèv

      I wish I have just a single day in which I don't count how many calories I eat but my mind doesn't let me do it... 😢😀

    81. Sharif Paulino

      I died with Jeff! 😂

    82. Kristina Hankinson

      Omg I literally just got back from visiting Jacksonville and ate at that’s place true foods kitchen and was watching this video like coincidence 😂

    83. dreamnatsi

      Your tattoo is Thai language right?

    84. Flor Ong

      Omg i can eat 2 donuts only

    85. Peppa Pizza

      Lmao the cheese balls at 20:34

    86. Emily Zapata

      She really sounds like Christina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy 😂

    87. Bakugou's Waifu

      Damn, Sidemen ain’t got nothin on this

    88. kiwi

      stephs videos always brighten my mood

    89. Julia

      rose donuts san diego, CA best glazed donut ive ever had. and yes.... dare i say it... better than krispy kreme.

    90. Alison R.

      I know you don’t do these anymore and maybe you’ve discussed this already, but I have to ask-why all the donuts? Is it because they’re so high calorie and easy to eat? It’s just so much sugar. I have to imagine that if I were able to eat this much, I’d want way more salty foods. Just me tho.

      1. Pineapple

        She just has a romantic relationship with donuts lol 😂😂😂 but she has explained that she has an insane large appetite so..

    91. Annapurneshwari T A

      After seeing this I realised every day till date has been a cheat day ....i always ate whatever i want 😂

    92. Haley Burrill

      I know you don't do these anymore, but how did you keep your teeth in good health from these high sugar days??

    93. Dahlia Holm

      it hurts seeing other people living ur dream

    94. Amirah

      Stephanie after every bite of everything : 👁👄👁 😂

    95. Sophia Hsu

      She needed to go into competitive eating (like before she decided to go all in). Only person I can see beating Matt stonie 😂

    96. S K

      who here wishes stephanie got into competitive eating before she went 'all in'?? 😂

    97. HAlley Hobbs

      You came to my home town! They are the best! I subscribed because you came here!

    98. Gaurii Kukreja

      U never offer him any foooood!! Those are basic manners

      1. Pineapple

        Bruh he's on a diet...he also has his own cheat days and can get food for himself tho....

    99. Anna Einig

      This is only a couple of days before she went all in and I’m so glad she did because looking back at her cheat days, this is shocking. I never really realized how unhappy and unhealthy she looks compared to now! I’m so proud of her and I love her current content so much more! She spreads self-love and positive energy and I’m so happy for her 🙂💕