5 Gym Mistakes You Should Avoid For Faster Results

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Thank you so much for all of your continued support! I love you guys so much! 😘💕

      1. Jessica Chao

        @RB lkwitz en las

      2. Amelie Rohmer

        @The Fox you didn't understand anything of her journey

      3. EXO_L JJ

        You look great and beautiful ❤️

      4. Michael Williams

        Let me take you on a date

      5. Fiona Tieu

        Hi Stephanie, was wondering if you could do a video about your thoughts on plant based diet. Was watching the game changer on Netflix and would really like to know your thoughts on it. Thanks

    2. Honest John

      Your bum and thighs look amazing ;)

    3. Ellen De Witte

      Great video who can help many people I think!😁

    4. Oliver Smith

      You should be hinging at the hips when doing your kettlebell swing and not squatting it!

    5. Rocio Villarreal

      one of my fave vids of urs

    6. Ashley Blanton

      What do you think of fitbod as a program? That is what I am using.

    7. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

      Not sure why this was recommended, BUTT, glad it was.

    8. Rosemary Miranda

      Going till failure on tomorrow's session

    9. djmj1000

      Haha training not hard enough is also a big reason many beginners stop completely cause they dont see results. But it is very important that if you reenter weight training to start the first weeks SLOWLY to get used to weight lifting again. Its a trap that the first days you can do enough sets / reps with your 80-90% max weight and think "ah i still got this" but the next day you will be very sore. Happened to me at the bench press multiple times going to the gym just in winter doing 3x12 my 80% max felt as easy as when i was doing it 2 times a week years ago. But the next day my breast was aching heavy so i must restart with lower weight even it feels boring the first days.

    10. Reggie Pyrtle

      To bad my girl won’t watch this video because it speaks to much truth and the truth hurts

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    12. Isabel Hipolito


    13. Donna Bowden

      does anyone els on here thinks she looks like kim k???

    14. helen zambrana

      Thank you for this video. I definitely need to push my self harder when I’m able to exercise again. :)

    15. Ando

      just to let you people all know, she shits out of that arse.

    16. Chanel Yngve

      All I am wondering is where are those olive leggings from?! PLZ TELL ME

    17. vanesa

      guys im trying fasting 16/8 and my last meal is about 5pm and my first is about 9-10am but sometimes im bloated i don’t think im gaining weight because im trying to lose weight and i feel bloated it’s so annoying and i also drink green tea and peppermint tea idk maybe it’s because of carbs but i don’t consume so much carbs :/ please if you know something about this lemme now:) thank you so much have a nice day

      1. BigMikeBell1

        First, you should weigh yourself at the same time every day, preferably as soon as you wake up and haven't consumed anything. You should also measure your waist, hips, arms and quads every two weeks. This will be the easiest way to be sure what is going on with your body. If you do that for at lesst 6 weeks then you will know if you are storing more fat or not. If it the case that you are storing more fat then you know that you need to address your sleep, diet, exercise; in that order. If all of those are good then go see a doctor.

    18. ChristinaArtista

      Your honesty about your struggle helps me with my own. I

    19. Steve Boateng

      Pushing yourself leads to over exertion

    20. Malena Gioia

      Oh my god you are Diane from Bojak Horseman. Love from spain❤️❤️

    21. David Gergye

      A woman? What the hell is wrong ???

    22. Jade Ruth

      This was a very informative video. I started going to the gym in 2017 with absolutely no fundamental knowledge of basic techniques/forms. My body has seen ~several~ physiques, and I'm beyond lucky that I didn't give myself injuries during my journey. I have only JUST begun incorporating progressive overload, RPE scale, mind-muscle connection, and a steady/consistent program into my workout routine. It's been a pHATTTT game-changer. One of the biggest lessons I've learned was that everyone has their own pace. Comparing oneself to another person who is on their own, personalized journey is counterproductive and inefficient. Thank you for such an amazing video, I really hope someone finds it as helpful as I did. Keep up the great content!

    23. Hoo Doei

      Hi there I am a new subscriber and want to buy your program. Just one question I am a beginner, but it's not clear for me if ur program is based to gain muscle on the glutes or just overall complete body muscle gaining. I don't want to grow muscle in other parts just my glutes. Hope u can help me out

    24. Marry B

      You look amazing better now than before.

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      New sub here! 😌

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      You and Jeff are just... goals. 💪🏾🙌🏾 keep on inspiring!

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      Looking healthy, strong and fit!

    28. H Channel

      Can u make your makeup or skincare routine video ? Or your pampering or haircare routine video plzzz lots of love from me ...💖💖💖

    29. Denise Argueta

      I am looking for ppls who can help for workout for first time and I am grateful for this channel

    30. Hazeydaze22

      I see this all the time in the gym, girls sitting around on their phones or barely breaking a sweat the entire time. When I'm in the gym, i'm not their to play. I'm a grunting, breathless, sweaty mess and I wouldn't have it any other way!

    31. J V

      I think the n.3 is bit weird advice. Go when there´s no-one there to help you execute the moves correctly? If I try something new I always ask for help to film me or to advice me to do it right. Just trying to watch a video is really different than really getting first hand help. No-one will ever judge you if you just go and ask for advice. Worst case is that they don´t know either and can´t help.

    32. Emma Tobin

      Brilliant info and tips. Thanks Steph!

    33. Kate Black

      Agree with everything except for the cardio. It's recommended to get around 75 minutes of intense exercise or 150 minutes of low-moderate intensity or a mix of the two for cardiovascular health. The heart is a muscle and is IMO more important than capped delts and glutes.

    34. Pluviangin

      "NOT TRAINING HARD ENOUGH" I felt that! :D

    35. Tony Fedor

      This bitch is fat

    36. Tirza777

      Will cardio help me lose weight or fat? I've been doing a Push/Pull Legs and eating high protein, high fat, low carb, no sugar and my weight won't budge, and i cant lose the pudge around my middle. So naturally, I start side eyeing the elliptical and stair stepper

      1. Kate Black

        Tirza777 I still can’t hahaha. Not much grip strength 😅

      2. Tirza777

        @Kate Black also, WOW for you! Give Wonder Woman some competition

      3. Tirza777

        @Kate Black yes! empowering!! now i can open my own jars 😜😂

      4. Kate Black

        @Tirza777 Good on you for going out and getting it! I think it took me about a year to go from deadlifting 60kg (132lbs) for 5 to doing 100kg (225lbs) for 5 reps.It takes a while to build up strength. It's such a good feeling when you get there!

      5. Tirza777

        @Kate Black bless you! 🙌🏻 yes, i want to deadlift 200 by Christmas 🤞🏻 I've had a handle on my diet for a good year and a half, but there were environmental factors like me living in a home with deadly mold and being susceptible to it for 3 years, so I know that it took years for me to gain the weight, so it will take years to lose it too. Thanks for reaching out to me!!! 💪🏻

    37. Maja_ _

      The thing is, I can't train SUPER hard because I'm quad/hamstring dominant and if I wanna feel my glutes more than my legs I need a lighter weight in order to not lose mind/muscle connection:(

      1. Maja_ _

        @Kate Black Thank you so much! The hip thrust really is the holy grail

      2. Kate Black

        That's fine! Just make sure to do a lot of reps until you're close to failure. (1-2 reps away). Check out Jeff Nippard's technique videos. If you do hip thrust, try moving your heels forward, away from your bum. hufast.info/plan/vide/rXrPe9B_3ILeloE

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    39. Marissa Scuteri

      Love love love watching your videos! I’m new to your channel and have binged pretty much all of them over the last two weeks (thank iso). Ice now subscribed to your channel so I don’t miss anything. I wanted to know.. What kind of fitness tracker do you use? I’m looking to upgrade mine. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It’s much appreciated to someone like me who’s new to fitness.

    40. Yasmin B

      5:28 is my goal!!! I'm over here doing a max of 40lbs on my "deadlifts", legs shaking

    41. Liz Williams

      Great video. Even when I trained with a PT, she rarely pushed me to RPE 8/9, so looking forward to focussing in on that when I can get back to the gym 💪Any advice on how to progress when managing a high volume of a lighter weight but fail early whenever increasing the weight by a minimal amount?

    42. Emily Collinge

      Do you have a program to buy for working out at home with dumbells and barbells?

    43. Anian

      a healthy, beautiful woman training hard at the gym purely to be STRONG

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    46. Chris Ozmen

      This video will summarize this video: hufast.info/plan/vide/iW6tYqh_kZadYn0

    47. Potato Salad

      Your legs look locked at the leg press. I thought we aren't supposed to do that?

    48. Atma Khalsa

      Thanks so much for being a trustworthy source of information for women

    49. Bavleo_ENG

      Really helpful advice, I also just made 3 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid video and that is from my own experience. I wish I knew therm when I started, in the beginning, it would save so much time and money for me. Have a blessing day folks.😇

    50. Angie Au Yong

      So cute, the captions haha

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      Is she pregnant?:0

    54. Maria Teixeira

      I’m pretty guilty of getting easily distracted and not training hard enough! I also used to wait waaay too long between sets, but I was self-aware so I fixed it. Gotta fix the other two! Thanks for the video, so useful 💛

    55. Lilly Stryker

      I’m so glad you’re talking about RPE. I used to gym it twice a day, doing 1-2 hours of strength training after work, but I never saw any changes in the way my muscles were looking. I realized after a while that I was afraid of embarrassing myself by making ugly faces. Now, I know that I need to push myself till maximum fugly face is achieved and then the work out was sufficient. I also do reps until I physically fail to get in another full rep. So I don’t plan on hitting a goal on a number of reps, I plan on repping until my muscles can’t do it anymore. I have my boyfriend spot me on lifts where I’m in a vulnerable position because I know for a fact, that last rep will be a failure. Plus that failure gives me a marking point for a hurdle to get over next time. And every time I think I can’t add any more weight, I add 5 pounds and just attempt a rep so my body knows what that added weight feels like.

    56. Erika Crisantos

      “THAT’S NOT WHAT IM SAYING!!” I gotchu sis🤣🤣🤣👏🏼❤️

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      I am number 3 YOU CAME FOR MY NECKK!!

    63. Emilee Strohl

      I have tried out these tips and I can already tell the difference. I made the decision to put my phone on do not disturb, so now my gym time is my relax time.

    64. Ally Tedeschi

      I love you and this video, plain and simple

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      Woah i feel like no ones ever talked about this before, or at least anyone i know. This is amazing thank you

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      Can we all talk about how big her butt got after going all in? Girl maybe I should go all in too 🥺 so proud !!!

    67. Louisa Wilkinson

      please stop locking your legs when you're on the leg press I can't bare it!! x

    68. AmazinglyBeautifulBoss

      Thank you! I’m doing weight loss as well as lifting.... I hear so many ways to go about it. It can be confusing and overwhelming. I’m using in the gym for a hour to a hour and a half. Cardio, functional weights, free weights, then 10 mins of cardio again. I just don’t wanna be flabby for my end results of weight loss. I eventually want to body build in the end. You have a new subbing 😁❤️💯

    69. Julie

      You don’t even look like you go to the gym

    70. Sofia Dionísio


    71. LoLo Surenaztiness

      We love you, Steph! Your videos are almost as amazing as you!❤️

    72. Claire Lacey

      Hi stephanie this was very informative. I was wondering if you had advice for people like myself who of course want to push hard in the gym but hold back because for me I work as a massage therapist in a spa which on a busy day can be extremely hard on the body. I usually try go after work around 7pm and I love it but there are times when I know I'm not giving it my all but it's because I dont want burn out as I need my body for work too...if that makes sense. Thanks again ,from Ireland 💚

    73. Kathryn Harris

      Hey guys!!! I’m new to HUfast and just made my FIRST WORKOUT VIDEO!!! My anxiety is sooooo bad because I’m so nervous but F it! Just trying to get some feedback for my next one!!❤️❤️😭😭

    74. Anni C

      Please tell me she wasn’t locking her knees on the machine. I don’t remember what the leg machine is called but I saw a video on someone locking knees and having it break 🤢🤢 please be safe

      1. Yasmine Bouchnak

        @Bananabread Yum locking you knees on the press machine can be dangerous since it can cause knee injurie cause when you lock your knees like she is doing the weight is on your knees not your muscles

    75. Anna Perry

      Ive been doing 9/10 as of late. Shaking body physically can't anymore. 😂😂 I swear people stare.

    76. Dathan Choy

      Is that Excel/Google spreadsheets? HAHAH Love it.

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      sad face.. im still hoping this is some sort of genius master plan to put an absurd amount of mass on the ass with the fianal objective to get lean again in the near future .. oterwise this is bullshit.

    79. Emma Feldmann

      I love your all in stuff but I would kill for more videos like this that are more workout focused opposed to eating


      Lol when you spoke on the megaphone 😂🤣 bc ppl will bypass everything you said and still be in the comments

    81. Keara Huneidi

      Thanks for the inspo. The lack of confidence one really hit... I’m in city so my gym is usually crowded but I’m starting to get used to going out of my comfort zone and just trying my best despite what anyone things.

    82. Abbey Rayner

      Thank you for this :’)

    83. Omni Smiley

      I’m a simple man...I see 🤫🤫

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      Timing your rest periods makes the work out seemed more intense and fun

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      Really? Her surname is buttermore? 😆

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      omg i was watching all your 2017 videos and then came to this by change and WOW ! You’re progress is sooo inspiring! 😍 You look amazing

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      your information is really helpful! thank you for sharing!

    89. Taylor MacKenzie

      I remember my very first time going to the gym, it took me an hour to build up the courage to go and then another hour in the parking lot because I was so anxious and so afraid of embarrassing myself. Now, the gym feels like my safe space.

    90. Julia Bradford

      I typically weight train about 5 days a week. Before each work out I get on the stair master for about 10 minutes. I also will do some jump ropes in between each workout. Is that too much cardio?

    91. ROY FR

      great ass

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      Your body looks STUNNING. I want to look like you!

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