2017 | The Year That Changed Everything

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    Thank you all for the most amazing 2017...I'll be seeing you a lot more this year. Love you!
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    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      2017 was an amazing year for me, it was the year that changed the course of my life. I really wanted to capture all the craziness into one video so I hope you enjoyed it! I love sharing my life with you and owe it all to you guys for making 2017 so special... much love ❤️

      1. moonstrukk

        Seriously though...so inspired! Thanks for sharing 🤗

      2. Mackenzie Donaldson

        You dah bomb girl!!

      3. dasein

        Quit bitching

      4. Sera Kim

        and ur now almost at 200k!!

      5. nailabaydoun13

        When are you releasing your video on artificial sweeteners? I'm really looking forward to that!

    2. Kaushik S Thiyagarajan

      She broke all the barrier just like that. Also, she is not a nerd scientist like someone who dedicates themselves to the research and neglects their families and other fun in their life. She had everything and interestingly she achieves utmost success in her career.

    3. L G

      When you said 2017 was the year that shaped your understanding of how you want to spend rest of time on earth, wow, that hit me hard❤️. I found your videos on All In and they really changed my perspective on health. I'm grateful you share your personal experience because it truly helps others like me❤️

    4. S L

      Proud of you

    5. Yazan Asied

      Very inspiring and a lot of positive vibes...

    6. Yoga with Mila

      Damn, I got emotional with this! Love your vibe and channel

    7. Sam Giles

      Steph, this is a phenomenal video! Hugely inspiring - not only as a health/fitness enthusiast myself, but as an autistic student finishing my bachelors degree. Congratulations!!

    8. Marianne Manaois

      How can u be 27 with 2 masters and a PhD?? 😭😭😭

    9. Elizabeth Roy

      I wish I can meet you person

    10. Elizabeth Roy

      Your an amazing youtuber

    11. Pinksparklees

      did she say 4.0 gpa??

    12. Airi

      I was doing ok... then you mentioned Jeff and I lost it 😭❤

    13. David Cisneros

      This made me cry

    14. ruks

      YOU ARE A SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!! ❤️

    15. Faya Tar

      You and Jay sherry are my inspiration for this period of my life

    16. Infinite Activities

      4.0 GPA ! you rock!

    17. Zebo Tursunova

      You rock! Thank you for the inspiration !

    18. Swayze

      I’m so sad! You used to live in the same city as me lol What made you move to Jacksonville?

    19. Deandra Redsteer

      I want to cry, girl you're so awesome,sweet and funny! I'm proud of you and glad for you. I barely started watching your videos just this week, but follow you on Instagram. Wow, you keep going for your passion. I, too, have found mine and am already starting my journey on it and I am going 100% for it and I hope you do the same with yours! God Bless You!

    20. Persiah 777

      Wow! What an amazing combination of beauty & brains

    21. alexander yayne

      I don't even know where to start, you are amazing.

    22. H. Johal

      How'd you finish you're PhD at 27? Took me almost 6 years for a computional biology doctorate, after completing my dual masters. Then started a fellowship in "plasma physics and its applications in oncology" afterwards....it feels endless and I'm 33.

    23. RAM

      4.0 Awesome

    24. messi rocker

      This video compelled to subscribe to this channel.. wish you all the good luck and more fitness science related vidz :) :)

    25. Ricardo Gomez

      This video created some alligator tears. Very inspiring Stephanie and Jeff.

    26. OrganicChemistry2

      Oh USF.. ..it's been years since I've stepped foot on that campus. I graduated Fall 2011 and currently serving in the USARMY. Hooah!

    27. Lieke.

      Watched this video the day before my exams, struggling and wondering why i ever thought i could do this. Thank you, this is exactly what i needed. Such an inspiration.

    28. Vicky Seok

      you are so amazing an dI love your dedication in to your life. i feel your happiness and joy doing all the things you do and this video really motivates me to strive for what I believe in and work hard to be the best I can be and the happiest I can be! Thank you stephanie!

    29. Anonymous

      I can't believe you got your PHD at 27!!!! I'm so proud of you in crying

    30. Jesse Smith-Garcia

      Life doesn't begin for you until you face REAL adversity.......No offence Steph, but you haven't even begun to face REAL adversity yet, your just mentioning the GOOD things that have happened to you, not much substance to that!

    31. Darla Reborn

      Awesome! Congratulations to you!

    32. Pei Eric

      Thank you for your sharing, you are super inspiring !

    33. emanandchill

      it's insane how you can do so much. wtf.

    34. Surim Ju

      Love ur passion and positivity. Hope u have a great 2018 as well!

    35. Andrea Williams

      Literally crying at this video!!! You are amazing inside and out and have done crazy amazing things! I haven’t been a follower for for to too long but at least a year and totally feel like we could go ham on some donuts because my appetite is almost as crazy as yours!! Loved this video also! Thanks for all the great content! And love how happy you are, You inspire me!!! Xo

    36. Lili White

      how can anyone do that much in a year

    37. Dana Gonzalez

      Such an inspiring video and deff brought tears to my eyes! Love your motivation and strong determination to stay focused through it all!!! ✨💕

    38. October sky

      Y did i cry watching this

    39. David Ngo


    40. Saša Bičkošová

      I cried❤ i love you💯🔥😍💪

    41. John Guerrero

      Very inspirational video. You are awesome! Thank u for the video.

    42. Juan Torres

      God bless you and yours. P.S jeff your the man great guy for a great girl #powercouple2018

    43. Isabel Merlin

      Watching this, still inspiring me!

    44. Rana Asif


    45. Hao Dieu

      Sorry not really relevant but please do a video on how to choose the right sport bra. Not looking for specific products but more like guidelines on how to choose one for different type of exercise (moderate and strong support)

    46. Philip McAuley

      Got more subs than Robin Gallant and stole Jeff Nippard’s heart.

    47. Maixao Lee

      Wow so there are such thing as a perfect human being!

    48. Brett Simonsen

      Marry that Jeff dude...he seems pretty cool.

    49. Abdulla Abdullatif

      Did I hear 4.0 gba ??! Or something else lol

    50. ardechey

      Incredible person... also that scene with you and Jeff eating pizza was so cute it made me a bit teary, either that or I just really miss pizza from my diet 😂

    51. Phoebe Ang

      Looking forward to more of your videos. I’ve watched every single one of them!!! Super amazing content and best cheat day vids of all time!!! 😘❤️

    52. ARI ARI

      I hope when i be 27 i will be like you ... i wish , and I’m really happy for you , 2017 was very hard for me but I’m really happy that someone was happy and enjoy the year , wish the best for you 💕

    53. Lyssa McC

      I'm not crying, ur crying... but damn this is so inspirational !

    54. zichun huang

      OMG.... you are a role model.. a super woman! How did you manage your life to accomplish all of those? It is unbelievable and inspiring.

    55. Shogun Rua

      So inspiring!! Your husband Jeff Cavalier is so supportive!

    56. Tiasha

      Such an accomplished, down to earth woman. You go girl!

    57. TheLegendaryChicken

      Hold up, a 4.0 GPA, doctorate graduate, and a fitness inspiration. Holy crap you can do it all

    58. James. Dunegan.38

      You have the prettiest smile and you are so inspiring

    59. Emerald Dee

      At home workouts!

    60. Emma Johnson

      Your life is so awesome! Congrats on everything you did great! I don’t know you but I’m SUPER impressed.Keep striving to be your best self!

    61. LoveLauren

      Wow you’re so awesome sooo unbelievably inspiring to me ❤️

    62. Konsento 25

      This was amazing...wow

    63. Pam Sawatzky

      You are so so amazing and beautiful

    64. Adam A

      You and Jeff are goals!

    65. fangten


    66. Angela Roberts

      Simply amazing !

    67. Mary Smith

      You are downright beautiful on the inside, outside, just all around. God bless you. Jeff is so incredibly lucky! You make me proud to be a woman. You go girl ❤️❤️

    68. Leti Perez

      Your so strong and done so much I really loved what you talked about in this video I hope one day I’m so into my fitness life like you are I just started 4 months ago , I you guys are so perfect together keep up the awesome work

    69. Elliye

      Ended up with tears, thank you always with such inspiring vids ♥️🙆🏻‍♀️

    70. Kayla Hill

      can I just say that I stumbled on your page and this video was playing...I don't know you...but this video brought me to tears. It gives me hope that I can achieve my goals of graduating college and working a full-time job at a lab. Thank you.

    71. Maria Rosemary

      Okay but why am I crying so much! You are pure goals, you are so strong and so positive. A true role model to look up to. I need all the courage and strength being a pre-medicine student with a passion to succeed and you give me that. Thank you

    72. Fatma Nur Donmez

      I love youuuu ❤️❤️❤️

    73. Praise Him yr2020

      Keep at it girl!! You deserve the best in life!

    74. Brie Thompson

      so inspiring!!!!! holy cow chica! you should be proud of yourself!!!!

    75. winnie dlaydy

      you are amazing

    76. MBTGAMER


    77. Arin Lazurca

      10,000 likes and 70dislikes and i can tell why. You’re amazing.

    78. Danny g Peralez

      Happy is everything

    79. lulu baba

      We want an upper body workout while traveling. U made a video about keeping track while travelling but the workouts were for lower body, so we want one for upper body. I really like ur channel that's why i want a video made by you other than other fitness guros 😜

    80. Angela Gracia

      Wow, wow, and wow, very Very inspiring,

    81. Guinness

      Love this video but joking aside, is your surname for real?!

    82. Norman

      I love this channel. Because she inspires young females, but she doesn’t place that as her one and only emphasis. She has a sense of good balance in her videos in terms of there overall meaning...She obviously wants to try and relate to all sorts of people and genders from all different perspectives of life and she’s huge on positive vibes and a healthy lifestyle (diet, physical, mental, etc) . I don’t get this fakey vibe from Stephanie either. She seems real asf. This channel is about to be the most popular channel on HUfast in my opinion. It’s just a matter of time.

    83. Vaibhav Tumsare

      great video..love form india .. best of luck for yur future😊

    84. Pink Pop

      2017 best year ever remember this everyone when a year pasts then remember that year as something that you have been blessed with because not 1 day is the worst day of your life only the day you die is , we are all humans and are all powerful in different ways so we have to appreciate it because god gave us our everything and in return we have to give him our all and thank him thank you god for truly everything you have gave me.

      1. Pink Pop


    85. blackclothesblackcat


    86. Nikki Madison

      Your 2017 will be better then my entire life. And I will forever cry about. I am so glad others get to live their lives so full. And yet so so depressed these will never be realities for me.

    87. Leeonna Robinson

      YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!!! So inspirational and definitely had me emotional!!!!

    88. Leeonna Robinson


    89. Cirqueen

      That's so awesome that you went to USF! My mom went to undergrad there and my dad was in the charter medical school class there, too. That's where they met and they just celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary! I'm so glad you had a good experience there and finished your program. As a fellow PhD holder (not from USF, but still...), I know how hard that is. I just found your channel a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Keep doing your thing!

    90. Brittany Sparkman

      Are you going to go vegan?

    91. SadisticStang

      Well at least she didn't pick a subject ending with the word 'studies'...

    92. Viking Prank

      Saying 2017 was the best year of your life in 2018 seems kinda naive

    93. Ditka Vobořilová

      You are the best inspiration!!😍

    94. DANIEL TAN

      Wow. Crazy how you can balance your life. Keep it up. You're looking great btw.

    95. Rhea Cuevas

      I love you❤

    96. Tiasha

      I like you! this vid is so cool

    97. Nazneen Ismail

      I don't know why this made me so emotional. It's literally only the 2nd video of yours that I'm watching. Subscribed. Excited to watch your other stuff! 💜

    98. Darren Hoffmann

      I'm lost for words. Incredible and truly inspirational

    99. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      maybe your bowel super powers are the key to curing IBS, IBD, Crohns