Hello there! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and I'm a 29 year old cancer research scientist who loves fitness. I obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. I mix science and fitness into all facets of life! I currently do cancer research but LOVE to workout and eat good food! My channel brings informative content to the world of fitness, training, beauty, lifestyle, food challenges and nutrition all with a scientific twist!!

Channel Art Done By Lewis Marsden ([email protected])

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  1. Turbocake

    I'd be super-curious to see a full day of eating based on your current training regime and goals! Or, a week of eating based on your training regime and goals! PS I speak for all of The Internet when I say that I'm happy you're happy. =3

  2. Grant Hoover

    Good luck, glad you found a happier lifestyle but the vocal fry is killing me 😣

  3. Edithnfran Pendell

    I'm calling bull on those "900 calorie" breakfast tacos.

  4. Tiny Herrera

    this was amazing to watch thank you for sharing this is is so motivating to me to work on myself and to not care about what others think about my progress because in the end its my journey I am working on and my body

  5. angel ortiz

    Glutes😍😍 glutes 😍😍 glutes 😍😍😍. Love You and everything that You do

  6. loggiesjohan

    Hence "fat","obese"..."skinny"...ugly"....."beautiful" are all really relative......70% of the negative comment was just WRONG because even at month 5 you were already SUPER SEXY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary Big Mama

    I love this kind of video and even better when Jeff is with you. You are a great strong couple 💑 ❤ ps. It is my second week in intuitive eating and it is the first time I see someone eating cookies and not craving them so... I think it is working for me 💪💪💪❤

  8. Mary Big Mama

    You are so strong!!!!!

  9. Mary Big Mama

    I can only image what you are experiencing but I just want to tell you that you are a great daughter and woman. You are motivating a lot of people and you are such an inspiration for me personally. ❤💞

  10. p

    ive been watching ur videos from like 2 years ago all night the past 2 days and then i saw this video you look so much better than you did two years ago. i cant get over it. youre glowing you just looked unhealthy then im sorry if that offends you i dont mean it that way!

    1. p

      love the vids btw!!

  11. blur blurry

    steph, i think u have to accept ,embrace, and make friends with all of ur cravings and uncomfortable feelings in order to make all of those feelings dissapear. i used to feel like i have to control my food and worry about my body 24/7. i also thought that to get rid all of my the cravings was to keep eating and follow my brain to keep eating, but after i gained weight and eating a lot, i realize my cravings and the need of controlling food was still there. one day i watch ted talk talking about how to deal with cravings and other bad behaviours, it's said there that we need to embrace all of the feelings in order to make it go away . and it works. my constant thought and cravings of food just go away after i accept everything.

  12. Hannah Villalobos

    Super love it but one very important question What about eating habits. Or what exactly to eat

  13. Hey, I totally agree with you

    Thank you for pronouncing Melbourne correctly!

  14. Kai August

    You're awesome Stephanie! We love you for who you are. :) Very admirable you're so open about your anxiety.

  15. l. s

    i remember watching your old what i eat in a day videos. wow you’ve come such a long way. so proud of you!!

  16. Mark Mullen

    Went from meh to gross

  17. Jean Roberts

    Do you think your intense hunger could have been a result of a significant nutritional deficiency?

  18. Saw Dust

    USF go bulls!!

  19. Eva van Veen

    You go girl. You’re glowing ✨

  20. Jeff H.

    I think you and Jeff are great. You’re lucky to have each other. To see someone as gorgeous as you have body image issues, kinda helps me who was very heavy growing up and has had a hard time forgetting even when I look good. I wish you the best in your journey. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays to you both.

  21. Mary Big Mama

    Loving this series so much!

  22. Gabrielle Tran

    Stephnie. Do whatever you want that makes you happy, most of your followers, including me, can see that all in as improved your life and happiness , health and relationship with Jeff and your family. Keep going , we are here for you ! Very happy for you and proud of you, considering I haven’t been subscribed for very long.

  23. Mary Big Mama

    You are fantastic 👏

  24. schneeroseful

    Seeing this after the All in journey just seems bunkers

  25. Kaitlyn Marsey

    this is so inspiring. I always thought that if I wanted to lose weight I would have to suffer for it. this has helped me to realize that my body is just fine the way it is, and that it is possible to develop a healthy relationship with food. thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Mary Big Mama

    Just found you because I started my journey of intuitive eating and you seem a very nice and smart person 🥰

  27. Gabrielle Tran

    Stephnie. I recently subscribed to your channel Late October/ early November, once again thank you for teaching me to not care about what others think of you physically, even I was born with Cp( cerebral palsy) mild case , where I have to use a walker to move around, and wheelchair sometimes. Keep doing what makes you happy and you look very healthy. Thank you for this! I’m glad to see this all in process has made a difference in your life, as you made a difference my life, thanks again!

  28. kjh lk

    She looks a lot better. I would like to say that when someone says something to you and you get upset it means there is some truth to it. You just have to explore it. So in some sense thank them because they help you explore something within yourself. Congratulations on whatever you want to be as long as you are happy with yourself. No need for acceptance from me but I am just sending you and other love.

  29. gofukursef

    Don't overthink it. You are a brilliant scientist, and scientists aren't comfortable until the hypothesis is proven. You're still in the experimental phase of your journey. Just keep doing your discussion as it leads to both your conclusions & inferences.

  30. George Coggins

    I'm not sure why this came up on my suggestions but good to know there is a cameltoe Channel out there

  31. gofukursef

    Very interesting, and incredibly risky. Great job.

  32. Sara Julio

    Great Tips. Craving is what kills my diet… I always get crazy craving so I can’t keep food away too long… I made a dedication to lose my weight. I took supplements from Vanguard Formulas combining with exercise and it’s been working really well! I don’t feel as hungry and my cravings are GONE! I also lost about 10 lbs in about 3 weeks. Need to keep it up!

  33. Sara Julio

    Nice!! So inspiring! I literally said the same thing to myself, “I need to say no to diets and just change my lifestyle,” and I did. And I haven’t even looked back. I also went on a 30 day strict diet and been taking Vanguard Formulas supplement.. That helped a lot with the pounds falling off! Keep up with the motivation =))

  34. Sahab Lal


  35. Sahab Lal

    You are looking ugly

    1. Soso H.

      Lmfao you’re really gonna say that with a profile picture like that?

  36. N Rah

    Is there something you do after your cheat day to get your weight to go back to normal so quickly?

  37. s0lga

    Lol i like how she sarcastic and that

  38. Ken Wang

    Just wait until she gets older this all you can eat diet is not gonna work anymore, she's gonna have to be exercising like a maniac. Don't fall for the lies these fitness influencers say on HUfast people.

  39. Morgan Riegler

    ur such an inspiration i look up to u so much 😊😊😊

  40. Pink Flush

    Yeah kinda easy to get abs when you don’t have belly fat

  41. Gabby Linstrom

    hold up people called you obese wtf you where gorgeous and healthy through out

  42. Ashley Comstock

    Wow you literally look AMAZING!!! I am so thankful I found your channel I am really inspired by you and your story. Thank you so much😻You are stunning!

  43. Wilhelm Cooke

    The attempted capitulation to the body positivity(undisciplined, fat, weak, and depressed population) community was weak af.

  44. C Le

    miss these just food review vlogs !

  45. Roseanne's Reality

    The only thing that confuses me is the fact Stephanie thinks shredded cheese in a sandwich is strange.. It must be a culture thing because everyone adds it to sandwiches in Ireland.

  46. Karm3Lov3

    Oh girl your body is soooo beautiful You too obviously ❤

  47. anjaflo2

    she ate so much shit... i don't know if this is healthy :'D

  48. Beyourbest88

    I would really love to find the full song from the first 22 seconds of this video. I keep trying but no success so far!! Does anyone know?

  49. Tadgh Smith

    This still isn't a healthy process. Dirty bulking on simple carbs is terrible for the endothelium. She probably aged her arteries about a decade in that year.

  50. So Isaid

    body is like the new iphone 12 flat and square

  51. Choose Joy Method

    This was good for me I see someone as knowledgeable as you still struggles with food. Choose Joy Method rules #1 Love yourself #2 have patients #3 Experiment if you get upset about rule #3 remember #1 and #2 . what work for me after 40 years of being over weight is LCPP low carb proper protein. Your Dr. Friend statement on fasting does that apply to every women that sounds silly. On Loving yourself start with loving that inner little child that had a sick method.

  52. davidogan

    I have the opposite problem. I’m too fat.

  53. Derty -_-

    *Hello! A year ago I had problems with weight, I needed to lose 34 kg. What I just did not do: I sat on diets, ran in the morning, tortured myself thoroughly, but there was no result (+ -5kg). On the Internet, I began to look for a panacea for excess weight and accidentally stumbled upon a weight loss product in Google search. I thought that as usual it would not help and I would stay fat for the rest of my life, but a miracle happened, my body began to confidently lose kilograms. Along with taking the drug, I continued to run, and I no longer sat on diets (I just tried to eat less). In 3 months I have lost 34 kg unattainable before and now I feel great. I got a fat burning product from this site - **myketo-bodytone.ml**. I wish you all patience and successful weight loss)!*

  54. Marianna Consta

    I'm literally crying because I put myself through this so I can like what I see in the mirror. I'm 13 and I haven't had my period in 4 months. I know it's wrong but I just can't get my mind to gain weight

  55. Luisa Grigorescu

    Stephanie, you are amazing! Don't know how you had the time to do all of these: PhD, train, diet, taking care of your mom, relationship, youtube channel, writing books. Kudos to you for sharing your ups & downs with us. We need more videos like this.

  56. Diana Gallego Martínez

    you are absolutley a great human being goog daughter and a good inspiration for a lot of people of course for me !!! dont forget never your why thank you so much never stop smiling

  57. Homie RidvanBoss

    the third photo should be the goal of every woman healthy body fat also if you love yourself you would do anything to get into a healthy weight without harming yourself. peace out.😁

  58. Straw Leo

    Fake and gay


    I resonate so much with your message! 😍


    You are such an inspiration to me and you make me feel motivated to do certain things not only workouts but also reading books..I have never really been a book worm but after watching your vids I have been reading more and more books..thank you so much and lots of love for you 🤍✨

  61. Crave Plants

    You’re so damn adorable! I love love love your videos and watching your journey. You are so amazing at your core, the food, the calories, the weight, that’s all just atmosphere ❤️ thank you for sharing it all with us.

  62. Miss Flintstone

    This is misleading the reason why the abs will look that way is when you also reduce the fat cover. Exercise alone will not do it. It would be 6 months of strict diet to reduce BF and core workouts. Leg raises and crunches both work hip flexors . The janda sit up is the only one which isolates then and activates core.

  63. your mom says

    I've been on birth control for 10 years, I gained 30 pounds, lost my sex drive, bleed lightly or spot on and off almost all month of every month. I maybe go like one week without bleeding. Doctors kept changing my birth control since I was always on my damn period but I'm over them giving me a different type every few years to attempt to fix it, percribing stronger ones each time. I'm now getting off it, I can't stand birth control.

  64. Pri

    well, I'm new here, but I've got to say, you LOOK SO GREAT!! and I love your videos so much, though I've just watched a few...haha😆

  65. RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer

    Coming into this cold, I think you went from looking like you were being starved to looking like you were healthy and your body beautifully curvy without being - picture me flipping off the haters who had the gall to abuse you online - in the slightest 'fat'. Our culture is sick when it comes to body size and unrealistic BMI expectations. You look beautiful, without reservation or qualification, and I'm delighted that you are letting your body remain healthy and not starving yourself. I wish you all the best.

  66. jacquelinecahill

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this story. Fat shaming and body image distortion are REAL. You are beautiful and now more healthy, I am sure. It is not good to be too skinny - or too fat. This gives me a better perspective on the fat shaming I have experienced in my life and just how.. HURTFUL it is. Thank you for allowing me perspective on this and how body image affects, not only me, but so many women and men.

  67. Dr. Fatma Alhatimi

    Thank you for sharing i feel the same

  68. Dr. Fatma Alhatimi

    Look so muchhhhh better 😍😍

  69. ChiefGunny

    She was the HOTTEST when she was the biggest by far!

  70. CodeAlias

    Anyone else watching this while your legs are stupid sore?

  71. David B

    Stomach that skinny looks so unhealthy.

  72. 펜타클골든

    Honestly speaking, the before looks better.

  73. J Lewis

    She’s checks all the boxes for a hard core eating disorder. Down to the overachieving personality type A

  74. Yvette Erasmus

    You really have "balls" to discuss your personal life and your "all in" journey on the Internet...I personally could never do this....Anxiety is a terrible thing to live with...I know trust me...you look beautiful like a real woman should..and who cares about nasty comments!! As long as Jeff is happy with the way you look and so what if you go back to your old habits..counting calories and training excessively...we all do that. I've done bodybuilding since the age of 19 and have always been sporty...Im now 52 and to this day I still count calories and training excessively and by doing this my friends and family get very annoyed with me..even in a restaurant I will calculate my calories before I order my food it's exhausting and I put all my energy into doing this. Im not even a HUfastr but I'm so weight obsessed. I also did the "all in" about 5 years ago and gained 10kg in 2 months...this was a depressing moment for me when I got onto the scale...so I went back to counting calories etc..I was really unhappy and always moody until I lost the 10kg and all this for the sake of society...I'm with you every step of the way....so do what makes you happy...and in anyway those hater comments of you being "Obese" bullshit tell the haters to go do their math Love ya Steph😍

  75. Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda

    She looks so thicc and fantastic. Blessing us with an amazing vulnerable journey . Bless you 🙏🙏

  76. Angel Blue

    wow the same thing happened to be but accidentally and naturally..I went to college fall 2018 and hated the cafeteria food so I just wouldst eat. I also didnt have an appetite because being away from home gave me so much anxiety so when I went out to eat at a restaurant id have a few bites then be full. I was 130 lbs which is skinny for my height and went down to 115 lbs that semester. by spring 2019 I became depressed and my anxiety was through the roof so I dropped out and went home. when I was at home I started being really hungry just as you described that I would eat so much and still not feel full. I gained 38 pounds and became a solid 153 lbs. I know im not fat but this is the most I've ever weighed in my life and I felt sooo unconfident about my body so I totally get where you're coming from and honestly you sharing your story makes me feel better about my body cause I see that im not the only one who went through this, so thank you for sharing. I am now not as hungry as I use to be and am slowly loosing weight again in a healthy way :)

  77. Kelly Livingston

    I love this representation of what it means to "feel good". I was raised and taught by society and my mother that I needed to be thin and non-muscular. When I left home for college I discovered this world of fitness and I realized I wanted to function over looking good for someone else and not doing what I want. Then I got into crossfit and when I would starve myself to slim down, I noticed that I would perform significantly worse. One week I saw this series of videos and decided to give a go at it for my performance and crossfit goals. And it absolutely worked, my ability to perform increased ten fold, I was able to lift more, do more cardio, and my mindset changed. I want to personally thank you for showing this and being the representation of what women and girls should see.

  78. Amanda Cabrera

    I don’t know why but,her voice changed a lot because,I haven’t seen her for a long time..

  79. Morgane

    I like sugar but that's too much sugary things for me. I barely throw up watching this !

  80. Vasiliana Andreou

    Steph I missed your cheat days so much!!