Hello there! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and I'm a 29 year old cancer research scientist who loves fitness. I obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. I mix science and fitness into all facets of life! I currently do cancer research but LOVE to workout and eat good food! My channel brings informative content to the world of fitness, training, beauty, lifestyle, food challenges and nutrition all with a scientific twist!!

Channel Art Done By Lewis Marsden ([email protected])

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  1. Tabitha White

    Jesus is the way out💗 i’ll pray for you

  2. Cara 707

    At the beginning of the video I was so confused when u got donuts without wearing a mask

  3. Sara Lampret

    You should make a collab with Cassie Ho sometime 😊

  4. Sarah Hogan

    You really need therapy. You're still so obsessed with food and your body. It's sad to see :(

  5. Mariana Harper-Araya

    You look amazing

  6. rayranja

    You look stunning! And you looked stunning with the extra weight too! <3

  7. LNA444

    You did the right thing, and it was sooooo brave! Even being on social media you did it. No more dried spartan artificial dewomenized women please 🙏

  8. Courtney Chastain

    Why did I tear up when you were reading the book snippet

  9. farah renshaw

    You definitely have reasons to be anxious you do alot and alot of people watch you. Just make sure to get some blood work done and get your thyroid checked just to be sure, especially if you feel it come on when your calm or not thinking about anything bad. I have had a family member, and I work in the medical feild and have ran into alot of anxiety attacks calls due to thyroid and hormones. Lmao not that I need to tell you being a super educated. Please take care of yourself.

  10. kleopatra kle

    Greg Doucette was spot on. Oh and no don't do another what I eat in a day. Just another excuse to eat and show your body off posing sexy. Attention ego booster you definitely are... go seek professional help for your mind. Why you so focus on backlash, get off HUfast if your feelings are so hurt when you get comments you don't like. GROW UP!!

  11. Lori Clark-children of Light

    your pretty regardless of your weight ,you go girl

  12. Lori Clark-children of Light

    I'm the same way I eat most at night

  13. Katrina Serrano

    I would be distracted at the gym If you were there 🤣🤣 You’re beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  14. ravidu prasanna

    6:53 😂😂😂👌

  15. nikimoonlight

    Just know that you have all our support <3

  16. R S

    Begging for attention

  17. Charlotte Cady

    Holy shit she's from Tampa...

  18. Fabiana Zabala

    Jeff looks like he's faking when he says "this is so good"

  19. Hannah Garstang

    I love your work. 10/10. Good stuff. Anxiety is such a tough bugger to deal with and I hope that this video has helped alleviate a smidgen of it.

  20. パウリナPaulina

    "Stop when you're full".... She doesn't stop 😂😂😂😂

  21. Natural Neko

    She’s like the missing Khardashian sister

  22. Joe Sinegal

    Beautiful Transformation Stephanie! You Look Great! Thanks For The Inspiration! Love, Peace And Blessings To You Always! 🌹❤️🌹🙏

  23. Anjna Mair

    I feel you should step away from social media for a while just live your life they way u want to. Life is to short whats the point of constantly thinking about weight and what people think get pass this.

  24. Let's See Here

    I'm late to comment on this, but it is very difficult to share all of this online. I have also struggled with similar feelings, not in a weight context as far as sharing online, but in other areas of my life. Your videos ARE helping people Stephanie. Everyone giving opinions online are just strangers sitting behind keyboards with strong opinions. But most people who benefit from the videos may not comment, they might just leave feeling a little bit more capable to move in the right direction in their own lives - whatever that means for them - like I usually do. Thank you, thank you so much ❤️

  25. kiana nicole

    I cried when I saw u in the video crying! Anxiety and intrusive thoughts are so real but also so normal! Thank you for being vulnerable and courageous I love you so much and I’m so happy that there are genuine influencers like you! Anxiety will pass pray that you can have the right tools to cope with it ♥️

  26. 6cats yes6

    Omg your video change me!! I was eating like 500 to 800 calories per day and working out, I thought I needed to lose more and more weight. Now I feel so much confident and confortable about eating more and not feeling guilty or terrible if I gain weight, your videos are so helpful! Thank you so much

  27. Charlotte Cady

    I feel like my body wants me to be 180lbs and 5'1". Is this normal? I'm already considered obese and sitting at about 170, but I know i want to eat like 3-4kcals a day.

  28. Kat R

    Sharing your journey has helped a lot of people to validate their own struggles (including me!), but I agree that you should take time to focus on yourself. You mention several times that anxiety is a root cause of many of your issues, and this is something that a therapist can definitely help you manage. This is something I struggle with too, and speaking to a therapist has helped to lift the weight that anxiety causes. Shifting just a small amount of energy to focus on your mental health can have huge benefits in all aspects of your life <3

  29. Elliott Quill

    my ED watching this

  30. Gamer Tia

    Next time with the big Mary try the gravy ❤️

  31. R.x0

    Yes seriously just get off social media please! It's done wonders for everyone I know.

  32. From My Own Backyard

    If anything the comment of those watching your body naturally flucuate shows how rampant body dismorphia is in society. The time you were not healthy is the time your body was starving and for people to see a starved women as healthy proves the above statement. Now that you have finished your initial all in journey the best thing for you anxiety is to probably not step on a scale for awhile.

  33. Drigori Ikamura

    One thing you can try that works for some people against anxiety is to cut down on gluten and maybe also animal products, also you can try following an ayurvedic morning ritual, it might help you balance mood/energy/appetite. Good luck!

  34. Monica Mase

    YOU eat so much and you lost weight,wao

  35. Yanina Miller

    You should state your age and height because what works for 20 year olds may not work for us mature Katie's in mid 30's and 40's

  36. Trevor Garrison

    She looks much healthier now then before when she won the bikini contest she looked like a skeleton close to death from starvation

  37. Anchenar Quinto

    Well done and thank you. keep inspiring others and ignore the haters... love love x

  38. Kathryn Rasmussen

    Oh my word, you are so beautiful. I'm sorry you had to suffer. I think you are an incredible person. Thank you for sharing this.

  39. alise_hedgehog

    You can see a science student when the axis are c-l-e-a-r-l-y labelled :)

  40. tdreamgmail

    What really screwed her up was doing all those massive cheat day videos. She doesnt have the muslce mass to burn off those calories and they train you to crave garbage. Low nutrient density rubbish. And she's getting older, that stuff catches up with you.

  41. Josh Suarez

    You should be a wwe wrestler 🤼‍♀️, you got the look

  42. tdreamgmail

    If you just got more muscular you would look better. Now you just look skinny fat.

  43. sonia flores

    Thank you for taking care of your mom. I am full care for my grandmother. So I appreciate you very much.😄

  44. Framboise

    OMG I have so much admiration for you! My heart broke many times during this testimony.

  45. Chris Demott

    And she can drive a manual...

  46. Flower Power

    If you’re reading this I want you to know that God loves you and He cares about you so much that He became a man (Jesus Christ) and died for you. Repent and believe in the gospel, He is the ONLY way to heaven. You can’t get into heaven by doing good works and you don’t have to go to a priest to confess anything. Cry out to Him through prayer He will not turn you away. Dive into His word (The Bible) for guidance and do not continue in your sins. Make His word the final say in your life. Visit living waters and the beat by Allen Parr (HUfast) for more clarity. God bless ❤️ For those who want to get saved: hufast.info/plan/vide/lqC5mdCq2qS4Z6c Also to any Muslims who see this (actually click the links) hufast.info/plan/vide/aoS6qa6K2mfNY6s hufast.info/plan/vide/a6Wpgbyo1qKcgYE hufast.info/plan/vide/qK6xgpl81qOpnas hufast.info/plan/vide/on3bqLR-p3i2nZ8 ,.

  47. Jessica Serafin

    This is such a f*cking important video. So many people have messed up hunger cues. I'm about 7 pounds over weight and have always struggled with yo-yo dieting 20 pounds. Just recently I started working with a therapist on how to eat more intuitively. I do want to lose weight and look good, but I'm tired of fighting my body and messing up my relationship with food. She is sort of suggesting what you did with just some barriers (i.e. instead of having cheat day, incorporate some snacks into your day. Try and find a new, sustainable way to eat vs having restrictions most days and then spiraling out of control with eating everything other days). Its very important that people learn to eat when hungry and stop when full but, unfortunately, dieting really can mess that up for you. I've only been doing this intuitive eating for a week and, again, I do have some guard rails up but nothing SUPER strict that can't be bent, and I've actually LOST weight. BUt more importantly, I've just thought a LOT less about food. Because now instead of thinking "omg if I just wait a little longer to eat then I'll probably eat less today and then lose weight!" I just think "cool, I'm hungry. I'll eat something that I like but that also can help me feel full." Anyway, thank you for posting this video. Its helping me on my journey too, even if its a little different than yours!

  48. joy patowary

    Cut the music out....either u speak or u makes us to listen to music

  49. Jojo nini

    Can I ask you a slightly different question? Where and what did you study? I thought I would like to be a scientist, but I'm afraid to apply and pay. Is it reasonable to go study physics and chemistry?

  50. Michelle Mae Simplicio

    Please take the time to deal with this offline for your mental health.

  51. Laura Caggiano

    I can relate a little bit to this. I don't have a huge following on social media, but I do have friends and family who used to always make comments every time my weight changed. That was back when I was eating/training to look a certain way. It caused me A LOT of anxiety. Then I got in to strength sports, and I started eating to train. Yeah my physique changed, but I hardly noticed because I was so focused on my training. And everyone stopped commenting on my body because they knew my goals had changed. I'm only saying all this because in your previous videos, you've expressed an interest in powerlifting and in this video you said you want to get stronger. I don't want to seem like I'm telling you what to do, but maybe now is the time to embrace a new strength-related hobby? Everything I'm saying is purely anecdotal, but since you mentioned your anxiety I'd like to add that it's also really helped my anxiety over everything else in my life (I'm also finishing a PhD in the STEM field - I know you can relate to that too 😩). I know your followers will embrace whatever you do, and not for the way you look. You are so good at documenting your journeys honestly and educationally, that's what we follow you for, no matter what you're going through or what you weigh.

  52. Bookworm

    People, weight gain can be muscle. The scale can't tell the difference

  53. Katie

    This is beyond self obsession now. You should really switch the focus of your life. There’s so much more out there in the world.

  54. Tommy Rupert

    Be encouraged Steph. Ur beautfiul just the way you are.

  55. Liva Kukule

    Hei, Stephanie. I really wanted to thank you for sharing your journey with everyone, and being so open and honest about everything. And I understand your struggles regarding pressure on social media, weight and so on. But right now, I want to give you some advice, you have to care less about what everyone says both regarding your training, health, weight or whatever. You have to just breathe and let yourself be happy, and eat, train and do whatever makes you happy. I know that being a youtuber does bring certain level of responsibility and so on, and to your fans. But, at the end of the day, you are on this planet to live your life just the way YOU want it. And sometimes even your fans seem to be a bit, silly. You dont owe them or anyone anything to be precise. What you do owe to YOURSELF, is love. Screw all the "know it all" people here on youtube making videoes about you, screw even your fans and everyone who thinks you should listen to their opinion. Life is too short, do whatever you want and post whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. You deserve it <3

  56. Jadduck

    As a Brit, I am offended.

  57. coco nin

    Um..how bout you NOT care so much what people you DONT KNOW think..no..like seriously..if you listen to everyone online you will never have peace..nobody knows anybodys struggle!fk em..you dont owe anyone anything!!!you are so amazing steph..please please please relax into your body and trust it..eat more at night until the anxiety lessens and relax into that..let go and trust and challenge the guilt and negative feelings..count your blessings..maybe low dose temporary xanex?

  58. Catherine Long

    Your weight/ physical appearance doesn't have anything to do with your worth. Weight loss or gain doesn't change who you are or define you and everyone deserves love and acceptance.

  59. Ishould Dohomework

    Ok but how do i know if i should go all in?

  60. Rhjean Espero

    Hi, Steph! I'm still watching this 😂 October 2020

  61. AllysaLowe

    You are beautiful <3 You've got this. It's just a chapter of the journey. It will all be okay. Come back to the present. Until then, take a break and give yourself the time for some internal R&R love. I couldn't imagine being under the public microscope like you. It would be a lot for anyone. Thank you for everything you've given us. Now we want you to heal <3 :)

  62. Brandon Blackard

    I guess I have different beauty standards in my head cause there was never a time I wasn't like "damn!". Also, Jeff is a good man!

  63. Chris Jay

    “She is a HUfastr here on HUfast” NO WAY!

  64. JUST US!! YLLA

    Don't care love u .... I have learned to love myself it was hard but with God by my side everything is beautiful

  65. BeingTiffany

    ok so i don't know you at alll and this is actually the first video ive ever seen of yours but damn girl im proud of you, what a crazy, amazing journey. you look amazing too!

  66. Tabor

    Because you are already naturally skinny? You gotta be a fatty first to impress me

  67. Danielle Slobbe

    Hi Stephanie! You should start a diet/ exercise / metabolism educational podcast!

  68. Sheri Dixon

    You will look back at this and cringe. You will never want your daughter to see it. Please get help. I am new to your videos but the obsession is a little unhealthy.

  69. Katherine Gibson

    I’m very proud of you.. I struggle with my e.d.. & to know you did this Gives me hope it’s possible.❤️

  70. Freya Hoge

    if i were you i literally would have finished all the doughnuts! 😂

  71. Sydney Pfeiffer

    I love your channel! You are amazing! You were gorgeous at your lowest weight, at your highest weight, and at your current weight. I too feel a daily pressure to have the “perfect” body from social media and watching your channel has really helped me to realize as long as you are happy and healthy, nothing else matters. Don’t let the haters bring you down. If you lose weight or gain weight that’s ok. It’s just how your body works girl. Love you! ❤️❤️

  72. Angela Adams

    I can relate to this. I have struggled with severe anxiety as well--the kind that will literally keep you wide awake at night. I hope you're able to heal yourself.

  73. prarieboy

    You need to quit social media asap

  74. Yutong Yang

    Me too, I am drenched in anxiety for many months, wake up really early, barely feel uplifted and with irregular appetites.

  75. queen ror live

    To much sugar is not good for your health girl

  76. natthan V

    at 23:37 when it shows the before to 4 months i have to say that you look good at the 1 month and the 4 months. the before looks alright but to me you are to thin there to me.

  77. Hanz Solo

    Weak, trigger, eating disorder, and insecure, everything that makes Buttermore

  78. Angela Pambid

    Im 14 and i did this challenge and it was really easy for me. From 11am - 8pm i ate 10,000cals