Hello there! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and I'm a 29 year old cancer research scientist who loves fitness. I obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. I mix science and fitness into all facets of life! I currently do cancer research but LOVE to workout and eat good food! My channel brings informative content to the world of fitness, training, beauty, lifestyle, food challenges and nutrition all with a scientific twist!!


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  1. lilmisspeace

    I agree about being very slim creating a more aged look. I was a Personal Trainer and I was tiny. I loved my body but my face and neck/shoulders were so drawn that I look back and hate it!! I have chosen to stay bigger now to keep shape in my face. It's hard though because I miss how strong and firm my body was before...

  2. Angelica Mier

    Thank you Stephanie you have help me so much you and Jeff both ❤️

  3. tania h

    Welcome to Ontario Stephanie! Please ensure you incorporate supplemental iodine/iodide in your recovery support (and also for hormonal support).

  4. Melissa Olivier

    Steph can lift my weight but my boyfriend can’t 😶

  5. Beverly Canales

    I love you 💞😘

  6. Alex Dalton

    steph your glutes already do look like that statue! for real!

  7. Stephanie Dorene

    😳 I can only eat 2 and I'm over the sugar and "greasieness" (my word) 😀

  8. Bee Montiel


  9. C Ortega

    We love you Steph! Been watching her since day 1. She is such a beautiful person inside out, so genuine and intelligent!💕💕💕

  10. טליה כהן

    You have such a lovely smile❤

  11. Cori Ingram

    This is so amazing seeing another weight journey from the other perspective is incredibly inspiring! So happy you’re happy now. Thank you for sharing!!

  12. bang turden

    i once visited a orthopedist because of knee pain. i was running regularly and was slightly above normal weight. he asked me why i was running and i answered "because i like it". he then said "if you want to lose weight, you should do nordic walking." i felt uncomfortable and i replied that was not my first intention. at the end of the appointment he said "we will meet again at minus ten." and i asked "what does that mean?" he answered "minus ten kilograms.". i was shook. i think he was implying my knee pain came from my weight. i then got appointments with a very good physiotherapist. he found out that my knee pain came from uneven strength in my thigh muscles. never had knee pain again after evening out the strength. i never went back to the orthopedist.

  13. emily s.

    i would very much like to stab those snakes who commented those god-awful things.

  14. Joy Aileen

    Always love your videos, they never fail to inspire me. Thank you for creating content for us. ❤️

  15. Tee C

    Hmm.....something seems really 'off' about this weight loss. I thought this was going to be an influencer with some push back to the typical caloric restriction body recomp. Maybe someone on here can explain what's happening to her and if she's doing the classic 'caloric restriction' with exercise moment. I'm an educated woman - and I can tell there's some weird shenanigans taking place - like she's marketed herself as an 'all in' girl for the many, many women who have EDs in order to gain their trust and increase her followers. She's not good for ED girls. I just wish people could see how sneaky this whole "LONG GAME" marketing ploy has been. She definitely fooled me. She's clearly restricting calories again - as per her new physique from the IG stories. I personally find her stories quite triggering now as I think there's some deception going on around food intake and weight loss. I thought she was trying to get her metabolism back up - but that clearly isn't the case. Any girls who try her 'all in' journey are going to realize it isn't what she's making it out to be. I tried one more video hoping she would show a) what she's actually eating in a day = calories etc b) that she hadn't lost a drastic amount of weight suddenly = but NOPE - I was wrong. I liked Stephanie during her actually all in journey of enjoying foods and loving a healthy body. She's back to her old ways. I have been on a true recomp/metabolism repair journey for over a year now with a very good trainer (well educated, well regarded - used by other industry professionals etc). I haven't had anywhere near the DRASTIC AND I MEAN DRASTIC weight loss of Stephanie unless you severely restrict your calories. If there are any ladies out there who want actually advice and not the garbage being hustled here feel free to message me. I have paid so much money to gain invaluable knowledge about how to do things in a healthy and consistent manner. I'm happy to share what I've learned for free to anyone who feels isolated by Stephanie's weird marketing journey. And let's make sure we also point out - what 'research' has she done since her PhD? Clearly this thing definitely makes more money. I might do what she did and cash in on followers = bulk and then do a cut LOL. I'll try and watch her videos to see how she's able to market her journey to tons of women and make a lot of money (and not have to do her day job anymore).

  16. Hamish Elliott

    This is such a cool video!!

  17. Natalia Suárez Armas

    I´m from Canary Island (Gran Canaria to be precise), I´ve been following you for a while and girl, I have to say that you´re such an inspiring, strong, intelligent and funny woman....I´m struggling right now with body dysmorphia and you´ve helped a lot to start my healing...Keep on with the good work you´re already doing, lot of love from Spain and sorry if I butchered the english languaje, tried my best, pinky promise 🤣🤣❤️❤️

  18. Jojo Bo

    I really love your nails. The white and blue look lovely on you. Are they gel?


    You looked perfect to me , each and every month of your journey.... At the end you are happy , who the fuck are we to judge you ❤️

  20. cigall

    I remember watching Stephanie's "cheat day" 10,000 calorie videos and how shocked I was that she could eat that much so easily, whereas I would have never been able to eat half of that. I also remember the comments that said these extreme cheat days are a sign of disordered eating and she is probably starving herself the rest of the time. Turns out they were right. Lesson learned: no matter how smart/health-educated an influencer is, doesn't mean one should follow what they're doing blindly, they can fall victim to disordered eating as easily as anyone else.

  21. Tammy Lee


  22. Angelica Lerma

    You should definitely do a “What you eat in a Week”

  23. Leonardo Savini

    Try healthy Keto and intermittent fasting. It handles hunger (and many other health issues) once and for all. Please stay away from surgeries.

  24. Vanessa Canizales

    I needed this! I vote for more videos like this :)

  25. Black Widow- Oktay

    Man Jeff is a true lover 🙏🏻 It is so great that you guys are be together🤗

  26. Mustaqeemah Oni

    You are so beautiful , honestly .

  27. Madi M

    Love this type of video

  28. Kathrin Kaczan

    Dear Stephanie, you look so beautiful and happy!!😊

  29. ashley whitfield

    Stay safe in Toronto! There's still lockdown measures but I hope you find some fun stuff to do!

  30. Haleigh Alyssa

    I can't wait to buy this book

  31. Claire Holliday

    She looked soooooooooo good thick. A very feminine and womanly figure.

  32. the aura edit

    Gorgeous inspiration as always! Glad to check in and see you doing well still!

  33. sheentheexplorer

    Crazy how this is 3yrs ago already

  34. Stella crosby-Close

    The house is beautifullll I love the staircase😍 I did that same jigsaw puzzle at Christmas haha

  35. thea loves

    The house looks OH SO BEAUTIFUL 😍🥰

  36. Swan Kim

    You as an individual are so inspiring and motivating in the most positive way possible. I look up to how you tackle life hardships and process them in a raw, real, and validating way. Thanks for showing a healthy standard in dealing with life and things that come along the way. And also, your relationship with Jeff is really encouraging - I don't know him or you at all personally, but seeing how you two communicate on camera is really encouraging and shows what "healthy" communication and encouragement looks like. Thanks for all this! Thanks for being you.

  37. Sarah L

    GO GIRL!!!!!!! YOu do you, I love your commitment to yourself and seeing that you are human is great. It is not all happiness and joy, there is this dark side right next to it that you are SLAYING! Good job!

  38. Jacqueline Reyna

    Loved this style of video! Also, love you book concept! Can't wait to read it!

  39. Nguyễn Ngọc Ánh

    Hello,I'm Vietnamese and I very very like your videos a lot but my English is not good and I hope you can add Vietnamese in the subtitles.

  40. Cecilitza

    We love these videos❤

  41. Cecilitza

  42. Hannah Davison

    Your journey is the craziest one I've seen on YT - it inspires me so much!!! I did a lot of yo-yo binge restrict dieting but I tried reverse dieting (obviously nowhere near your all in plunge...) but it was your videos which gave me the confidence to increase my caloric intake, and it is the best thing I've done in ages - no impact on fat loss but a huge increase in muscle gain, energy levels and satiety! Think you look better now than ever - strong, healthy and satsified!

  43. Amy Hsu


  44. Rebecca Bachleda

    You are a gorgeous human being, so inspirational!

  45. Sheryl Ann

    Welcome to Toronto!

  46. Nicole Dufour DuRocher

    In what world is that breakfast 40+g of protein?! 2 egg whites are like 7g and that ounce of cheese is like 10 and the butternut is maybe 1. Make it make sense ...

  47. s241914

    I kid you not, you're literally my hero. I greatly envy your level of strength, resolve, and transparency and hope to achieve that some day for myself. Keep doin you, girl!

  48. Cyndi Copeland

    Love this style of video!!

  49. Agatha Henry

    I do ab vacuum for a different reasons, I do it for lunch stretching for freediving and in yoga it's called uddiyana bandha or ab lock. We do it with breath holds as well, but I do advise to do it with your stomach empty and usually in the morning before meal. This position helps us to simulate pressure at depth. So that's why we practice it.

  50. Shea Johnson

    would love to see more lifestyle videos/what i do in a day/grwm’s! ur my favorite! love you ❤️

  51. jemima mukendi

    stephanie you’re so gorgeous!!!! 🥺

  52. Kiyomi Payne

    Love your videos!

  53. brookiecookie


  54. Deborah E

    I applaud you for baring your soul to everyone publicly so that other people can learn from your experience. I have always been afraid to do what you did, altho I do not have the hunger issue to the same degree, it takes guts to do what you did!! I have contemplated a couple of different avenues that are similar in context, but haven't had the "guts" to do it simply because I am afraid of the initial weight gain. Once again thank you for sharing your journey

  55. kass andra

    Sunbite (SunChip in Canada?) is legit THE BEST THING EVER IN THIS WORLD.

  56. Lauren Hernandez

    I love watching them size up 🏰

  57. Ricardo Roldan

    Bravissima! less looks and food focused and happier ! this is such a kool masterpieceVid! you are such a meta warrior/heroe! Ranking you with Ayla (Jean Auel books ) :) FeodoraneQuébec, tky!

  58. Selena Pang

    You guys are so cute and sweet to each other, both of you put a smile on my face.

  59. Katherine Araya

    I love pe science and most of the pre work out flavours, but Raspberry lemonade is straight up rank. I ran out of my cotton candy and I had a sample of raspberry lemonade this morning, 🤮🤮🤮 That cake looks bomb though!

  60. Loni Murphy

    Well done stephanie. Your entire journey has been so motivating to watch.

  61. Julia Baasch Wachholz

    So happy to see Steph this happy 🥰 Please do more of these vlog type videos!

  62. Emma Anderson

    If you go "all in" after having been thin, and then yoyo dieting and then gained extra weight...can you go back down with out dieting? Will going all in just make you gain more? How do I go back?

  63. Elly

    Do a video with no makeup on

  64. Sydney Michelle

    Your house looks sooo cozy

  65. Emily Stewart

    Love this! Want some more of it!!! Not an IG person.

  66. Stephanie Fritze

    I love these two🥰

  67. Emma Anderson

    A great documentation...shows whats wrong with the womens fitness arena. I had HA before. I didn't know it had a name. Time to do some more research... Thank you for the great video!

  68. Bluepeach Whispers

    Doesn't lifting really heavy increase likelihood of serious injury?

  69. Alex Taylor

    Lockdown has made me gain some weight and I have felt so down about how I'd looked. You have motivated me to try and go for a run and do what I can at home as I've wanted to do it but had kept putting it off and for that I want to say thank you. Don't listen to what people have said, you looked/look amazing :)

  70. Alina Wagner

    Love the positivity! ♥

  71. Nicole Zhang

    Your current body shape is sooooooooooo beautiful, I even think it is better than before!

  72. Kelly Larsen

    I'm so happy for you that you are feeling better! And you got to record to moment where you feel back to normal too! So cool! And thank you so much for sharing that program! I have been writing a book myself and been looking for a program and I am so excited to use it and have it in a safe place! Life saver!

  73. Melanie Hughes

    Welcome to Toronto!

  74. Lyn Kleven

    I just LOVE you!!!!! Thank you for your brave transparency, honesty and perseverance. Happy and healthy IS Life. Cheers!

  75. HarmonicaLOL

    do more of these "day in my life"!

  76. Kendry Khater

    Why aren't you addressing your weight loss? You lied to your audience saying that you were comfortable at 150 lbs but now you are like 120 lbs and refuse to address this. I am starting to think the All-in was not genuine and that you refuse to be at your set point which you admittedly said was 130. Was your journey just a scam so that you can write a book? Or a way to attract those in Ed recovery and those in the body positivity community.

  77. Lucid Dreamer

    I recently watched the video about your year long journey because I've had insatiable hunger most of my life. I wanted to see how you made yours go away.... I tried eating what I want for a year and I just got obese, so that didn't work for me. What surprises me the most is that so many people are being negative about the way you look now. You look AMAZEBALLS. You look HEALTHY, happy, and super fit! My husband even agrees, you didn't look healthy when you were "shredded". You looked emaciated, sallow, and way too thin. It was a little alarming to see you like that (I've obviously only just recently discovered your channel). Thank you for sharing your journey, we really enjoyed your video. Please ignore the haters, you are beautiful and your size is perfect.

  78. Lykke Heesch

    Can u please Make a video with how you lost all of your weight after all in.

  79. Kali Elizabeth

    YOU LIVE IN TORONTO PARTIALLY NOW?! Wow that’s so cool. I live 15 minutes out from downtown and it’s awesome to see you in the area🤍 happy for you guys

  80. val a

    5:41 it is ciorba :)