Hello there! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and I'm a 29 year old cancer research scientist who loves fitness. I obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. I mix science and fitness into all facets of life! I currently do cancer research but LOVE to workout and eat good food! My channel brings informative content to the world of fitness, training, beauty, lifestyle, food challenges and nutrition all with a scientific twist!!


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  1. Sarah Wey

    i feel hopeless

  2. Lidia Biratu

    Stephanie! Please share where the jeans from the most recent post are from!!!

  3. MoonJ

    Seriously that quote is the definition of intuitive eating. When you want it have it. If you’re full, stop, and save it.

  4. Farah Pitcher

    I am so happy that you have made so much progress in your all in journey and you are now a happier and healthier person! For the past 2 years it has been all in focused content, would love to see more videos from you focused on other topics like your work outs and day in the life(s) outside of what you are eating. Just miss your old content!

  5. Elainey D

    On this journey! Soo grateful for you !

  6. S P

    From which country are you?

  7. RegularGuy Channel

    This channel is starting to be pathetic. She acts like she’s overweight and struggled with obesity. She was very thin and looked great and then she was normal weight and looks great. Just showing off her body and using it to get views. This is not a sincere video or channel.

  8. Juliette 2579

    this is such a well made video and truly helped me try to navigate intuitive eating. thank you so much!

  9. Dulce Zarate

    Loving your process! You have no idea how much you have helped me through my own journey 💗

  10. Reut Golan

    THANK YOU for making this video!! I've struggled with an ED for a long time, and this helps me find the strength to shove those ED thoughts to the side. 💗

  11. Lauren S

    Who on this planet would dislike this video

  12. Lauren S

    It's so mentally hard to accept doing this when I'm at my highest weight

  13. Sabine

    Wait, it’s been 2 years already?? BTW, you look better than ever 💕and happier 😊.

  14. IMJJTheJetPlane

    I was very against the "all-in" approach two years ago. Since then, I have come to understand it much more as I have the same issues with continual hunger. I took a break from tracking calories for a few months and since doing so I've seen some solid improvements in my hunger regulation and overall mood. Sometimes I think we just try and hold our bodies too far from our equilibrium point for too long and we need a reset to bring us back where nature intended us!

  15. Emma Cooper

    My husband helped me so much with this. I loved how he talked about food- about the textures, colors, flavors. Rather than thinking about whether it would make him fat or not. It was a totally novel way of looking at food for me and made me love food in a way i never had before

  16. Ryan Johnston

    Just wanted to say thank you Stephanie for sharing your journey. I think a lot of us in the fitness interested community benefit from this level of honesty

  17. ladebrouillarde

    Your videos always come just when I need them the most. I stopped restricting last September. My weight has been in a plateau since February, but in the last month or so, my appetite has really chilled out. I stopped feeling like Saturday was still cheat day and I stopped tracking (I had been making sure I ate at least 2500/day) because I suddenly didn't feel like I needed to anymore. How did you push through your low appetite phase? I incorporate nut butter and avocado almost every day (and sometimes just eat a bunch of bread if nothing else sounds good), but I've had a few days where I didn't feel like eating and it kinda scared me, because my eating disorder voice thinks that's awesome.

  18. Dana Duong

    Stephanie, you’ve helped me so much with my own relationship with food. Thank you for your genuine content! Looks forward to more videos and f- diets 💕

  19. Deanna H

    After eating two donuts my stomach hurts ...lol

  20. Angie Mc

    You make me cry💕, OMG someday I really really want to feel like you around food😩

  21. Guercie Guerrier

    This is one of the best videos I have seen thus far about food and cultivating a personal relationship with it!

  22. Alfred M

    have you ever considered ketogenic or carnivorous nutritional strategy? nobody has satiety cues when eating low quality, nutritionally deficient "food"....anyone can eat a box of cereal for example, but almost nobody can eat 20eggs or 20oz steak....the eggs and steak provide satiety because of the nutritional abundance.

  23. Patricia Salem

    I have two conflicting thoughts about the pandemic with all this. 1) I live alone and haven't eaten a single meal with another person since November of 2019. I have struggled with the part of intuitive eating that says you are supposed do nothing else while you eat. I usually wind up eating in front of the TV because my free time coincides with my meal time (this predates the pandemic) and because I'm sick of just sitting there staring at a wall while I'm eating alone (sometimes I do a podcast or audiobook). I'm also sick of my food options because there are few restaurants near me, and there is no delivery in my rural area or safe way to take out. So, I cook everything myself. Eating has become kind of a drag for me, and it's less boring when I combine it with entertainment. I need to find some new recipes, but I'm just sick of cooking, so I bail on it. 2) I'm glad, though, because the pandemic means I can explore intuitive eating without all the blame and shame I'd get from other people if I weren't eating alone. I can't imagine trying this with a social life. It's a real mixed bag.

  24. Promise Smithee

    Aww her sister called her her best friend💗

  25. Engelbert Humperdinck

    I love Stefanny Butterball!

  26. ZippyTippie

    This was soooo needed today. I’m so sick of feeling like shit about myself. I was a bikini model in my 20’s and early 30’s. But my 40’s have completed killed my body. Hormone changes, sleep changes, and constant hunger has taken it’s toll body physically and mentally. So what did I do, what we all do. Jump to dieting, counting every thing, working out excessively and starving myself for the most part while taking diet supplements that have no effect. I just want to stop hating my body, I want to be happy with the 43 yr old, mother of 2 body I’m in and not be afraid to enjoy food. I’m ordering that book you referenced and doing some research. Perhaps this is what my body needs. Permission to eat and permission to be happy with the way I look. Here’s to happiness.

  27. 4 The Love of Food

    So my problem is that I hear my satiety cues, my body will literally tell me I’m full or that I’m not even hungry, but my brain tells me to eat more or eat anyway 😩😩😩😩

  28. Anna Horáková

    You look so beautiful ❤️

  29. Lauren Moreland

    seriously thank you Stephanie for being so vulnerable and open about all of this. A lot of people struggle with this and is so hard to be able to talk about and make sense of it and you just hit it on point. You go against the stigma of talking about these issues and for that, that's what makes me admire you and thankful you're part of so many people's journey.

  30. Ashawyn

    I disagree with what Alissa said about intuitive eating being for everybody. She included any type of disordered eating. However, I don’t see how it could work for many of the people who are overeating. Some could definitely go for it but most would first have to fix their eating in other ways, such as making better food choices and understanding how much they actually need to eat. This is very hard for so many and if they ever get there, to eating healthy, real intuitive eating might actually be even triggering.

  31. AngelineMarie

    Ugh by far my favorite youtuber!!! Thank you Steph for all your content 💕

  32. Dena Lucas

    Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and intimate in this space. You are helping me learn through your experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  33. Christine Gallant

    Binge watching your videos today. Probably going to do it the rest of the weekend as well. I find your videos helpful and so inspiring! I'm scared of intuitive eating (but I'm trying), I'm used to this ED (Ana BP subtype), and I'm trying so hard to tackle it, and this week was crazy. I gave myself a week of fear foods and ate like 3000+ calories, and l ended up feeling like a furnace. I needed to see these videos, because I felt so confused and honestly alone like... 3000? Jesus. I think I had 4000 one of the days. 🥺

  34. I didn't sign up for this

    Forcing yourself to eat isnt IE. And telling people to „just eat“ isn’t it either. Telling someone who has a BED is not ok. Just as telling someone who’s underweight to intuitively eat isn’t ok either because that persons hunger cues aren’t ok. You’d think that someone who’s restricting a lot in the past would know how ED work and that it’s not as easy as „just eat“. Pls think before you Post

  35. Anny Z

    Just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Karla Diaz

    Love how yo do your makeup you look sooo put together

  37. Sweet Crimson

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! You were very open with us and we saw your struggle. Congratulations 🍾 you have helped me reprogram as well. Thank you.

  38. ShellyDS

    I’m on this journey, and it’s so hard to deal with the weight gain. I find myself actually hating myself!

  39. Trinh Tong

    Stephanie - I clicked on the video the second I saw the words "intuitive eating." I literally teared up watching this while eating my poke bowl lol I have always been eating intuitively, but had a few days of tracking and other times feeling like I'm not doing things right if I don't track like other people. It's always in the back of my head, even though I know that intuitive eating works for me and gives me physical and mental results. It sucks that society has trained our brains to think that dieting and caloric deficit and all that are THE ONLY WAYS. I have been working with my RD and thankfully was able to develop a healthier relationship with my body, my food, and overall perspective on health and fitness. I can't agree with your video enough - each and every single word - so thank you! <3

  40. Maria Papaioannnou

    lol if I eat all that in a day I would just get super fat

  41. Βαλια Πολυζου

    God I love your hair 🥰

  42. Morgan Homewood

    Love this and all your videos! I wish you posted more :)

  43. J R

    Thank you for this. :) When I was younger, I ate intuitively but got sick of getting asked why I stopped eating when I did, that I must not be eating enough, etc. That resulted in years of me conditioning myself to overeat to please others which really messed with my body, and in turn, my mind. It got to a point where I really couldn't tell when I was hungry or full. I've spent the past couple years trying to back in tune with my food needs and brush it off when someone gives me a look or comment when I pack up the rest of my meal as leftovers. Your video helped me see that it was the right decision to make.

  44. Taylor Mueller

    You inspired me to go all in a year ago and I have never been happier! You are such an inspiration!

  45. Tasha Castro

    I absolutely love these videos 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  46. That equestrain Girl

    that was such a fascinating video such an amazing human person, such an interesting & video and such a sweet supportive boyfriend Im so impressed

  47. Rique Rique

    Stephanie you look so pretty 😍

  48. La Vie Jolie

    I understand the struggle of gaining weight (need tho) bc of underweight due to depression. never had so many mental breakdowns in 2 years... both hated my body when I was underweight but putting on healthy body fat is so hard mentally and of course physically. Have so much respect for anyone that had gone throw anything likely.

  49. Safia Bendani

    Do we need to eat more carbs or more fats to have our period back a gain ?

  50. Em D

    stephanie how have i been following you for so long and just realized you stay in jacksonville??!

  51. Alexia Hyde

    I can't help but feel jealous when I hear people say that they can eat until satisfied and then just move on with their life without constantly obsessing over food. I feel like this has been my entire life. I don't remember a time where I wasn't obsessed with food in some way or the other. I've been overweight since I was a kid, my relationship with food has always been complicated. I can't help but feel that Stephanie's success story could never happen for me. I fear that intuitive eating for me would mean that I would endlessly gain weight and ruin my health even further.

  52. Barbara T

    I loved following your journey. Very inspiring! I love your striped shirt. May I ask where is it from? Love ❤️

  53. Carmen Paredes

    Science based facts and recommendations from registered dietitians?? Sign me UP!

  54. SaSSY sasa

    Ive had ED for over 20 years definitly not going all in but stopped weighing food/ working out 4 hrs a day and trying to fit in and be kind to myself is the hardest thing. Treat urself like ure that golden child who is so cute. If shes doing well give her a bite of everything its ok!!!

  55. Nicoly Nazarko

    Omg she is so beautiful. This is the first time I see your channel, and I already like you.

  56. Hussain

    I can imagine our doctor reacting to this houri g calories in vs calories out!!!!

  57. TiltsnTurns

    Thank you so much for this video. 💜

  58. Daniela Battistel

    Her nails are ALWAYS on point

  59. Elif Coskun

    you’re the best🤍 thank you for sharing, love you☀️

  60. Marianna Solis

    Ive been struggling with eating disorders, weight fluctuation and body dysmorphia for 4 years now. Ive been thinking about going all in because I want to fix my metabolism and find my natural set point but I haven’t let go of my fear of weight gain and my desire to look a certain way so I’m scared. Also I tend to feel super uncomfortable when I’m bigger and just feel more sluggish so I’m not sure what to do but watching these videos have helped me in my journey of body acceptance especially because everyone else in the fitness community is always preaching about fat loss and referring to losing weight as a “glow up”

  61. Keyda Thomas

    She had years of tracking....it will not be hard to not....see calories. lol

  62. Na Na

    I would love a video about leptin, ghrelin and other hormones involved in hunger, satiety and eating! We love that science point of view 💕

  63. Camila Valdivia

    This video is what I was needing ♥️🥺

  64. Ani Miteva

    Awesome stuff...the quality of this video, both in terms of editing and in terms of valuable information, is insane. Excellent job Stephanie, thank you.

  65. Maedeh Darsaraei

    I love you and I wish one day I could be courageous enough to attemp all in

  66. Marla Fonseca

    Wow, I totally admire you! You are teaching us that our body is our temple, but this is a proccess full of patience and self-love... Saludos desde México! ❤

  67. Sarah Pastura

    Still on my journey. Recovered from an ED and Ammenhorea but still have disordered eating thoughts. My body still isnt 100% with hunger and fullness and still getting my digestion back. Praying as i continue to trust my body and challenge my thoughts i can get to the pt you are ♡♡♡

  68. Shelby Cole

    Thank you for sharing your journey. As someone has been in recovery from eating disordered behavior, I have finally decided to just let go and see what happens and our journeys have been oddly similar. I wish more individuals knew it was ok to just let their bodies just do their thing <3 I'm at the plateau phase right now and I'm genuinely the happiest I have ever been and if my weight never decreases, I will still be so very very happy <3 It's so liberating!!!

  69. Georgie abbott

    Did you get any stretch marks from going all in? currently struggling with this one, any advice super appreciated <3

  70. Ewa Z

    ate a subway today and this helped me not feel guilty about the bread🥺♥️

  71. BrainzVsBeauty2

    Hey! I am on a similar journey and my weight hasn’t changed but my face is getting smaller. How do you deal with not finishing your plate. I was thought at a very young age that you had to finish everything before you could do anything else.

  72. Ewa Z

    dropping everything to watch this🥺😌 i luv u and ur such an inspiration

  73. Eva Marie

    I remember that comment on your Instagram!!

  74. Natalia Tekuchova

    You’re such an inspiration. 😊 🦋

  75. D Sed

    I wish there was more Stephanie Buttermores on the web. I always feel like I get the full picture of her experience and can apply those lessons to my own journey. Heres a toast to you girl!

  76. Isabella Salci

    So dang proud of you Steph! I’m honored to have watched your story full circle and it’s amazing to see how healthy of a relationship you’ve formed with food and how happy you are! You’re gorgeous and strong and confident and such an incredible role model!

  77. Marc Chase

    Stephanie, this is a beautiful video. ED mention!! As someone who has struggled with eating disorders since i was young, and finally starting to eat normally and fixing my relationship with food, videos like this make me emotional. I’m really happy for you!!! Thank you for making this and taking us with you. Trying not to hypertixate on calories and food in general has been a struggle, but as it becomes less and less of a problem, i feel more free.

  78. Christine Gallant

    I needed this, I literally needed this. I've reached 3000 a day this week after insane amounts of exercise hours..oh my god. 😭❤️ I'm so tired. I did lose my period, btw. Also struggle with an ED.

  79. Andrea Del Salto


  80. may is salty

    an éclair is indeed not supposed to be heated hahah