Hello there! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and I'm a 29 year old cancer research scientist who loves fitness. I obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. I mix science and fitness into all facets of life! I currently do cancer research but LOVE to workout and eat good food! My channel brings informative content to the world of fitness, training, beauty, lifestyle, food challenges and nutrition all with a scientific twist!!


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  1. rocky lala

    Then are we supposed to praise being fat? Hello? If someone is addicted to heroin, are we supposed to be like “it’s ok, it’s acceptable. No need to shame” no! We tell them to go to rehab and therapy, just like any other addict, which also includes food addicts.

  2. 니모니

    Been body shamed since I was 10, and I wasn't even fat kid, just my relatives were model thin. I developed eating disorder and body dysmorphia since then which still haunts me 17 years later even though I weight around 50kg on my 167cm. Yes being obese is unhealthy, but most people do fat shaming to project their own insecurities on others and that is so harmful. Obesity is medical condition but shaming someone just because they don't have photoshopped instagram arms is disgusting.

  3. Lenin Yazz

    I’m so proud of you

  4. Earth Bruja

    She's losing weight so she can push her exercise app thing. Pretty obvious. As long as she's being healthy then great.

  5. ghdn gght443

    How often do you do these cheatdays??

  6. Loren Alexandra

    Yeah im by no means fit but I got back into working out and calorie restricting like 5 months ago and I lost my period for 2 months so now I make myself eat enough to have one and take supplements. I still diet though just watch closer.

  7. Alex L

    hello Stephanie, great video thank you. You look beautiful, life is too short to not enjoy :) My family is looking to go to Bali and we loved your AirBNB. Anyway you could direct us on where to find the property you booked? It looked like a dream......

  8. Merlin Aldan

    Great Job

  9. DD

    To summarize "watch me go from one extreme of unhealthy, to the other". Just eat healthy and work out, it's really not that complicated.

  10. Engelbert Humperdinck

    I love Stefanny Butterball!

  11. Donna Yang

    Your « voilà » was good ! I was like « does she speak french? »😂🤣👌🏾

  12. Respectfully Reacting


  13. Nicola Bishop

    Inspiration!! Such a brilliant video!

  14. Fatma İrem

    Because of fat shaming now i have eating disorder

  15. Zara Ali

    Watching this whilst fasting...

  16. Honest John

    Your bum and thighs look amazing ;)

  17. Keith Greenshields

    Good information! The video is well done and the bonus is that Stephanie is genuine backed up with a beautiful personality. Keep doing you!

  18. Alla Gerussi

    I have a feeling that Food giants making junk hire young fit people to convince the rest that you can have as much junk as you want as long as you exercuse-something is weird in this videos

  19. Sabrina Jogezai

    Tim’s donuts are THE BEST

  20. Tommy Bad

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😆😆😆😆 This girl can eat for sure, kinda jealous because I have high metabolism and limited appetite.

  21. Nosazena Okundaye

    Her: Taste like fall in a cup. Me: HoW dO yOu KnOw WhAt FaLl TaStE lIkE???

  22. Tommy Bad

    Stephanie looks a bit like Olivia Munn 👀

  23. Tommy Bad

    Did Stephanie get some plastic surgery done? She looks different 👀

  24. Michelle Collins

    You're beautiful You're haters are jealous and have low self esteem themselves and bad problems

  25. 2

    you’re so amazing

  26. lucimar veiga

    It was so touching to hear about your mom, and the commitment you and your sister have caring for her, it says a lot about you. Definitely you and Jeff deserve each other, from the very few videos I have watched you both are wonderful human being. Best of luck to you both!!

  27. Tiger The long furby

    5000? Weak.I eat 20k

  28. Paige Oliver

    That shit dont look healthy that's just plain anorexic

  29. Tommy Bad

    This girl sure can EAT, kinda jealous as I have a high metabolism and trying to bulk. 😔

  30. Fashionista In Corsica

    You look amazing Stephanie!😍😍😍

  31. Eden Carnes

    My question is how she was still hungry after all her meal's

  32. Tia Burge

    What is the point of bying all them donuts if you dont eat them

  33. Krishma Kumar

    This is a very good and informative video and I am so happy you made this. My PCOS coach sent this to me because I was so mean to myself and my body. This was a very much needed video. When I was growing up as an Indian girl I was constantly fat shamed! I used to feel very fat and uncomfortable in my own body!! I look back at pictures now and I am constantly shocked because I really wasn't fat I was just a normal kid with a belly! Fat shaming is gross! I used to binge on foods and feel bad! As I was eating I would think " I shouldn't eat this because I am fat" and that is a very harmful mentality. When I started my weight loss journey it was for all the wrong reasons! I wanted to lose weight to look beautiful and to shut everyone up. I wanted to prove to people that I can do it. I went about it the wrong way too! I was eating less and working out more. Not giving my body the proper nutrients and fuel or rest. Weight loss or gain is a journey that starts mentally. This is a healing process from head to toe. I used to be so negative about my body and I still am sometimes, but my reasons have changed now. I want to lose weight because I want to feel healthy and I want to be the best version of myself. I used to think 150 LBS was a bad weight, but its really not. I now have muscles that "take up" most of that number. We have to stop being mean to ourselves and others. Being fat doesn't mean you're not beautiful. You can be fat And beautiful. We have to stop using fat negatively! Stop shaming people for being fat thinking that will make them eat less or workout more. Stop shaming skinny people for gaining weight. Stop shaming fat people for gaining weight. Stop using fat as an insult!

  34. Stephanie

    I am so glad to hear you say they are hard. I just started and I am doing 3 sets of 20 second holds every other day. I often wonder, am I doing this correctly? LOL I just keep trying.

  35. Magic Beans

    12:55 RIP jam.

  36. Tessa S

    Does anyone know of a similar case like this one, but the person wasn't underweight at the start of their recovery? But previously has been underweight albeit eating very little? I can't seem to find a story like this

  37. lan huynh

    You guys are so cute! I am so glad your appetite is finally satiated love your videos!

  38. Lauren Wickert

    I just finished eating the exact same breakfast right before I saw thus and it was awesome 🍳

  39. hajirah aamir

    i’ve been watching this channel for so so so long, and this is the best you both have ever looked. you guys look so happy and it makes me so happy. <3

  40. Jackie Lopez

    Poor thing looks so skinny! She looks so much better now and healthier! 🙏✨✨

  41. John Garry

    2:46 That was totally expected. People who built overeating as a comfort mechanism will get worse the more they are shamed. Be tough on them to help them change is the right way but keep encouraging them on the way of their efforts. Robbing them of all self worth will only make them worse.

  42. Alime Siettarova

    Hello gorgeous!!! Does your chapter 2 will involve any of the psychological aspects of this particular food behavior?

  43. Lisa R

    thank you so much for sharing your story!!

  44. Estefanía Thompson

    THANK YOU for making this video. You don't know how helpful it is. Thanks for speaking up!!

  45. Alyanna Co

    I really wish to find a man who loves me the way I see how Jeff loves you 🥺

  46. Tamara Winter

    32:45 when she's sad about the fact that the belt that's supposed to go around the waist, doesn't fit I *honestly* *HONESTLY* think that you looked SO good in that swimsuit! With or without the belt, you looked amazing girl! Edit: always have looked amazing and still do :)

  47. Jackie Lopez

    You’re gorgeous! 🙌✨✨

  48. Cheyenne and Dakota Kucinski

    This is so inspirational . I’m glad I finally watch your video

  49. VikingMale

    Inspirational 👍🏻

  50. Idk For fun

    Back with another cheat day for her every day is cheat day for me haha

  51. Souhila LM

    They ate what I'm supposed to eat in 10 days and they are still fit while I gain weight just by sniffing food 🙄. Life is unfair

  52. topogigito

    Where in your cycle would you sneak in HIIT sessions?🤔

  53. Hannah Rae

    You do know you look super fit right? Almost as this as before. Only healthy now. You were on our level.. meaning the body type of us mere mortals... for only a split second 😂

  54. nothing works works

    Young women really need calories, but our culture valued gauntness- trend is toward an healthy body. Someday we'll just let ourselves be ourselves, regardless of what's "in"

  55. YU 11

    You look amazing than ever before🌞🌞 You are one of the definition that we all girls can be strong and intelligent enough to overcome no matter what❤️ Can’t wait to have your first book!

  56. YU 11

    You look amazing than ever before🌞🌞 You are one of the definition that we all girls can be strong and intelligent enough to overcome no matter what❤️ Can’t wait to have your first book!

  57. Here For The Comments

    Hey you're a doctor, so you're technically more qualified to talk about it than, say, Jeff. Jeff did a video on how to raise testosterone/effects on testosterone. Can you do a video for women and how to raise whatever it is women need to perform in the gym? And have Jeff co-star in it with you like you co-starred in his video?

  58. Ane Calvo

    i fucking love this woman.

  59. Gabriella Lopes


  60. Casey Sugden

    I feel like you need to buy smaller pans for a smaller appetite now haha xxx Soooooo happy for you!!!!

  61. Katarzyna Fiszer

    I really don't understand the hyph over Oreos ;-) I mean, in Easter Europe we have these cookies called "Markizy" and they been here forever. So I just think of Oreos as a marketing genius product. :D

  62. sunnydaysam

    thanks for the new song 😆 More by Maria Z

  63. Matthew Tinyo

    Hello, great video. Are you actually supposed to take 3 capsules per day for the multivitamin?

  64. Melissa C

    “I don’t know why so many men reacted negatively” it’s called the patriarchy. You were doing this experiment on yourself that would result in you gaining an excess of weight and therefore becoming less attractive to men by society’s standards. That’s just not acceptable to men as a group - that’s when a woman becomes “disgusting, fat, lazy, let herself go”. Whereas woman don’t care if another woman is “attractive” by society’s standards. Especially when we’re also curious about the results of the experiment.

  65. Jamie Lee Ashton

    Wow it’s so amazing how little things can change your life 😌

  66. louintheworld

    thank you

  67. Mary Chrun

    She really gave 110% percent literally lol, cause 10112 calories would be over 110% haha

  68. Madi Bumann

    Crunchy cookie gang

  69. Maria Albarracin

    You guys live in Ontario?!! Omg I would love to run into you two at a grocery store cause that’s the only thing that are open during this lockdown here 🤣

  70. Kermit Hitler

    5,000 Calories per day, and that ass is spectacular ! Well worth it !

  71. CéliaM x

    For France it is more « baguette » for morning, with butter and jelly or nutella, or cheese yees !

  72. Kelsey

    DAMN even at her heaviest she still looked amazing!

  73. Elsie Lou Stoeckl

    You are incredible 🙌🔥

  74. Marry Reddd

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  75. John Gilroy

    My God, what has happened to "influencers" in the three years since this video was made?

  76. super cat 12

    My mom calls me fat everyday doesn't make me want to stop makes me want to be fatter 😭

  77. MissKaylaRose

    I love it!! As always

  78. Madi Bumann

    The noise Jeff made after biting into the paczi or whatever lmao