Hello there! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and I'm a 29 year old cancer research scientist who loves fitness. I obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. I mix science and fitness into all facets of life! I currently do cancer research but LOVE to workout and eat good food! My channel brings informative content to the world of fitness, training, beauty, lifestyle, food challenges and nutrition all with a scientific twist!!\n\nEnjoy!\n\n\nChannel Art Done By Lewis Marsden ([email protected])

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  1. Kate Bruno

    So happy you let go of the shred - I’m a dietitian specializing in eating disorders and you’re former body seemed very unhealthy (thinner than most of my anorexic patients). I’m glad you stepped out of it and saw the risks and negatives associated

  2. Brian Foote

    This is so well done. Very good video, love the documentary style.

  3. Hateya Clark

    Steph us Canadians love maple then strawberries

  4. Stratplayr

    You look awesome! Congrats and keep up the good work! Screw the haters, don't pay them any attention.

  5. Leila Franz

    Why does jeff doesn’t eat that much

  6. ashley walsh

    Please post a link to that whole gym outfit!! Love you!

  7. faiiry_ liights

    7:36 it’s called a pain au chocolat it’s french :)

  8. Lara Arnott

    I loved your video. I'm an RN currently working in acute adult mental health. My mother is also in an assisted living facility with some special needs. I was wondering if you would consider doing a video about what it was like to re-meet your mother and becoming involved in her care - and the rewards and challenges that you've experienced (maybe also with your sister?). I could understand if you chose not to talk about this very personal topic. I wish you and Jeff the best - it sounds and looks like you have a beautiful and healthy relationship.

  9. sho Schneiderman

    The elderly century revealingly shiver because development holly treat before a fabulous net. obnoxious, true kilogram

  10. Tai Dee

    Wow, thank you for sharing this and for being so brave going through all this. I'm with your man on this, you looked beautiful even when you thought you were not.

  11. Tomma

    3:59 This is me when I'm high. My hunger just wont stop no mather how much I eat

  12. 앤서니 야

    Guaranteed: somebody is gonna see what she did to win---and then try it. :(

  13. Akhschaya


  14. Z Chiles

    You look healthy and gorgeous!

  15. 1ma4ighter

    I shouldn't be watching this, I'm 10% away from my goal weight and my weight has just gone back up after a 1 month plateau. . . and I was probably at around 30% bodyfat when I started dieting again in August last year. I just turned 30 and I've NEVER had a six pack

  16. Michael Rauth

    I usually hit them 2 times a week. Mondays and thursdays

  17. missMjmP

    Does holding your chest help with vacuums?

  18. Seth Portland

    I can't even watch this.

  19. R Dpt

    Almost had tears in my eyes when i saw the « chocolate filled croissant » it’s called a « pain au chocolat » please🥲

  20. waynexxD small

    I love it Please eating toast

  21. Emily Stewart

    I am so grateful to you for opening this discussion!!! I feel like you're speaking my own words, every single thing that you say. Thank you for touching on so many very complex social and physical processes. You're a true inspiration and a hero.

  22. Sarah Matson

    Hi Stephanie! I haven’t watched a video of yours in a while but I just thought of you today & wanted to leave a comment! I wanted to let you know I believe God has an anointing on your life & He is calling for you. Nothing you do apart from him, no worldly power you can possess will ever fully satisfy you the way having a relationship with God your creator will. ❤️ God has a way of chasing people down & I really believe He’s going to get a hold of you & Jeff, maybe in a surprising way, and you’ll find He’s trustworthy & you can yield to him. He’s a God of mercy who can turn around our pain and brokenness with just a touch of His power. Praying for you. Be blessed!!! ❤️

  23. Cee

    You look so fresh and happy, I like this version of you =).

  24. Vale Deroeck

    I read lots of great reviews on the internet about how Clegenatur Methods (do a google search)will help you increase your cup size. Has anyone tested out this popular breast enlargement method?

  25. Svetoslav Mitrochenkov

    What exactly is Clegenatur Methods? How does this thing really work? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular breast enhancement.

  26. Inara Dec

    You should have a podcast ! Thanks for all you time , I love watching your videos.

  27. Monique Rene

    I’m small in size and I eat a lot. I spoke to a doctor once about gaining weight but she told me because I’m small bone, the weight would go to my belly. I’m a swimwear designer and I’ve yet to model any of my swimsuits because I worried about my size. I really do want to gain, not much but by eating healthy. Hopefully one day. I literally just had lunch but I feel like I haven’t eaten. Sometimes I ignore it and sometimes I can’t i just need to eat until I feel full but I gain no weight.

  28. שי שקד

    Omg you eat so mach foodddd

  29. Paul Fischer

    self obsessed

  30. Jennifer Villezcas

    I plateaud after 7 months but wow 19 years dieting took a big toll on me, I gained about 56 lbs, I've watched this video countless times, your videos have helped me so much to stay on track and remember my why.

  31. TheShumoby

    Wait a minute, I eat as much as my 6'1" husband and I'm a foot shorter. 🤣

  32. Rachel T.

    My period for the last almost a year has been coming 2 weeks late every month. It hasn't gotten better even with vitamin supplements. Is it time to start just eating more? I don't want to gain fat, is the thing.

  33. Olivia Lollis

    Okay so I don't know if anyone else can relate to this, but I've come to watch other people eat, even though I have a horrible relationship with food! Like seriously I at 675 calories today! Anyway hello!

  34. catehg415

    Thank you for sharing your journey, it has been eye opening and I felt relieved to be more leanean to myself in terms of dieting. I'm glad you've found your inner peace and I look forward to quit my yo-yo dieting lifestyle 😉

  35. yo wassup

    I luv ur smile

  36. A G

    Woman, turn off the comments to your videos and stop reading what other people say about you. Start finding happiness inside of you and the things you do instead of letting yourself get pressured by public opinion. You look good, you are are nice and pretty.

  37. _mango-orange_

    As entertaining as these videos are, this appetite was caused by extreme hunger and restriction. This is an insane amount of food

  38. Valerie Hearn

    I love this I still refer ppl to this when I hear questions or claims. Could you do a 2021 updated version of this

  39. Mm Poggs

    WoW big hugs to you x so much pressure so thin, my daughters are both chosen thin but not muscular, they are hungry and both pregnant! When I saw at the beginning of this video I felt so stressed and sad! I was anorexic at 16 and now I’m overweight at 59 but I will not diet. The puffy phase was your entire body rebalancing and regassing as the lymph and the whole process of repair and healing. You has something extra in you to persevere through this ! Oh my gosh and daily more and more stunningly beautiful x what an amazing intelligent beautiful example you are 🙏💋thank you for your journey 💃🏻wow!

  40. thang92

    How can you eat so much? I’d eat the first thing and be full lol 😂

  41. Linros

    You are way more beautiful and sexy with the weight gain, softer and more feminine even at your heaviest a simply gorgeous girl.

  42. Breanna Northrup

    Stephanie is by far the most interest fitness blogger and she looks so healthy and strong now.

  43. Cynthia F

    You look so happy and healthy! Glad you found what really makes you happy it’s an inspiration 👏🏼

  44. Carly Stange

    i feel so connected to this lady and she doesn’t even know who i am

  45. Mauricio Malagon

    How is it possible that this gets 4 million views...PLEASE

  46. Chasca Snow

    Thank you for your courage! You started an incredible journey and I am really proud of you! You gave me such inspirations!

  47. John Putman

    Please, if you watch this vid, take note that it's ad free until the very end. She's being super conservative with the monetization of her message. For that reason alone we should be watching that ad front to back, no skippy skippy. Steph, thank you so much for documenting this journey. It means a great deal to me.

  48. Samantha Cruz

    brittle hair and nails, being tired and cold are things i suffer with too. i didnt always think it was because i wasnt eating. but now i know its because somedays i barely eat 1000 calories... wow i need to change. because i realize now that my problems come from not eating enough, or not eating at all..

  49. Samantha Cruz

    wow this is an amazing story. you look incredible, glowing and happy. More beautiful now than even in your most fit days. and i love to see it. ive been struggling to put on weight my whole life. being made fun of for being "too skinny". i want to be happy and healthy and just feel good in my own skin. I am going to not worry about how i look anymore and just focus on how i feel. and hopefully end up feeling so good in the end, that i look good too! thank you for sharing this!! xoxo

  50. Sophia Elleine Sparkles

    My comment is 2 years late but I am impressed with your appetite.. man you can put it down! I wish I can do the same. I am so jealous. 😭

  51. Claudia Cesetti

    Sooo yummy! 😍 The "choccolate croissant" in Italy we call it "saccottino", and it is my fave breakfast 🤤

  52. sayeeda uzma


  53. Valeria Sanchez

    Me watching this while doing a diet

  54. FERN W.

    To be honest I think that she looks so so so much better now than before ! I think women we need to have some fat to look good and healthy. As a finest person as well, i prefer her body now

    1. FERN W.


  55. Patrycja Jurek

    What I see is that you are looking so much more fit than ever. When I look at you I see a strong, confident woman who I can learn from something. You are awesome! You helped me a lot! Wish you all the best❤

  56. Bethany Flute

    Honestly your body kind of looked scary before, you look stunning and healthy now!

  57. Juansse

    Aguante coach gregg

  58. Aussie Tumblez

    Steph every time she try’s food hmmmmmm

  59. Kim K.

    7:52 "those are both mine" that's right guuurl own it!

  60. yo wassup

    Your cheat day isn’t just a cheat day, it’s a balling spending spree day It’s AMAZING

  61. Heidi H

    Super helpful!!

  62. Yellow A S M R

    Stephanie has *such a vibrant personality.* She helps me with *my own body image....*

  63. Marianny Pena

    I THOUGHT this was normal... I feel this so MUCH!

  64. Gia Arbisi

    would you make a video debunking/reviewing tiktok “health” accounts? I feel like it could bring a lot of awareness

  65. Marilyn Acosta

    Beautiful soul💓

  66. miyazawa

    “you’re obviously here because you have an eating disorder” BYE IM🙁miss i have an ed😉💔

  67. Afnan Sabbagh

    I honestly think you look so much healthier and GLOWING now! :)

  68. Rachel Rose

    Still commenting cuz I'm still holding out for more cheat day content just for fun:) quesarito! That's what you need from tacobell.

  69. M Ortega

    Great job lady <3

  70. Liza Akimenko

    I love your videos, please do more!!!!

  71. Senapati Entertainment

    Me watching every single female fitness youtuber doing glute training in quarantine at 3AM 😁

  72. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Not sure why this was recommended, BUTT, glad it was.

  73. Debra Goring

    Loved, loved, loved this! I'm at the start of my recovery (aged 60!) only recently realizing I've been restricting food my whole life! So really enjoying this kind of content. Like permission to eat!!! OMG, makes me cry! If you did a fun cheat day, I would be interested to see how much you would want to eat, what foods you would go for, realistically, rather than forcing anything for entertainment purpose (I imagine there must be some pressure to do this bec it is being videoed for us, which is partly for entertainment but I' more interested in it personally and scientifically - real life, the real deal - which I know you're totally into anyway. :O)

  74. Ana Medina

    How do I go “All In” 🥺

  75. John Yousaf

    Fuk neoufoundland

  76. GOD'S PLAN


  77. GOD'S PLAN


  78. karin pascal

    It will be really cool to see if the capacity for food you used to have, changed after going all in

  79. Shelly Dennis

    Macdonald’s makes a awesome strawberry milkshake also

  80. Shelly Dennis

    I’m with u on liking booster juice so good